Extracts from the records: 1687

Pages 392-407

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 3, 1663-1690. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1905.

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7 January 1687.

Multor malt.

Appoints the proveist, baillies, dean of gild, deacon conveener, or any three of them, to speake to Peter Corbet, tackisman of the milnes, to desire him to pay to the toune twentie shilling Scots for ilk boll of multor malt during the tyme of his tack, and if he refuise to cause persew him therfor.

Master of work.

[John Andersone chosen master of work till next election.]

Touns chirurgian.

John Robisone, younger, is nominat and appointed to be the tounes chirurgian, and is to doe his endevour to help and cure such persones as shall be recomended to him be the magistrats, and for quhich he is to have such allowance as the magistrats and counsell shall think fitt.

Proveist Johnstoun, tounes papers.

Appoints baillies Hamiltone and Wallace to speake with proveist Johnstoune, and to get frae him what paperis he hes belonging to the toune, and particularlie the notes of the money whilk was lent the tyme of the lait rebellion to the officeris of the militia be the toune.

Declaratour, tack of the teinds.

It is agreed and concluded that the toune joyne and goe alongst with my lord archbishop of St. Andrewes in persewing and getting ane declaratour in their favoures for their last tack of the teinds of the barronie and toune aikeris, and appoints the clerk to send east the decreet obtained be the lord primat against the toune for the saids teinds.

20 January 1687.

The stentmasteris to lay on ane stent.

The proveist, baillies and counsell of the said burgh being conveened, and takeing to their consideration that this burghes proportion of the cess payable to his Majestie yearlie, by act of parliament, is twelve hundreth pounds sterling, and that the toune is at the expenses of ane hundreth pound sterling yearlie and upwards for upholding and furnishing coall and candle to the guards, as likewise that the toune is resting to the agent of the burrowes the soume of ane hundreth and fyftein pounds sterling or therby, for their proportion of the burrowes dues, and siclike considering that there are some other publict dewes to be payed and some expenssis to be depursed for ingathering and collecting of the stent aftermentioned to be laid on upon the samen burgh, whilk will extend to ane hundreth and eightie fyve pund sterling, whilk soumes above writtin being calculat extends in the haill to sextein hundreth pounds sterling; and als considering that the saids magistrats and toune counsell are warranted be the said act of parliament to impose ane stent upon this burgh for paying of the said supplie and other publict burdines foresaid, therefore they heirby grant warrand and power to the stent-maisteris nominated by them to impose and lay on the said soume of sextein hundreth pounds sterling, for paying the tounes proportion of the said cess for the Martimass terme jm. vjc. eightie sex yearis lastbypast, and Whitsoundayes terme nixt, and the other publict dues foresaid, wpon the heretouris and other inhabitants of the said burgh, merchands, craftismen, victualleris and vintineris able to pay stent frae the first of Maij jm. vjc. eightie sex yearis till the moneth of Maij jm. vjc. eightie sevin yearis nixttocome; and the magistrats and counsell heirby earnestlie recommends to the saids stentmasteris to lay on the foresaid stent with all convenient dilligence, wheranent thir presents shall be their warrand.

Roupeing houses and sellaris at Newport and Greinock.

Appoints ane proclamation to be sent through the toune for roupeing the tounes houses and sellaris at Newport Glasgow, reserving James Andersone right of ane house yet to rune, as also for roupeing the houses and sellaris belonging to the toune and bought frae the fishing societie, on such ane convenient day as the proveist shall think fitt, and the roupe to be within the tolbuith of Glasgow.

Daillis and other timber, beir and meill.

Appoints and commissionats the dean of gild to sell and dispose on the daillis, timber and otheris belonging to the old fishing closs in Greinock, whilk was bought be the toune frae the fishing societie to the tounes best advantage; as also appoints him to sell the Provand beir and what meill the tennents hes in their hands to be delivered at the best availl.

25 January 1687.

Deacon convener, etc.

[George Grahame, late bailie, elected deacon convener in room of William Wallace, deceased; and John Gray, merchant, to take Grahame's place as bailie of Gorbals.]

