Extracts from the records: 1583

Pages 99-107

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1914.

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22 January 1582–3.

Tailyeouris, freemen.

Comperit Johnne Clark, deacone of the tailyeouris, accompaneit with the maisteris of the crafte, judicialie wncoactit or compellit, and offirit gif ony in tyme bigane hes admittit ony of thair craft to work, nocht being free men with the towne, in that cace thair lettere of deaconheid to be null and of na awaill in tyme cuming.

29 January 1582–3.

Schakschaw Siller.

Archibald Siller is decernit and ordanit be ayth of partie, referrit thairto, to delyuir to John Schakschaw ane bybill, and Johnn Schakschaw decernit to delyuer to Archibald Siller ane boll of beir, with xl money for the said bybill, within xl dayes.

8 February 1582–3.

Burges gratis.

[James, earl of Glencairne, John Mathie, James Cwnynghame, abbot of Lasmahago, and William Cochrane, servant to the earl of Glencairne, made burgesses, and their oaths given to defend the liberty of the town.]

27 February 1582–3.


The proveist, baillies, counsell and deacones, being convenit, eftir lang ressonyng had tuiching the repairing and wphaldin presentlie of the kirk, with ane woce, consent, and assent, hes thocht it conwenient and necessar that the haill kirk be wphaldin and reparit, provyding alwayis that thay nor thair successouris be nawyis astrictit, bund, nor oblist to wphald the samyne, bot that quhilk thay do to the help thairof be done of thair fre motiue will, wncoactit or astrictit be ony law, cannon or ciuile, act of parliament or statute of counsell.

18 May 1583.

Burges, Knok.

Steine Dikkie, tailyeour, is maid burges and freman of this guid towne, and hes geiffin his ayth of fidelitie to the towne, and his fienes is assignit and grantit to Sir Archibald Dikkie for rowlling and gyding of the knok and for lying nychtlie in the tolbuth to rewll and keip the samyne and for helping and support of him to his bed clais.

21 May 1583.

Mylnes, ladle, brig.

[The town mill on Kelving set for three years for fifty bolls meal and malt yearly, and the old town mill set for one year for two hundred merks; the casualties of the ladle set for one year for 370 merks, and those of the bridge for 80 merks.]

Treasurer, master of work, clerk.

[From a leet of five, Thomas Miller elected treasurer; from a leet of five, Mathow Wilsoun chosen master of work; and from a leet of three, Archibald Hegait chosen common clerk.]

29 June 1583.

Burges gratis, watchmen.

Andro Allasoun, cowper, is maid burges and freman of this guid towne, . . . and his fienes gevin to pay certane extraordinar chargis maid be the baillies for watching that nycht that the erlle of Eglintoun and my lord Sempill was in this towne of mynde to have tane away ane man that hurte ane nychtbour of the towne deidlie, as appeirit.

7 July 1583.

Statute, fair, tumult.

Georg Burrell, deacon of the hemmirmen, Johnne Clark, deacon of the tailyeouris, Johnne Andirsoun, deacon of the cordineris, Mathow Watsoun, deacon of the fleaschouris, Johnne Scot, deacon of the baxteris, Dauid Biggard, deacon of skynneris, William Clark, deacon of the wabsteris, being chargit to ansuer to the proueist and baillies instance for trublance and tumult maid vpoun thair pairt as craftsmen on the fair ewin, being the sext of Julij, and being requirit be the baillies that thay and euerie of tham for thair awin craftis in particular sould be souerteis and cautionaris vnto the saxtein day of Julij that na trublance nor occasioun of trvblance salbe maid or mowit be ony thair membiris craftismen in particular within this towne, the foirnamit dekynnis ansuerand and on thair lawteis and treuth declarit that it was nocht in thair power to ansuer for ewirie membir in particular of thair craftis wnto the said day, thairfoir the said baillies, wyth the consent and aduise of the foirsaidis deacones, for ewasione of farther truble to the day foirsaid, hes concludit and be thir presentis decernis that quhatsumewir persoun or persownes of thair craftis respective mowis or makis farther truble wnto the said day sall content and pay to the proweist and baillies the sowme of ane hundryth pundis money and forther to be banist the towne. And ordanis that euirie man put fra him in the meanetyme his armouris and that nane be fund with armour by accustomit manir. And the merchandis being chargit likwyis, at the said proweist and baillies instance, as thay quhome of thee wthir pairte of the tumult insewit, the baillies decernis and ordanis that this present act in all pountis sall straik wpoun euirie ane of the said merchandis, fre and wnfrie, that salhappin to contravene thee heidis heirof; and merchand as craftismen, and craftismen as merchandis to wnderly the penultie contenit heirintill. And ordanis that this present be proclamit.

