Cases brought before the committee: November 1649

Pages 1152-1169

Calendar, Committee For the Advance of Money: Part 2, 1645-50. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1888.

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November 1649

Miles Bourke, Viscount Mayo, and Elizabeth, his Wife.

2 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information by Thos. Walkley, stationer, and Edm. Warcup, that Sir Geo. Gresley is indebted to Lady Mayo 300l., and that Hastings Corney owes her 200l. on bond. 21 291
PR. 136 1 14 Nov. 1649. Information by John Thomas that Viscountess Mayo lent Sir Geo. Gresley 300l., and that the bond was taken in the name of Lady Pitts. Her husband is a Papist, has been in the rebellion in Ireland, and is there still. No interest has been paid for some years, and Sir George confessed the debt to the messenger who served the warrant. 21 299
16 Nov. On information that Sir George Gresley, Bart., Drakelow, co. Derby, was bound to pay to Edw. Pitt, at a day long since past, 200l., which was the money of Eliz. Benbow, since married to Miles, Viscount Mayo, who is [a recusant and] in rebellion in Ireland, and a delinquent; but Sir George being summoned to appear and pay, pleads his losses and sufferings for Parliament, and his inability to pay;—order that he pay 100l. before 20 May, and 100l. before 20 Nov. next, in full discharge of the debt, and all interest and damages, and be indemnified against Viscount Mayo and all others. 8 18
21 Nov. 1649. Thos. Benbow of Newport, co. Salop, and Wm. Adams, attorney, to bring in the obligation of Gresley to pay the 200l. 8
31 May 1650. Gresley having been often vainly summoned to pay the debt, it is to be levied on his estate. 8 301
14 Aug. 1650. Thos. Walkley begs that Gresley may be taken into custody for non-payment. Intending to defraud the State, he has made over all his estate, reserving only an annuity, and is now in town. 136 3
14 Aug. Gresley again summoned to pay the debt 28 70
30 Oct. 1650. Order that he peremptorily pay in 100l. in 10 days, and then be heard as to the remainder. 9
Also order that—as Walkley and Wm. Cotton, on pretence of being the first discoverers of Gresley's debt, have endeavoured to compound with him, and received 20l. from him in part—the serjeant-at-arms apprehend them, and bring them up in safe custody. 9 199
REC. 136 5 6 Nov. 1650. This being done, and Walkley confessing that he has received 10l. [in part of 40l. to be paid], order that he be committed to the New Prison, according to the Ordinance of Parliament of 8 Aug. last, till the pleasure of Parliament be known, or till this committee release him. 9 211
13 Nov. Gresley begs leave to pay the 200l. by 50l. yearly, which is as much as he can raise, and leave himself a subsistence. Has paid almost 50l. this year for taxes, and has only 250l. a year, and no personal estate except a few books and clothes. With certificate that he was always well-affected to Parliament, was their first high sheriff for co. Derby, and commander of the first troop of horse raised there for the State, and was a great sufferer by the enemy, his estate lying amidst their garrisons of Lichfield, Tutbury, and Ashby-de-la-Zouch. 136 6, 7
13 Nov. Order that he pay 50l. at once, when the case will be considered. Meantime the orders for levying the debt are to stand in force. 9 226
13 Nov. Order that Walkley be released on paying to the committee's treasurer the 10l. which he received from Gresley. 9
27 Nov. Order allowing Gresley to pay in the debt by 50l. a year on giving good security. Also order for payment to Edm. Warcup of 50l., paid in by Sir George as part of the 200l. owing by him to Lady Mayo, which was discovered by Warcup, and is in part of the 150l. ordered him by Parliament. 9 239
22 Jan. 1651. Order that Cotton be discharged from custody, on paying the treasurer the 10l. received from Gresley, and giving security to attend the committee on summons. 9 390
LET. 136 9
REC. 136 10
29 Jan. Wm. Cotton, of St. Alban's, Herts, pleads that he acted in this case merely to serve his friend Mr. Warcup, but was overpowered by him and Gresley. Is willing to pay the 10l., but as Gresley and Walkley claim it, he begs indemnity against them, and some small time to raise the money. 136 11
29 Jan. Granted the indemnity 9
28 Jan. 1652. Walkley petitions that he discovered Gresley's debt, but Wm. Cotton and others have tried to cozen him out of his discovery, so that Gresley being dead, and but 50l. paid in, they are at a stand. Knows who has the security, and will discover the whole business, if he may have the benefit of the discovery. 136 13
28 Jan. Order that he be allowed 1/5 of the debt when paid in, if he make good the allegations in his petition. 11

Wm. Murray, Gentleman of the Bedchamber to the late King.

6 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that there is owing to Murray by Jno. Dutton, of Sherborn, co. Gloucester, 1,600l. principal, for which certain lands belonging to Dutton were engaged, and this amount was part of a greater sum payable to Murray. 21 292
20 Nov. 1649. Dutton summoned to appear to pay the debt 28 2
8 Aug. 1651. Information that there are lands in Swallowfield, Berks, belonging to Murray, mortgaged to Sir David Cunningham for money lent by him to Murray. 22
27 Aug. The county commissioners to seize and secure the premises, in case they appear on examination to belong to Murray. 136 16
28 July 1652. A. Warner, the prosecutor, requests that this order may be renewed, as the tenant of the land will confess that it belongs to Murray. Granted. 136
16 Sept. 1652. The Committee for Advance of Money complain to the County Commissioners of Berks of delay in execution of the premises, and in sending an account of their proceedings therein. 136 19

Capt. Wm. Barrow.

6 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that he was captain of horse, taken in Christchurch garrison, and brought to Southampton. 21 291

John Algar, Stockton, Co. York.

7 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Order in the case depending as to his delinquency, that the county commissioners examine witnesses in his defence, and allow him to cross-examine, and send up the examinations in 6 weeks. 7 350

— Brewen, Recusant.

7 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that his lands in Chissenbury, co. Wilts, are not sequestered. 21 294

Sir Edw. Golding, Coulston Bassett, Co. Notts.

