Volume G 259: January 1653

Pages 624-626

Calendar, Committee For Compounding: Part 1. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1889.

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January 1653

Jan. 1.
1. Power of attorney from Wm. Rance, of St. Alban's, Herts, surveyor to the Drury House Trustees for delinquents' estates, to Thos. Walker, skinner of London, to receive his salary during his absence abroad in the said employment. [¾ page.]
Jan. 2. 2. Peter Ambrose to the Committee for Compounding. I sent my accounts to Mr. Case, who took them to the commissioners at Preston in October, but by reason of distractions at that sitting, they were not received. I went the next sitting, 17 Nov., and delivered in the great accounts, viz., from 1643 to 1649, with the arrears for 1650, and proposed to come up in Easter and pass them with your auditor. They write now to ask when I can go with or meet them in London, where they will perfect their accounts; but because of age and weakness, I beg to be spared for the winter season from so great and tedious a journey. [1 page.]
Jan. 4. Order of the Committee for Compounding, that an order of the Revenue Committee of 28 Dec. last be referred to Aud. Sherwin, to give the account desired. [G 17, p. 562.] Annexing,
i. Order alluded to, that Mr. Wilson attend the Committee for Compounding to request the speedy paying in to Receiver-Gen. [Thos.] Fauconberg of the sums mentioned in Aud. Sherwin's certificate of 14 July 1652, as due to the Revenue from sequestered estates. Westminster, 28 Dec. 1652. [G 113, p. 623.]
ii. Certificate of Aud. Sherwin alluded to of the sums payable to the Revenue from sequestered estates specified in the several counties for fee-farm rents, &c. 14 July 1652. [G 113, pp. 625, 626.]
Jan. 4. Committee for Compounding to the County Committee of Sussex. We repeat a letter to which we have received no answer; as we hear that there was a dormant statute of 20,000l. due to Isaac Jones from Lord Goring, wherewith his lordship's estate in your county was chargeable, we desire to know whether the debt has been allowed out of that estate, and by what authority, and when. We conceive the State is defrauded by the payment thereof, the debt being satisfied long before sequestration. Give us an account within a week. [G 17, p. 563.]
Jan. 6. Statement by Col. Thos. Mitton. On 30 May 1646 I authorized commissioners to treat for surrender of the Isle of Anglesea, and granted the first proposal, viz., that all the inhabitants should have their delinquencies remitted, be received as friends, and their estates be freed from sequestration and plunder. This included indemnity for all actions in time of war, and I thought it just that they should be secured against any persons for actions relating to the war. I promised my best endeavours for performance of these articles, the rather that the transactions were chiefly among themselves, the indemnifying whereof was thought the best way to settle the island. [G 63, p. 261, 262.]
Jan. 11.
County Committee for Hereford to the Committee for Compounding, Notes of cases. We want a speedy answer whether a Papist, voted a delinquent, and so sequestered by the committee in 1646, but by default of our predecessors, only 2/3 of his estate let, and so standing in Dec. 1651, is to have the benefit of the Act of Pardon as to his delinquency. [G 157, p. 320.]
Jan. 13. County Committee for Cornwall to the Committee for Compounding. Notes of cases. We desire confirmation of our sets of the copyhold estate of Nich. Borlace, and a clearing against him. The want of your resolution obstructs our proceedings, as none will meddle with delinquents' estates till you confirm what we have already done. We send a bill for payment of 100l. by John Robinson, merchant in Milk Street. [G 149, p. 511.]
Jan. 15. Committee for Compounding to the County Committee for Cambridge. Particulars of cases. As to the persons returned by you as sequestered, say whether they were sequestered before 1 Dec. 1651, and what orders you find on their cases in the books of the former committee. [G 30, p. 80.]
Jan. 17.
King Strect.
Col. John Pyne to Mr. Winslow. I send 2 letters from my deputy-treasurer, a right honest man; tell him whither, and to whom, the money is to be returned. Col. John Gorges is discovered to be a very corrupt hypocrite. [Rich.] Cheesman, an attorney, is questioned for delinquency, he swaying all business in favour of delinquents, and his brother Thomas being of the delinquent's counsel; they abused and committed the witnesses, and Chee man being worth 3,000l., and having neither wife nor child, gave Georges 500l., which was secured in a court of record. I have differed from him because he is a professed enemy to the godly and well affected. [G 167, p. 237.]
