Cases brought before the committee: December 1649

Pages 1169-1178

Calendar, Committee For the Advance of Money: Part 2, 1645-50. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1888.

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December 1649

James Deane,; Abell Whitehead,; John Wright, all of Bristol.

5 Dec. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that Deane was always an enemy to Parliament, and opposed their proceedings in Bristol. That to make division between Parliament and the people, he, between 25 July and 20 Sept. 1645, entered into oaths and acts of association against Parliament, and persuaded others to join in them. That when Bristol was a garrison for the enemy, he bore arms, and set out 2 of his servants, and was often seen on the works, when the city was besieged by Parliament forces. 137 1
Like information against John Wright 137 2
Like informations against Whitehead as to articles 1 and 2; also that he plundered the goods of the well-affected, and when in arms, 1643 to 1645, slew divers of them. That he came from abroad to enrich himself with the wealth of the well-affected, and raise money for the war against Parliament; contributed several sums himself, and raised Excise money to buy arms and ammunition, and pay soldiers. 137 3
5 Dec. 1649. All three summoned to appear and answer the charges against them. 28 9

Dr. Wm. Sherburne, Pembridge, Co. Hereford.

6 Dec. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that he is a delinquent 21 313
27 July 1650. Information that he rode armed in Oxford while it was a garrison for the late King, and endeavoured to settle the Excise, but was opposed by the women in the town, and also rode to several places as intelligencer. 137 4
E.W. 9 130 30 July. County commissioners to take examinations and return them. 9 59

Thos. Kercher, Hursley, Co. Hants.

7 Dec. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
His assessment for his 1/20 to be discharged on payment of 25l. 8
[7 Dec. 1649.] Valuation of his estate at 600l. and his debts 307l. 137 6

Wm. Abarrow, Charford, Co. Hants.; Rob. Kent, Winterborn, Wilts.; Capt. Edw. Phillips.; William Smith, Sarum, co. Wilts.

7 Dec. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that Abarrow is a delinquent, and was captain of a troop of horse for the King in Christchurch garrison. 21 314
That Abarrow owes Kent 80l. and Smith 103l., and that Wm. Rolfe, or Rolles, Beothing Woods, near Wimborne, co. Dorset, owes Phillips 100l. 21 314
7 Dec. 1649. Rolfe and Abarrow to appear and pay the said debts 28 11
12 Dec. Order to seize, inventory, and secure Abarrow's whole estate, real and personal. 8 58
31 May 1650. County commissioners to take examinations as to Rolfe's debt and return them. 8 360
7 June 1650. Order that on Abarrow's payment of 150l., his debts to Kent and Smith be discharged. Also that 50l. be accepted from him as a composition for his goods, chattels, &c., inventoried by the officers of the Committee for Advance of Money, to be paid in 3 months. 8 382
21 March 1651. Rolies to appear in 14 days to pay the debt 137
28 May 1651. Rolles denies that he owes the debt, or ever had any dealings with Phillips, and begs reference of the case to two J.Ps. of co. Dorset. 137 8
28 May. The prosecutor to prove the debt, and the County Commissioners of Dorset to take examinations. 10 335

Thomas Fryer, M.D., London.

11 Dec. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that he was a Papist, and left out of his estate legacies to his brothers and sisters, who were Papists and nuns. 21 315
26 Sept. 1651. Geo. Gunter, of Packton, co. Sussex, to pay to this committee 2/3 of the 400l. which he owes to Dr. Fryer, a recusant, unless Fryer show cause to the contrary. 17 36

Chris. Atkinson,; John Bach,; Wm. Croft,; Thos. Hale, Jun.,; Phil. Hilly,; John Mann,; John Slicer,; Edw. Wilson,; Wm. Wilson, all of Tewkssbury, Co. Gloucester.

11 Dec. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that they are delinquents. No proceedings 21 316

Geo. Overend, Kirby Kendall, Co. Westmoreland.