7 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that he is a delinquent by deserting his habitation, going into the King's garrison, and aiding and assisting that party. 21 293
12 Dec. 1649. County commissioners to take examinations, and send them up in 2 months. 8 57
3 Feb. 1652. Information that he went to Newark garrison, was there from 1644–1646, assisted the King with men, horses, arms, and money, and issued warrants for provisions. 23
11 Feb. County commissioners to examine witnesses, and send up depositions in 2 months. 11

Rich. Hankinson.

7 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that Sir Basil Brooke, of Medley, Co. Salop, owes him 80l., and Edw. Lewis 20l., on a bill to be paid in 1649. 21 292

Dr. Lound, or Lund, Papist.

7 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that Michael Anne, of Frickley, co. York, owes him 600l. 21 293
7 Nov. 1649. Anne summoned to show cause why he should not pay the debt to this committee. 7 348
8 Feb. 1650. The heirs of Mich. Anne to show cause why they should not pay the debt. 8 176

Benj. Rous, St. Osith, Essex.

7 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information by Anne Loney, on behalf of Col. Oliver Cromwell, that Rous is a delinquent. 21 293
9 Nov. 1649. Summoned before the Committee for Advance of Money to make his defence. 8 7
E.W. 28 31
32, 37
DEP. 136 22
30 Nov. Ordered a copy of his charge, and leave to examine witnesses. 8 108
10 May 1650. He petitions that the information is on the malicious suggestion of Mrs. Loney and her daughter, persons of bad life and unknown residence, who produce no witnesses. Begs publication and a hearing, and a summons to them to attend. 136 23
10 May. Publication granted in 14 days, unless the prosecutor show cause to the contrary. 8 327
E.W. 28 51
PUB. 8 343
19 June 1650. Order on hearing counsel on both sides and reading the depositions, that he is not within the Ordinance of Sequestration, and should be discharged, and that Anne Loney and Eliz. Bosworth [both of Coleman Street], witnesses against him, are guilty of a wicked practice and combination against him. 8 385

Sir Richard Shuckborough, Shuckborough, Co. Warwick.

7 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that he is a delinquent, and has not compounded 21 293
13 Nov. 1651. Information by Capt. Rob. Girdler that he raised men and arms, and defended his house against the Parliament forces; did much damage by corresponding with the King's party; enforced payment of taxes to him at Banbury, and refused to pay or allow Parliament taxes; and gathered his rents by virtue of warrants from the King's party at Banbury, when the county commissioners required them for the use of Parliament. 22 136 322 24
28 Nov. Order on his statement that the charge is the same from which he was discharged by the late Commissioners for Sequestrations, that Carey examine and compare the 2 charges, and report what is new matter; no seizure to be made unless there be cause upon the new matter. 17
REP. 136 26 14 Jan. 1652. The proseeutor to ascertain what kind of correspondence he held with the enemy, and proceed in his proofs. 17 149
18 Feb. 1652. Capt. Girdler petitions that the new charge has been compared with that delivered to the county commissioners, not with that on which he was acquitted, and begs that it may be compared with the latter, that he may proceed to do his duty. 136 27
18 Feb. Mr. Carey to compare the new charge with that before the Committee for Advance of Money and Barons of Exchequer. 11 203

Jno. Fricker, Knoyle,; Fras. Perkins, Sen., Bathampton,; Fras. Boddenham, Ramsbury, all Co. Wilts.

9 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that Perkins is a recusant convict, an enemy to the proceedings of Parliament and State, and was taken prisoner by Col. Birch in Hereford, when it was a garrison for the King. 21
23 Nov. 1649. Order that Fricker and Perkins appear to answer a charge of delinquency. 28 4
1 Dec. 1649. Information that they are all recusants and delinquents, have assisted the King, and committed other acts of delinquency. 21 313
5 Dec. Order that they all appear to answer the charges against them. 28 9
21 Dec. Perkins to have a copy of the charge, and leave to examine witnesses. 8 78

Arthur Bassett, Umberleigh, Co. Devon.

9 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Assessed at 800l. 71 110
14 Aug. 1650. Summoned to appear and pay his assessment 9 86
23 Aug. He pleads freedom from taxes, having compounded on Exeter articles and paid his fine, and begs discharge. Granted. 136
LET. 136 30 Nov. 1650? He complains to the county commissioners that, in spite of this discharge, Major Jas. Pearse and Capt. Jos. Hunkyn continue the sequestration on the Sheaf of Branton, part of his estate, and keep it back from him; begs redress. 136 31
DEP. 136 33 25 Dec. 1650. He petitions the Committee for Advance of Money. Was fined for delinquency last Feb. 1,321l. 6s. 6d., and with interest 1,362l. 7s., which he paid and was discharged; but last August a re-sequestration was laid on Branton Sheaf by Pearse and Hunkyn, who have let it, and thus deprived him of the benefit of his composition. Complained of this to the county commissioners, but Major Pearse replied that he had sent the case to the Committee for Advance of Money; made a second appeal to them in vain, and therefore applies to this committee to know the cause of his re-sequestration, that he may make his defence; or if there be no cause, enjoy the fruits of his composition, or right himself by law against Major Pearse or any other who takes the benefit of the Sheaf. 136 34
DEP. 136 36
25 Dec. The county commissioners to certify the cause of sequestration, and the proceedings thereon. 9 311
19 Feb. 1651. Bassett renews his complaint—the county commissioners pretend that they have written to this committee on the premises, which they have not done. Repeats his requests for remedy. 136 38
19 Feb. A search to be made for the certificate said to be sent up, and if not found, an order sent to the county commissioners to certify the cause of re-sequestration. 10 32
CASE 34 12 12 Aug. 1651. Bassett complains that the county commissioners, being vexed with him for petitioning, have ordered Rich. Carter, their agent, to levy 1,600l. more on his estate, on pretence that the profits of his estate before he compounded belonged to them. Begs leave to right himself by law, or an order to them not to levy the 1,600l., but to allow him the proceeds of his estate. 136 39
1 Sept. 1651. Again assessed at 800l. 73 43

Stephen, or James Bunce, Throwley, Kent, and Matthew, his Brother and heir.

