Extracts from the records: 1584

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1914.

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30 April 1584.

Boyd, delivery of goods.

Compirit Robert Boyd, merchand, burges of Glasgw, in presens of Robert Steward, baillie, and grantit and confessit him to have resauit fra the handis and delyuerance of William MacClitster the guidis and geir vnderwrittin, viz., ane siluir peice weyand fyiftine vnce and ane groit wecht, threttie thre siluir beidis vpoun ane grene string of silk with ane knape of siluir at the end of the saidis beidis, heifand fyve lytle chinyeis of siluir at the samin, togiddir with fourtie nyne beidis of gra glas vpoun the said string, ane hart of siluir with ane Jesu vpoun the bak thairof and [three] peirlis set into it with three lytlie cheinyeis all of siluir hingand at it vpoun ane vther string of blak silk, ane round taiblat of siluir, sum thing lang with ane round stane into it haveand ane croce into the baikside that the stane may be seine throw the samyne and twa lytle cheinyeis of siluir thairat, ane four nukkit taiblat with ane blak stane into it schawand in baithe sides and thrie lytle cheinyeis all of siluir, ane vther lytle taiblat with ane lang stane into it schawand in baith the sides with ane hart of siluir, ane croce of siluir with four stanes in the four nukkis thairof. Quhilk guidis and geir abovewrittin the said Robert, as principall, and Thomas Miller, thesaurer of Glasgw, of thair awin propir confessiounes and consentis ar decernit and ordanit to rander and redelyuir to the said William MacClitster betuixt the dait heirof and Michaelmes nixtocum, and failyeing thairof to delyuir to him fourtie thrie sufficient Ireland hydis betuixt and the said terme of Michaelmes, and failyeing thairof the hiest price that hydis happinnis to geif at that tyme, and the said Robert Boyd to releif the said Thomas Miller of the premissis. (fn. 1)

10 June 1584.

Mill, ladle, bridge.

[The old town mill with the casualties of the ladle let for a year for £300; the casualties of the bridge let for a year for 80 merks.]

Treasurer, master of work, clerk.

[From a leet of six, David Donald, merchant, elected treasurer; from a leet of five, James Flemyng, elected master of work; from a leet of three, Archibald Hyegait elected clerk.]

27 [June] 1584.


The baillies and counsell, convenit anent the supplicatiounes gewin in be certane decayit burgessis for the stall and bedrowme wacand in thair handis be deceis of wmquhill Johnne Patersoun last occupiar thairof, the baillies and counsell findand the gift thairof or of the first wacand grantit of befoir to Andro Hepburne, be ane act maid vpoun the bak of his supplicatioun, ratifies the said act and giffis and grantis the said stall and bedroume to the said Andro Hepburne for his lyfetyme; provyding alwayis that in na tyme cuming na giftis be grantit of na beneficiss nor giftis perteining to thee towne befoir thay waik, nochtwithstanding the preparative foirsaid, and gif ony be grantit befoir they waik to be of na awaill.

8 July 1584.


Comperit William Montgomery in presens of the honorabill persounes wndirwrittin, viz., Robert Steward, maister Adam Wallace, and William Conynghame, baillies, and of Georg Elphinstoun [and fourteen others], counsellouris, and producit our Souerane Lordis missive of thee tenour following:—Trast freindis we grite you weill. Haveing in our lait parliament establisching sum lawes for reformatioun of sindrie abussis croppin in the yeiris bigane in the policie of the kirk and restorit thee bischopis to thair awin prerogative within the samyne, fra the quhilk thay being in tyme past secludit and debarit, and for the bettir executioun thairof haveing be our speciall commissioun gewin power and autorite to euirie ane of thame to sie the samyne effectuat and put in practize within thair boundis and seuerall dioceis, we have thocht it werie meit to notifie the samyne wnto yow be the present and desire you werie ernistlie that our trustie and weilbelouit Robert bischope of Glasgow quhome we have lait reponit to his former estait and apoyntit our commissionar to the effect foirsaid, may be assistit and fortefeit be yow in the executioun of his said commissioun within your boundis as in all wther thingis tending to the establisching of thee ordour in thee kirk apoyntit be our actis; and gif he sall have neid of your currence to thee intrometting with and vptaking of his leifing at the handis adettit to him in payment thairof, that ye wilbe in redines wpoun his requisitioun to assist our officer to that effect, as ye will do ws speciall pleasour and guid service. At Falkland, the xxi day of Junij 1584. Quhilk lettir being red and publischit in the presens and oppin audience of thee baillies and counsell foirsaid, assistit with ane reasonable nummer of the commounalitie, in all humiliatioun, all in ane woce randarit thair obedience to our Souerane Lordis letteres in all respectis for concuring, fortefeing and assisting of the said reuerend father as thair lauchfull bischope, lauchfullie presentit and admittit be our Souerane Lord, conforme to his hienes lawis.

