Index of persons, A-E

The Court of Chivalry 1634-1640.

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Richard Cust. Andrew Hopper, 'Index of persons, A-E', The Court of Chivalry 1634-1640, British History Online [accessed 20 June 2024].

Richard Cust. Andrew Hopper. "Index of persons, A-E", in The Court of Chivalry 1634-1640, (, ) . British History Online, accessed June 20, 2024,

Cust, Richard. Hopper, Andrew. "Index of persons, A-E", The Court of Chivalry 1634-1640, (, ). . British History Online. Web. 20 June 2024,

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Index of persons, A-E

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Abarrow (A Barough), Hercules

Abbot, Grace

Abbot, John, yeoman

Abbot, Mr

Abbot, William

Abbott, Robert

Abdy, Humphrey, mercer

Abell, William

Abraham, Matthew

Abraham, Renold

Abraham, William

Abrahell (Abrahall)

Acham, Christopher

Acklam, George, yeoman

Acland, John, alderman

Acton, Stephen, butcher

Acton, Thomas, gent

Acton, William, yeoman

Adams, David, gent

Adams, John, gent

Adams (Adames), John, gent

Adams, John, notary public

Adams (Addams), John, notary public

Adams, Thomas, gent

Adams, Ursula, spinster

Adams, William, Mr

Addington, John

Addington, Mary

Addis (Adyes), Thomas, gent

Addy, John, yeoman

Addy, Richard, yeoman

Adeane, John, gent

Adison, Thomas, bricklayer

Adman, William

Adney, George, gent

Agard, John, esq

Agas, Giles, notary public

Ailway, Robert

Airis (Airs), Nicholas, yeoman

Airs, Mr

Alcorne (Abhorne), Edward, clerk

Alderton, Mr

Aldrich, Matthew

Alexander, Elizabeth

Alexander, Thomas, esq

Alkington, Daniel, gent

Allanson, Alice

Allanson, Alice

Allanson, William

Allen, Edward, gent

Allen, Francis, alderman

Allen, Francis, alderman

Allen, John

Allen, John, gent

Allen, John, notary public

Allen, John, painter stainer

Allen, John, yeoman

Allen (Allin), Richard, gaoler

Allen, Strode

Allen, Strode, gent

Allen, Thomas

Allen, Walter, gent

Allenson (Allison, Allanson, Alanson), Anne

Allenson, Christopher, yeoman

Allenson (Allison, Allanson, Alanson), William, knight

Allerton, William, clerk

Allerton, William, minister

Alley, Henry

Allott (Allot), Robert, yeoman

Allott, William, merchant

Alston, Frances

Alston, Thomas

Ambler, James, sawyer

Ambrose, Matthew

Amcotts (Amcotes, Amcottes), Richard, Sir

Amcotts (Amcotes, Amcottes), William, esq

Amphlett, William, gent

Anderson, John

Andrew, George

Andrew, Mary

Andrew, Thomas, esq

Andrewes (Andrews), Anne

Andrewes (Andrews), Edwards, gent

Andrewes (Andrews), Elizabeth

Andrewes, John

Andrewes, Tobias, tailor

Andrewes (Andrews), William the elder, knight

Andrewes (Andrews), William the younger, knight

Andrewes (Andrews), William, knight

Andrews, Michael

Andrews (Andrewes), Michael, barber surgeon