16 July 1583.

Curia. Fair ewin, crafts and merchants.

The court of the burgh and citie of Glasgow, haldin [by the provost and bailies.] Comperit James Flymyng, commoune procuratour, in name and behalfe of the proweist, baillies, and counsell, be thair aduise referrit the complant maid be him in thair names aganis the haill estaites of merchandis, deacones, and craftismen of the towne for contradictioun and nocht obeying of the command of the baillies wpoun the saxt day of Iulij, being the fair ewin, at their wapineschawing, so far as may concerne the proweist, ballies, and commoune iniurie done to the magistratis thairthrow, simpliciter to the judgement of the proweist; and likwise the merchandis complineris, viz., Johnne Lyndsay, James Lyoun, Thomas Mure and Dauid Wilsoun, for thameself and in name and behalfe of the haill bodie of merchandis, wpoun the secound parte, George Burrell, Johnne Andersoun, Johnne Clark, Mathow Watsoun and Johnne Scot, deacones, for thameself and in name and behalf of the haill craftismen of the towne on the thrid parte, referrit and submittit the haill tryall of the complaint gewin in be thame aganis wtheris, and als ony allegit offence done be thame to thee magistratis done the said day, and quhat ordour salbe thocht guid to be establischit in tyme cuming for taking away of the said twmult, [bayth now] and in all tyme cuming, betuixt the said bayth estatis concernyng thair ranking and placeing thame selfis in tyme of mustouris, is referrit with all thair consentis to thee declaratioun of the proveist and baillie present, with sick assisteris as thay please to tak to thame, and quhoweuir they decerne thairanent thay and thair successouris in tyme cuming to abyde thairanent wnder sick penultie as the proweist and baillies pleasis with thair assisteris to tak to thame appount and statute; quha hes instantlie exceptit the said submissioun on thame and to pronunce thair judgement and declaratioun thairanent betuixt and the xxiij day of Iulij instant, (fn. 1) and that na trublance be done be ather of the saidis pairteis in thee meanetyme, wnder the pane contenit in the formar actis maid thairanent; wpoun the quhilk the commowne procuratour askit actis of court.

12 August 1583.

Sea robbers.