9 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
R. 8 200 Assessed at 100l. 71 109
15 March 1650. He being dead, the assessment to be discharged, on payment of 42l. by Mat. Bunce. 8 237

Wm. Coldham, Stedham, Sussex.

9 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Assessed at 500l. 71 109
29 May 1650. His assessment discharged, as he has compounded for his delinquency. 8 357
29 Aug. 1651. Assessed again at 500l. 73 149

Thos. Kemp, Slindon, Sussex.

9 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Assessed at 150l. 71 109
18 April 1651. His assessment being calculated at 85l., order that he pay 42l. 10s., and be heard as to his debts. 10 215
May 1651? Statement by Rich. Lovell, that Kemp fell ill as he was coming up to be examined, and request that the county sequestrator may receive his rents of 50l., pay therefrom the 42l. 10s. 3d., and restore the rest, and that the tenants who refused to pay the sequestration without bond for their discharge, may pay the charges of distraint. 136 41
5 Sept. 1651. The county commissioners to examine Kemp as to proof of his debts, and send up the examination in 2 months. 17
23 Oct. 1651. On motion of Rich. Lovell that the other ½ of the fine,—one ½ being paid,—may be levied from his Michaelmas rents, and that thereupon he will require no deduction for debts, order that it be so done, and that on payment of the 42l. 10s. 0d., Kemp receive his discharge. 17 66
4 Feb. 1652. The money being paid, his estate discharged 11 163

Thos. King, Ottery St. Mary, Devon.

9 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Assessed at 100l. 71 109
16 Nov. 1649. Information that King was a captain in the late King's army, and served at the siege of Lyme. 21 301
28 Dec. 1649. Order that his estate be seized, secured, and inventoried. 8 93
30 Jan. 1650. King dismissed, and his estate discharged, on certificate from Goldsmiths' Hall that he has compounded there for his delinquency, and paid his fine. Also order that his assessment for his 1/20 be discharged, as he is comprised in Exeter articles, and has compounded thereon. 8 156

Rich. Lindsey, Bucksted, Sussex.

9 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Assessed at 100l. 71 109
2 May 1651. On calculating his estate and debts, his assessment to be discharged on payment of 10l. 10 247
13 May. The sum being paid, he is discharged 10 278

Thos. Osborne, Chilham, Kent.

9 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Assessed at 250l. 71 109
24 Sept. 1651. Sequestration to be forborne, no return being made of the time of giving him notice. 24 170
Oct. 1651. Assessed at 80l. 73 89
P.E. 136 43 30 Jan. 1652. Order, on calculating his estate, and deducting his debts, that he pay 20l. assessment. 11 151
25 March 1652. Request on his behalf for discharge on the Act of Pardon. 136 44
25 March. Whereas, on 9 Nov. 1649, he was assessed at 200l. (sic), and summoned to pay 4 April 1651, and in October last again assessed at 80l., but no proceedings taken—order that he be discharged from both assessments on the Act of Pardon. 11 290

Rich. Taylor, Earnley, Co. Sussex.

9 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Assessed at 300l. 71 109
NOTE 136 45
E.W. 10 274
DEP. 136 46
9 May 1651. His assessment being calculated at 130l., order that he pay 65l., and have a commission into the country to prove his debts, and the county commissioners are to certify what they have received from his estate. 10 272
29 Aug. 1651. The time granted him for proving his debts having elapsed, order that he appear to pay the other ½ of his assessment. 136 47
7 Sept. 1651. County commissioners are to levy the other ½ on his estate. 24 164
10 Oct. 1651. Granted a hearing at his request, as to his debts 17
31 Oct. On motion concerning his debts, he is to be discharged on payment of 55l. more. 17 67

John Tucker, Gravesend, Kent.

9 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Assessed at 60l. 71 109
24 Sept. 1651. Sequestration to be forborne, no return being made of the time of giving him notice. 24 170
9 Nov. 1649. The following assessments were made, but no proceedings taken:— 71
Howard Bickerstaff, Godstow, Surrey 150l. 109
Wm. Hudson, Ryegate, Surrey 150l. 109
John Luntley, Southwark 80l. 109

Maurice Gater, Blofleming, near Saltash, Co. Cornwall.

9 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that he found a horse and man for the late King's service in the siege of Plymouth, and engaged with the King's forces against that place. 21 293
26 Feb. 1651. County commissioners to take examinations, and send them. 10 53
CERT. 136 49
CERT. 136 52
13 May 1651. Allowed a copy of his charge, and leave to examine witnesses. 10 276
31 March 1652. Request on his behalf for discharge on the Act of Pardon. 136 51
2 April 1652. Granted, with the usual provisoes 11 309

Henry Coggin, Late Comptroller of the Mint, Tower.

9 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that he has four ingots of silver belonging to the late King, which were brought into the Mint by — Foster, Goldsmith of Lombard Street, and which are concealed from the State. 21 295
9 Nov. 1649. Order for search of his house, and seizure of the said ingots. 8 6

Jas. Eastland, London.

9 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Sir Chas. Gawdy to appear to pay a debt of 200l. [on bond for 100l.] owing by him to Eastland. 7 353
21 Nov. 1649. Information that Sir Chas. Gawdy, of Crowshall, Debenham parish, Suffolk, owes Eastland 200l., and that Sir Edw. Sydenham, of Giddy Hall, Essex, owes him 400l. 21 307
21 Nov. On plea by Sir Chas. Gawdy that the debt was long since paid, and that Eastland is discharged at Goldsmiths' Hall from delinquency—order that Eastland prove the said discharge, and that Gawdy prove the payment. 8 125
24 Jan. 1650. On proof by Sir Charles of the payment 2 years ago, and by Eastland that he is not worth 200l., and has taken the negative oath and covenant, the case is dismissed. 8 139
13 Feb. 1650. On information that Sir Edw. Sydenham was bound in 400l. to pay Eastland 200l., and on proof that the statute was cancelled Jan. 1648, and the money paid, and that Sir Edward did not then know of any information against Eastland, the case dismissed, and Sydenham discharged further attendance. 8 178

George Thorpe, Dixley, Co. Leicester.