Andrews, Michael, esq, surgeon

Angell, John, esq

Anger, Richard, yeoman

Ansell (Annsell), Henry

Ansell, John

Ansloe (Anslam), Charles

Anton, Arthur, grocer

Anyan, Richard

ap Bynon, David Thomas

ap Davyd, Margaret

ap Davyd, Thomas, gent

ap Evan Gwynee, Thomas

ap Howell, Howell, yeoman

ap John, Thomas, Baron Winfarton

ap John, Thomas, Baron Winfarton

ap Rees, Rees

ap Rice (ap Rees), Thomas, esq

ap Rudy, Jenkin Thomas, gent

ap Thomas, Rice, knight

Apperley, John

Appleby, George, gent

Aram, John

Arche, Elias, clothier

Archer, Henry, yeoman

Arden, Robert, weaver

Argall, Jane

Argall, Richard

Argent, Mary

Argent, William, esq

Arkell, William

Arland, Thomas, currier

Armiger, John, gent

Armitage, George, gent

Armitage, Gregory, gent

Arnold, Edmund, notary public

Arnold, Jane

Arnold, John

Arnold, Robert

Arrowsmith, Richard, labourer

Arscott, Arthur, esq

Arscott, Captain

Arscott, Edmund, esq

Arscott, Mary

Arundel, John, esq

Arundel, Richard, lawyer

Arundel (Arundell), Richard, vintner

Arundell, Dorothy

Arundell (Arundel), John, esq

Arundell, John, knight

Arundell (Arundel), John, knight

Arundell (Arundel), Mary

Arundell, William

Arundell (Arundel), William, esq

Ashby, Dorothy, lady

Ashby, Francis, knight and baronet

Ashby, Joane

Ashby, Robert, knight

Ashenhurst, Edmund, gent

Ashenhurst (Askenhurst), Mr

Asheton (Ashton, Assheton), Edward

Ashfield, Richard, gent

Ashford, Arthur, esq

Ashford, Henry, esq

Ashton, Edmund, esq

Ashton, Henry, captain

Ashwell, William

Ashwell, William, cutler

Askwith, Robert

Astfield, Anthony, gent

Astley, Francis

Astley, Francis, knight

Aston, Anne

Aston, Edward, knight

Aston, Elizabeth

Aston (Astrie), James

Aston, John, gent

Aston, Simon, grocer

Aston, Walter, 1st baron Aston

Aston, Walter, 2nd baron Aston

Atfield, John, clerk

Atkins, Barnard, gent

Atkins, Henry

Atkins, Henry, yeoman

Atkins, Jane

Atkins, Joanna

Atkins, Thomas

Atkinson, James, yeoman

Atkinson, John

Atkinson, John, gent

Atkinson, Mr

Atkinson, Robert, gent

Atkinson, Thomas, clerk

Atkinson, Thomas, constable

Atkirk, Henry, gent

Atkyns, John, tailor

Atkynson, Thomas, maltster

Atlee, Roger, plumber

Attwood (Atwood), Anthony, gent

Attwood (Atwood), John, gent

Attwood, Thomas, scrivener

Auborne, Alice

Aubrey, John

Aucock (Aucocke), William, notary public

Aucock (Aucocke, Ancock), William, notary public

Audlay (Audley), Henr, receiver general

Audley, Mr

Audley (Awdeley), Robert, esq

Audley, Robert, gent

Austell, William

Averell, Elizabeth

Averell, George

Avery, Henry, gent

Avnall, William

Awborne (Auborne), Robert

Awborne, Robert, gent

Awcocke, Mr

Axe, Gregory, yeoman

Axford, Thomas, gent

Axtell, Nathaniel

Aykes, William, gent

Aylesbury, Thomas

Aylesbury, Thomas, knight

Aylett, Jeremy, gent

Aylett, Jo.