11 Dec. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that he is a delinquent, has been in arms against Parliament, and was in the Commission of Array. 21 316

William Chambers, King's Norton, Co. Worcester.; John Clarke, Lapworth, Co. Warwick.; John Stew, Stratford, Co. Warwick.

13 Dec. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that they are delinquent, sent money, horse, and arms to the King, and committed several other acts of delinquency. 21 318

Hen. Hugford, Solihull, Co. Warwick.

13 Dec. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that he is a recusant, bore arms against Parliament in Chillington House, and furnished Prince Maurice with money in Lichfield. 21 318

Robert Dowle, Pewsey, Co. Wilts.

14 Dec. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that he was in arms for the King, and left his own house, being under the Parliament garrison, went to Oxford, and continued there until the King's forces took Bristol. 21 318
15 Feb. 1650. The prosecutor to prove his charge in 14 days, or the case will be dismissed. 8 185
DEP. 137 9 27 March 1650. On his non-appearance, Dowle discharged from further attendance. 8 263

Sam. Mackernes, Catterwale, Co. Oxford.

14 Dec. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
On information that he is a delinquent, the county commissioners to examine witnesses and send up the depositions. 8 68

Wm. Wymondsall, Sen., Putney, Surrey.; Wm. Wymondsall, Jun., Deeping St. James, Co. Lincoln.

14 Dec. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
INT. 137 10
DEP. 137 11
Information that Wymondsall, jun., was in arms against Parliament, betrayed the Parliament forces in Welbeck, assisted the Commissioners of Array, and forced Robert Moore and others to go as soldiers for the late King; and that Wm. Wymondsall, sen., lent the Marquis of Hertford great sums of money during the war, to raise forces against Parliament, and committed several other acts of delinquency. With list of 10 witnesses. 21 323
LET. 137 13
DEP. 137 14
14 Dec. 1649. County Commissioners for Lincoln to take examinations, and to seize and inventory the estate of Wymondsall of Deeping. 8 71
E.W. 8 172
INT.&DEP. 137
E.W. 137 21
LET. 137 24
8 March 1650. Having a note of the names of the persons examined in the case, they send exceptions against some of them, and beg leave to cross-examine the rest, and examine witnesses in their own defence. 137 20
8 March. Granted leave to prove the exceptions, and to examine witnesses in cos. Lincoln and Notts. 8
INT. DEP. 137 25
PUB. 8 326
3 June 1650. Order on full hearing that Wymondsall, jun., is not a delinquent within the Ordinances of Sequestration, and that therefore his sequestration be discharged. 8 367

John Drury, Docking, Co. Norfolk, Delinquent.

15 Dec. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information by Wm. Barker, of West Newton, co. Norfolk, that Drury owed 1,500l. six years since to Robert Jetter, of Mutford, co. Suffolk, a convicted recusant and delinquent, and Drury's lease of Docking Parsonage was mortgaged for repayment. Barker, being constable of Docking in 1643, desired Drury to make his composition for the same, and he refusing, Barker certified the debt to the Committee for Sequestrations for co. Norfolk, who summoned Drury to compound for such debt; but being examined, he not only concealed it, but positively affirmed that he had paid it a year before, but he forgot what sums he had paid, and when or to whom, and had no receipts. 21