9 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
On information of his delinquency, he is summoned to make his defence. 8 9
11 Nov. 1649. Information that he has confessed to voluntarily contributing 80l. to the enemy's garrison of Ashby, and was there at the head of a party who came out against the Leicester horse, and that he rode next to Lord Loughborough, with a sword in his hand, to fight against the Parliament party. 21 298
14 Nov. 1649. County commissioners to take examinations, and return them. 8 13
7 Feb. 1650. Begs a copy of his charge, and leave to examine witnesses. Granted. 136
E.W. 8 335
136 54
14 May 1651. He begs publication and a hearing, and for his goods not to be disposed of meantime. 136 55
14 May. Publication granted, unless the prosecutor show cause to the contrary. 10 288
18 June 1651. No. cause being shown, and the prosecutor not appearing, if he does not appear in a week, the case is to be dismissed, and his bond put in suit. 10 410
30 July 1651. There being depositions of which there was no notice, publication to pass in 3 weeks. 136 56
PUB. 17 14 17 Sept. 1651. Thorpe begs to enjoy his estate on security pending hearing, the county commissioners having let a great part of it, the order of rules of 23 April 1651 notwithstanding. 136 57
DEP. 136 58 17 Sept. Granted, unless he has been formerly sequestered 17 26

George, or John Smith, Jun., Mercer of Ilchester, Co. Somerset.

10 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that he is a delinquent, and was in arms against Parliament; that at the beginning of the late war in 1642 or 1643, he came out of the quarters of Parliament (for whom he pretended at the beginning to be) and acted as constable of the Borough of Ilchester, when he visited Rich. Browne in Ilchester, and required him to send a horse and arms to Sir Jno. Stawell, who was then governor of Taunton for the King, and told him to send them at his peril. 21 295
That Smith continued in Ilchester garrison during the time Col. Phillipps was governor for the King's party, and there held compliance with the said governor, and rode in arms with his troop. He also rode armed out of the garrison after John Stone, of Lymington, on whom he drew his sword on the highway, and threatened to kill him, as he was a round-headed rogue, whereupon Stone was forced to leap over a hedge and escape for his life. Smith also enlisted in the garrison of Ilchester under the governor for the King, to defend the said town against Parliament.

Ralph Chaver, Grocer,; R. B. Harner, Merchant and Alderman,; Henry Kempson, Merchant, all of York.

12 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that Kempson was in the Commission of Array, and that Harner and Chaver aided the King's party. 21 297
12 Nov. 1649. County commissioners to take examinations, and send them up, and in case of delinquency, Jos. Beverley to secure their estates. 8 6

Mat. Day, Jun., late Minister of Caversham, Co. Oxon, Delinquent.

13 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that Mathew Day, sen., of New Windsor, and Dr. David Stokes, late Prebend of Windsor Castle, have 500l. in hand belonging to him. 21 298
16 Nov. 1649. Stokes and Day to appear, and meantime to detain the money which they owe to Mat. Day, jun. 8 14

Sir Richard, or Sir John Grenvile, or Greenfield, Delinquent.; Wm. Morris, West Putford, Co. Devon.; Thos. Waddon, Moreston, Co. Cornwall.

13 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that there are two bales of silk in the Custom House belonging to Sir R. Grenvile, which came from Gibbons of Exeter, and were consigned to [Wm.] Smith, of London. 21 298
14 Nov. 1649. Order for the seizure of the said silk 8 10
21 Dec. 1649. Information that Wm. Morris is a delinquent, and held correspondence with Sir Jo. Greenfield, and concealed divers goods, &c., belonging to Sir John, which are still in his possession. 21 327
INT. 136 58a
DEP. 136 58b
21 Dec. His estate to be seized and secured, and any goods of Grenville's found in his custody. 8 83
28 Dec. Information that Thos. Waddon is a delinquent, and held correspondence with Sir John Greenfield, and concealed divers goods and other estate belonging to Sir John, which he still retains. 21 331
28 Dec. His estate to be seized and secured, and also any goods of Sir John's found with him. 8 92
25 and 30 Jan. 1650. Morris and Waddon ordered copies of their charges, and leave to examine witnesses. 8 144
11 March 1650. The prosecutors to make good the charges against both in a month. 8 226
12 April 1650. This not being done, they are discharged 8 287
15 March 1650. The clerk of the late county commissioners to send depositions about 2 bales of silk belonging to Sir John Greenfield. 8 239
14 June 1650. The silk having been consigned to — Gibbons, and being now in custody of Wm. Smith, the examinations are to be published, and the case heard, unless Gibbons or Smith show cause to the contrary. 8 379
E.W. 9 18
H. 9 90
21 June 1650. Order for publication of the depositions in the case, both sides to examine witnesses, and Smith to have a copy of the information. 8 391
NOTE 136 59 25 Sept. 1650. Carey is to certify how the depositions now offered came to his hands, and Smith to be respited attendance, on giving bond to abide the orders of the committee. 9
17 Dec. 1650. Information that Mr. Morris, of Putford, co. Devon, has in his hands a trunk of clothes of Sir R. Greenfield's. 22

Hen. Hooper, Sen., and Henry, Richard, and Thomas, his Sons, all of Chagford, Co. Devon.

14 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Articles of delinquency against them, viz., that Hen. Hooper, sen., was chosen a sequestrator for the King against Rowland Whiddon, whom he sequestered, which cost Whiddon 100l. Being also a tithing man, he required sundry persons to come to Dogmarsh Bridge, on pain of death, to make up works there on behalf of the Cavaliers against Parliament, at his own charge. He procured a warrant from the Cavaliers' party to compel Rich. Agett to serve in arms, and backed those that were willing to lend. He took the protestation on behalf of the King, and never lent any money to Parliament. 21 300
That Hen. Hooper, jun., sent a man armed, and maintained him for the King, took the protestation, and said he would go and fight against the round-headed rogues as long as he had a bone in his back, and took arms and went his way on behalf of the King's party.
That Rich. and Thos. Hooper took away arms from Ben. Bremelcombe, a Parliament soldier, and they are now in the possession of Hooper, sen., and his sons.
14 Nov. 1649. County commissioners to take examinations and send them up. 8 16

Wm. Pelps, Thorncomb, Co. Devon.

