Extracts from the records: 1686

Pages 384-392

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 3, 1663-1690. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1905.

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9 January 1686.

Lands joyned in to the Grein.

The magistrats and counsell, takeing to their consideration that there are severall lands imparked within the New Grein for which they never gott in any right frae the persones to whom the samen belonged, therefor appoints the clerk to call for the saids persones who hes not allreadie given rights, and to wryte dispositiones be them in favoures of the toune and get the samen subscrivit by them, and the toune infeft and secured in the saids lands, for doing wherof the saids magistrats and counsell declares that they shall satisfie the clerk to his oune contentment.

Gratifieing the touns friends.

Appoints the proveist, baillies and dean of gild to gratifie such of the tounes freinds as they shall think fitt, by sending them what wynes they think convenient on the tounes accompt, and to cause pay the samen acordinglie.

25 February 1686.

Act allowing clerk to choise deput.

The magistrats and counsell, takeing to their consideration that George Andersone is necessitat sometymes to be off the toune anent the tounes affaires and utheris, and that he had appointed John Marshell to exerce in his absence since James Muires deceass, whilk they heirby allow and approve of, and appoints him to nominat the said John Marshell, or any uther he pleases, to exerce for him when he is absent out of the toune in the office of clerkship.

Calsey and utheris to be mended.

Appoints the calsey to be mended betuixt and Camlachie, as also the stone dyck in Gorballis belonging to the toune to be repaired, and that pairt therof whilk is fallen to be rebuilded, and the little house in Gorballis called the washing house to be taken downe, and the stones therof to be made use of for helping the said dyck; as also the teind barne to be helped and repaired; and the windowes of the tolbooth to be helped and mended, and appoints Francis Stevinsone to doe the samen.

Warrand, Ritchie.

Ordaines John Ritchie to have ane warrand for four hundreth pund Scots payed be him out of the excyse to Mr. Archibald Inglis as parson, in pairt payment of the teind tack dewtie the toune is lyable in payment to the archbishop the cropt 1686.

Ease given doune of the dewtie of the Greenes.

The magistrats and counsell, takeing to consideration the loss sustained be umquhill John Howie, skinner, and his relict, as tackisman of the Greenes the tyme of the lait rebellion, in summer last, they quat and give doune to his said relict the soume of fyve hundreth and sex pund threttein shilling four pennies.

10 April 1686.

Warrand, Ritchie, rebellion.

Ordaines John Ritchie to pay to George Johnstoun, dean of gild, the soume of three hundreth pund Scots depursed be him the tyme of the lait rebellion, by and attoure what was allowed and payed him formerlie upon that accompt, of whilk he declares he can give noe accompt but that he depursed the same.

Warrand, thesaurer, rebellion, guard.

Ordaines Robert M'Millan, thesaurer, to pay to Alexander Ros . . . [£237 15 s. 8 d.] for his furnishing and outreiking ane militia horse for the toune that was wanting, with ane man and furniture, the tyme of the lait rebellion in summer last, and for the pryce of the said horse whilk was lost in the service the said tyme, and for ane yearis mantenance of ane other militia horse he furnished, that was resting him, and for severall horse hyres furnished be him in the tounes affaires. . . . [Also] to pay to the said Alexander Ross, in name of the fewars and tennents in Gorballis, [£47 1 s.] for coall and candle furnished to the dragounes that keeped ane guard in Gorballis fra the twentie fourth of November 1684 till the twentie ane day of Apryll, 1685; and to the lord Ross troupe the tyme they keeped guard there.

26 June 1686.

Ordour from the privy councill, and the bishopes letter concerning the provest.