Anent the mater movit be William Someruell, burges of Renfrew, Normound MacKynnie and Johnne Dikkie, merchandis, contrar Malcolme Macilfie, pryour of Colsay, and Gorrie Macfauld in Colsay, makand mentioun, that quhair in the moneth of Maij last bipast Donald MacConell, sone to Johnne eldir MacConell, Duncane MacMillane, Donald MacMillane, Gillaspie MacMillane, Gillechallum MacForsum, Duncan MacForsum, Johnne MacForsum, Johnne MacFauld, Duncane MacFauld, Johnne Makie, with thair complicis, notorious clannis of robberis, brokin men, and sornaris, duelland within thee boundis of Kyntyre, Coill and Ylay, wnder Angus MacConell of Svnnevedge, to the nomber of fyftie persounes or thairby, bodin in veirlyk maner, come in ane birling and ane grite boit and set vpoun ws the said William Someruell, Normound MacKynnie and dyuers vtheris our equippage (we being in ane bark of Renfrew purposit to the fischeing of Lochefewle, soberlie and singlie equippagit), and eftir the bwirding of [our] boit cruellie and vnmercifullie not only persewit us and our serwandis of thair lyfis and schot me the said William Someruell throu the arme with ane flwkit arrow, and me the said Normound throw the arme, alsua Johnne Chalmiris schot in at his face and out at his neck, William Someruell, sone to me the said William Eldar, straikin in at the mowth with ane suorde, Henry Fennesoun schot in the thie with ane darte, Michaell Smyth schot throw the hand and metulat of his formest fingare, to the grite effusioun of the foirsaidis persounes blude in ane grite quantitie and in extreime perrell of all our lyfes, bot also reft, spuilyeit, and violentlie tuike frome thame out of thair bark wpoun the coiste of Ireland beside Culdaff thir guidis and geir following, that is to say, sewin punscheounes of wyne, lxxx lib., threscoir gallownes of acquavitey, price of the gallowne xl s, sax pund of salferon, price of the pund ten lib, summa xl lib. twa barrell of madir and twa barrell of alme, price xl lib. sax lib. and fourtein schilling sterling money, tuelf peice of ordinance estimat worth xl lib. off powlder and billettis worth saxtein pund, certane suordes, viz., xvij ane handit suordis and twa twa handit suordis, ane dosane steilbonetis, price xl lib., ane haberschone price xx lib., four hoggeidis of drynking beir price of all xx merk, four hoggeidis of salt, price of all xx merkis, and our clethingis worth xl lib.; the haill walour of the said barkis laidinyng estimat to ane thowsand merkis; committand thairthrow oppin and manifest reif to our wttir wrak and herschape, throw occasioun quhairof we meanit ws to the Kingis Majestie and secreit counsall, quha considderand the wechtenis of our havie complant and the commoun oppressioun of thee saidis persounes, knawyn robberis, brokin men, and sorneris, we obtenit his Hienes letteres be delywerance of his Hienes previe counsell, commanding and chairgeing the proweist and baillies of his Hienes borrowis within the boundis of Lanerk, Renfrew, Dumbartane, Air, and Stryuiling to apprehend stay and arreist the bodyis and guidis of the saidis persounes committeris of the said attemptat, thair servandis, dependaris, or partakeris, quhaireuir thay may be fund within the saidis boundis, ay and quhill the principallis of vtheris of thair clane caus the said harmes and skaythis be redressit to our satisfactioun, or at the leist fund sufficient cautioun to that effect, and we conforme thairto hes chargin yow as baillies of this burgh being within the sherefdome of Lanerk to tak and apprehend the saidis Malcolm Macilfie, pryour of Colsay, and the said Gorrie MacFauld in Colsay, quha hes come furth of the saidis pairtis with the boit pertening to the said Gilechallum MacForsum quhilk burdnint our bark and wes ane of the cheif theivis and ane of the rubberis of ws and our guidis, and come furth of the Heland with the said pryour in thee samyne boit to Dumbartane, quhair he for feir past away and durst nocht be seine be reasoun of his offence foirsaid, and siclyk Johnn MacFauld, brother to the said Gorrie MacFauld, come to this town in the samyne boite and remanit ane space in Johnn Wyse hous and Johnn Dowglas and now can nocht be apprehendit for his knawin offence and notorious crime, and sua the said pryour heveand the said boit and presentlie liand at the brige of Glasgw, and the said Gorrie MacFauld being ane of the complicis of the remanent, and all pertakeris, assisteris, and manteinaris of the remanent persounes sould be incarcerat, detenit, and haldin, with thair haill guidis and geir, ay and quhill we be redressit of our saidis guidis, or at the leist ay and quhill sufficient cautioun war fundin for our satisfactioun; conforme to the tenour of the letteres geivin as saidis and at mair lenth is contenit in the said bill. In the terme assignit be the baillies to the saidis complineris to pruif the complant and bill abone writtin, the said William Someruell, Normound MacKynnie, and Johnne Dikkie, personalie present, togidder with the said Malcolm Macilfie and Gorrie MacFauld, defendaris, in lykwyis personalie present, in place of probatioun, referrit the haill clame and contentis thairof simpliciter to the said Malcolm Macilfies ayth sa far as he was art and parte, assistare, or manteinare of the rubberis abonewrittin, or yit knew that the said Gorrie MacFauld was arte and parte assister or menteinar or pertaker with the rubberis or clanes abonewrittin in ryving and away taking of the complineris guidis abonewrittin, quha being suorne be his grite ayth deponit that he was neither art nor parte of the away taking of the complineris guidis and geir abone expremit nor knew thairof, and was nather manteinar nor defender of the said rubberis; and the said Gorrie MacFauld was nather art nor parte thairof nor newir knew of thee samyne, bot confessit that the said boit pertenit to Gillechallum MacForsum and was hyrit be him to this port of Clyde. In respect quhairof the baillies absolvit the said Malcolme and Gorrie MacFauld, his serueand, fra the complaneris bill and clame foirsaid for ewir, as it is consavit, etc.