The committee, after further enquiry, on 15 Nov. 1644 seized Drury's goods and chattels, and those leases which he then had in his possession were and are still worth 500l. a year more than the rent he pays. His other goods were appraised at 460l., but he appealed to the Committee of Lords and Commons for sequestration, and procured an order, dated 28 Feb. 1645, referring the case to the Commissioners for co. Norfolk to examine the witnesses on both sides, and certify in three weeks.
They certified that there was a suspension of the sequestration for two years, and the State received no benefit, until President Bradshaw sent his letter by Barker, which was delivered to the Committee of Norfolk 15 Oct. 1646, since which they have received 735l. of the said debt, and secured as much of Drury's estate as will make up 1,000l., and Drury's sequestration is suspended.
Drury being sequestered, the committee appointed Hen. Norton to see the corn thrashed out for the benefit of the State, whereupon Drury broke open the barn doors on 1 April 1647, and caused the corn to be carried away, value 40l. Norton being appointed by the committee to see the corn thrashed out the following year, Drury did the same again, and took corn away value 200l., and meeting Norton in the field, he and others armed with guns and swords took away 4 of the State horses, and a cart with ten combs of rye, and struck and much abused Norton. This was when the Scots came to England under command of the Duke of Hamilton.
By the votes of 17 March 1649, all persons under sequestration were to make their composition before 1 June 1649, or else their estates to be confiscated, and Drury has not compounded; but as the county committee received the money before specified, and secured as much of his estate as would make up the 1,000l., and the sequestration is suspended, but Drury made his appeal 4 years before the votes, and by the Act of 9 April 1649, all appeals before the said Act are to be prosecuted within two months after 7 April 1649.
Drury would pay no assessments without compulsion in 1643, and conveyed away his goods to avoid payment; refused to show his light horse and foot arms, and conveyed away his light horse, and was apprehended by Major Wyld for the same.
BOND 137 27
LET. 137 28
12 July 1650. County commissioners to take examinations and send them up, and also any former proceedings in the case; Drury to have 10 days notice. 9 38
LET. 137 30
O.C. 10 213
E.W. 137 31
DEP. 137 32
11 March 1651. Barker begs the prosecution of this order, having received a letter from the clerk of the county commissioners saying that no certificate is needed, as Drury is already sequestered. Granted. 137
10 Dec. 1651. Drury petitions that his counsel may be heard in the case, being informed that his charge contains no article of delinquency. 137 33
10 Dec. His petition waived, Mr. Farwell not being present 17 119
17 Dec. The prosecutor to attend Brereton, the charge to be amended, and the auditor to search whether he was formerly sequestered. 11 19
Dec. Barker renews his petition that Drury's sequestration may proceed, as he holds a lease of a delinquent's estate in order to conceal it, and that more witnesses may be examined in proof. 137 34
CERT. 137 36
1 June 1652. Request on his behalf for discharge on the Act of Pardon. 137 35
1 June. Granted, if he were not sequestered 1 Dec. 1651 11 406

— Macking.

15 Dec. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that he was an intelligencer to the late King's garrisons, kept a garrison and entertained Cavaliers therein; that he took away 40l. from a woman because she was a Roundhead, and caused a gentleman to be imprisoned upon oath that he was a major on the Parliament side, and the gentleman was forced to pay 200l. for his release. Also that he committed several other acts of delinquency. 21 323

Rice Griffiths (late).

15 Dec. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that Edw. Bond [of Westminster], was bound to Rice Griffiths for payment of 300l., which debt was originally that of Joseph, Job, and Abraham Bradshaw, who are deceased. Rice Griffiths died long since, and made Dr. Duppa and Endymion Porter his executors, who were both sequestered for delinquency. Bond has paid 160l. of the debt, so that there remains 200l. (sic) to be paid. 21 319
P.R. 137 39
4 Jan. 1650. Bond alleging that he has paid 156l. of the debt, order that he pay the other 144l., and that Susan Mallach, widow, who holds the bond, show cause why she should not deliver it to this committee. 8 99
13 Feb. 1650. She appearing, and producing the bond, which expresses that the 300l. was paid to Griffiths for the use of her late husband, David Mallach, order that the information be dismissed, and she left to take her remedy at law against Bond for the debt. 8 180

Robert Ashton, Sen.; Rob. Ashton, Jun.; Thos. Ashton.; Simon Baker.; Thos. Baley.; Rich. Bowle.; Edw. Clemeson.; John Ellinton.; Robert Ellinton.; Hen. and Nich. Goud.; Robert Horner.; Thos. Measure.; Thomas Slawson.; Edw. Watson. All of Deeping, Co. Lincoln.

18 Dec. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that they have committed several acts of delinquency 21 324
14 and 26 Dec. 1649. County commissioners to take examinations in all the cases and send them up. 8 68

Roger Mills, Co. Devon, and Merchant of London.