The magistrats and toune counsell having conveened, in obedience to ane ordour of the lords of his Majesties most honourable privy councill, daitted at Edinburgh the twentie fyfth day of Junij instant, mentioning that the saids lords of his Majesties privie councill, in persewance of his Majesties letter daited at Whitehall the nyntein day of March last, and the saids lords their sentence of the dait foresaid, turneing out John Johnstoune of the magistracie of Glasgow, (fn. 1) doe therby ordaine John Barnes, lait proveist therof, to be presentlie installed proveist of that burgh, and to officiat as such therin untill the next election, conforme to use of that toune in caices of vacancies, and recomends to his grace the lord archbishop of Glasgow to wryte to the present magistrats and counsell of Glasgow to install the said John Barnes their proveist accordinglie, as the said ordour subscrivit be Sir William Patersone, clerk to the counsell, bearis, conforme to which ordour and recomendation his grace the said archbishop did direct ane letter to the baillies and toune counsell of the said burgh, daited at Edinburgh the said twentie fyfth of this instant, wherof the tennor followes:—Worthie freinds,—His Majestie and his privie counsell ordoring the removeall of John Johnstoune of Clachrie from his office as being proveist of Glasgow, and that John Barnes, lait proveist, according as is usewall in caices of vacancies, be admitted againe to the said office untill the nixt election, these are therefor requyreing yow to receave the said John Barnes as proveist of your counsell and the toune of Glasgow; which ordour is heirby intimatted to yow by your affectionat freind to serve yow, sic subscribitur: Alexander, Glascuen. In obedience and conforme to the said ordour of his Majesties privie counsell and archbishopes letter, the saids magistrats and toune counsell did send John Crawfurd and Alexander Ross, lait baillies, two of their number, with George Andersone, clerk, for the said John Barnes, lait proveist, who came and did accept of the office as proveist of the said burgh untill the nixt election and gave his oath de fideli administratione as use is, and swore the oath and test and subscrivit the samen.

29 June 1686.

Proclamatioune for roupeing meill.

Ordaines a proclamation to be sent throw the toune the morrow, and ane other the next weik, for roupeing the meill quhich was gottine for the expence the toune was at the tyme of the lait rebellion upon the fyftein day of July nixt, and ane other proclamatioune to be sent throw for that same purpose the nixt week.

Act given be the maltmen anent the excyse.

There was ane act produced and given in be the maltman calling anent the excyse, of the daitt of thir presentis, mentioning that the most pairt of their trade being conveened, in ordour to the giveing ane answer to ane proposall put to them be John Barnes, present proveist, it was, by pluralitie of votts, condescended to that the two merks formerlie imposed on the excyse of ilk mask malt, and uplifted be the toune beside the Kings pairt, shall be yet uplifted be the toune for defraying of their present debts and cessis, fra the first of July nixt to the first of November nixt, provyded there be ane imposition on the wynes after the said first of November, and that all byganes frae the first of Maij till the first of July nixt shall never be craved nor exacted, and that countrey men set doune their malt in the mercat as formerlie. And ordaines the said act to be presented to the saids magistrats and counsell be John Stirling, lait visitor, John Cuming and John Waddrow, elder, as the said act subscrivit be Robert Allane, their clerk, bearis. Whilk being taken to the saids proveist, baillies and counsell their consideration, they declare that the bygane excyse frae the first of Maij till now that is allreadie broune shall not be exacted, and inacts and statutes that the countrey men set doune their malt sold within the toune as formerlie, and recomends to the magistrats to discharge the milleris to let any out of the mylnes belonging to them except they have ane warrand frae the visitor that the samen was set doune in the mercat, the maltmen allwayes uplifting the saids two merks frae the brewaris and paying in the samen for the tounes use. And as to the rest of the overtures, ordaines the dean of gild and conveiner to convein the haill merchands and crafts in their respective houses for giveing their advyce theranent, or what farder they think fitt to be done anent the said excyse, and to report the samen to the saids magistrats and counsell.

Milner at the new mylne of Partick, 1686.