Earle of Airlies troupe.

Appoints the proveist and baillie Hamiltone to repair to Hamiltone to speake with the earle of Airlie anent his troupe whilk is to be quartered here.

29 January 1687.

Anent the lands of Provand.

Appoints the proveist to repair to Edinburgh anent the tounes affaires, and the clerk to goe with him, and appoints the clerk to take in with him the haill paperis belonging to the Provand, and the precepts whilk the toune hes payed for the pryce of the same, for clearing accompts betwixt the toune and Silvertounhill and these concerned in him, be the advyce of lawieris for the tounes best advantage, and to do what is possible in defending the adjudication whilk Robert Hamiltone of Presmennan hes upon the lands of Provand for the soume of twelve thousand merks. And appoints the dean of gild likewise to repair to Edinburgh to meet with the proveist and clerk anent the saids affaires, if the proveist think it needfull to wryte for him, when the proveist is at Edinburgh.

The clerk to appoint ane deput.

The magistrats and counsell takeing to consideration that George Andersone, clerk, is necessitat sometyme to be called aff the toune, not onlie anent the tounes affaires bot likewayes his oune, and that it is requisite some persone exerce in his office as his deput in his absence, therfor they allow and approve of what persones he hes appointed to exerce formerlie in his absence, and of all acts of counsell made for that effect, and heirby grant him power and libertie in tyme comeing to deput and appoint what persones he pleases to exerce the said office of clerkship when he shall happine to be aff the toune in tyme comeing, for whom he is to be answerable.

28 February 1687.

The Kings gift appointing ane imposition on ale and other liquoris produced and read.; Letter of thanks to his Majestie.; Letter of thanks to my lord Melfort, his Majesties secretary.