Aylett, Mr, gent

Aylett, Robert

Aylett, Thomas, gent

Aylew, Robert


Ayleworth (Ailworth, Aylworth), Anne

Ayleworth (Ailworth, Aylworth), Anthony

Ayleworth (Ailworth), Bray, esq

Ayleworth (Ailworth, Aylworth), Bray, esq

Ayleworth (Ailworth, Aylworth), Edward, esq

Ayleworth, John

Ayleworth (Ailworth, Aylworth), Lucy

Ayleworth, Margery

Ayleworth, Mr

Ayleworth (Ailworth, Aylworth), Richard, gent

Ayleworth (Ailworth, Aylworth), Thomas, gent

Aylmer (Elmer), Dr

Aylmer (Elmer), Edmund, gent

Aylmer (Elmer), John, bishop of London

Aylmer (Elmer), Judith

Aylmer (Elmer), Samuel, gent

Aylmer (Elmer), Theophilus, clerk

Aylway, Elizabeth, widow

Aylwin, John, gent

Aynescombe, Rose

Aynescombe, Thomas

Ayre, William, gent


Babb (Bapp), Thomas

Baber, Mary

Babin, John

Babington, Anne

Babington, Henry, gent

Babington, Henry, silkman

Babington, Urias

Babington, Zachory

Bache, Alexander, clothier

Backus (Bacchus), Bartholomew, gent

Backus, Elizabeth

Backus (Bacchus), John, gent

Bacon, John, gent

Bacon, Nathaniel, esq

Bacon, Richard, yeoman

Bacon, Robert, mercer

Bacon, Thomas, gent

Badcock, Alice

Badcock (Badcocke), George, gent

Badcock, John

Badd, Emanuel

Badd, Emanuel

Badd, Jane

Badd, Jane

Badd, Joane

Badd, Thomas, esq

Badd (Bad), Thomas, esq

Badford, Richard, gent

Badham, William, gent

Bagg, John, miller and yeoman

Bagge (Bagg), James, knight

Bagnall, James, weaver

Bagnall, Robert, clerk

Bagot, Harvey, knight

Bagot, John, gent

Bagshaw, Thomas, gent

Bagshawe, Thomas, gent

Bailey (Bayly), John, clerk

Bailies, Thomas, husbandman

Baily, Thomas

Bainbrigg, Thomas, clerk

Bakeley, Jo., clerk of the peace

Baker, Anne

Baker, Christopher

Baker, George, gent

Baker, Henry

Baker, John

Baker, Richard

Baker, Robert, Bachelor of Thelogoy

Baker, Robert, clerk

Baker, Simon, gent

Baker, Stephen

Baker, Walter, innkeeper

Baker, William, carpenter

Baker, William, gent

Baldery, William, vintner

Baldricke, John

Baldwin, John

Baldwyn, Mr

Baldwyn, Thomas, clerk

Baldwyn (Baldwin), Thomas, clerk

Baldwyn (Baldwin), William, gent

Bale, Anne

Bale, James, gent

Bale, Robert

Bale, Thomas, esq

Ball, Andrew, gent

Ball, John


Ballard, Christopher

Ballard, George, clothier

Ballard, Mary

Ballard, Samuel, esq

Ballard, Thomas, gent

Balleston (Bailston), Thomas, gent

Balthorp, Margaret

Balthorp, Richard

Bamber, Robert, yeoman

Bambridge, John, gent

Bamford, John, esq

Banaster (Bannister, Banister), Henry, gent

Banck (Bankes), Henry, mercer

Bancks, Mrs

Bancroft, Elizabeth

Bancroft, Thomas, schoolmaster


Banister, Elizabeth

Banister, John

Banister, Mary

Banister, Richard

Banister, Robert, knight

Bankes, Alexander

Bankes, John, vintner

Bankes, Thomas, tailor

Banks, Edward

Banks, Richard, gent

Bankworth, Deborah

Bankworth, Robert

Bannester (Bannastre, Banister), Mary

Bannester (Bannastre, Banister), Robert, knight

Bannister (Banaster, Bannester), Henry, under sheriff

Banyard, Edmund, husbandman

Barber, Robert, gent

Barber, Susannah

Barber, Sybil

Barber, William

Barber, William, husbandman

Barckley, Thomas, clerk

Barell, Abraham, tanner

Bargrave, Alice

Bargrave, Robert

Barham, Robert, innkeeper


Barker, Abigail

Barker, Bestney, esq

Barker, John

Barker, John, gent

Barker, Matthew, gent

Barkham, Edward, knight

Barkham, Elizabeth

Barkley, Henry, knight

Barkley, John

Barkley, lady

Barkley, Mary

Barlow, John, Mr

Barnard (Bernard)