18 Dec. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information on behalf of D. Searle and Capt. Jno. Symonds, that when the King's party besieged Exeter, he, living 9 miles from the city, in the enemy's quarters, never came into the city while it was in the Parliament's custody, but lived at home, and confessed he sent the besiegers 50l. When the Earl of Essex went into the West country, he left his habitation, and went to live in Exeter, then a garrison for the King, and when the Earl's forces went back, he returned to his home. He furnished the enemy with several sums of money, and on 26 June 1644, when Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, and Dorset associated together for the King, he gave 10l. to maintain the association. When General Sir Thos. Fairfax went into the West, he left his home again, lived in Exeter all the time of the siege, continued there with the enemy until the city was delivered up to Parliament. He also refused to pay his 1/5 and 1/20, until committed to prison, and then paid a very small proportion answerable to his estate. 21 324
18 Dec. 1649. County commissioners to take examinations and return them. 8 69
NOTE 137 41 17 Jan. 1650. Order on Mills' petition for a hearing, Searle having notice given. 8 132
22 Feb. 1650. John Butler of Exeter, who owes him 400l., is not to pay it in till further order. 8 196
18 March 1650. Order renewed, including Sir Hugh Crocker, who is bound with Butler. Mills also summoned to answer to the charge of delinquency. 8 241
3 April 1650. Mills allowed a copy of his charge, and leave to examine witnesses. 8 273
E.W. 8 346 31 May 1650. Mills allowed to recover his debt due by Crocker and Butler by law, with damages, on security to be responsible for it if he is adjudged a delinquent. 8 358
E.W. 9 178
DEP. 137 42
PUB. 10 53
PUB. 10 104
137 44
NOTE 137 45
INT. DEP. G152 453–5
NOTE 137 48
H. 10 379
9 April 1651. John Butler and Roger Chick of Exeter, who have been summoned as witnesses but not appeared, to be sent for in custody; and if they refuse to be examined, to be committed to prison, and meantime publication suspended. 10
28 May 1651. Order for publication passed 10
May. Mills requests that as the order for publication is passed, if the last depositions are not returned to Mr. Carey, new ones may be speedily sent up. 137 49
8 Oct. 1651. Mills petitions. A charge of delinquency is brought against me, by instigation of John Butler and others of Exeter, out of malice, because I sued Butler for 800l. debt. I was not only plundered by the King's party, but was several times hung up by the neck for my affection to Parliament. Publication being passed, I cannot examine further witnesses without special order. I am old and infirm, and cannot travel to Exeter, and Butler is giving bribes to have me adjudged a delinquent. I beg allowance of my exceptions to certain examinations, and further examinations. 137 50
8 Oct. 1651. The exceptions not admitted, being after publication, and but weak matter of exception against Butler. 17 47
CERT. 137 51
24 March 1652. Request on Mills' behalf for discharge on the Act of Pardon. 137 56
24 March. Granted, with the usual provisoes 11 291

Edm. Wells, Papist Delinquent.

18 Dec. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that John Hand, of Littleton Drew, co. Wilts, has owed him 200l. for rent of land on lease, since April 1645. 21 324
18 Dec. Hand summoned to appear and pay the debt 8 71

Richard Bravell, Campden, Co. Gloucester.

19 Dec. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that he was in arms against Parliament, which was proved before the county commissioners. 21 327
19 Dec. 1649. County commissioners to send up the examinations taken in the case. 8
11 Feb. 1650. Information repeated 22 6
13 Dec. 1650. Information that he was voluntarily in arms 16431645. 22
13 Dec. County commissioners to take depositions and send them up. 8 315

Ralph Croft, Leeds, Co. York.

19 Dec. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that he was in arms against Parliament, and has been convicted of delinquency, and that Major Geo. Gill owes him 20l. 21 327

John Edwards, Shurdington, City of Gloucester.