14 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that he set forth a horse for the King's service, under Bragg, a captain under Lord Hopton, and has committed several other acts of delinquency. 21 299
22 Nov. 1649. Information of his delinquency renewed 21 305
28 Dec. 1649. His estate to be seized and secured 8 92
31 Jan. 1650. He begs a copy of his charge, and leave to examine witnesses. Granted. 136
24 May 1650. Order repeated; the examinations to be sent speedily. 8 349
1651 ? He petitions. Was always well-affected, was prosecuted by Wm. Craft and the Cavaliers for lending 10l. to Parliament, and plundered of 100l. in goods by — Elson, had a grey horse taken by a lieutenant of the King, and is prosecuting him at law for it. Sued Craft at law, but could not proceed, because he claims the benefit of Exeter articles. Craft and Jenkins have since sworn that Phelps set out for the King's service the mare which was violently taken from him, and have obtained an order for the seizing of his estate. Begs that the case may be examined, and Craft and Jenkins punished. With presentments by Wm. Craft and others, of numerous persons in the parish, including Phelps, who were disaffected to the King and active in the militia. [Signed.] 136 63

John Redpath, Scotchman.

15 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information by Capt. George Hill that he is a delinquent, and that Hill is indebted in the sum of 40l. to Redpath, for which Mrs. Redpath of Fleet Street holds a bond. 21 301
16 Nov. 1649. Order that Redpath's attorney appear, and show cause why the debt should not be sequestered, and the bond delivered to this committee. 8 19
23 Nov. Mrs. Redpath to appear and show cause why she should not deliver up the bond. 8 37
10 Jan. 1650. George Hill petitions. Redpath was a Scot, and committed many horrible acts against the State, and to avoid justice, fled beyond seas, where he remains. His malice is such against those that have acted for Parliament that, I being lately in Holland, he pretended that I owed him 40l. for free quarter in the time of the late King's wars, and obliged me to seal a bond for payment of 40l., which I did, or I should have hazarded my life. Redpath never having compounded, if the money is due on this enforced bond, it belongs to Parliament. I beg therefore that Mrs. Redpath and Mat. Barker, who sue the bond, may produce it to this committee, to be disposed of as you think fit. 136 64a
10 Jan. Mrs. Redpath to be brought up in custody, to answer her contempt in not delivering up the bonds and writings touching a debt of 40l. due by Capt. Hill to her husband. 8 110
7 May 1651. On Major Aston's deposition that John Redpath is in Ireland, under his command in service for Parliament, and has so been since Dec. 1649, order that search be made whether he has not been returned as sequestered, and a certificate made thereon, that proceedings at law may not be hindered. 10 270
30 May 1651. There being no proof that Redpath was ever sequestered, the case is dismissed, and the proceedings at law against Hill for recovery of the debt allowed to go on. 10
DEP. 136 64D 13 Nov. 1651. Information by George Hill that Redpath was Major of horse to Lord Crawford, then to Lord John Steward, and was in arms against Parliament in 1643–1646. 22
26 Nov. Hill complaining that he had no notice of the order dismissing the case, and accusing Redpath of delinquency, Redpath's solicitor is to show cause why Mrs. Redpath should not bring in the bond for the debt, or in default, the order of 10 Jan. 1650 is to be reinforced. 136 64e
10 Dec. 1651. Order that the prosecutor prove Redpath's delinquency within 14 days. 11 2

Chanter Cotton, Silverton,; Geo. Eveley, Ottery St. Mary, both Co. Devon.

16 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that Cotton forsook his house and fled to Exeter, which was then a garrison for the King, and there lived during the siege, and lent 100l. to the King. 21 301
That Eveley was captain for the King against Parliament.
28 Dec. 1649. Order that their estates be seized, secured, and inventoried. 8 93
27 Jan. 1650. Cotton pleads ignorance of any delinquency, and begs a copy of his charge and leave to examine witnesses. Noted as granted. 136 65
15 Feb. 1650. The case to be dismissed, unless the prosecutors produce their witnesses in a month. 8 185
22 March 1650. No witnesses being produced, it is dismissed 8 262

Eliz. Cornish, Spinster, Delinquent, Merevale, Co. Warwick.

17 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that John Crooke of Chalton, co. Bucks, and Hen. Crooke of the Barbican, St. Giles, owe her 400l., on a bond dated 3 June 1641. 21 302

Thomas Baile, Lieutenant of Whitlebury Forest, Co. Northampton.

19 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that he is a delinquent 21 303
10 Dec. 1649. Seven witnesses summoned to give evidence in his case. 28 13

Edward Duncombe, Litlington Park, Co. Bedford.

19 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that he went from London to join Lord Goring's forces, rode with his officers, and gave a fowling piece to one Humfry, whom he caused to stand and watch the Parliament soldiers all night, and committed several other acts of delinquency. 21 303
19 Nov. 1649. Three witnesses summoned to be examined in the case. 28 2
10 Jan. 1650. Order that his estate be seized and secured 8 117

Richard Fancourt, Punton, Co. Lincoln.

19 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that he is a delinquent and convicted by the county committee, and that Thos. Ascue of Great Punton in the said county owes him 120l. on mortgage. 21 303
19 Nov. 1649. Order that Thos. Ascue appear to pay the said debt 28 2
6 Dec. 1649. Information that Geo. Ascough, on 1 May 1643, mortgaged lands and tenements to Fancourt for 174l., and as Fancourt is a delinquent, and sequestered by the county commissioners, Ascough desires to pay the 174l. to this committee for the use of the State, so that he may enjoy the lands so mortgaged, and that Fancourt may deliver up the mortgage deed. 21 313

Donn Hodges, Delinquent.