Barnard, Joseph

Barnard, Joseph, clerk

Barnard, Robert, clerk

Barnardiston, Mary

Barnardiston, Thomas, knight

Barnefield, Elizabeth

Barnefield (Barnfield), Richard, ironmaster

Barnefield, Thomas

Barnes, Abel

Barnes, Dorothy

Barnes, John

Barnes, Thomas, gent

Barnes, William, esq

Barnes, William, gent

Barnes, William, knight

Barnet, William, 'scissore'

Barnett, John

Barnsley, John, innkeeper

Barnsley (Barneslie), Thomas, yeoman

Baron, John, grocer

Baron, Mary

Baron, Samuel, M.D.

Baron, Thomas

Baron, William, gent

Barraclough (Barrowclough, Barrowcloughe), John, yeoman

Barret, Joane

Barret, John

Barret, William, gent

Barrett, James


Barrow, Catherine

Barrow, Isaac, esq

Barrow, Thomas, gent

Barrowclough (Barraclough), John, yeoman


Barry, David

Barston, Richard, yeoman

Bartlet, Francis, Mr

Bartlet (Bartlett), Henry, esq

Bartlet (Bartlett), John, gent

Bartlet, John, yeoman

Barton, Anthony, notary public

Barton, Joane

Barton, John, esq

Barton, Peter

Barton, William

Barty, Henry

Barus, Magdalene

Barwell, Thomas, yeoman

Barwick, Elizabeth

Bary, Mr, student at law

Basby, Mr

Bascerville, Hercules

Bashe, Edward, knight

Baskerville, Margaret

Bass, Thomas

Basse, Thomas

Basset, Arthur, esq

Basset, Francis, esq

Basset (Bassett), Francis, esq

Baston, Christian

Baston, Mr

Batchelor, Edward

Batchelor, Mary, widow

Bate, George

Bate, George, clerk

Bate, Henry

Bate (Bates, Baites), Seth, clerk


Bates, Henry, clerk

Bates, John, clerk

Bates, Seth

Bates, William

Bathurst, John, gent

Bathurst, Lancelot

Bathurst, Susanna

Batten, Mary

Batten, William, knight and baronet

Batteson, Richard, clerk

Battie (Batty), Edward, servant

Bavand, Thomas, esq

Bawde (Bawd), Maurice, gent

Baxter, Edmund, husbandman

Baylie, Jane, spinster

Baylie, Robert

Bayliffe, John

Baynard, Adyell

Baynard, George, gent

Baynard, Tabitha

Bayning, Mary

Bayning, Thomas

Beadles, Francis, gent

Beadles, Ralph, baronet

Beale, Amiel, gent

Beale, Anne

Beale, Joseph, gent

Beale, Margaret

Beale, Oliver

Beale, Robert

Bealman, Henry, gent

Bealy, Samuel, clothier

Beane, Mr

Beard, Anne

Beard, George

Beard, John

Beard, Maximilian, haberdasher

Beard, Thomas, innkeeper

Beare, George, esq

Beare, Katherine

Beare, Richard

Beare, Thomas, esq

