Cases brought before the committee: January 1650

Pages 1178-1180

Calendar, Committee For the Advance of Money: Part 2, 1645-50. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1888.

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January 1650

Hen. Cooper, Woodcot, Co. Worcester.

1 Jan. 1650. Vol. No. A or p.
Information that he has committed several acts of delinquency 21 332

John. Offley, Madeley Manor, High Sheriff of County Stafford.; George Warburton, Areley, Co. Chester.

1 Jan. 1650. Vol. No. A or p.
Information by Hugh Holt and Aud. Wilcox that they are delinquents, and committed several acts of delinquency. 138
E.W. 28 29
LET. 24 77
E.W. 28 19
LET. 24 77
4 Jan. 1650. The County Commissioners of Chester, Stafford, and Salop to take examinations and send them up. 8 102
23 Aug. 1650. Warburton complains that on 12 Aug. last, the county commissioners secured and appraised his estate, for having in his minority acted against the Ordinance of Sequestration, but does not think himself liable, having willingly conformed to the acts of this present Parliament. He begs his charge, leave to examine witnesses, a J.P. to be present, and to hold his estate on security meantime. 138 2
23 Aug. County commissioners to give him his charge, and leave to cross-examine witnesses, and to examine others, and the depositions to be sent up in 2 months. 9 93
27 Aug. County commissioners report that they have secured his estate, and hope to find it some hundreds a year more than he has reported it, and that they have seen his name in a book of those that took the oath to the King in Chester, but the book is now lost. 138 2a
18 Oct. 1650. Hugh Holt begs an order to the county commissioners to send up fresh copies of Offley's examinations, those sent being lost. 138 2b
29 Nov. 1650. Hugh Holt to Mr. Winslow. I got an order to examine in the cases of Offley and Geo. Warburton, but before I could get into the country, the power of the committee was taken off by Act of Parliament. I have now prosecuted your orders, but Offley's depositions are lost. Wilcox, who had engaged to attend to the business in town, neglects it, so that a debt of 1,000l. due to Offley in London has been paid him, and his estate here, worth 400l. a year, is not secured. He advises me not to spend time and money about it, as Cavaliers have more favour than honest meu. I beg that Wilcox may be put out of the discovery. 138 3
LET. 138 3a
PUB. 9 207
H. 9 251
24 Jan. 1651. The prosecutor to pay Warburton 40s. for nonattendance at the appointed hearing, the case to be heard on Friday, and the prosecutor to lose the benefit of his discovery unless he is present. 9 392
31 Jan. Case dismissed, Warburton not being within the Ordinances of Sequestration. 9 404
14 Feb. 1651. Order that Offley have a copy of his charge, and leave to examine witnesses before the County Commissioners of Chester and Stafford, giving Holt 10 days' notice to attend and cross-examine. 10
12 March 1651. Offley requests that the prosecutor may particularize the charge as to time and place. 138 5
12 March. Granted, and then both parties may examine witnesses. 10 103
26 March. Hugh Holt to the Committee for Advance of Money. I give the required particulars. I have examined some witnesses, but one, Rob. Lydcott, is a prisoner in Salop, and the county commissioners will not take the trouble to go and examine him, and another, Alex. Walthall, is in Derbyshire; but I wish Jos. Collett to have the benefit of the discovery, for Warburton's business satisfies me that it is to no purpose to prosecute delinquents, and I doubt not Offley will receive as much justice at your hands as Warburton did. I am shipping my men for service in Ireland. 138 6
BOND 86 20B 18 April 1651. Information by Hugh Holt, that in 1643, Offley advanced a horse and arms to the Earl of Newcastle. 22
That he entertained at his lodging at Petersham Sir And. Kniveton, Sir Art. Gorges, and others of the late King's party who came from Oxford to go to London as spies, sending servants to wait on them, and when they came near London, securing their horses and arms till they had effected their design.
That he advanced a horse to the late King's party.
That he aided Col. Tildesley in raising men and arms at the late Scots' invasion.
Also that Warburton was in arms against Parliament, and furnished a messenger with a horse to go to the late Duke of Hamilton's army with letters.
22 April 1651. Information that in Dec. 1649, he had meetings with Col. Ralph Snead, Sir John Pershall, Sir Rob. Shirley, and other disaffected persons, at Snead's house, Dallison Bridge, &c., on letters from Charles Stuart to consult what they could do and contribute to assist him. That Offley corresponded with him privately, and usually drank to his health as King, and to his happy arrival in England with an army. 22
2 May 1651. County commissioners to take examinations on the new charges against him, and send them up. 10 246
14 May. The depositions being returned, Offley begs publication 138 8
14 May. Granted, unless the prosecutor show cause to the contrary in 14 days. 10 288
11 June 1651. Order that the County Commissioners for Derby examine in the case Alex. Walthall of Egginton, and Rob. Lydcott, prisoner in Salop, who is to be sent up with his keeper. 10

11 June. Offley begs that his counsel may be heard on the charges against him. 138 10
11 June. Order on hearing both parties, that the prosecutor, Jos. Collett, in 4 days ascertain what particulars of the charge he will stand to, and that the former depositions on the case stand in force. 10 384
20 June. Information similar to that of 22 April, but adding that in 1642 and 1643 Offley corresponded with the officers and soldiers of the King's party at Chesterfield, left his habitation near London in Parliament quarters, and went into the King's garrisons at Lichfield, York, &c. 22
INT. 138 13 23 July 1651. Order renewed for examination of Alex. Walthall; with note that he has been examined, and knows nothing of Offley or his delinquency. 138 12
CERT. 138 14
11 May 1652. Offley begs discharge on the Act of Pardon, not being sequestered 1 Dec. 138 17
11 May. Granted on the usual certificates 11 377

Richard Hewitt, Merchant, York.

2 Jan. 1650. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that in 1642, he furnished the Earl of Newcastle with cloth for maintenance of his army, and had a warrant from the Earl to reimburse himself 300l. out of the Customs of Newcastle. Also that John Batt of London owes him 500l. 21 333
2 Jan. 1650. John Batt and Rich. Horsfield forbidden to pay the 500l. till further orders. 138
11 March 1650. Hewitt begs a copy of his charge, and leave to examine witnesses in York to prove his innocency, as he lives so far off. Granted. 138
18 April 1650. The case to be dismissed, unless the prosecutor show cause in 14 days. 8 290
3 May 1650. No further cause being shown against Hewitt, and proof being given of his good affection to Parliament, the case dismissed. 8