25 July 1584.

Fowside. Fleming, sclander.

The baillies and counsell, convenit anent the sclanderous wordis spokin be Janet Fowside to Mergaret Flemyng [spous to William Flemyng, be saying that scho had tane Duncane Leiche to ane chalmir and had layne with him and vsit hir as he thocht guid], the baillies and counsell vpoun the said Jonetis awin confessioun, and conforme to ane decreit and damnatour gewin thairvpoun of the foirsaid sclanderous wordis, ordanis hir vpoun Monounday nixtocum to be presentit to the govis and to the brankis to be put in her mowth, and thair to stand and remane in hir mowth during the said Mergaret Flemyngis will, and vpoun the Sounday thaireftir to pas vpe to the place of repentance and thair in presens of the minister for the tyme confes the foirsaid sclanderous wordis to be maist fals and vniustlie spoken be hir be informatioun and report of ane vther, and ask God mercie thairfoir, the congregatioun and the said Mergaret. And incaice the said [Jonet] happin to iniure the said Mergaret heireftir be the foirsaid sclanderous wordis or the like to hir or ony vther, to be banist the towne during the proveist baillies and counsellis will.

7 August 1584.


The baillies, counsell, and deacones convenit anent the taking of Johnne Park, servitour to Gavane Grahame, be James Stuard of the calsay, being in his maisteris seruice and ane townes man, and pitting him in the pit in the castell, the baillies, counsell, and deacones convenit hes fund thame selffis interest and oppressit in taking of the said Johnne Park, being thair townes man, and thairfoir concludis, decernis, and ordanis that the said Iames salbe chargit to present the said Iohn Park, befoir thame and schaw and declair to thame for quhat caus and be quhat commissioun he hes apprehendit him and to ansuer thairfoir and for vsurping thair libertie, and to that effect ordanis thair officeris, viz., Robert Tode, Johnne Patoun, with the clerk, to require his ansuer heirvpoun. Thaireftir comperit the said Iames in the tolbuith of Glasgu and was content to put the said Johnn Park to libertie, and being put to libertie the baillies offirit to minister justice and raisoun to the said James within thair burghe and citie vpoun the said Johnn Park or ony vtheris persounes within thair burgh, conforme to the vse and priveledge of burgh.

18 August 1584.


Anent the requeist and petitioun of ane reuerend father, Robert bischop of Glasgu, desireing thee proveist baillies and counsell to convoy and accumpanie his hienes with ane reasonable numbir to the Kingis majestee, being requirit to cum to his Hienes and to keip the parliament, the baillies and counsell, wpoun consideratioun of the bischopis grit adoo, hes concludit that thair salbe sax persounes nominat to ryde with the bischope, to wit, Hectour Stuard, Archibald Wilsoun, merchand, Mungo Wilsoun, Johnne Andirsoun, Henrie Sprewll and Georg Burrell. And thee baillies, bee the aduise of the counsell, hes concludit that thair be four burges fynis grantit to the saidis persounes for thair chargis and expenssis, and that of the first and reddiest that happinnis to be maid, and nane to be made in the thesaureris handis nor yit at requeist qubill thee foirsaidis persounes be first stakkit; the thesaurer alwayis to collect the saidis burges fynis grantit to the saidis persounes for thair chairgis and to pay to euirie ane of the saidis persounes fyve pundis.

19 September 1584.


Waltir Thomesoun, merchand, is maid burges and freman of the burgh and citie of Glasgu, and hes geivin his aith of fidelitie thairto and componit with him for his fienes, geif he marie ane burges dochtir vj li. xiij s. iiij d., and geif he marie nocht ane burges mannes dochtir xiij li. xiij s. iiij d.

28 September 1584.

Statutis anentis the pest.