The gift granted be his most sacreed Majestie to this city was produced and read, wherby his Majestie hes bein graciouslie pleased to give, grant and dispon to the proveist, baillies and counsell of the said city, in name of the communitie of the same, ane imposition of four pennies Scots money upon everie pint of ale and drinking beir, broune or imported and sold or consumed within the samen city and suburbs therof, with power to the magistrats to uplift the said imposition upon ale and beir from the brewaris and importeris therof as is before mentioned, or at the rate of two merks Scots upon everie boll of malt, to be payed be the brewaris within the said city and suburbs therof, at the option of the magistrats and counsell for the tyme; and likewise doe grant and dispon to the proveist, baillies and counsell of the said city ane imposition of fiftie punds money foresaid upon everie tunn of French wyne, fiftie punds money above writtin upon every butt of Spanish or Ranish wyne, fiftie punds money foresaid upon everie but of brandy, aquavytie or strong wateris, and twentie shilling money foresaid upon everie barrell of mum beir vented, sold and retailled within the said city, to be payed be the selleris of ale, beir, French, Spanish and Ranish wynes, brandy, aquavyttie, strong wateris and mum beir; whilkis impositiounes and everie ane of them his Majestie declares shall exist and take effect for the space of nyntein yearis frae the terme of Candlemass lastbypast, from which tyme the samen is declaired to commence, and to be applyed in maner mentioned in the foresaid gift, as the samen containing therin severall other clauses of the dait, at Whitehall, the fyftein day of January lastbypast, at more lenth bears. Whilk gift was verie acceptable to the saids proveist, baillies and counsell, and ane letter of thanks ordained to be sent to his Majestie of their acknowledgement of his Majesties clemencie and bountie to this city, wherof the tennor followes:—May it please your most sacreed Majestie—In the deepest sense of gratitude, wee most humblie prostrat ourselves at your royall feet, acknowledgeing your Majesties clemencie and bountie towards this your city of Glasgow in rescuing it from sinking under inevitable ruine, by your Majesties late princely grant of a moderat imposition on such liquoris as are consumed amongst ourselves. By this new and seasonable releiff your Majestie puts a fresh and lasting obligation upon this important place, in returne to which wee can humblie assure your Majestie that as this your new bountie shall be carefullie applyed and improved for the support and releiff of this city, so it, our lyves and our all, shall be continually devoted to the service of your sacreed person, croun and monarchie, upon all occasiones; and wee shall make it our most indefatigable care and indeavour to make this city eminent and exemplarie in its loyaltie to all about ws, so that your Majestie shall never have cause to repent your royall care of and munificence toward it. For our pairt, who by your Majesties nomination represent your authoritie here, wee shall, under the prudent conduct and unspotted loyall example to the most reverend archbishop your Majestie hath bein graciouslie pleased now to nominat for ws, witness to the world our fervent zeall against all your adversaries, and unshaken fidelitie to promot your Majesties interest and service, as is the bounden dewtie of, may it please your most sacreed Majestie, your Majesties most humble, most loyall, and most obedient subjects and servants. Followes the tennor of ane other letter whilk was sent be the magistrats to the earle of Melfoord (fn. 1) :—May it please your lordship. As wee are eternallie bound to his sacreed Majesties bountie and munificence to this city in granting the lait imposition on our ale and other liquoris consumed amongst ourselves, so wee consider ourselves infinitlie indebted to your lordships care and goodness in giveing a true representation of the perishing state of this place, and soliciteing his Majesties royall help, without which it would have utterlie perished. By this your mediation and intercession you have done true and excellent service to his Majestie, alswell as to this poor place, by putting new life in it for serveing the ends of the monarchy, from which it was quite disabled, and for freeing and releiveing itselfe from such sad pressure and burdines under which it must needs have sunk. For this great and seasonable service to his Majestie and to ws, wee offer yow our most humble and heartie thanks, and most earnestlie beseeches your lordship to accept of ane humble present or gratuitie from ws which, though it be farre below your merit and bears no proportion to the benefite aryseing from his Majesties gift, yet it is a small testimony of that gratitude wee ow to your lordship for so great favour and paines, and for saveing ws the great charges and expenses of sending commissioners to court to solicite and agent this necessary support and relieff for this city; and though wee cannot offer your lordship ane suitable remuneration yet wee shall pray that God for this, and all other your eminent services rendered to the croun and to this your native countrey, may reward your lordship with all honour and prosperity here and eternall happiness heirafter, for wee are, may it please your lordship, your lordships most humble and most faithfull servants. Which two letters abovewritten were subscrivit be the magistrats and counsell foresaid.

Money to be borrowed for gratifieing the procureris of the gift.

The saids magistrats and counsell takeing to their consideration that there is ane gratuitie to be given to the procureris of the said gift from his most sacreed Majestie, they ordaine ane thousand pound sterling to be borrowed and made readie with all expedition to be payed in the first end of the said gratuitie.

12 March 1687.

Takismen alledging they were prejudged.

The proveist, baillies and toune counsell, being informed that the takismen of the excyse of the toune of Glasgow have made application to the lords of his Majesties thesaurie that they were mightily prejudged by his Majesties granting ane gift to this burgh for ane imposition on ale and beir to be broune and consumed within the toune and suburbs, and that thereby they will be great loseris; whilk being taken to the saids magistrats and counsell their consideration, and to let it appear that the toune intends not to prejudge his Majestie nor his tackismen be the said gift, nor to lessen or make less his Majesties excyse, it is concluded that the toune make offer and accept of the tack of the excyse within the haill shyres and burghes taken be Castlecarie and Mr. John Cochran, and make up the haill quota of their tack dewtie to the lords of his Majesties thesaurie, and give sufficient securitie to them for that effect, and shall free the said tackismen of their tack, and give them allowance of what expenses they have bein at in the said affaire; and appoints the proveist, with the dean of gild and the clerk to repair to Edinburgh and make the said offer to the lords of the thesaurie, and to make application to them to get the toune vindicat and freed of any aspertiones may be laid on them concerning the said imposition; and if the toune cannot get the haill bargane taken be the saids persones, to try if they can agree for the excyse of the toune and Gorballis the best way for the tounes advantage.

