Parishes: St John Zachary

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The Cartulary of Holy Trinity, Aldgate. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1971.

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[f. 119v] In the parish of St. Vedast

644. [1147–67] Grant by Ralph prior and convent to Godfrey de Wyndlesores of land in the parish of St. John which Osbert Tornes held; rent 3s. 4d. p.a.; the grant to last as long as Godfrey pays the rent and remains faithful to the church; witnesses, L(unn)gus, alderman, Ilgirus.

645. [List of those paying rent]: Godfrey de Wyndlesores or Draper; Walter the Goldsmith or Black (Niger); John de Woburne; the hospital of St. Bartholomew; Nicholas de Woburne; William de Aqua who granted the land to Richard de Wylehale, 1 and 19 Ed. II and 1 Ed. III; John Wyrhale, 6 Ed. III; Hugh de Zadelyngstanes, 30 Ed. III; his widow, 42 Ed. III; Nicholas Twyford, 46 Ed. III; William Cresswyk, 20 Ric. II; the hospital of St. Bartholomew.

646. Grant by William prior and convent to Adam de Allyngebery (Alyngbery), citizen, of all the empty land in the parish of St. John between Godrunlane and Hoggenlane between that tenement which John de Morpat, lorimer, holds of Holy Trinity; the tenement will remain to the canons entirely (integraliter) and contains in length from Godrunlane towards the east 18¾ ells and in width at the west end along Godrunlane and in the middle next the gate of the Old Fishmarket 10½ ells and at the east end against the latrine 8 ells 3 ins. and the empty land lies between the tenement of Thomas de Lychfeld on the north and that of John de Sonner; also granted to Adam and his heirs, as an easement, half their aforesaid latrine on condition that Adam and his assigns shall clean (mundare) all the latrine at their own charge and on their own land as often as necessary and that they shall find the cost of half the repairs of the latrine; also granted free entry to and exit from Godrunlane to the gate of the old bakehouse (pistrina) and Adam and his heirs grant to the prior and convent and their successors free access to and from the bakehouse directly to the lane called Hoggen and to others who may wish to go through, for ever; the grantee and his heirs undertake not to build or to do anything to the detriment of the holding; rent 28s. p.a.; if the rent is in arrears Adam concedes for himself etc. that the prior shall take naam and distrain on his tenements both that which he holds on the corner opposite the church of St. Michael of Hoggenlane as well as in the aforesaid land until he is satisfied; warranty except that tenement which John de Morpat holds of the prior and convent; gersuma 20s.; [f. 120] two charters chirographed sealed; one remaining with the prior and convent sealed with the seal of Adam and the other remaining with Adam sealed with the seal of Holy Trinity; witnesses, Ralph de Sandwich, warden, Elias Russel, Henry le Bole, sheriffs; dated 21 Sep. 1292.

647. [List of those paying rent]: Adam de Alyngbery, linendraper (langiarius), 1 and 19 Ed. II and 1 Ed. III; Margery Alyngbery, 6 Ed. III; John Hatfeld, 36 Ed. III; Thomas Hatfeld throughout Ric. II and Hy. IV which Thomas died 5 Oct. 1422 without lawful heirs by whose death the tenement with the bakehouse annexed and two shops in Gutterlane came to William Tretheck by a charter made in his favour by Thomas against the will (fn. 1) of his father which was enrolled in the Husting Mon. 16 Oct. 1363 on account of which Holy Trinity sought a writ ex gravi querela against William as appears in the following plea.

648. Common plea held in the Husting, Mon. 26 Oct. 1422.

It is ordered that the sheriff warn William Trethek to be at the next Husting to reply to the prior of Holy Trinity in a plea concerning the execution of the testament of John de Hatfeld senior, late citizen and chandler. Mon. 9 Nov. 1422: William Trethek against the prior of Holy Trinity in the above plea represented by John Good; the prior names in his place John Hethingham against William Trethek. Mon. 30 Nov. 1422: the prior by his attorney offers himself against William Trethek in a plea that according to the custom of the City, it is allowed to each and every citizen to leave his tenements as chattels in his last will to whomsoever he wishes and that John de Hatfeld senior left two shops etc. in Gothernlane to Thomas his son to hold to the said Thomas and his lawfully begotten heirs, so that when Thomas died without heirs the tenement should have remained to Denise the daughter of John and to her lawful heirs and if she died without heirs the tenement should remain in perpetuity to the prior and convent; and William Trethek, after the death of Thomas and Denise without heirs, entered the said tenement and detained it illegally from the prior and the charge is that it is against the wish of the aforesaid testator; William did not come and has a day to essoin etc.; judgment is that the tenement and shops be seized into the hands of the City etc. and that William be summoned to be at the next Husting. Mon. 18 Jan. 1423: it is ordered that the sheriff take into the hands of the City the bakehouse and two shops opposite in Hoggenlane and two shops in Gothernlane [no further record].

649. Total of this parish 31s. 4d. and nevertheless it is tithed at 51s. 4d. as appears in the king's exemplification.


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