Bearly, Richard, churchwarden

Bearsey, William

Bearsey, William

Beatman (Bateman), Maurice, gent

Beaumont, Richard, gent

Beavan, William, gent

Beckwith, Thomas

Beckwith, Thomas, esq

Bedell, Mary

Bedell, William


Bedingfield, Henry, knight

Beech, James

Beech, Mr, clerk

Beeston, Isabell

Beeston, Rafe

Belfield, Ismael, gent

Belgrave, William, gent

Bell, Dorothy

Bell, Edmund, knight

Bell, Martin, curate

Bell, Mary

Bell, Mr, undersheriff

Bell, Nathaniel, yeoman

Bell, Robert

Bell, Robert, knight

Bell, William, gent

Bellamie, William

Bellamy, William, gent

Bellasis, Dorothy

Bellasis, Francis, gent

Bellasis, Henry, baronet

Bellew, John, gent

Bellewe, George

Belley, Thomas, notary public

Bellwood, Mark, physician

Bellwood, Mr

Belringer, Lawrence, notary public

Benbrigg (Bambrigge, Bainbrigge), Thomas, yeoman

Bendish, Anne

Bendish, Dorothy

Bendish, Thomas the elder, baronet

Bendish, Thomas the younger, baronet

Benion, Elizabeth

Benion, Richard, gent

Bennet, Edward

Bennet, Hanna

Bennet (Bennett), William, gent

Bennett, Edward

Bennett, Ellis

Bennett, Margaret

Bennett, Margery

Bennett, Michael

Bennett, Mirabella, widow

Bennett, Thomas

Bennett, Thomas, esq

Bennett, Thomas, gent

Bennett, William

Bennett, William, gent

Benns, Anthony, clerk

Benson, Anne

Benson, Clement, gent

Benson, George

Benson, Ravis

Bentley, Edward, Mr

Bentley, William, butcher

Bere (Beare), George, gent

Berisford, Christopher

Berkeley, Justice, Mr

Berkley, judge

Bernard, Robert, esq

Bernes, Anne

Bernes, Thomas

Berridge, Basil, rector

Berridge, William, minister

Berrie (Berry), Kenelm, husbandman


Berry, Edward

Berry, Francis, gent

Berry, Jo., esq

Berry, John, clerk

Berry, Ralph, gent

Bertie, Montagu, baron Willoughby of Eresby

Bertie, Robert, earl of Lindsey

Berty, Peregrine

Berwick, Robert, esq

Besbitch, John

Best, Cuthbert, gent

Bestney, Catherine

Bestney, Nicholas, gent

Bestney, Nicholas, Mr

Bethell, Frances

Bethell, Hugh, knight

Bettesworth, Anne

Bettesworth, Peter

Betton, Richard

Betton, Thomas

Beverley, George, gent

Bevis, Peter, esq

Bickly, John, draper

Biddle, Richard

Bidwell, Hugh, chandler

Billes, Mr

Billiard (Billiald), Thomas, gent


Billing, John

Billinge, John

Billops, Christopher

Billops, Robert

Bilson, Jo.