4 April 1687.

Imposition on ale and beir to be uplifted.

The proveist, baillies and counsell, takeing to their consideration the imposition his sacreed Majestie hes bein pleased to grant to this burgh for exacting two merks aff ilk boll of malt, or ane plack of ilk pynt of ale or drinking beir, sold, vented and consumed within this burgh and suburbs since Candlemass last, whilk is to commence for the space of nyntein yearis, and that all faire wayes and methods hes bein taken for getting the same ingathered and uplifted for the ease and good of the inhabitants, whilk hes yet taken little or no effect; therefor the saids magistrats and counsell have concluded that there shall be uplifted, since the terme of Candlemass last and in tyme comeing, frae ilk brewar and vintiner the soume of two merks Scots for ilk boll of malt, or four pennies for ilk pynt of ale and drinking beir, sold, vented and retailled be them, as the saids magistrats and counsell shall think fitt. And yet in respect severall of the maltmen make offer and are content to uplift and ingather the soume of threttie shilling Scots for ilk fyve firlots of malt shall be sold be them to the brewaris within the toune, or brewed and vented be themselves, and pay in the samen to any who shall be appointed to receave in the said impositioun, whilk is heirby condescended to, wpon these termes that the said maltmen exact no more then the said threttie shilling frae the brewaris and vintineris for the said fyve firlotts, in respect the ease granted is for the behove of the saids brewaris; and it is heirby declaired that the said ease shall be without prejudice to the toune or these to be appointed be them to uplift the haill impositioun from these that payes not the said threttie shilling willinglie, for ilk fyve firlots malt, sold, vented and retailled as said is.

James Porterfield ordained schoolmaister.

In ansuer to ane supplicatioun given in be James Porterfield, schoolmaister, the magistrats and counsell ordaines him to continow and exerce his imployment as ane schoolmaister within the toune, and to teach and learne children to read, wryt, and lay compts and the like; and for his encouragement they nominat and appoint the said proveist, dean of gild and deacon conveener aither to cause repair the tounes house whilk was bought frae Robert Broom, that he may have the benefite therof for keeping his said schooll, or then to get fiftie two pund Scots, yearlie, after the terme of Whitsounday, yearlie, for paying ane house maill for keeping the said schooll, the said house being allwayes taken in ane convenient place in the toune as the said persones shall think convenient.

9 April 1687.

Mungo Cochran fyned.

Anent the complaint given in be the procuratour fiscall against Mungo Cochrane, merchand, for his unseemly cariage and expressiones to John Barnes, proveist, yesterday, on the publict street, and saying that he and all the rest were oppressouris of their nighbouris, whilk the said Mungo compeared and granted, and declaired he was verie sory that he was so rash in venting such expressiones, and that what he said was out of rashnes and passion, and referred himselfe to the will of the proveist, baillies and counsell; whilk being taken to the said baillies and counsell their consideratioun, the proveist haveing removed, they fyned and unlawed the said Mungo in the soume of ane hundreth pund Scots to be payed for the use of the poor, and ordaines him to consigne and deliver up to the clerk his burges and gild brother ticket to be keeped be him untill the nixt meeting of the magistrats and counsell, to be then disposed of be them as they shall think fitt; and ordaines him to remaine in prison till the money and ticket be consigned in the clerks hand.

23 April 1687.

Proveist to Edinburgh and St. Andrews.

Appoints the proveist to repair to Edinburgh and from that to St. Andrews, to waite on his grace the archbishop of Glasgow to his translation there, whilk is to be upon the first of May nixt, and to take with him four persones such as he thinks meitt.

Partick bridge.

Appoints the dean of gild to sight Partick bridge and to see what is needfull to be repaired therof, and to cause doe the same.

Warrand, thesaurer.

Ordaines the thesaurer to pay to Mr. Robert Knox the soume of twenty pounds sterling of transportatioun money for bringing him and his familie here when he became ane of the tounes ministeris; as likewayes to pay other twentie pound sterling to Mr. John Sage for transporting of him to be another of the tounes ministeris.