30 September 1583.


Compeirit ane nobill and potent lord Johnne erll of Montrois, lord Grahme, etc., in presens of Sir Mathow Steward of Mynto knycht, proveist of Glasgow the yeir preceiding, William Conynghame, master Adam Wallace and Robert Steward, baillies the foirsaid yeir, togidder with the auld counsell, being convenit in thee counselhows within the tolbuth of Glasgw, quha presentit and delyuirit to the said prowestis, baillies, and auld counsell our Souerane Lordis letter beiring nominatioun of the said nobill and potent lord in proweist of the said burgh of Glasgw for the yeir to come, with command thairintill to ressave the said nobill lord in proweist for this present year, to the quhilk the said proweist baillies and auld counsell yeildit, acceptit, and admittit the said noble and potent lord in thair proweist for ane yeir to come, and ordanit ane commission to be made seillit and subscryvit to the said nobill lord thairvpon, conforme to the ancient vse, quha presentlie was suorne to that effect and acceptit the said office of provestrie vpoun him.

2 October 1583.


Lytis for the baillies, William Conynghame [and seven others]. Quhilk lytis being direct and send wpe to the castell, fand na bischope thairin, and thairfoir reportit the lytis to the proweist and the remanent of the counsell quha nominat the persownes vnderwrittin to be baillies for this yeir, and ordanit thair commissioun to be seillit, conforme to the ancient style and wse observit of befoir:—Baillies for this present yeir, William Conynghame, Maister Adam Wallace, Robert Steward.


Consilium pro presenti anno, George Elphinstoun [and twenty-one others].

Liners, keepers of keys.

[Seven liners and seven keepers of keys appointed.]

5 October 1583.

Statuta pro presenti anno.

[Acts passed in terms similar to those of October in previous years. Ordained that no higher prices than the following be charged: ale, 8d. the pint; candle, 1s. 8d. the pound; the fourpenny loaf to weigh 11 ounces.]

Burgessis gratis.

Johnne Grahme of Auchinloch and Maister Petir Rollok, serwitour to ane nobill and potent lord Johnne erll of Mointrois, ar maid burgessis and fremen of this guid towne, and hes gewin thair aythis of fidelitie thairto and that gratis, and dome gewin thairvpoun.

8 October 1583.


Item, it is vnderstanding be the proweist, baillies, and counsell that the libertie of friemen within this towne is abusit and vsurpit be sindrie inhabitantes, vnfremen and vtheris, resorting thairto, thairfor the proveist, baillies, and counsell hes statuite and ordanit that na vnfre persoun within this towne be dispensit with for this present yeir to wse and occupey thee libertie of ane freeman.

Counsell transgressing statutes.

Item, the proveist and bailleis, with the aduise of thee counsell, hes statute and concludit that gife ony of the persownes chosen on thee counsell brak and transgres the statutis of thee towne [thay] sall incure the dowbill pane thairof, toties quoties, thay happin to transgres the samyne.


Item, it is statute and ordanit be the proveist, bailleis, and counsell, that thee act of parliament anent brydillis within this towne be observit, and that thair be na derrar brydallis nor [blank] d. And all that passis to ony derrar brydallis, and auctorizeis the surfetnes thairof be thair presens within this towne, sall pay aucht schillingis to the baillies.

21 December 1583.


[Ordained that wine be sold not dearer than three shillings the pint.]


  • 1. In the original record, at the date 23rd July, a blank of several pages is left, probably for the insertion of the referees' deliverance, which is not recorded.