Jan. 18. Order of the Committee for Compounding, that henceforth the treasurers, auditors, and registrars send to Capt. Owen in Bread Street for books, wax, ink, pens, &c., and that he bring in a quarterly bill, to be signed by them, and examined and certified by Mr. Vincent. Also that Mr. Rea's bill be attested, that a warrant may be drawn for payment. [G 37, p. 78; 108, p. 355.]
Jan. 18. Committee for Compounding to the Commissioners for Co. Somerset. We hear from Col. Pyne that you have received large sums. We desire you speedily to return them, as the State's occasions call earnestly for money. [G. 17, p. 597.]
Jan. 18.
County Committee of Sussex to the Committee for Compounding. Isaac Jones is unknown to us. We know nothing more of his title to Lord Goring's estate than what is expressed in the duplicate of the late county committee here. Your former letter never came to our hands. [G 169, p. 551.] Enclosing.
i. Discharge by the Committee for Advance of Money of George, Lord Goring, as no delinquent within the meaning of the ordinance. 28 Feb. 1651. [G 169, p. 549.]
Jan. 20.
County Committee for Chester to the Committee for Compounding. Complain of difficulties detailed in settling the augmentations granted from Wrenbury and Over to the ministers of those places and Acton, who demand them without sufficient warrant except from the Committee for Plundered Ministers; beg directions. [G 148, pp. 425, 426.]
Jan. 21.
3. Committee for co. Lancaster to the Committee for Compounding. We find in the last Act for Sale of Delinquents' Lands that none who committed treason since 30 Jan. 1649 are to compound for their estates, but these are to be sold and confiscated.
Of these we find in our county Hugh Anderton of Euxton, and 8 others named, all of whom were in the late war. [1 page.]
Jan. 24.
Sam. Bellingham and Hen. Sharpe to the Committee for Compounding. We have kept courts on Lord Craven's sequestered estates in co. Berks, let them to the highest value, and received the fines or taken security for them. [G 146, p. 281.]
Jan. 25. Order of the Committee for Compounding, on the present difference between the commissioners in co. Lancaster, that two more be added to them, and if the present commissioners stand on security to be given by any of the persons named, then all are to give security. [G 17, p. 621; 100, p. 349.]
Jan. 25. Committee for Compounding to the Commissioners for Middlesex. The service of the State requiring it, we desire you to bring in speedily the accounts of all your receipts and payments since the time of your acting. [G 17, p. 618.]
Jan. 26. Order that Gibert Crouch, executor of Zachary Steward, show cause why 2/3 of a debt of 100l. owed by Steward to the late Mr. Salvin of Newbiggin, co. York, should not be paid to the State, and ⅓ to his executors. [G 17, p. 624.]
Jan. 26.
County Committee for Lancashire to the Committee for Compounding. Your order of 5 Jan. for letting Rich. Ashton of Croston have a lease of his estate is injurious, because we cannot lease estates if our leases are made void. We posted 140 estates, and met to-day to let them, but have only let 30, so we shall have to post them at less value. The farmers will not contract with us, as it is rumoured that we cannot make good our contracts. Are we to lease the estates of those in the late Act for Sale? The tenants of many, let at full value, are desirous to take them. [G 159, pp. 29, 30.]
Jan. 27.
County Committee for Sussex, to the Committee for Compounding. As to the tenants of 2/3 of Sir Thos. Gage's sequestered estate, since you allow no contracts including perquisites of courts and the letting of estates, we made void the former contracts and made new ones. On your rule allowing for repairs and sea breaches, the tenants brought in bills of 100l. spent, which we have not yet allowed. We have let the estate at 500l., being 50l. less than before, as Sir Thomas always repaired the sea breaches, and the repairs will run high, the former committee only letting for a year, so that the premises are in decay. Also when we first let them, the monthly assessments were but 60,000l. or 90,000l. a month, and now they are 120,000l. [G 169, p. 471.]
Jan. 28.
Haberdashers' Hall.
Committee for Compounding to the county committees. Say whether you have all taken the oath prescribed by 15 April 1650; any who have not so done are to take it forthwith, and not to act further till it is taken. We expect this the rather now, as Parliament are on the sale of traitors' estates, and what you return should be on oath, that we may more safely judge each case. Search diligently the late committee's books and papers, and take an account of the nature of those wanting, that we may take speedy course to bring them to your hands if possible. [G 31, p. 781.]