Mongo Cochranes fyne.

The magistrats and counsell considering the acknowledgement made be Mungo Cochrane for his abuse done to the proveist, and his being sory for the same, for whilk he was fyned and his burges ticket consigned, they remitt his fyne and burges and gild brother ticket wholly to the proveist, to be disposed of be him wholly as he shall think fitt.

Allowing payment to the procureris of the Kings gift.

The proveist, baillies and toune counsell of the said city being conveened, and takeing to their consideration that his most excellent Majestie hes bein graciouslie pleased by his letter of gift daited at Whitehall the fyftein day of January lastbypast [here is narrated the terms of the imposition specified antea p. 395]; which impositiones and everie one of them his Majestie declaires shall exist and take effect for the space of nyntein years frae the terme of Candlemass lastbypast, from which tyme the samen is declaired to commence, and the samen is to be applyed in maner and at lenth contained in the said letter of gift; and that they have allreadie payed to the person or persones, procureris of the said impositions, the soume of ane thousand pounds sterling, by and attoure the expenses in procureing the great seall appended to the said gift, and reason being that what farder allowance is to be given to the procureris of the samen gift ought to be payed, therefor the saids proveist, baillies and counsell have bound and obleidged, and heirby binds and obleidges them and their successouris in office, proveist, baillies and counsell of the said city, to make payment to the persones procureris of the said gift frae his most sacreed Majestie for the said imposition of what shall be thought fitt to be payed to them of gratuitie more nor the ane thousand pounds sterling allreadie payed and the expenses in getting the great seall appended thereto, the samen in haill allwayes not to exceed the value of what shall be uplifted and gottine be the said city of the said imposition be the space of ane year and ane halfe at most.

14 May 1687.

Warrand, archbishop.

Ordaines [£ 415 Scots to be paid] to the proveist for his oune expenses and charges, and the expenses of these that went with him to Edinburgh, and frae that to St. Androws, to wait on his grace the archbishop of Glasgow at the translation. (fn. 2)

Tack of houses and sellaris at Greenock.

There was ane tack of the closs, houses and sellaris at the east end of Greenock that belonged to the fishing societie subscrivit in favoures of James Mushet, for the space of three yearis after Whitsounday nixt, and appoints baillie Andersone to put him in possession therof, and to take notice if there be anything there belonging to the toune, and to cause try where any of the tounes salt firlots are.

Key at Broomilaw.

Appoints the dean of gild to caus helpe and repair the key at the Broomilaw with the first conveniency.

Warrand, thesaurer.

Ordaines the thesaurer to pay to Allan Glen the soume of sex pound nyne shillings sterling for the pryce of ane horse quhilk he lost, being spoilled and died with ryding with the proveist to Edinburgh, and whilk was ordained to be payed to the said Allan by act of the magistrats and counsell daited 29 September 1684. (fn. 3)

24 May 1687.

Warrand, thesaurer.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for sevintein pund ten shillings sterling payed be him to the proveist, whilk he depursed for procureing the Kings letter, with the secreet councillis warrand, for choising the magistrats and counsell at the last election.

7 June 1687.

Common good set.

[Mills, 9,550 merks; ladles, 4,250 merks; mealmarket and pecks, 1,020 merks; tron, 930 merks; bridge, 1,550 merks.]

2 July 1687.

Dean of gild to call for unfreemen.

The magistrats and toune counsell being informed that there are several meilmen and utheris who uses ane trade as freemen within the said burgh and who are neither burges nor gildbrother within the samen, for preventing quherof they appoint the dean of gild to call and conveene them, and to obleidge these that shall be found guiltie aither to admitt themselves or to fyne them for bygaines; and referrs to him with baillie Wallace or the deacon conveener, to give what ease they shall think fitt to these who shall enter.

Partick bridge.

Appoints the dean of gild, and quhom other he pleases to call to be present with him, to agree for repairing of Partick bridge and the highway betwixt and there, at the easiest rate he can.