Bindloss, Jane

Bindloss, Robert, knight

Bing, William, esq

Bingham, Joan

Bingham, Richard, gent

Bingley, Thomas

Binns (Bynns), Joseph, surgeon

Birch, William, Mr

Bird, Randall

Bird, Susanna

Bird, William, yeoman

Birde, John

Birkbeck, Mr

Birkenhed (Birkened), Richard, notary public

Birkhead, Nathaniel, esq

Birkinshaw, Rosamund

Bishop, Alice

Bishop, Elizabeth, spinster

Bishop, Henry, husbandman

Bishop, Lodowick, notary public

Bishop, Mary

Bishop, Richard, gent

Bishop, William, gent

Bisley, Alexander, gent

Bislie (Bisley), Henry, esq

Bisse, Edward, esq

Bisse, Philip, vintner

Black, John, esq

Blackamore, Arthur

Blacker, William, esq

Blackeway, Henry, gent

Blackhall, William

Blackhead, John, scrivener

Blagrave, Alexander

Blagrave, Joseph, gent

Blake, Alice

Blake, John, mariner

Blake, Thomas, tailor

Blake, William, knight

Blaker, Edward, gent

Blanchflower, George

Bland, George

Bland, George, gent

Bland, Thomas, gent

Bland, Thomas, knight

Blayney (Blaney), Andrew, gent

Blayney, Anne

Blayney (Blaney), Arthur, esq

Blayney (Blaney), Edward, knight

Blayney (Blaney, Blayny), John, gent

Bleake, John

Blechenden, Alice

Blechenden, John

Blechenden (Bleachinden, Blechynden), Thomas, esq

Blechington, Reignold

Blenkorne, Robert, gent

Bletchington, Anne

Blewet, John

Bligh, Nevill, esq

Bligh, Neville, esq

Blight, Richard, notary public

Blisse, James

Blisse, Richard, miller

Blith, Robert, yeoman

Blockwell, William

Blofield, Ismael, gent

Blome (Bloome), John, esq

Blomer, John, esq

Blosse, Thomas

Blount, Dorothy

Blount, Elizabeth

Blount, George, knight

Blount, Jane

Blount, Maurice, gent

Blount, Maurice, mercer

Blount, Thomas, gent

Bludder, Thomas, knight

Bluet, John, yeoman

Blundell, Joan

Blundell, Richard

Blunden, William, yeoman


Blunt, Edward, gent

Blunte (Blunt), Edward, vicar

Blythe, John

Blythe, Mary

Blytheman (Blythman), William, gent

Boddam, Jane, widow

Boddens, Adam

Bodenham, Francis, knight

Bodurda (Bodwrda, Bodruda), John, esq

Body, Thomas

Bokeley, Thomas

Bold (Bould), William, esq

Bollar, Robert

Bollard, Thomas, esq

Bolle (Bolles), Charles, knight

Bolle, Elizabeth

Bolle (Bolles), John, knight

Bollington, Richard

Bolsworth (Boldsworth), Edmund, gent

Bolton, Edmund

Bond, Humphrey

Bond, Humphrey, gent

Bond, John, gent

Bond, Thomas, woodmonger

Bond, widow

Bonner, Gabriel

Bonvile, Elizabeth

Bonvile, William

Bonyman (Bonnyman), Alexander, minister

Bonythan, Elizabeth

Bonythan, John

Bonython, James, gent

Boord, George

Boord, Thomasin

Booth, Charles, esq

Booth, Charles, gent

Booth, Christopher

Booth, John

Booth, Robert, grocer

Boothby, Mr

Boothe, Richard

Borlase, Nicholas, esq

Borne, Philip

Borough, John

Borough, John, knight

Borough (Burrough), John, knight

Borough (Burrough, Burrows), John, knight

Borrough (Burrough, Borowgh), Cassy

Boscawen, Hugh, esq

Bosden, Mr

Bosvile, Elizabeth

Bosvile, Gervase

Bosvile, Leonard, knight

Bosville (Bosvile, Bosvill, Boswell), Henry, Henry

Bosville (Bosvile, Bosvill, Boswell), Henry, Henry

Bosville (Bosvile, Bosvill, Boswell), Isabella

Bosville (Bosvile, Bosvill, Boswell), Mary

Bosville (Bosvile, Bosvill, Boswell), Thomas, Thomas

Boteler, John, knight

Bottome, John

Bourbon, Henry IV, king

Borchier, Henry, earl of Bath

Bourne, Dorothy, spinster

Bourne, George

Bourne, Immanuel, clerk

Bourne, Richard, attorney

Bowen, Charles, esq