24 Dec. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that he is a delinquent, was in arms himself, and set forth others with horse and arms. 21 328
24 May 1650. Information that in 1643 he rode armed in Lord Chandos' troop at the siege of Gloucester. G80 453
8 Nov. 1650. County commissioners to give him a copy of the charge, and leave to examine witnesses; also to send up the depositions sealed, in 6 weeks. 9 214
16 Dec. 1651. Deposition by his brother Richard Edwards that, though on 8 Nov. 1650 an order was obtained to examine witnesses, he has not been able, on account of the late Scots' invasion, to have them examined within the time limited. 137 59
17 Dec. John Edwards begs further time for examinations 137 60
17 Dec. A month granted him, and the order for examination of witnesses renewed. 11 5
CERT. 137 61
16 April 1652. He begs discharge on the Act of Pardon, no vote of delinquency nor publication of proofs having passed against him, and restoration of his bonds and securities. 137 64
24 Dec. 1649. 16 April 1652. Granted, on the usual certificates being produced, and with the usual provisoes. 11 338

Jos. Beverley, Agent to the Committee for Advance of Money in Co. York and the Northern Counties.

26 Dec. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
ACCTS. 137 65 Order for payment to him of 242l. 13s. 4d., in full for pay and charges from 23 Nov. 1647 to 24 Nov. 1649. 8 85
17 Dec. 1650. His case presented. Moneys due to him from 24 Nov. 1649, 379l. 2s. 8d.; receipts, 244l. 4s. The auditor to state and report. 137 66
25 Dec. His petition referred to the registrar, to examine what salary and charges are due to him for his service on the late committee. 9 309
8 Jan. 1651. Approval of the accounts, by which a balance of 92l. 10s. 8d. is found to be due from Beverley, and is to be paid in, and desiring also the approval of the Army Committee. 9
11 July 1651. Committee for Advance of Money to the Army Committee. As we are sending Beverley, now in town, to Yorkshire about 12,000l. to be levied there, we desire you will pass his account, and order payment of 151l. 13s. 4d. balance due to him to be deducted from his receipts of 244l. 4s., he owing 92l. 10s. 8d., and the residue paid to the State. 24 142
1 Aug. 1651. Receipt by Treas. Dawson from Beverley for 72l., and note that Mr. Dawson had an order to pay him 20l. 17s. which has never been discharged. 137 72
22 July 1652. Certificate by Dawson that this sum is still unpaid. 137 73
17 Feb. 1653. Order in the Committee of Parliament on Petitions that Beverley's petition be presented to Parliament; with note that it is the same petition as was presented to the Council of State. 173 74
CERT. 137 75 24 Feb. Beverley begs an order to the registrar to certify who prosecuted the charges against Sir Hen. Vaughan and Thos. Duffield of Yorkshire; they compounded, and were fined on his prosecution, but he has not yet received a penny, according to the Parliament Order, nor satisfaction for his pains and charges. 137 76
CERT. 137 77 24 Feb. The registrar to certify as desired, stating also whether the discoveries were entered by petitioner before he was agent to the County Commissioners of York. 12 306
4 June 1653. Beverley petitions the Council of State for an order to the Committee for Advance of Money to pay him his salary and charges, and to continue the same in future. On a petition of 8 Jan. 1651 to the Committee for Advance of Money, he was allowed 6s. 8d. a day salary, and 30l. charges for collecting 10,000l.; but they, having no power to order payments, referred him to the Army Committee. Though he has attended them, and petitioned Parliament at great cost, he has got no satisfaction. 137 78
4 June. Order thereon to the Committee for Advance of Money to pay him his salary according to the account given in. 13
27 Oct. 1653. Beverley petitions the said committee for fulfilment of the order. 137 82
27 Oct. His salary to be paid by the Goldsmiths' Hall Treasurers, they being treasurers to the Committee for Advance of Money. 13
2 Nov. 1653. He complains that the money cannot be paid, because no particular sum is stated, and begs reference to the auditor, to state the sum. Granted. 137
10 Nov. Auditor's report, bringing in the balance due to him as 38l. 9s. 1d. 137 87
12 Feb. 1657. On report from the Treasury Commissioners that he was employed as agent for the late Committee for Advance of Money at 6s. 8d. a day, reduced to 4s. by succeeding committees, and that on an account made up after that proportion, he has 104l. 6s. 3d. balance in hand, but he alleges that his disbursements in prosecuting discoveries which brought in 725l. 3s. 4d., and for which he had no 1/5 on account of his salary, are more than this balance;—order that he retain 54l. 6s. 3d. as a reward for his discoveries and disbursements therein. 177 705