Warrand, thesaurer, French wyne.

Ordaines the thesaurer to pay to John Louke alias Bristo, for himselfe and in name of his partiners, the soume of three hundreth merks for three hodgesheads French wyne furnished be them on the tounes accompt, the grouth 1685, wherof two hodgesheads was sent to the archbishop of Glasgow, and the other taken be &pacute;roveist Barnes to his oune house.

9 August 1687.


James Smith, merchand, is nominat and appointed to be tounes quartermaister for quartering the souldiouris within the toune, John Anderson, lait quartermaister, haveing given over the place by reason of sickness and infirmenes.

Ane gratuitie to be given.

The proveist, baillies and counsell of the said burgh, being informed and takeing to their consideration that quhen the teinds of the personage of Glasgow were set to them be my lord archbishop of St. Andrews, then archbishop of Glasgow, there was ane gratuitie said to have bein promised by some of the counsell to his lady for the same, over and above the pryce thereof, therfor, in consideration of the samen, they think fitt she have the soume of fiftie pound sterling allowed her so soone as they get money arryseing from the foresaids teinds that may bear the said gratuitie.

Warrand, St. Nicholas Hospitall.

Ordaines the thesaurer to pay to Allan Hamiltone what is resting him since his entrie to St. Nicolas Hospitall as ane of the poor men, conforme to umquhill bishop Lightoune his mortificatioun, whilk is fiftie four pund Scots yearlie, and ordaines the succeeding thesaurers to pay him his said pension in tyme comeing as the samen shall become due.

Porterfield, schoolmaister.

Ordaines the thesaureris of this burgh, present or to come, to pay to James Porterfield, yearlie, frae the terme of Whitsounday last, the soume of fiftie two punds Scots to pay his house maill for encourageing him to keep ane schooll within the toune, he keeping the said schooll at such a convenient place in the toune as the magistrats and counsell shall think fitt.

3 September 1687.

James Robison, trees in Gorballis.

The saids magistrats and counsell takeing to consideration that James Robisone, merchand, and severall others were persewed at the instance of John Johnstoune, proveist, and remanent magistrats and toune counsell for the tyme, for cutting and away taking severall trees in Gorballis belonging to the toune, they declyne and pass frae the said persute, and exoneris and discharges the said James Robisone and all otheris concerned of the samen, be thir presents.

Band subscrivit to Mr. John Glendee.

The proveist, baillies and toune counsell of the said burgh being conveened, there was ane band subscrivit in favours of Mr. John Glendee, sometyme minister of the good toune, now dean of Cashell and prebend of St. Michaellis, Dubline, in Ireland, for the soume of sextein thousand merks borrowed and receaved be the saids magistrats and toune counsell frae the said Mr. John Glendee for the use of the haill communitie of the said burgh, for paying and defraying ane pairt of the debts and burdines equivalent to the said soume sua borrowed.

13 September 1687.

Act annulling ane former act of gratuitie.

The proveist, baillies and toune counsell of the burgh being conveened, anent ane act made be them in favoures of the archbishop of St. Andrews his ladie, of the dait the nynth day of August last, by which they had appointed her fiftie pound sterling in satisfaction of ane gratuitie promised to her the tyme the personage teinds of Glasgow was set to them be the said archbishop; and considering that the foresaid soume is over and above the pryce payed be them for the saids teinds, and that any promise she had for the same was only made to her by some few of the memberis of the toune counsell and never allowed nor approven of by the rest, and likewayes considering that since the makeing of the said act they have, be the advyce of otheris, fullie considered the worth of the saids teinds, and therupon finds that the highest rate that can be gottin or exacted be them for the same will come fare short of the pryce payed be them therefor, sua that they, upon all the foresaids considerationes and after mature deliberation had be the saids magistrats and counsell theranent, find sufficient ground and cause to recall and annull the foresaid gratuitie and act above specifeit, appointing, constituteing and liquidating the samen; therefor and for that effect they have rescinded, cassed and annulled, and heirby rescinds, casses and annullis the foresaid act of counsell of the dait, tennor and contents above writtin and gratuitie foresaid thereby constitute, with all that hes followed or may or can follow theron, and declares the same to have bein frae the begining to be now and in all tyme comeing voyd and null.