20 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that Wm. Arkoll and Hen. Phillipps owe him 300l. 21 303
20 Nov. 1649. Summons to them to appear and pay the debt 28 2

John Marsh, East Langdon, Kent.

20 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that he was in arms against Parliament, and is seized of an estate of 200l. a year. 21 304
7 Dec. 1649. Ordered a copy of his charge, and leave to examine and cross-examine witnesses in his defence. 8
12 Dec. Information renewed that he was in arms for the King against Parliament. 136 67
12 Dec. Ordered a copy of his charge 8 58

Thos. Napper, Tintinhull,; John Pryor, Norton, both Co. Somerset.

20 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that Pryor aided the King's party, and that Napper forsook his house and went to Bristol, when a garrison for the King. 21 304
21 Nov. 1649. County commissioners to take examinations and return them, and on proof of delinquency, to secure their estates. 8 25

Thomas Bulkley, alias Lord Bulkley, Beanmaris, Co. Anglesea, and Richard, his Son.

21 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that Thomas Bulkley, being of great power and command in the county, victualled Beaumaris Castle upon pretence for service of the State, but in pursuance of the design for the revolt of Anglesea in 1648. He was a great contriver of it, and resumed the authority of the Commission of Array to put in execution the said design. During the revolt he held correspondence with the rebels in Ireland, the Isle of Man, and the Scots, and agreed with some contrivers of the revolt to send Capt. Martin as an agent to Charles Stuart, the late King's son, for a commission and instructions, tending to promote the war against Parliament. Upon some jealousy of Martin's fidelity, he dismissed him from his agency, and employed Major Phillips in his place. 21 306
That Richard, the son, acted as general in the revolt, without a commission but from his father and his confederates, and both father and son gave intelligence to, and held correspondence with, Charles and his adherents beyond seas; Richard, secretly flying away from his own country, has been beyond seas for that purpose, until the passing of the Act, and waited upon Charles in foreign parts. Had it not been for Thomas and Rich. Bulkley, there had been no revolt in Anglesea; notwithstanding upon the first reducement of it to Parliament, on his covenant and promises of fidelity, Thomas was freed by Ordinance from delinquency, and put in all commissions of the peace and of deputy-lieutenancy, and most places of trust. At the very time of plotting the revolt he, by letters and otherwise, swore all fidelity to Parliament, yet within a few days after, openly violated his faith, and made war against Parliament. Thomas and Richard were prisoners of war, and are disabled and made incapable of the benefit of the Act for General Composition of North Wales, by several orders and votes of Parliament which are not yet repealed. Thomas has public money in his hands, for which he ought to have accounted, and has not discovered or paid the same to the Treasurers for the Army, within the time limited by the Act.
27 Dec. 1649. Four witnesses summoned in the case 28 16
25 Oct. 1650. On request of the prosecutor, the County Commissioncrs of Berks are to examine on oath John Badfield, or Badrill, of Reading, in Bulkley's case. 9 189
E.W. 28 19
E.W. 28 82
1 Jan. 1651. The county commissioners to seize and inventory Lord Bulkley's estate, real and personal. 9 336
8 Jan. Sir Thos. Cheadle and Mich. Evans of Beaumaris to be examined in the case. 9 354
29 Jan. The Bulkleys to have leave to examine witnesses, and to take exceptions against any that have been examined, and the county commissioners to send them up in 6 weeks. 9 402
E.W. 9 425 26 Feb. 1651. Exceptions against Dr. Cheadle, one of the witnesses, as a swearer and drunkard, and regardless of his word, and as having inveterate malice against himself, Lord Bulkley, and family, Richard Bulkley being murdered by Major Cheadle. 136 68
26 Feb. Order that the county commissioners peruse the exceptions, and consider whether they ought to be allowed. 10
E.W. 10 104 27 March 1651. Six weeks more allowed to examine witnesses, as the order of 29 Jan. had expired 5 days before it reached the County Commissioners of North Wales. 10 148

John Viscount Savage.

21 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Order that he be respited till Friday next touching his 1/20 8 24

James Bacon, Blewberry, Co. Berks.

22 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that he was with a party of the King's soldiers, and entered the house of Thos. Green, and carried away three quarters of malt for the use of the King's horse at Newbury fight, and also conveyed arms and ammunition to Wallingford garrison. 21 305

John Coggan, Hartchurch, Co. Dorset.

22 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that he is a delinquent 21 305

— Jossey, Delinquent.

22 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information by Jas. Craig that Sir John Fenwick owes him 4,000l.; with note that on 6 Aug. 1651, an order was made that Craig should be entered as discoverer of this 4,000l., for the reasons therein expressed. 136
O.C. 136 72
O. 8 58
O.C. 8 352
28 Nov. 1649. Fenwick to appear and show cause why he should not pay the debt. 8
25 June 1651. Petition of Jas. Craig. In Nov. 1648, informed of a debt of 4,000l. due by Sir John Fenwick to Jossey, a delinquent, but going abroad, could not prosecute it, and is now told that his name was not entered as the discoverer. Begs that it may be so entered, and that he may obtain compensation, as usually granted. 136 75
25 June. Order that Fenwick pay the 4,000l. in a month after notice, or show cause to the contrary. 10 136 436 76 77
O. 12 14 6 Aug. 1651. Memorandum that, on 6 Aug. 1651, it was ordered that Jas. Craig should be entered discoverer of the said 4,000l. 136 78
16 June 1652. Order on considering the Act of Pardon as relating to the case, that the prosecutor's counsel draw up a report thereon, when further order will be given. 12
22 Sept. 1652. Petition of Capt. Wm. Pease. By agreement of 27 Sept. 1650, was joined with Jas. Craig as discoverer, and was to have half the benefit of the discovery of 4,000l. due by Sir John Fenwick to Jossey, &c.; but Craig having left town and been absent 6 weeks, the case remains unprosecuted, and the State will lose the advantage. Begs leave to be entered prosecutor. 136 80
CERT. 34 37
REP. 136 82
22 Sept. Order granting him leave to prosecute, with allowance for his charges, &c. 136
20 April 1653. Order that Mr. Martin, counsel for the prosecution, show cause why this debt is not pardoned by the Act of Oblivion. 12 342

Simon, Son of Emanuel Sandys, Kingsbury, Co. Somerset.