The baillies and counsell, being convenit, eftir wechtie consideratioun haid be thame tuiching the pest and quhow the samyne incressis in the partis of Fyif and specealie on the coist side, hes thairfoir concludit, statut, and ordanit that na maner of persoun, traffiqueris, travellouris, nor na vtheris cumand out of Fyfe and specealie out of the burrois on the coist side, be resauit within this toun in tyme cuming till it pleis God in his mercies to stay the samyne, and quhill bettir ordour be tane heiranent, except the inhabitantis and induellaris of the burrois of Perth and Stryuiling, bringand with thame ane sufficient and autentik testimoniall of thair burghis; and that na burges nor induellar of this towne resaif na maner of persoun cumand out of Fyif, nor na vther suspect place, vndir the pane of banischment the toun for euir; and that na manir of persoun cumand to this toun entir onywayis bot be the kepit portis of the toun and be the baillies knawledg, and enteris ony vther wayis thair hors to be escheit, thame selffis pressonit, and thair creillis, polkis, and laid sadillis to be burnt. And als for bettir and surar keping of this towne it is concludit, statuit, and ordanit that thair be four persounes, honest men, put to keip the portis at the kirk and the castell fra sex houris in the mornyng to sex at ewin, and thir four persounes to be tane and directit of the inhabitantis duelland betuixt the Hie Kirk and the croce for the first part of the towne, and . . . . baillie to attend to this pairt of the same for putting this statuit to executioun, and vther four persounes to attend on the Gallowgait and Tronegait portis, . . . and vther four persounes to be put to attend to the Stokwall heid and on the Greine, . . . . and ilk baillie in thair awin quarteris to admonis the personis duelland without the portis that thay ressave nane within thair howssis bot be thair knawledge; and ferdar it is concludit that thair be twa personis appoyntit to keip the portis of the Drygait and Rattinraw be the baillies of that quarter quhill the stufe be in and ferdar ordour be tane.

29 September 1584.

Statutis anent the pest. Persons leaving the town and returning.

The proveist, baillies and counsall, convenit, vnderstanding that sindrie the inhabitantis of this toun, merchand, craftismen, and vtheris, takis vpoun hand, by thair knawledge, to depairt of this toun without thair testimoniall and sua ar vncertane quhair the saidis inhabitantis passis, quhilk may tend to the grit inconvenient nocht onlie of the foirsaidis persounis that depairtis by thair knawledge bot to the grit danger of the haill inhabitantis heirof, thairfoire it is statuit and ordanit that na maner of persoun, merchand, craftisman, nor vtheris, depart of this toun without knawledge of thee baillies and ane autentik testimoniall of the court clark of thair departour, and at thair hame cuming that they report ane autentik testimoniall out of the place quhairfra thay come, certefeing thame that dois in the contrar that thay salbe debarit and banischit the toun for yeir and day and thair howssis closit wpe. And attour that nane of the foirsaidis personis entir within this toun at yaird endis. bakyettis, and vther privie places of this towne, bot at the kepit portis thairof, wndir the pane foirsaid.

Quarter maisteris.

Item, it is statuit and ordanit that thair be four quarter maisteris appoyntit to attend to the yaird endis. bakyettis, and priwie entressis of this towne, viz., for the Rattinraw, Johnne Robertoun, and John Dalrimple; and for the Drygait, Johnn Foular, Andro Kyle; betuixt the Wynd heid and the Blakfreris [four persons]; fra the Blakfreris to the Croce [seven persons]; and for the Gallowgait and the Tronegait [twelve persons]; for the Stokwall [two persons]; fra the Croce to the south Barrasyet [seven persons]; fra the Barrasyet to the brig [five persons]. And the foirsaidis personis to attend for observatioun of the actis withinwritten, and ferdar to aduerteis the baillies of all sik personis within thair boundis.

7 October 1584.

Lytis for baillies.

The auld baillies and counsell, conuenit, nominat and wotit the persounes vnderwrittin in lytis to be presentit to ane reuerend father, Robert bischope of Glasgu, to thee effect three of thame sould be nominat in baillies viz.:—[three "auld baillies" and five "new litis"].

Bailies nominated.

Quhilk auld baillies and new litis being presentit to thee said reuerend father be the clark and ane nomer of thee counsell, nominat the persounes vnderwrittin in baillies viz.:—George Elphinstoun, William Conynghame, Robert Rowat.

Proveist.; Burgesses.