Anent the petition given in to the magistrats and toune counsell of the said burgh be John Hutchisone, sone to George Hutchisone, mylner at new mylne of Partick, mentioning that quher his said father and his predicessouris have bein kyndlie tennents and mylneris at the said mylne these many yearis bygaine and served honestlie therat, and his father being now become infirme through old age the said John hes served and does serve as mylner at the said mylne for his father, and does keep the samen in good ordour and furnishes all things necessar therto, supplicating therefor the saids magistrats and toune counsell to take the premissis to their consideratioun, and not onlie allow him to serve as mylner at the said mylne with his father, during his lifetyme, that he may keep the same in good caice and condition, bot also to grant him ane act in his favoures to be mylner at the said mylne after his fatheris deceass; whilk supplicatioun being taken to the saids proveist and baillies and counsell their consideration, and after advyce had be them theranent, they allow the said John Hutchisone to serve with his said father as mylner at the said mylne during his lifetyme, and likewise nominats and appoints him to be mylner at the said mylne after his fatheris deceass, and to uplift the dues and casualities belonging to the samen, he keeping the said mylne in ane good condition, and observing and fulfilling all acts made or to be made anent the mylner therof. And thir presents onlie to continow during the will of the magistrats or their successouris in office.

5 July 1686.

Proveist Johnstoune craved pardone.

Compeared John Johnstoune of Clachrie, lait proveist of the said burgh, who in obedience to ane decreit and ordinance of the lords of his Majesties most honourabill privy councill, did, before the saids magistratis and toune counsell, crave pardone for his cryme and injurie done to his grace the archbishop of St. Andrews, in the termes contained in the saids lords of privy councill their decreit pronunced against him theranent, daited the twentie fyfth day of June last; wherupon the said proveist Johnstoune tooke instruments.

William Andersones petition, royall burrowes.

The proveist, baillies and counsell, being conveened anent the petition given in to the royall burrowes be William Andersone, in July 1685, with the saids burrowes their recomendation in the end therof, desireing this burgh to satisfie and pay him of the fyne with the annuelrent therof and expenses whilk his father was put to and exacted frae him, as being ane of the commissioneris for the royall burrowes in anno 16[74] yeiris; whilk being taken to the saids proveist, baillies and counsell their consideration, with the povertie of this burgh, through the great burdines they lye under by debt and decay of trade, wherby they are not able and in ane condition to answer the desire of the said petition, and therefor they doe unanimouslie recomend the same back againe to the saids royall burrowes, to the effect they may be pleased to pay the soumes craved be the said petition to be casten on proportionallie amongst the respective burrowes and to grant dilligence to cause such of the burrowes pay their proportiones accordinglie who shall refuise to doe the same. (fn. 2)

24 July 1686.

Anent wheat bread.

The magistrats declared they had sighted the wheat bread baiken be the baxteris within the toune, and that they fand the samen to be verie unsufficient, and the deacon compearing and pleading for them, who promised they should make sufficient bread in tyme comeing, wherupon their fynes were quatt; and in caice they shall transgress and make unsufficient bread in tyme comeing, it is heirby statute and ordained that the bread shall be taken frae the contraveeneris and distribute to the poor without being forgiven.

Ease given to William Cumings relict.

The magistrats and toune counsell, takeing to their consideratioun ane supplication given in be Jonnet Miller, relict of William Cuming in Gorballis, anent the loss they sustained by ane accidentall fyre, haveing not onlie therby their haill houses and pleneshing burnt, bot likewise the haill victuall that grew upon twentie two acres of land, and some of the former yearis cropt, they quat and give doune to her the rent payable be them to the toune for the crop 1684 yearis, whilk is sevin bollis victuall or therby and fourtein bollis sevin peckis and ane halfe peck victuall payable be them to Hutchisones hospitall the said cropt.

30 August 1686.

Highway toward Bishopbridges.; To warne the fewaris and tennents.

Appoynts the baillies to cause convein and warne the fewaris and tennents of the comone, and James Johnstoune to convein the fewaris and tennents of Provand, with all dilligence, to meet for repairing the highway frae the toune head toward the Bishopbridges so fare as the tounes bounds goes, and where it shall be found needfull to be repaired, and to bring all necessaris with them for that effect.

Wynes sent to some freinds.

The proveist declaired that since his last admission to be proveist he had sent two hodgesheads wyne to his grace the due of Hamiltone, and other two to the archbishop of Glasgow, with ane barrell of sack, and that he had taken ane other hodgeshead to himselfe with ane barrell of sack.

25 September 1686.

The chancellouris letter concerning the election of magistrats.