22 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that he was in arms with the King's party, and cornet of a troop of horse. 21 305

Thomas Leasing,; Robert Scupholme,; Thomas Thew, all Husbandmen, North Sommercotes, Co. Lincoln

24 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information by Capt. Chapman that Leasing and Scupholme rode as soldiers in Capt. Newstead's troop, and Leasing was in Maplethorpe Hall, a garrison for the King, and that Thew committed several acts of delinquency. With note that Chapman assigned his interest in the discovery to Capt. Dymock. 21 308
30 Nov. 1649. County commissioners to seize and secure their estates. 8 46
E.W. 28 48 13 March 1650. Being poor in estate, impotent in person, having many children, and living 140 miles distant, they beg a copy of their charge and leave to examine witnesses. Have always been well-affected, defended the county from Cavaliers at Lincoln and Horncastle, have cheerfully paid their 1/5 and 1/20, and been plundered by the King's party ⅓ of their estates. Yet Wm. Wadsley, with others, who lived riotously during the wars, on a promise of 20l. above their allowance on the Ordinance by those who seek to benefit thereby, have sworn to the petitioners' delinquency, and their estates are secured. Petition granted. 8 225
PUB. 8 334 6 May 1650. Certificate to their honesty and good affection to Parliament, bearing 62 signatures, of which 3 are of ministers and 9 of civil officers. 136 84
31 July 1650. Order on the depositions that they are delinquents, and that their estates be sequestered forthwith. 9 59
9 Aug. 1650. Thew begs stay of execution, and time to examine Thos. Hobson and Thos. Smith, whose testimony is malicious and corrupt, and other witnesses. 136 85
9 Aug. Order that Leasing, Scupholme, and Thew have leave to exhibit charges against Hobson and Smith. 9 77
[23 Aug.] Articles informing that Thos. Hobson, blacksmith, and Thos. Smith, labourer, both of North Sommercotes, being sued in the Exchequer Court for misdemeanour in 1649 and 1650, threatened several of the well-affected to have them sequestered for delinquency, unless they would give money to bear the charges of defending the suit, and thereon accused Leasing, Thew, and Scupholme, and declared they should never be free unless they compounded with them (Hobson and Smith), but Smith offered to put some one else in Scupholme's place if he would lend him 40s. 136 86
23 Aug. 1650. Like articles against them for the said offences and other misdemeanours, disaffection to Parliament, theft, drunkenness, and disorderly conduct. 136 87
23 Aug. The two first of the exceptions presented against Smith and Hobson allowed, and county commissioners are to take examinations thereon, giving them notice. 9 97
O. 9 174
H. 9 211
6 Nov. 1650. Thos. Hubbert to Mr. Molins. I beg a hearing for my poor countrymen, who have been a year in trouble for their good affection, and are undone most unjustly. Sir Wm. Barnes will do his best for them. 136 88
H. 9 297 15 Nov. Order for a speedy hearing, and stay of proceedings, and meantime the men accused are to enjoy their estates on the security already given. 9 229
12 Feb. 1651. Order on petition of Capt. Dymock, prosecutor, that they show cause in 14 days why they should not be sequestered. 10 1
H. 10 103 12 March 1651. Order on hearing, that they be allowed to compound for their estates. 10
21 March. Order that Thew's bonds be returned to him, he having compounded and paid his fine. 136 90

Wortley Goodall, Sen., Atherston, or Manceter, Co. Warwick.

27 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information by John Taylor, jun., that he is a delinquent, proclaimed the Earl of Essex to be a traitor, and set up the proclamation on Atherston Cross. That he and his son were great frequenters of the King's garrisons at Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Lichfield, and Tutbury, and were great intelligencers, and had licence from the commanders of the garrisons for their good services. That they continued in great esteem and favour until March 1645; and that during all the war between the late King and Parliament, there were no gentlemen that were in arms in these garrisons more esteemed by Lord Loughborough and the commanders under him, for their private intelligence and other good services. 21 310
4 Dec. 1649. Witnesses summoned to testify against him 28 6
E.W. 28 26 19 Dec. John Taylor, the prosecutor, having taken examinations in co. Warwick, begs an order for return of the examinations of material witnesses taken in co. Leicester. Granted. 8 76
10 April 1650. Goodall's estate to be seized and secured 8 284
31 May 1650. He begs the heads of his charge, and leave to examine witnesses. Is prosecuted at the petition of Thos. Goodall, a desperate delinquent, for offences whereof he has been cleared before the late county commissioners, and his discharge allowed at Goldsmiths' Hall, and by the Committee of Indemnity, and he doubts not to prove that he has done good service to Parliament. Granted. 8 355
PUB. 9 51 6 Dec. 1650. Taylor begs publication and a hearing, having examined all his witnesses. 136 93
6 Dec. Granted in a month, unless Wortley Goodall show cause 9 275
R. 9 350
E.W. 28 92
30 Jan. 1651. The papers on his case before the late County Commissioners of Warwick to be sent up. 9 395
26 Feb. 1651. The registrar to the Barons of Exchequer to certify whether he did not appeal to the late Commissioners for Sequestration. 10 55
CERT. 136 95 26 Feb. Publication ordered, and his estate to be secured 10
LET. 136 97 29 April 1651. Wortley Goodall begs more time, having a commission to examine witnesses in 3 counties, Stafford, Leicester, and Warwick, and only a month allowed, of which 11 days elapsed before he received the order. 136 96
DEP. 136 98 17 Dec. 1651. Thos. Goodall begs a peremptory day of hearing. Since the prosecution, Wortley Goodall has sold land, value 600l., and the only seeurity he has given for his rents, valued at 80l. a year, is his son Wortley, the party complained of in the information. 136 99
DEP. 136 100 17 Dec. Order for a hearing in course 17 122
LET. 136 101
13 Feb. 1652. On certificate that he was sequestered, and appealed to the Barons of Exchequer, and on his request for further time, not knowing that the sequestration would be insisted on, the case respited by consent for 3 weeks, and the County Commissioners of Warwick to send up all the proceedings before the late county commissioners there. 11 192
5 March 1652. His case, and all others dependent on the Act of Pardon, suspended till the Act is considered. 17 208
R. 11 154 12 March. Resolved that, as to the late charge of delinquency, he is discharged by the Act of Pardon. That as to the former charge, it is found, by the proceedings detailed by the County Commissioners for co. Warwick, that though questioned, he did not stand actually sequestered 1 Dec. 1651, and he is therefore discharged from that also. 11 247

Rich. Hodgkinson, London.

