505 Pauncefoote v Ailway

The Court of Chivalry 1634-1640.

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John Pauncefoote of Hasfield, co. Gloucester, gent v Robert Ailway

February 1638


Proceedings survive from February 1638, but they do not show either the cause or result of Pauncefoote's complaint against Ailway.

Summary of proceedings

There were proceedings in this cause on 12 February 1638 before Lord Maltravers, the earl of Bath and Sir Henry Marten.


John Pauncefoote was the son of Henry Pauncefoote. John married Agnes, daughter of Sir John St Low.

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  • Proceedings
    • Proceedings before Maltravers: 1/5, fos. 59-69 (12 Feb 1638)

People mentioned in the case

  • Ailway, Robert
  • Bourchier, Henry, earl of Bath
  • Howard, Henry, baron Maltravers
  • Marten, Henry, knight
  • Pauncefoote, Agnes
  • Pauncefoote, Henry
  • Pauncefoote, John, gent
  • St Low, Agnes
  • St Low, John, knight

Places mentioned in the case

  • Gloucestershire
    • Hasfield