237 Garfield v Savell

The Court of Chivalry 1634-1640.

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Benjamin Garfield of Clerkenwell, co. Middlesex, gent v Cordell Savell

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Garfield, who was employed by the king's commissioners for buildings, complained that Savell had called him 'an informer' of 'jakes and privehouses', whereby Garfield had been 'much disgraced and scorned amongst his neighbours'. He petitioned that Savell be punished by the Earl Marshal; but no further proceedings survive.

Initial proceedings

EM295, Petition

'Humblie shewing that where the petitioner hath bin imployed under your honor, and other his Majestie's commissioners for buildings, by the space of three years or thereabouts, wherein he hath always indevored to do his best service for his Majesty, to the contentment of his Majesty's said commissioners, one Cordell Savell, a neighbor of your petitioner's, knowing the premises to be trew, maliciously and in disgrace of your petitioner, and before others of your petitioner's neighbors, said the petitioner was an informer. He asked him whereof, Savell replyed, Of jakes and privehouses, whereby your petitioner is much disgraced and scorned amongst his neighbours, having never delt in any such matter of Information in all his life, saving in this of buildings.'

Petitioned that punishment be meted out upon Savell.

No date.

No signatures.


On 13 August 1626 Benjamin Garfield, churchwarden of St James, Clerkenwell, co. Middlesex, was granted licence to collect money in London, Westminster and 17 counties for the repair of his parish church. Benjamin died by 6 July 1637 when grant of livery was made to his son Benjamin Garfield, gent.

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  • Initial proceedings
    • Petition: EM295 (no date)

People mentioned in the case

  • Garfield, Benjamin, gent
  • Savell, Cordell

Places mentioned in the case

  • Middlesex
    • Clerkenwell
    • Westminster

Topics of the case

  • churchwarden
  • office-holding