The Later Records Relating To North Westmorland Or the Barony of Appleby

By John F Curwen. Contains abstracts and transcriptions of documents for the local history of the northern part of the county, arranged by parish. It provides information on churches, manors and schools, plus extracts from the Hearth Tax of 1669-72. Towns covered include Appleby, Brough and Shap. Published by kind permission of the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society and Cumbria County Council.

Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian. Originally published by Titus Wilson and Son, Kendal, 1932.

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Table of contents

Title Page(s)
Preface vii
North Westmorland: The barony of Appleby 1-2
North Westmorland: Main roads 3-8
North Westmorland: County Bridges 9-16
North Westmorland: Railways 17-21
North Westmorland: Church Surveys 22-23
North Westmorland: Catholic recusancy and Protestant Dissent 24-30
North Westmorland: The insurrection of 1715 31-35
North Westmorland: The gaol and shire hall 36-40
North Westmorland: County records 41
North Westmorland: Clerks of the peace and High Constables 42-43
Parishes (East Ward): St Lawrence, Appleby 45-72
Parishes (East Ward): St Michael, Appleby 73-84
Parishes (East Ward): St Peter, Asby 85-93
Parishes (East Ward): St Michael, Brough 94-109
Parishes (East Ward): St Andrew, Crosby Garrett 110-114
Parishes (East Ward): St Cuthbert, Dufton 115-120
Parishes (East Ward): St John, Kirkby Stephen 121-151
Parishes (East Ward): St Michael, Kirkby Thore 152-166
Parishes (East Ward): Long Marton 167-174
Parishes (East Ward): St Theobald, Musgrave 175-182
Parishes (East Ward): St Edmund, Newbiggin 183-188
Parishes (East Ward): St James, Ormside 189-194
Parishes (East Ward): All Saints', Orton 195-213
Parishes (East Ward): St Oswald, Ravenstonedale 214-226
Parishes (East Ward): St Colombe, Warcop 227-236
Parishes (West Ward): St Peter, Askham 237-244
Parishes (West Ward): St Patrick, Bampton 245-255
Parishes (West Ward): St Michael, Barton 256-277
Parishes (West Ward): St Ninian, Brougham 278-290
Parishes (West Ward): St Cuthbert, Cliburn 291-295
Parishes (West Ward): St Cuthbert, Clifton 296-301
Parishes (West Ward): St Laurence, Crosby Ravensworth 302-324
Parishes (West Ward): St Michael, Lowther 325-334
Parishes (West Ward): St Laurence, Morland 335-357
Parishes (West Ward): St Michael, Shap 358-376
Appendices: The churches 377-378
Appendices: The plague 378-380
Appendices: Presentments to Quarter Sessions 380-381
Appendices: Architects of note 381-383
Indices: Of Inquisitions post mortem mentioned 384
Index: General - A-K 385-407
Index: General - L-Z 407-428