27 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that he is a delinquent, and left goods in the hands of several persons, one of whom, Chas. Green, had between 300l. or 400l. worth, which the Stationers seized upon. 21 307
27 Nov. 1649. The Master and Wardens of the Stationers' Company, and Hen. Walley, their clerk, to appear and give satisfaction for 400l. in their hands belonging to Hodgkinson. 28 4
4 Dec. 1649. Witnesses summoned to testify therein, and to bring in the account between the parties and Chas. Green, stationer, deceased. 28 8
E.W. 28 21 21 Dec. Order that the Stationers' Company have a copy of the charge, and liberty to defend themselves therefrom. 8 79

Thomas Havergill, Windsor, Berks.

29 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that he left his habitation, was at Oxford when a garrison for the King, and was in arms against Parliament. 21 308
E.W. 28 5 12 Dec. 1649. His estate to be seized and secured 8 60
11 Jan. 1650. Chris. Havergill and Barbara, his mother, complain that a house, orchard, and close of theirs are seized as belonging to Thos. Havergill, and beg that their deeds may be examined, and a report made. 136 104
11 Jan. The case referred to Rich, to report 8 112
24 Jan. Thos. Havergill allowed a copy of his charge, and a month to examine witnesses. 8 141
29 March 1650. On information that on 28 Feb. 1646, he was discharged by the county commissioners, and that he is now dead, the case dismissed, and the sequestration discharged. 8 264

John Cumber, Denington, Co. Sussex.

29 Nov. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information by Anth. Bowyer of London, that he is a delinquent, and has not yet been sequestered; that he sent a man, horse, and arms, to the King, was daily in the garrison at Chichester with the King's party, and in arms amongst them, and that his real and personal estate is worth 20,000l. 21 312
12 Dec. 1649. His estate to be seized and secured till further orders. 8 60
E.W. 28 22
R. 8 186
4 Jan. 1650. Ordered a copy of his charge, and leave to examine witnesses. 8 100
E.W. 28 31
33, 57
PUB. 9 48
E.W. 28 70
PUB. 9 99
E.W. 28 75
9 137
28 79, 80
DEP. 136 106
21 June 1650. Cumber's counsel have leave to except against the witnesses examined for the prosecution. 8 390
12 July 1650. The said exceptions given in and admitted 136
10 Oct. 1650. Two witnesses, who have not appeared on summons to be examined in the case, to be taken into custody. 9 171
4 Dec. 1650. The prosecutor to produce all the witnesses who have been examined for the State, to be cross-examined by Cumber, or in default thereof, their testimony to be suppressed. 9
R. 9 175
E.W. 28 81
L.C.C. G169
O. 9 197
H. 10 34
7 March 1651. Case to be heard in 3 weeks, and Nath. Cholmley to appear in a week, to show cause why he does not prosecute the business with effect, or in default, to be brought up in custody. Richard Cumber, the brother, to be examined vivâ voce. The depositions of witnesses not cross-examined to stand in force, but Cumber may produce and cross-question them at the hearing, or depose that he cannot find them. The prosecutor to have no benefit of the discovery if Cumber is pronounced a delinquent, because on due notice he has not appeared to prosecute. 10 97
28 March. Order on hearing, that Cumber is not a delinquent, and therefore that he be discharged, Nath. Cholmley having corrupted two of the witnesses against him. 9
Also order that Cholmley be taken into custody, and committed to Newgate Prison, and not allowed to go at large till the pleasure of Parliament be known, he having endeavoured to suborn witnesses, and to compound with Cumber. 9 167
28 March. Committee for Advance of Money to the Keeper of Newgate. Whereas on 15 April 1650, Parliament appointed the present Committee for Advance of Money, and on 8 Aug. 1650, gave them power to imprison all informers who did not prosecute their informations, or compounded with the parties, or suborned witnesses, till the pleasure of Parliament be known; and whereas, on 29 Nov. 1649, Ant. Bowyer informed against Cumber, and the case was proceeded with, but Cholmley, who was Bowyer's solicitor, has suborned witnesses, and corrupted the examiners' clerk;—we send him to you, and require you to keep him in custody till the pleasure of Parliament be known, or till we see cause to release him. 10 167
9 May 1651. Cholmley presents a habeas corpus for his removal to the Upper Bench Prison. 136 109
16 May. Cholmley remonstrates against his sufferings and imprisonment, having performed services to Parliament, for which 1,500l. is due to him. Has not been allowed to examine witnesses in his defence, and therefore appealed above, to prevent his continued lying in prison. Asks his charge, time to make his defence, leave to examine witnesses, and release meantime on bail. 136 110
16 May. Order that he be brought up in custody next Wednesday 10 307
21 May. Petition renewed. He begs return of all his papers and depositions for his defence, and if discharged, a public vindication of his reputation, or a reference of the case to counsel learned in the Acts of Parliament, &c. Also that the examinations may not be taken by Mr. Carey, on account of the sinister practices of his late clerk, and hostility of his present clerk. 136 111
21 May. The Keeper of Newgate to receive him back into custody till the pleasure of Parliament be known. 10 313
28 May 1651. Petition of 16 May repeated 136 112
28 May. Order that the commissioners see no cause to bail him, but will hasten their report to Parliament, which Reading will draw up, as also the return to the Upper Bench. 10
May. Report drawn up for the Speaker of Parliament on the case. No final order. 10 347