John Turner, Coruhill, Servant to Thos. Lusher, Citizen and Linendraper of London.

26 Dec. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that he was in arms in the first war in Cornwall under Lord Hopton, against Parliament. 21 329
26 Dec. 1649. Summoned to appear and answer the charge 28 16
29 Dec. Petitions that, being summoned to answer a charge of delinquency, he appeared, acknowledged his great error, and gave in a particular of his mean estate; he begs dispatch, that he may not be impeded in negotiating his master's affairs. With note of his estate, being 2 suits of clothes for himself and man, value 15l. 137 88
10 Jan. 1650. Order that 10l. be accepted as a composition for his delinquency, and that on payment thereof, his sequestration be discharged and he dismissed. 8 114

Wm. Cleave,; John Glass,; Geo. Venman, all of Brampton, Co. Devon.

27 Dec. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information by Capt. Thos. Castleck that Cleve was in arms and a commissioned officer, and proffered to Capt. Castleck a sum of money, if he would desist and not prefer articles against him for his delinquency. 21 330
That Glass set forth a man with horse and arms for the King's party.
That Venman set forth 2 men and horses armed, and maintained them; procured ammunition, and carried it himself to Sir Ralph Hopton, then general of the King's party at Honiton.
E.W. 28 30 1 Jan. 1650. All summoned to appear and answer the charges against them. 28 18
10 March 1650. They beg copies of their charges, and leave to examine witnesses in the country, petitioners being poor and having many children. Granted. 137
11 March. Capt. Castleck pleads for a hearing and sudden dispatch, as he is attending at great charge with divers witnesses. Can prove that the delinquents are not poor, and two of them have no children, but they combine to delay a hearing. 137 91
19 April 1650. They again beg leave to examine their witnesses in the country, some being poor, old, and infirm, or else a longer time till Easter for their examination. 137 92
19 April. Granted till 17 May next 8 301
17 May 1650. They represent that Mich. Ash, one of the witnesses against them, has been burnt in the hand for felony, and that both the witnesses are indicted for horse stealing, and beg their discharge till there be better proof. 137 93
17 May. Order that Carey examine the evidences to prove this allegation. 8
REP. 137 95
5 July 1650. Order on Carey's report that Ash's testimony be suppressed, unless the prosecutor show cause to the contrary in a week. 9 21

John Addicott, Hansum,; John Bennett, Bampton,; John Bowden, Studley,; Lewis Brooke, Halberton,; John Broughton, Studley,; Peter Carew, Sen. and Jun., Bamptou,; Richard Cheeve,; John Palmer, Halberton,; John Sibley, Tiverton,; John Snow, Bampton,; Rich. Stuckey, Abbot's Castle,; John Webber, Sampford Peverel, all Co. Devon.

28 Dec. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that the Carews, Cheeve, Sibley, Snow, and Bennett were in arms with the King's party, and aided, with money, &c., to advance his cause; Webber was a marshal, Addicott and Stuckey were captains, Bowden an ensign, and Brooke a lieutenant; and Palmer apprehended several persons well-affected to Parliament without warrant or order. 21 332
28 Dec. 1649. County commissioners to take examinations, and return them. 8 89
20 Feb. 1650. Information that Addicott was a cornet, and a notorious malignant. 22 12
22 Feb. County commissioners to seize and secure his goods, and stay his rents in the tenants' hands. 8 195
16 May 1651. Depositions for the State to prove that Palmer was a constable, very active in pressing men, using force when they refused, and taking more than the rest of the constables; and interrogatories and depositions for Palmer to prove that he was not more violent than other constables. 137 97
7 Oct. 1651. County commissioners send particulars of his estate, and report that if found a delinquent, he will submit to a fine. 86 45
19 Nov. 1651. His estate to be seized and secured 17 88
NOTE 24 202 12 April 1652. Request on Palmer's behalf for his discharge on the Act of General Pardon. 137 99
12 April. Granted, provided he was not sequestered 1 Dec. 1651 11 337

James Fisher.