Thairefter the said reuerend father presentit to thee saidis baillies the rycht honorabill Sir William Lewingstoun of Kylsyth in proveist, desireing the saidis baillies and counsell to ressave and admit him in prouest and to auctorize him with thair commissioun for this yeir to cum, quhairunto the saidis baillies and auld counsell condiscendit and ordanit commissioun to be grantit him; and thaireftir the said Sir William Leuingstoun, togiddir with his sone William Lewingstoun and Alexander Leuingstoun of Burnside ar maid burgessis of the burgh and citie of Glasgu.

9 October 1584.


Consilium pro presenti anno: Sir Mathow Steuard of Mynto Knycht [and twenty-six others].

10 October 1584.


The persounes, counsellouris, withinwrittin chosin and electit be the proueist and baillies war suorne and acceptit thair officess as counsellouris, and thaireftir thee baillies, with aduise and consent of the counsell foirsaid statuit, ordanit, and concludit that all and sindrie thee persounes chosin vpoun this present counsell and to be chosin heireftir vpoun counsell that thay and euirie ane of thame stent, scat, lot, wake, and warde within this toun as burgessis and counsellouris aucht and sould do as they salbe requirit, vndir the pane of deprivatioun of thee counsell, and nocht to beir office in counsall thaireftir. Attour euirie ane of the persounes foirsaidis suorne vpoun this present counsell is content and consentis that thay and euirie ane of thame quha happinnis to oppin and reueill ony mater, purpois, or caus votit, proponit and concludit within the counselhows, or yit the votis of the counsell, to ony persounes nocht being counsallouris, that thay and euirie ane of thame immediatly eftir tryall and knawledge had thairof salbe depryuit inlikemaner and neuir to bee vpoun counsell thaireftir as vnwordie thairof. Attour it is statuit and ordanit that sik of thee counsell quha cummis hindmest to the counsell at tymes requirit, thay being warnit, sall keip thee dure quhill the nixt that cummis releif him, and the hindmest of all to keip the dure quhill thee counsell ryse for that tyme.

Statuti pro presenti anno.

[Statutes passed in terms similar to those enacted at the head courts in October in previous years. Ordained that ale be sold not dearer than eightpence.]

13 October 1584.

Keepers of keys, liners.

[Seven keepers of keys and nine liners appointed.]

16 October 1584.

Strangeris, etc.

The baillies, vnderstandeing this haill toune to be opprest with strangeris, thairfoir hes decernit and ordanit that all oncowthe strangeris be baneist this toune, and in speciall ane callit Robart Steuistoune; and siklike we decerne and ordane Patrik Biscate, tailyour, Stein Gilmour, Agnes Cornsbie and Patrik Bogle, maltmane, retein thame selfis, withe thair awin howsis, and that thay mak na acces furthe of the samein except it secreitlie be thame selfis, vnder the paine of banischement incace they contravene the former act, and als we ordaine that Jonet Cochrane, Bessie Berrie, depairt of this toune to the hospitall beyonde the brige, etc.

28 October 1584.

Statute, Glasgow and Dumbartane.

The baillies and counsall convenit with maister William Houstoun commissionar for Dumbartane, anent the following furth of thair last conclusioun maid at Kilpatrik tucheing ordour taking with infre pakeris and pelaris, and for that effect to send to Edinburgh to have resolutioun with the act of parliament maid thairanent, the baillies and counsell with the commissionar foirsaid findis the seasoun and tyme spent of fischeing, and thairfoir and for vther caussis moving thame thinkis it expedient that the sending to Edinburgh be continewit quhill thair nixt meeting, and in the meantyme that thay the baillies and counsall of Dumbartane seik out all the actis of parliament maid anent the vnfrie pakeris and pelaris in fauouris of thair burrois that thay mak seik executioun thairof in thair fauouris with vther particular commissioun to baith the burrois and to vnfrie pakeris and pelaris as may be purchast and haid, and that befoir the first conventioun and parliament that happinnis to be the said twa burrois conveine and aduise vpoun sick articlis as may serue for the weill of thair fredomes and priveledge and supplicatioun thairof to be gewin in parliament; and in the said nixt meating it is to be remembirit anent the bying and selling be vnfre persounes within the said townes.

1 December 1584.

Appoyntment between the maister and stalleris of the hospitall.