Bowen, Charles, esq

Bowen, Edward, innkeeper

Bowen, George

Bowen, Henry, gent

Bowen, Henry, yeoman

Bowen, Hugh, esq

Bowen, Hugh, yeoman

Bowen, Humphrey, gent

Bowen, John

Bowen, Thomas, gent

Bowen, Thomas, vicar

Bowen, William, esq

Bowes, Ralph, gent

Bowhey (Bowy), Tristram, innkeeper

Bowles, Charles

Bowles, John

Bowne, Abraham, gent

Bowne (Bourne), Abraham, gent

Bowne, Edward, gent

Bowne, Gilbert, gent

Bowne, Gilbert, sergeant at law

Bowne, John, gent

Bowton, Thomas

Bowyer, Edmund, knight

Bowyer, Francis

Bowyer, Robert, esq

Bowyer, Thomas

Bowyer, William

Box, Robert, gamekeeper

Boycott, Anthony

Boyes (Boys), Edward, esq

Boyle, James, esq

Boys, Edward, knight

Boys, John

Boys (Boyes), Thomas, gent

Boys (Boyes, Borse), William, esq

Boyse, Edward, esq

Brabant (Braban, Brabon), Francis, gent

Brabant (Braban, Brabon), William

Brackin, Thomas

Brackley, Richard, clothier

Bradbotham, William

Braddock, Ralph, yeoman

Bradford, Francis

Bradford, James

Bradford, John, tailor

Bradford, Richard, yeoman

Bradforth, Robert, yeoman

Bradshawe, Bartholomew

Bradshawe (Bradshaw), George, gent

Bradstreet, Christopher

Bradstreet, Nicholas

Bragg, John

Braine (Brayne), Richard, gent

Braines, Jacob

Bramston, John, judge

Bramston (Branston), John, knight

Bramston, John, knight and judge

Branchester, John

Brandeston, Thomas, gent

Brandling (Brandlinge), Charles, esq

Brandling (Brandlinge), Francis, knight

Brandling (Brandlinge), Ralph, esq

Brandon, Joseph

Bransby, Margaret, servant

Bransey, Francis

Branthwayte, Margaret

Branthwayte, Sergeant

Brasier, Richard

Brawne, Richard, knight

Bray, Anne

Bray, Edmund

Bray, Giles, knight

Bray, John, tanner

Bray, Mr

Bray, Owen, esq

Bray, Thomas


Brayne, John, gent

Brayne, Richard, esq

Brearey, Walter

Brearey, William, alderman

Breese, Patrick, innkeeper

Brent, John, mason

Brent, Nathaniel, knight

Bretland, John, gent

Breton, Beverley

Breton, lady


Brewood, John, yeoman

Brewster, Isabel

Brewster, John

Brian (Bryan), Terence, gent

Brice, Robert, gent

Brice, Thomas, yeoman

Brice, Walter

Brice, William

Bricknell, John, husbandman

Bridge, Jane

Bridge, John

Bridge, William, gent

Bridgeman, William, gent

Bridger, Henry, mercer

Bridges, Stephen, physician

Bridges, William

Bridgnoth (ap John), Thomas, baker

Bright, Stephen, gent

Bristoe, Henry

Britiffe, Jemina

Britiffe, Philip

Brittayne (Britten), Lawrence, clerk

Brittridge, Roger

Broad (Brode), John, yeoman

Broad, Samuel, clerk

Broadeley, Nicholas, clerk

Broadley, Nicholas, clerk

Broadley (Bradley), Nicholas, clerk

Brocas, Thomas, esq

Brockelesbie, servant

Brockenden, George

Brodripp (Brodrip), William, alehouse keeper

Brome, Thomas, gent

Bromfield, Arthur, esq

Bromfield, Thomas, esq

Bromley, Mr, tailor

Bromsale, Raphe


Bromwich, Ann

Bromwich, Richard, esq

Brooke, Arthur

Brooke, Calistinus

Brooke, Dorothy

Brooke, Edward, baron Cobham

Brooke, Elizabeth

Brooke, Hugh

Brooke, Jane

Brooke, John

Brooke, John, judge

Brooke, Rebecca

Brooke, Richard

Brooke, Robert

Brooke, Simon, yeoman

Brooke, Thomas, gent

Brooke, Thomas, knight

Brooke, William, innkeeper

Brookes, George

Brookes, Priscilla

Brookes, William

Brooksbank, Edward

Brooksbank, Grace

Broome, Robert, labourer

Broome, Thomas, esq

Broughe, Edmund, mayor

Broughton, Ambrose, gent

Broughton, Edward

Broughton, Edward, gent

