Henry VIII: May 1528, 1-10

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Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 4, 1524-1530. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1875.

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May 1528

Could have written two days ago about this naval victory of the French, but waited for fuller news. There never was a more bloody battle at sea. Few have escaped alive. Marquis de Guasto, Ascanio and Camillo Colonna, the Cardinal's nephews, are prisoners. Don Ugo, the viceroy, Cæsar Ferramusca and Pedro Urias are dead.
Lat., p. 1. Headed: Exemplum literarum cardinalis Columnæ ad R. Campegium. Caietæ, cal. Maii '28.
Endd.: Copia rerum Neapolitanarum.
1 May.
Galba, B. IX. 116*. B. M.
4233. DE LUXEMBOURG to [WINGFIELD], Deputy of Calais.
Has received by the bearer letters from Madame, saying that he has complained of certain deeds done in his territory by the men-of-war at Bourbourg and Gravelines. Wonders he never informed him of it, as he has been for some time on the frontier. If he will send some one to inform him of the damage done, will hear the captains of the said men-of-war, and do justice. Berghes, St. Winnocq, 1 May '28. Signed.
Fr., p. 1. Add.
1 May.
R. O.
Finds that his brother Dacres is going up to my Lord's grace (Wolsey) for several causes. It was as necessary the writer should have gone as he, if it had been my Lord's pleasure, who, he now fears, is not his good lord. Wishes to know from Arundel if it is so, for then it will be meet for him to give over what he has of the King. Hopes Arundel will be as plain with him as he was wont. Alnwick, 1 May.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: To my bedfellow Arundell.
1 May.
S. B.
4235. WM. HASING.
Grant to Wm. Hasyng alias Nottingham pursuivant, of the office of Somerset herald. Del. Westm., 1 May 20 Hen. VIII.
Pat. 20 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 29.
R. O. Petition of Wm. Hasing alias Buckingham herald, for annuity of 10l. from the lordship of Agmondisham, Bucks, for his services in the wars; also for the office of one of the heralds, with such a name as shall please the King.
In the margin at the top of the page is written: "This must be first done."
Large paper, p. 1. Endd.
2 May.
R. O.
Has received their letter, dated Greenwich, 1 May, saying that the King wishes him to send up the writer of the copy of the bill of supplication, the man who instructed the writer, and the supplication interlined, of which they have the copy. Sends Richard Sisely, in whose hands he found the original bill, scribbled and interlined, which he encloses; and Thos. Colhurst, the writer, who did nothing but copy the bill which was brought to him. Sisely will tell Rochford from whom he had the original bill in Tunbridge, but he does not know who gave the instructions or wrote the original bill. Would have sent to Tunbridge for those Siseley named, but thought Lord Rochford could do that better, as he has the rule there, and, besides that, it might cause a bruit. Otford, 2 May. Signed.
P. 1. Add.
3 May.
Vit. B. x. 87. B. M.
Desires him to ask Wolsey that certain alum belonging to the heirs of Augustino Ghisi may be freed from sequestration, and delivered to Antonio Bonvise as payment for the debts due to him from the Ghisi. Orvieto, 3 May 1528.
Hol., Lat., p. 1.
3 May.
R. O.
A servant of the Bishop's, who brought him a letter from Exeter, and departed forthwith to his lodging at Bewdely, died there, this 3 May, of the common sickness. My lady Governess and the Council think those of the Council who are occupied with the suitors thronging the Court should not come into the Princess's presence. Proclamations are made that no infected persons should come thither; but if there by any disease at Hertelbury, they have no good place to remove the Princess to.
Mr. Almoner, Mr. Salter and Mr. Bromley, who, with the solicitor, are all the councillors present, send their compliments.
Hol., p. 1. Add.