There was ane letter produced and red, signed be the earle of Pearth, lord high chancellour, in name of his Majesties privie councill, and directed for the proveist and baillies of the burgh of Glasgow, or any ane of them, to be communicat to the toune counsell therof, of the quhich the tennor followes:—Affectionat freinds—Whereas his sacred Majestie hes by his royall letter, daited at the court of Windsor the twelth day of September instant, signified that all electiones in royall burrowes be suspended untill his royall pleasure be knowne theranent, you are therefor, in persuance therof, heirby expreslie prohibited and discharged, as yow will answer at your perrill, to elect any new magistrats or counsell within your burgh for this year, and yow and the present counsell are by his Majesties authoritie hereby authorized to continow and exerce as magistrats and counsell untill his Majestie shall signifie his furder pleasure. Signed at command and in name of his Majesties privy councill, your affectionat friend, sic subscribitur: Perth, cancell. I.P.D. Daited at Edinburgh the 16th of September 1686. Quherunto the saids magistrats and counsell consented, with all humilitie and submission.

9 November 1686.

Pryce of bread.

[The 12 d. loaf to weigh 13 oz. 2 drop; rough tallow to be sold for 48 s. the stone, and candle for 54 s. 8 d. the stone.]

18 November 1686.

Magistrats elected by warrand frae the privy councill.

Conveened within the toune counsell house of the said burgh his grace the archbishop of Glasgow, in obedience to the recomendation of the lords of his Majesties most honourabill privie councill, for seing the saids lords their act in persewance of his Majesties royall commands nominating and appointing the magistrats, toune counsellours and deacones of crafts within this burgh of Glasgow and liberties therof, for the year ensuing, regularlie and effectuallie put in execution, of the whilk act the tennor followes:—Edinburgh the ellevinth day of November 1686. Forasmuch as the Kings most excellent Majestie hath, by a letter direct under his royall hand to the privy councill of this ancient kingdome, daited at the court of Whitehall the twentieth second day of October last bypast, signified his royall pleasure concerning the nomination of the magistrats and other councellouris and deacones of trades for this burgh of Glasgow aftermentiouned, as being such whom his Majesty judges most loyall and ready to promote his service, and most foreward to support the good and interest of the said burgh, therefore the lords of his Majesties privy councill, in pursuance of his Majesties commands aforesaid, doe hereby nominat and appoint John Barnes to be proveist of the said burgh of Glasgow, captaine John Andersone, James Hamiltone and John Wallace to be baillies, Robert Campbell to be dean of gild, William Wallace, deacon conveener, and James Hutchison to be thesaurer, [here follow names of 12 merchants and 12 craftsmen as councillors; with the name of a deacon for each of the smiths, cordiners, tailors, weavers, skinners, wrights, coopers, baxters, masons, bonnetmakers and fleshers, a visitor of the gardeners and a visitor of the victual]; who are hereby authorized to continow in their respective offices aforesaid within the said burgh and liberties therof for the ensuing year. And appoints the saids magistrats, counsellouris, deacons and visitors to be admitted and receaved in their respective offices aforesaid once upon the eighteinth day of November instant. And recommends to the lord archbishop of Glasgow to be that day present to the end he may see his Majesties royall pleasure and these presents regularlie and effectuallie put in execution. Extracted by me Sir William Paterson, clerk of his Majesties privy councill. Sic subscribitur: Will. Paterson, clericus secreti concilij. Conforme to the whilk act and recommendation, his grace the said archbishop did see the saids haill persons, proveist, baillies, dean of gild, deacon conveener, thesaurer and counsellouris, contained and named in the said act, compeir and accept of their saids respective offices for the year ensuing, who gave their oathes de fideli administratione therintill, and swore the oath and test and subscryved the samen except [three who were absent or unwell. The deacons and visitors who were present acted likewise. The absentees subsequently accepted and were sworn].

19 November 1686.


[George Grahame, bailie of Gorbals; James Robisone, water bailie.]


  • 1. A full account of the proceedings against provost Johnston in connection with transactions between the town and archbishop Ross will be found in a paper read by Mr. Andrew Roberts at a meeting of the Glasgow Archæological Society on 16th January, 1890 (Transactions, new series, vol. II., pp. 34–43).
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