Warrand, archbishop.

Ordaines the thesaurer to pay to the proveist three hundreth threttie eight punds Scots, quhilk he depursed for carying and transporting the archbishop of Glasgowes pleneshing and goods from Edinburgh to this place.

28 September 1687.

Letter anent ane correction house.

The magistrats and toune counsell takeing to their consideration ane letter sent be Sir John Harper, for himself and in name of the justices of peace in the shyre of Lanerk, for provydeing ane correction house, conform to the 18th Act of parl: 2nd, session 3rd, of King Charles the second, (fn. 4) they continow giveing ane ansuer therto till they consider the said act.

Warrand, thesaurer, Kings birthday.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for two hundreth fourtie four pund Scots, depursed be him to the proveist for his expenses on the Kings birthday, the fourtein day of October 1686, and for the tounes dinner to some persones in the proveists house at the last election, and for ane gross of glass bottles.

Concerning mariages and baptizines.

The proveist, baillies and toune counsell of the said burgh being conveened, and being certanlie informed that severall of the inhabitants marie and baptize their children at the meeting houses; (fn. 5) whilk being taken to the saids magistrats and counsell their consideration, they herebyordaine the haill inhabitants within the said burgh to booke their mariages, and what children they shall baptize, in the publict and authentick register as formerlie, that hazard may be evited and minouris may not be prejudged when extracts of their age may be called for at the publict register, and that they pay the ordinary dewes therefor to the clerk, beddellis and otheris concerned, conforme to use and wont, under the paine of three pund Scots to be exacted aff the contraveeneris toties quoties.

4 October 1687.

Ane letter from the privie councill dischargeing the election.

The whilk day, being the ordinary day for electing the magistrats of this burgh for the ensuing year, the letter following was produced, subscrivit by his grace my lord duke of Hamiltone, in name of the lords of his Majesties privie counsell, and direct to the proveist and remanent magistrats of the burgh of Glasgow, or aither of them, to be communicat to the toune counsell therof, of the which letter the tennor followes:—Affectionat freinds. Wheras his most sacreed Majestie, by his royall letter daited at the court at the Beath the eight day of September then instant, signified that all electiones in royall burrowes be suspended untill his royall pleasure be knoune theranent, yow are therefor, in pursuance therof, heirby expreslie prohibited and discharged, as yow will answer at your perrillis, to elect any new magistrats or counsell within your burgh this year. And ye and the present magistrats and counsell are, by his Majesties authoritie, heirby authorized to continow and exerce as magistrats and counsell untill his Majestie shall signifie his further pleasure. Signed, in name and by warrand of his Majesties privie councill, by your affectionat freind, sic subscribitur: Hamilton, I.P.D. Whilk was in all humilitie consented to by the saids magistrats and counsell.

1 November 1687.

Warrand, Paterson.

Ordaines John Patersone to have ane warrand for the soume of twentie sevin pound sterling payed to James Stirling of Ballaggan for ane gold box given to his grace my lord archbishop of Glasgow with his burges ticket, and for some silver work that was given be the toune to ane freind.

Warrand, Green.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the soume of eight hundreth merks payed to James Boyd, maisson, to ane accompt for capeing the Green dyck.

Warrand, iron work.

Ordaines the thesaurer to pay to Walter Corbet, smith, the soume of [£ 60 5 s. 6 d.] for iron work wrought and furnished be him to the key at the Broomilaw, Partick bridge, and other places in the toune.

12 November 1687.

Bread, tallow, candle.

[The 12d. loaf to weigh 13 oz. 3 drops; tallow to be sold for 3½ merks the stone; and candle for 4 merks the stone.]

17 December 1687.

Warrand, duke of Gordons men.