28 Dec. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that he is a delinquent, and now a prisoner in Peter House, and has 1,000l. in the East India Company. 21 331
28 Dec. 1649. A witness summoned to prove the said debt 28 17
29 Jan. 1650. Information that 2½ years ago, Wm. Smithwick, late governor or agent for the East India Company in Jumbey, died on his passage home, and left an estate value 15,000l.; that Rich. Bayley of Dorchester and Jas. Fisher have taken out letters of administration and have received 8,000l. from the Company, and that Fisher was a captain against Parliament in both wars, and is now a prisioner in Peter House for delinquency. 22 2

Lady Elizabeth Plumley, or Plumleigh, Widow, Papist.

28 Dec. 1649. Vol. A No. or p.
DEED 137 100
Information that Hen. Bishop of Henfield, co. Sussex, with Elizabeth his wife, owe her 100l. on a bond of 200l., and for further security [John Fowler] the former husband of Elizabeth Bishop, assigned to Lady Plumleigh a lease of lands in Islington worth deed 137 100 200l. a year, being Elizabeth's jointure by her former husband, until the debt and interest were paid, which has not yet been done. 21 330
20 March 1650. Hen. Bishop summoned to pay the debt 28 40

John Figgons, Dagenham, Co. Essex.; Thomas Haulis, Salisbury, Co. Wilts.

29 Dec. 1649. Vol. No. A or p.
Information that Figgons sent a man and arms to assist Lord Goring in the late insurrection against Parliament, and that Haulis was commander in chief of the Club army raised in cos. Wilts and Dorset against Parliament. 21 331

Sir Ant. Aucher

1649? Vol. No. A or p.
Particulars of his estate and the claims upon it, total value 782l. 4s., and note that he has compounded for 700l. 137 102

John Goodyer.

1649? Vol. No. A or p.
Dan. Cusick informs that Goddyer is a malignant and recusant, and was constantly resident in Oxford during the former war. Having adventured his own life in the State's service, and being now in the Lord General's regiment, he begs his arrears out of Goodyer's estate. 137 103

Hen. Hanne, Woodbridge, Co. Devon.

1649? Vol. No. A or p.
This estate being inventoried and secured on a charge of delinquency, of which he is not guilty, he begs the name of the prosecutor, a copy of the charge, and leave to examine witnesses. 137 104

Phill. Thomas, Cursitor's Alley.

1649? Vol. No. A or p.
Information that he was in Oxford most of the time that it was a garrison for the late King, as lieutenant in the Castle and clerk of the market, and has since come to London and received 50l. a year from the provost-marshal, of which 8l. is due and will soon be paid. 137 105

Marg. Flesher, Widow,; Alice Freeman, Widow,; Paul Freeman,; Rich. Nimlin,; Rob Woodall, all poor people, of Leeds, Yorkshire.

1649? Vol. No. A or p.
Petition that they came out of Yorkshire, long attended Parliament for reparation for their losses, but no time could be given to their cases, so they wer obliged to return; in July 1647, Parliament ordered them 20l. for their charges, and an order was issued for payment, but they could not get the money, and had to borrow it. Nimlin has since come up and been here 10 weeks, is in great want, and begs payment without delay. 137 106
1 Oct. 1650. Parliament order that they be allowed 130l. balance of 300l. ordered them 11 July 1647, out of delinquents' estates, co. York, concealed and not sequestered. 9 154
2 Oct. Order thereon in the Committee for Advance of Money for payment of the said 130l. 9 154