Parishes: St Mary Aldermanbury

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The Cartulary of Holy Trinity, Aldgate. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1971.

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[f. 125] In the parish of St. Mary Aldermanbery

687. [1194–5] Grant by Atheliza Holebagge to Gilbert de Reding, spurrier, of all that land in the parish of St. Mary between the land that was of Andrew Senis and the land which Geoffrey Skyrwyt holds; to hold to the grantee and his heirs by hereditary right paying to the lords (seignuragiis) of the fee viz. Alfred the Mercer and his heirs 2s. p.a.; Gilbert gave the grantor one gold brooch (fimaculwri); witnesses, Henry son of Ailwin, Roger son of Alan, Robert Bisant, Jukell, then sheriffs.

688. Note: Richard de Flytt and Alice daughter of Alfred granted to the prior and convent of Holy Trinity 6s. p.a. of quit rent from two pieces of land, one in Aldermanbery and the other in Bassyngshawe; from the land in Aldermanbery 2s. p.a. as appears by Charter Twenty-two (fn. 1) of several parishes.

689. [List of those paying quit rent]: Richard Blund; Ralph Cant(er); Roger Cant(er); Alice daughter of Ralph Cant(er) who granted to Richard prior and convent 18d. p.a. which Roger Cant(er) was accustomed to pay her from the aforesaid tenement as appears by the following quitclaim.

690. [1225] Sale and quitclaim by Alice daughter of Ralph for herself and her heirs to Richard prior and convent of a rent of 18d. p.a. which Roger Cant(er) and Marsilia his widow paid the grantor; the prior and convent gave 10s.; witnesses, [Richard] Renger, mayor, Roger Duce, sheriff, Andrew Bukerel, alderman.

C.A.D., ii, A 1881.

691. [List of those paying quit rent]: at 3s. 6d.; Roger; Stephen le Coteler; Gunote Fererbras; Bartholomew de Castro; Ingellard; John de Schirburne, 1 and 19 Ed. II and 1 and 6 Ed. III who bequeathed the tenement to Margery his widow as appears in his will (fn. 2) enrolled 28 Ed. III; his widow, 32 Ed. III; John de Toure, 51 Ed. III and 8 Ric. II; the churchwardens of St. Mary Aldermanbery.

692. [1227–9] Grant by Richard prior and convent to Robert de Gypewych, goldsmith, of certain land with houses which is between the land of Matthew Bukerel both on the south and on the north containing in length along the king's street 26 ells and at the south end 17½ ells and at the north end 183/8 ells; rent 4s. of quit rent from the tenement that was of William Wyte and 2 marks p.a.; the grantee not to destroy the property nor to pledge it to Jews or religious houses; if he wishes to sell, the prior and convent to have the preference by 1 gold bezant; swore fealty; gersuma 6s. 8d.; sealed; witnesses, Roger Duce, mayor, Richard Reinger, Stephen Bukerel, Henry de Cokam, sheriffs.

C.A.D., i, A 1489.

693. [f. 125v] [1227–9] Recognisance of Robert de Gypwich that he owes 2 marks p.a. of rent to Holy Trinity and that this sum shall be paid from his seld in Cheap; abutments, the land of the canons of St. Mary Suthwerk and that of Robert Bassyng on the east; this may be done until the rent from the tenement in Aldermanbery is sufficient to pay the canons; sealed; witnesses, Roger le Duce, mayor, Richard Reinger, Stephen Bukerel, Henry Cokam, sheriffs.

C.A.D., i, A 1490.

694. [List of those paying rent]: Robert de Gypwich; Ralph Aswy, 1 and 18 Ed. II and 1 Ed. III as appears by Acquittance Six (fn. 3) of several parishes and then the land was divided for Richard Lac paid 13s. 4d. as appears by the following plea.

695. Common plea held in the Husting, Mon. 20 July 1338.

Richard le Lac complains that on Fri. 15 May [1338] the prior came to his free tenement in Aldermanbery and took naam worth 13s. 4d. until by gage and pledge of Nicholas Crane, one of the sheriffs, etc.; the prior said that a piece of land between Richard's gate and the tenement of John Colwell was the place which was held of him at a rent of 13s. 4d. p.a. and that he had been seised of the rent by Stephen de Aschwy, Kt., his tenant and that the rent was 26s. 8d. in arrears for two years and Stephen could not deny this and the prior retained his naam; Richard in mercy.