Ordaines the thesaurer to pay to James Smith, merchand, the soume of ane hundreth punds Scots money for trees and cabers that was taken frae him be the duke of Gordones men that wer here the tyme of Argyles rebellion, whilk they burnt upon the Green of Glasgow for their eldine.

Warrand, officers.

Ordaines the thesaurer to pay to ilk ane of the toune officeris ane rex doller, and two to Robert Andersone, the deacon conveeneris officer, and ane to John Hepburne, dempster, and another to hieland Donnald and his wife for their present necessitie; and to pay ten pund Scots farder to John Lundie and George Young, officeris, for their warning the toune counsell the last year.

29 December 1687.


James Smith was laid asyde from being quartermaister and John Anderson, maister of wark was put in his place to exerce as quartermaister, and ordained to quarter the souldioris accordinglie.

Warrand, centrie boxes.

Ordaines John Patersone, wright, to detaine in his oune hand, out of the first and readiest of the imposition he hes receaved and resting to the toune, the soume of ane hundreth and nyne pund twelve shilling Scots for makeing of ten centrie boxes, at ten pund the peice, and for some other work wrought and furnished for the use of the toune.

Warrand, carying armes.

Ordaines the present thesaurer, or he that shall succeed him, to pay to John Wilsone, for himselfe and severall other of the carteris, his partineris, the soume of nyntie nyne pund sextein shilling Scots money, for carying of armes to the castle of Edinburgh, and for carying of baggage and ammunition at several tymes and to severall places, belonging to his Majesties forces.


  • 1. John Drummond, brother of the earl of Perth, lord chancellor of Scotland, was created earl of Melfort in 1686. Between 1682 and 1684, when the duke of Queensberry was lord high treasurer, Drummond acted as treasurer depute, and in August, 1684, he was appointed Secretary for Scotland, an office which he held till the Revolution. During the greater part of October, 1684, he was resident in Glasgow, whence he wrote many letters, purporting to be a "perfite journall" of his proceedings in that district. Extracts from the letters will be found in Historical MSS. Commission's Report on MSS. of Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry, preserved at Drumlanrig Castle, II, pp. 175–96. See also Report of Hist. MSS. Commission, XVI., pp. 119–21.
  • 2. Archbishop Cairncross was deprived of the archbishopric of Glasgow in the beginning of 1687, and was succeeded by John Paterson, who was translated from Edinburgh.
  • 3. Antea, p. 367.
  • 4. By this act (1672, c. 42, A.P.S. VIII., p. 89) the magistrates of certain burghs, including Glasgow for the shire of Lanark, were enjoined to provide correction houses for receiving and entertaining of beggars, vagabonds, and idle persons within their burghs and such as should be sent to them out of the shires and bounds there specified.
  • 5. By proclamation dated 28th June, and published by order of the privy council on 5th July, 1687, King James suspended "all penal and sanguinary laws made against any for nonconformity to the religion established by law in this our ancient kingdom," and gave permission to all his subjects "to meet and serve God after their own way and manner, be it in private houses, chapels or places purposely hired or built for that use" (Wodrow's Church History, IV., pp. 226–7). On obtaining this liberty "the people of the presbyterian way," says M'Ure, "by large and vast contributions, built public meeting-houses, vastly large, and had two ministers for preaching there every Lord's day, which continued so till the revolution, that episcopacy was abolished by act of parliament, and presbytry settled in its place" (Hist. of Glasgow, 1830 edition, pp. 60, 61). One of the meetinghouses was situated at Merkdailly, on the south side of Gallowgate, and the other stood between the New Wynd and Mains Wynd, on the south side of Trongate. Of the former meeting-house, James Wodrow, father of the historian, was appointed minister in 1688 (Life of Professor James Wodrow, pp. 80–5). Merkdailly was deserted in 1690, but the Wynd meeting-house was continued as a city church. When St. Andrew's Church was completed, about the year 1756, it was occupied by the Wynd congregation. The Wynd Church was shortly afterwards rebuilt, and occupied as a city church till 1807, when the congregation removed to the newly-built St. George's Church.