4 May.
R. O.
Divers substantial clothiers of these parts have been with him this day, complaining that they can have no sale for their cloths at London, and that unless remedy be found they will be unable to keep their workfolks in work more than a fortnight or three weeks. The scarcity of oil alone, they say, will compel them to give up making cloth, unless some come from Spain. Stoke, 4 May.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: To my lord Legate. Endd.
4 May.
R. O.
Informs him that the Imperial army, of which he is captain general, is proceeding to the defence of Italy. Trent, 4 May 1528.
iii. List of Imperialists taken prisoners.
Don Ugo de Moncada, dead.
Marquis of Guasto, Prince of Salerno, Ascanio Colonna, Capt. Sancta Croce, Capt. Gio. de Varia, with other captains and 900 arquebusiers, entirely cut to pieces.
Comendador Ricardo, Capt. Manzono, Daghe Spagnuolo, Capt. Gobbo, Capt. Joan Gaetano, Capt. Reniere de Montenies, with his ensigns.
Ital., p. 1, in the hand of John Casale. Endd.: Copia literarum capitanei Germanorum ad Venetos. Add.: R. D. Petro Vannæ, secretario, Londini.
4 May.
Galba, B. IX. 117. B. M.
4241. DE LUXEMBOURG to [WINGFIELD, Deputy of Calais].
Has received his letter by the bearer. Is glad to hear that he is so well contented with his [Luxembourg's] men. Professes his readiness to remedy all damage done by them. Gravelinghes, 4 May '28. Signed.
Fr., p. 1. Add. Endd.
4 May.
Strype's Mem. I. Pt. ii. p. 56.
Abjuration by Thos. Bowgas, of the parish of St. Leonard's, Colchester, fuller, before Cuthbert bishop of London, of the following heresies; viz., that a man need not go on pilgrimage to St. Thomas of Canterbury, or to Our Lady of Grace; that there is no other church of God but man's conscience; that he had as leve be buried in his own house as in the church; "that I would Our Lady of Grace were in my bakehouse;" that when asked if it were good to set a taper before the sepulchre, he said, "it was nothing but to set a candle before the Devil;" that if he had the crucifix, the image of Our Lady and other Saints, and crosses, in a ship, he would drown them all in the sea. Desires a penance. Signed.
On the 4 May 1528, Bowgas appeared before the bishop of London, in the chapel of the manor house of the bishop of Norwich by Charing Cross; and on reading the above abjuration received absolution, the Bishop enjoining him, on pain of relapse, to go in procession on Sunday, 10 May, following, at the parish of St. Leonard at Hithe near Colchester, bearing a faggot on his shoulder, and afterwards hear mass on bended knees on the steps of the choir. Says he is willing to undergo the penance. Present: Geoffrey Wharton, chancellor; Wm. Layton, principal registrar; Thos. Chambre, chaplain; Master Skelton, Marmaduke Tunstal, gentlemen; Geo. Bedyll, Thos. Pilkyngton, Thos. Dowman, Anthony Tunstal, Nich. Tunstal, Wm. Westwray and Humph. Odingsalis, literati.
8 May.
R. O.
Last Wednesday, about 9 o'clock, p.m., heard from his brother Sir Henry, that Thos. Merser, of Hawkehurst, made the bill "that was put up to my lord of Canterbury by the men of Senoke and others." Sent his servants to attach him, and sends him to Wolsey by them. He does not know why he is sent, but thinks it is about a variance he has with the parson of Hawkehurst. Hallden, 8 May. Signed.
P. 1. Add.: To my lord Legate's grace. Endd.
8 May.
Galba, B. IX. 118. B. M.
4244. JOHN HACKET to [TUKE].
Has received no letters from him since he wrote last. Although my Lady was fully determined to send the squire Marenix on the coming of the safe-conduct which Lassaux brought, and it was thought he would be dispatched on April 27, she afterwards, by Hoghstrate's advice, caused him to tarry till she had answer to some new things which she wrote to the Emperor's ambassador there. This answer arrived on April 30; and next day, at dinner time, Marenix, who is the treasurer Marenix's brother, left with his instruction, "to mythe our me ... in France," and so pass forward.
