Extracts from the records: 1585

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1914.

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22 January 1584–5.

Wrang, brig,

Thomas Steinsoun [and ten others, found] in the wrang for contravening the statuitis be draving of sparit cartis with full hogheidis inlang the brig; and siklyk, [five persons] for rowing of full hogheidis and draving of sparit cartis inlangis the said brig, contrair the tenour of the statuitis, and dome gewin thairupoun.

20 February 1584–5.

Statuit anent the meill marcat.

The baillies and counsell, being convenit in the counselhows, and vnderstanding the grite abuse of the meill marcat, hes thairfoir statuit and ordanit ilk Settirday thair be ane of the counsell chosin to serce the meill for rubberis on ane owlk, and ilk counsellour his owlk about, and to that effect to have ane officer with him.

1 June 1585.

Ladle, brig, mills.

[The casualties of the ladle set for a year for £206 13s. 4d., and those of the bridge for £50; the old town mill set for a year for £50.]

Treasurer, master of work.

[From a leet of six. Robert Boyide chosen treasurer; from a leet of four, David Hall chosen master of work.]

20 July 1585.

Statuit, Grayfreir port.

In presens of Robert Rowat, baillie, comperit the persounes vnderwrittin, viz., William Herwie, Helene Wrycht [and seven others], and ar becum actit in this buik, ilk ane of thame for thair awin pertis, of thair awin proper confessionis, to keip and waird the wikatt att the Grayfieir port that na maner of persoun enter thairatt to pas or repas in or out except oinly the personis abonewrittin and thair serwandis, under the pane of fywe pundis for the first falt, the nixt banischment, and that ane kie be maid to the said wikatt to be kepit all day be the saidis persouns ilk ane thair day about, and att sewin houris att ewin to be delyuerit to be kepit, and to be resauit agane on the morning at fyive houris, and to ansuer thairfoir wnder the panis abone writtin.

5 October 1585.


Compeirit Robert, bischope of Glasgow, and nominat, presentit, and electit the rycht honorable Sir William Lewingstoun of Kilsyth, knycht, in provest for this yeir to cum; quha wes acceptit and admittit in provest, and commissioun is ordanit to be maid and geuin to him eftir the form of auld.


[A leet of eight persons having been presented to the archibishop] the said reuerent father nominat thrie of thame in baillies, viz., Robert Rowat, Johnne Grhame, Robert Steward.

9 October 1585.


Consilium:—Sir Matho Stewart of Mynto knycht [and thirty-three others]. Quhilk personis callit and convenit, sworne and admittit. The rycht honorabill Sir William Lewingstoun of Kilsyithe, knycht, protestit that the number abone writtin, being by the accustomit number, that the said number now admittit be nocht preiudiciall to the auncient libertie of the town in chesing ane resonabill number in tym cuming according to the number afoir obseruit.

Statutes continewit.; Plage.; Inhabitants departing from town.

The provest, bailleis, and counsall convenit, considiring with thame selffis the present estait of this toun, standing in perrell and suspicioun of this present plage, throw the quhilk the said provest and bailleis and counsall can nocht nor may nocht proceid to the making of thair statutis anent the pryces of all vivouris within this toun and vther thingis concerning this commoun welthe, thairfoir the said provest bailleis and counsall hes with ane consent continewit the last yeiris statutis in the same forme, force, and effect as thai ar maid, buikit, and procleamit, and conforme to the auld pryces, and ordanis the same to be obseruit conforme to the tennour thairof quhill thai tak forder ordour. And forder the said provest baillies and counsall considdiring that diuers and sindrie the comburgessis and inhabitantis of this toun ar depertit and left the toun and thair awin houssis, and neuertheles way haif haunt and triffique in vther suspect places, and in thair returning may bring with thame greit inconvenientis to this toun, thairfoir it is statute and ordanit that all the foirsaid personis quha hes depertit or ar to depert of this toun with thair wyiffis and barnis thair names be tane vpe and writtin be the quartermaister and registrat in thir buikis, and ordanis that nane of thame be admittit within this toun agane without thai bring with thame sufficient testimoniall testifeing quhair thai haif bene sen thair passing out of this toun, quhat hes bene thair tred and traffique sensyne, and att the descretion of the said provest and bailleis and counsall to be resavit and debarrit.

Liners, keepers of keys.

[Ten liners and six keepers of keys appointed.]