Parishes: St Vedast

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The Cartulary of Holy Trinity, Aldgate. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1971.

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In the parish of St. Vedast

641. [1258] Grant by John de Wylihale (Wylehale), citizen, for the salvation of his soul etc., to John prior and convent of 33s. p.a. of quit rent and 1 lb. of cumin or 2d. without the soke of St. Martin's in the Fields (sine soka sancti Martini in campis et sine secta et sine libertatibus predicte secte pertinentibus); out of that 32s. 6d. which Alan Godard holds of the grantor in Cheap between Godrunlane and the house which was of Henry Waleys; and also 6d. and 1 lb. of cumin from land which is next to the land of John Travers on the east and the land which Alan Godard holds of the grantor on the west; the canons to hold all the 33s. and 1 lb. of cumin in free alms; rent to the heirs of the grantor's brother William 1 lb. of cumin or 2d. in the octave of Michaelmas; sealed; witnesses, John de Gysors, mayor, Robert de Cornhull, John Adryan, sheriffs.

642. [List of those paying quit rent]: Alan Godard; Katherine Godard; Roger de Lyntona, 5 Ed. II; Henry de Pipehurst, 19 Ed. II then the tenement was divided for William Horwod paid 24s. 8d., Walter Louthe 8s. and William de Wylehale 12d.: after William Horwod; John Ysle, 37 Ed. III; John Isele junior who granted the two tenements to Robert Payn who paid from one tenement 24s. 8d. and from the other which Walter Lowthe held, 8s. to Holy Trinity as appears in a charter (fn. 1) enrolled Mon. 29 Feb. 1372; Robert Payn, 49 Ed. III; Richard Betele, 16 Ric. II and 4 Hy. IV; William Tristur: [f. 119] after Walter Louthe; Robert Payn; John Isele junior who granted the tenement to William Lyncoln who paid 8s. as appears by charter (fn. 2) enrolled after the feast of St. Margaret 1372 and who paid 16 Ric. II; Stephen Spylnia, 4 Hy. IV; Simon Sewale: and after William Wylehale; his son William to whom his father had bequeathed all the rents he had in Cheap towards (versus) the church of St. Michael; William de Assendon; Katherine Assendon; Robert de Wyndesor, 1 and 5 Ed. II; Robert Lyghtfot, 19 Ed. 11; now [1425–7] the master of the Saddlers and the said tenements are situated adjacent between Gutturlane on the east and the tenements of the master of the Saddlers on the west. Note: in the charter (fn. 3) of Thomas Hardy enrolled 10 Ed. II on the limits of the above tenement which is situated in breadth between the tenement of Robert Lyghtfoot on the east and extends in length from the tenement of R. Lynton on the north to the king's street of West Chep on the south.

643. Total of this parish 33s. 8d. and it is tithed at this in the king's exemplification.


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