My Lady is better inclined to Wolsey's mind than before. There are ill spirits in the world, who would prefer that this peace were made by other ways than by the King and Wolsey; but he doubts not that God and time will overcome their ill intents. Thinks he told him, in his letter of April 6, that, at his suggestion, my Lady had allowed the corn that the Hoghstetters were about to send to England to proceed thither. Two ships from Antwerp have sailed; but Hoghestrat, as governor of Holland, has detained those in Holland, saying that the Emperor has some action upon the Hoghstetters which my Lady and the Council did not know of when they gave this permission. Joakyn Hoghstetter has been here himself, and does not know how he shall speed, for they lay divers things to his charge. He has denied the charges, but that does not help him. If his accusers were as good English hearts as Hacket or Tuke, his corn would not have been arrested; but, as the Italians say, "quy a il tymone in mano, ghoverna la nave."
Wishes he could see Wolsey and hear his pleasure. On the 12th a diet of the states of Holland, Seland, Brabant and Flanders will be held to arrange for the defence of the countries.
Doubts not that he has spoken to Wolsey for the increase of his diets, which he does not desire for avarice or to make store. Machlyng, 8 May 1528.
Hol., pp. 4. The three names in italics are in cipher.
Thanks him for this last token of affection which his Majesty has received by Fox. Vows devotion to the Holy See. Perceives that the methods adopted by the Pope have been those of an indulgent father. It only remains the Pope should now accomplish what may appear necessary for the completion of the work, with the same courtesy as he has commenced it. The King will use so much dexterity (fn. 3) that nothing but honor shall redound to the Holy See.
In Vannes' hand, Lat., p. 1. Endd.: Copy of a letter to the Pope from the King.
10 May.
R. O.
The King and Wosley have been much delighted to hear, by the letters of Master Stephen and the report of Fox, with what diligence Casalis has been pursuing the King's business. Requests him, however, to use his influence with the Pope along with Master Stephen to obtain certain things which, in Wolsey's opinion and that of some most learned men, remain to be done, especially "in commissione illa decretali a S.D.N., nullis arbitris seu consultoribus admissis, concedenda et secreto ad me mittenda." (fn. 4) He may pledge Wolsey's salvation to the Pope that it shall be kept secret from every eye*, so that his Holiness need have no fear. Does not desire the commission, that on the strength of it any process should take place, or that it should be publicly or privately exhibited, but only as a pledge of the Pope's paternal regard towards the King and to himself, by which he will show his complete confidence in Wolsey, and assist in maintaining his authority. From my house at London, 10 May 1528. Signed.
Pp. 2, in Vannes' hand. Add. Endd. by Casale: "10 Maij."
Vit. B. X. 88.
B. M.
2. Duplicate of the same, with a few verbal differences.
10 May.
Vit. B. X. 61 b. B. M. Pocock, I. 162.
Safe-conduct for Thadeus, going to Italy with despatches. Greenwich, 10 May 1528.
Lat., draft, p. 1, in Vannes' hand.
10 May.
R. O.
The earl of Ossory intends to expel him from the manor of Clonecurrey, which he and his ancestors have possessed these 100 years, in violation of an agreement which the present earl of Kildare, just after his father's death, made with him when he was earl of Ormond. Requests that Ossory may be commanded to keep to his agreement. Divers of his ancestors were slain in defence of these lands against Irish rebels. Requests that if the Earl will not obey the King's command, the writer may make defence against him. Clonecurrey, 10 May.
Hol., p. 1. Add. and endd.


  • 1. Addressed, "Magnifice Domine."
  • 2. Henricus junior dux Pramisbicensis.
  • 3. For the original word, "providentia," the King has substituted in his own hand "dexteritate."
  • 4. These passages are underlined, apparently by another hand.