696. Note: [partly on f. 126] Richard paid 30 Ed. III and had two daughters, Alice married to Robert Marny and Katherine married to John at Pole between whom the whole possessions of the father were divided and the above tenement [in 695] was assigned to Alice who paid 13s. 4d. p.a. to Holy Trinity as appears in a charter of 39 Ed. III and so Robert Marny paid throughout Ric. II.

697. Note [f. 125v] John de Colwell paid 3s. 4d. p.a. [sic] for his part as appears by the following plea [See also after 699].

698. Plea [no heading] John de Colwell summoned to reply to the prior in a plea that he shall do right service for his free tenement which he holds of Holy Trinity, viz. a rent of 13s. 4d. p.a. which is 10s. in arrears for three years past (fn. 4) on 12 Mar. 1338; the tenement is not distrainable for a year and a day and the prior sought as gavelet etc.; John recognises this and the prior recovered for a year and a day; John in mercy; John satisfied the prior as to the arrears.

699. Acquittance of Thomas prior and convent acknowledging the receipt from John de Colwell, citizen and mercer, of 40d. sterling in payment of all arrears of a rent of 40d.; indentured acquittance sealed counterparts; dated London Wed. 27 Oct. 1339.

697 contd. [f. 126] John de Colwell, 30 Ed. III; William Bristowe, 32 Ed. III; Simon de Bristowe, 42 Ed. III; the prior of Elsyngspitell, 49 Ed. III and from then on.

700. [1170–97] Grant by Stephen prior and convent to Roger the Bursar of that land which immediately before, Mabel de Tresgoz held of Holy Trinity; rent 4s. p.a.; swore fealty; gersuma 5s.; witnesses, John the chaplain of St. Michael, Robert the chaplain who was clerk of Holy Trinity.

C.A.D., ii, A 1976.

701. [List of those paying rent]: Roger the Burser; Richard Dererkyng; Stephen Bukerel from whom Holy Trinity received a bakehouse or land for a bakehouse which was later called 'Pistrina Bokerel'; John de Osberne who granted the tenement to John de Bockyng who paid 4s. as appears by their charter (fn. 5) enrolled 13 Ed. II and John de Bockyng granted it to William le Lac who paid 4s. as a charter of Richard Lac, goldsmith, enrolled 29 Ed. III shows, from which Richard prior Nicholas [sic] claimed to have 34s. more from the said tenement. [See also after 702].

701a. [? 1216–17] (fn. 6) Grant (fn. 7) by William de Mandavill for the repose of his soul and for the souls of his father and mother and Geoffrey his brother of a quit rent of 40s. p.a. in the parish of St. Mary Aldermanbury; 36s. from lands and tenements which Edward de Cestrehunt, whittawer, held and 4s. from a stone house next the above on the south; if 4s. is not there obtainable, the canons may take this sum from other of the grantee's rents; to hold in free alms; 20s. to be devoted to pittances on the anniversaries of the grantee's father and brother; witnesses, William Dunston, Ralph de Sendon, Henry de Furnell.

Margin: Vacatur.

702. Release from Prior Nicholas of 34s. p.a. to Richard Lac; the rent issuing from Richard's holding in the parish of St. Mary between the tenement of William de Bristowe on the north and that of John de Enefeld on the south; saving 4s. p.a. of rent which Holy Trinity has received from the tenement; sealed by the conventual seal [f. 126v] and by the seal of Richard Lac; dated London Thurs. 15 Dec. 1355.

C.A.D., ii, A 1885 and A 1975.

701 contd. John Salesby, 42 Ed. III; John Tours, 49 Ed. III who bequeathed the tenement to the church of Aldermanbury as in his will (fn. 8) enrolled after 18 Oct. 1386; the churchwardens of St. Mary Aldermanbury [26 lines blank].

703. Total of this parish 34s. 2d. and it is tithed at this in the king's exemplification.


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