In presens of William Conynghame, baillie, comperit personalie Sir Barthilmo Sympsoun, maister of the hospitall of Glasgu, on the ane part, Sir Mark Jemisoun, weccar of Kilspindie, in name and behalfe of Sir Johnn Skeoche, Sir Archibald Dikkie, Thomas Diksoun, Malcolme Watsoun, William Gilchristoun, Johnn Dewar, Dauid Moresoun, John Lyill, Johnn Boyd, Fergus Donaldsoun, [blank] Herbertsoun, stallaris and possessouris of the stallis and beddis of the said hospitall, on the vther pairt, and producit the appointment vnderwrittin, as ane forme and reparatioun of certane wrangeis and contrauersys being betwixt the said maister and stallaris quhilk is to be keipit and observit be ather of thame and thair successouris to vtheris, and desiret the samyne to be registrat, . . . . Quhairof the tenour followis:—Decimo quinto mensis Februarii anno Domini millesimo quingentesimo octuagesimo tertio. First. Sir Barthilmo Sympsoun, maister thairof, to pay to the puir men of the almowshous monethlie out of his awin hand and nocht be assignatioun in tyme cuming. Secoundlie. To pay to the saidis pure men all thair biganes, conforme to the compt endit and futit befoir the subdean of Glasgu, betwixt this and the first day of Merche nixtocum. Thridlie. That the maister geif euirie ane of the puir men, ilk thre yeir anes, ane new quhyte claith govne, begynnand this yeir to geif four new gownes to four of thame quha hes maist mister, these to be gewin betuixt and the first day of Maij nixtocum, and thaireftir yeirlie four gownes to sa money of thame that hes maiste mister quhill the haill number of the puir men be compleit with new gownes, be sicht and consideratioun of thame that salbe apountit oursearis, and thaireftir ilk thre yeir anes to cleith thame with gownes conforme to the fundatioun, and siclyk to furneis the bedding with bed coveringis and blankattis, stray or heddir, with ane grose bowster for completing of tuelf beddis, and that betuixt this and the day of visitatioun of the said hospitall be the oursearis, quhilk is appountit to be the first day of August nixtocum eftir the date heirof; and siclyk sall geif to euirie ane of the puir men ane pair of new doubill solit schone yeirlie the first day of January with sax d. to euery ane for thair kaill siluir, and togiddir with sufficient coillis to thair fyir yeirlie, with candill at ewin to the prayeris; and to sklait and mend the hospitall and houssis perteining thairto, and mak thame wattir teicht, wind teicht, and sufficient betuixt and the first day of August, and swa to hald the samin yeirlie in tyme cuming sa lang as he is maister of the said hospitall; and siclyk to pay to the puir men the money foundit to thame be vmquhill Sir Iohn Smyth yeirlie in manir befoir prescryvit. And for observing and keiping of the ordour of fundatioun abonewrittin on the said masteris pairt with his awin consent that in caice he be findin to con travein the saidis ordour and yeirly doing of the premissis that he salbe dischargit, of his awin confessioun, fra bruiking of the said office as master to the said hospitale, and the visitouris and judges apountit to tak ordour thairwyth sall have power, incace the contraventioun be prowin and maid knawin, to appoynt ane vther maister to the samyne as they think guid but truble of the said maister present. And on the tother pairt the tuelf puir men of the said hospitall sall mak residence and on nawyis sall nocht sell claithis on bed or back, nor transport the bed or bed claithis out of the said hospitale, bot remane to the common vse of the said hous to the . . of the present and his successour that salhappin to follow him eftir his [deceis], and sall keip thair ordinar houris within the said hous and kirk for prayeris and preiching, vnder the pane of deprivatioun of the brekar, and vtheris to be provydit in thair place. And this declaratioun and appointment subscryuit be maister James Balfour, dene of Glasgow, maister Andro Hay, persoun of Renfrew, maister Andro Poluart, subdeine of Glasgu, Mr. David Wemys, persoun and minister thairof, Mr. Thomas Jak, William Conynghame, Mr. Adam Wallace, Robert Steward, baillies, and als be Sir Barthilmo Sympsoun, maister present of the said hospitale, and be consent also of the puir men, is ordanit to be registrat in the toun buikis of Glasgu and to have the strenth of ane decreit of the proveist and baillies thairof, that executoriallis may pas thairupon as effeiris. At Glasgu the foirsaid xv. day of Februar 1583.


  • 1. By a note written on the margin, dated 22nd August, 1584, William M'Litster acknowledged the redelivery of the "guidis and geir," and the above act was deleted.