Parishes: St Augustine by St Paul's

Pages 124-126

The Cartulary of Holy Trinity, Aldgate. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1971.

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[f. 118] In the parish of St. Augustine iuxta Portam

634. Grant by Thomas the Chamberlain son of Robert the Chamberlain to John de Balio of 2s. p.a. of quit rent which Andrew the chaplain of St. Augustine next the gate of St. Paul's was accustomed to pay to Thomas from land next to the said church on the north next the street on the west; for this 2s. John de Ballio shall pay to the grantor and his heirs 12d. p.a. without fail or miskenning; John gave 1 lb. of pepper as gersuma; witnesses, Ralph de Hakrege, John Alwell.

635. Confirmation by Thomas the Chamberlain of the gift of 12d. p.a. of quit rent made by John de Baillio which he had from the 2s. rent which Andrew the chaplain used to pay Thomas; also Thomas granted to Holy Trinity, for the salvation of his soul and those of his father and mother, the remaining 12d. which Andrew paid him in free alms; sealed; witnesses, John son of Daniel, William Gyspo, Richard de Aras.

C.A.D., i, A 1510.

636. [List of those paying quit rent]: Andrew the chaplain who granted the tenement to the canons of Messeden who paid 2s. [See also after 637] as appears by the following charter.

637. [f. 118 inset] (fn. 1) Grant by Andrew the chaplain, once of St. Paul's, to the canons of Messenden all that tenement held by him in the Old Fishmarket (in Veteri Pisearia); to hold in free alms; the canons to pay 2s. p.a. to Holy Trinity and 12d. p.a. to Alan son of Peter for all rents and services saving the procession of the church of St. Augustine on solemn days; sealed; witness, Roger the chaplain.

636 contd. [f. 118] Master Andrew Con(v)ers as appears by a plea held in the Husting, Mon. 20 Oct. 1242; the land was adjudged to Holy Trinity with the houses which were held by Master Andrew Conversus, Reinerus de Bungeye gave judgment in full Husting, Ralph Eswy, then mayor, Adam de Rasing [sic], Hugh White (Albo), sheriffs; Alexander the Whittawer (Allutarius); Stephen de Cornhull; Alan Chaundeler; his widow, 1 and 19 Ed. II and 1 Ed. III; Sibyl at Cok, 6 and 30 Ed. III; John Blanket, 46 Ed. III and 8 Ric. II; William Frenyngham, 10 Ric. II; Robert Forster, 4 Hy. IV; John Wydmere, 12 Hy. IV; now the church itself, (fn. 2) and this tenement is situated on the east side of Old Chaunge and half this tenement is by the north aisle of the church.

638. Note: William the Chamberlain gave to Richard prior and convent 1 lb. of cumin from the land with houses which was of John de Wylehale in the same parish as appears by Charter Seventeen (fn. 3) of several parishes.

639. [List of those paying quit rent]: John de Wylehale; Joan de Wylehale, 1 Ed. II; Richard de Wylehale, 1 Ed. III; Adam Haket, 35 and 49 Ed. III; Roger Shyry(v)e, 8 Ric. II [f. 118v] and this tenement is situated on the south side of Watlyngstret between the tenement of the monks of Tyltey on the west as appears in their charter (fn. 4) enrolled 6 Ed. I and that of the late Ingelinerus the Goldsmith from which the prior of the New Hospital has 7s. p.a.

640. Total of this parish 2s. and it is tithed at this in the king's exemplification.


  • 1. A piece of parchment 9 ins. wide and 52/5 ins. long is inserted between f. 117 and f. 118.
  • 2. Presumably the church of St. Augustine.
  • 3. 1018.
  • 4. H.R. 9(48).