Broughton, Edward, knight

Broughton, Elianor

Broughton, Elizabeth

Broughton, Isabel

Broughton, Isabell

Broughton, Robert

Broughton, Thomas, esq

Broughton, William

Brouncker, Grace

Brouncker, William, knight

Brown, Blanche

Brown, John, gent

Brown, Martin

Browne, Anne

Browne, Anthony

Browne, Anthony, viscount Montacute

Browne, Anthony, viscount Montague

Browne, Edward

Browne, Elizabeth

Browne, Francis

Browne (Brown), George, gent

Browne, Jane

Browne, John

Browne, John, esq

Browne (Brown), John, esq

Browne, John, husbandman

Browne, John, knight

Browne (Brown), John, knight

Browne, lady

Browne, Marmaduke

Browne, Mary

Browne, Richard, gent

Browne (Brown), Richard, gent

Browne, Robert

Browne, Robert, gent

Browne (Brown), Robert, gent

Browne, Robert, yeoman

Browne, Thomas, gent

Browne, Valentine, knight

Browne, William, husbandman

Browne, William, perfumer

Brownlowe (Brownlow), William, esq

Brudenell, Thomas, baron Brudenell of Stonton Wyville

Brudenell, Thomas, esq

Bruen, George

Bruer, mercer

Brumsall, Ralph

Bruntes (Brunts), Robert, gent

Bryan, Joshua, esq

Bryan (Briant, Bryant), Robert, baker

Buck, Henry

Buck, Lawrence

Buck, Sarah

Buckenham, Anthony, gent

Buckenham, John

Buckett, Margaret

Buckett, Michael

Buckett, Rowland, gent

Buckett, Rowland, painter stainer

Buckley, Bridget, spinster

Buckley, Jo.

Buckley, Mr

Buckley, Robert, husbandman

Buckley, Thomas, merchant

Bucknell (Bucknall), John, gent

Buckworth, George, esq

Buckworth, Thomas, gent

Budd, Thomas

Buffkin (Buffkyn), Henry, esq

Buffkin, Katherine

Buggs, John, M.D.

Bulkeley, Mary

Bulkeley (Bulkley), Richard, knight

Bulkley, Richard, esq

Bull, Susannah

Bull, William

Bullard (Bullar, Bulward, Bulwer, Bullwer)

Bullard (Bullar, Bulwar, Bulward, Bullward), John

Bullen, John, broadweaver

Bullen, Robert, woollen weaver

Buller, Alice

Buller, Francis

Buller, Francis, gent

Buller, Margery

Buller, Richard, knight

Buller, Thomasine

Bullock (Bullocke), Edmund, esq

Bullock, Edward, esq

Bullock, Edward, knight

Bullock, Elizabeth

Bullock, Joan

Bullock, John

Bullock, Michael, yeoman

Bulmer, Dorothy

Bulmer, Mary

Bulmer (Bowner, Bowmer, Boomer), William the elder, esq

Bulmer (Bowner, Bowmer, Boomer), William the younger, esq

Bulmer, William, knight

Bunce, James, servant

Bunckley, Thomas, yeoman

Bunnie (Bunny), Robert, glasier and plmoer'

Bunning, Frances

Bunning, Richard

Bunting, William, gent

Burbage, Cuthbert

Burbage, Elizabeth

Burbanck (Burbank), Thoas, sergeant, notary public

Burdet, Richard, gent

Burdett, Andrew

Burdett, John, gent

Burge (Burges, Burgis), John, attorney

Burges, Jane

Burges, John, gent

Burges, Thomas, gent

Burges (Burgess), Thomas, gent


Burghill, Thomas, gent

Burgin, William

Burgis (Burgess), Francis, gent

Burgon, John

Burlamack, Philipp

Burley, Henry

Burley, John, tailor

Burnell, Richard, gent

Burnes, Maudlin

Burnes, John, husbandman

Burnett, Thomas, gent

Burnham, G.

Burnham, Thomas, yeoman

Burnham, William

Burnham, William, gent

Burras, Richard, yeoman

Burrell, George

Burrell, Mary

Burrell, Richard

Burrell, Thomas, gent

Burrell, William, esq

Burrish, William, yeoman

Burrop, Margaret

Burroughs, Richard, gent

Burrowes, Richard, gent

Burrows, Ellen

Burrows (Burrough), John, knight

Burrows, Richard, gent

Burton, Andrew, esq


Bury, H.

Bury (Dury), John, clerk

Bury, Richard

Bushell, Mary

Bushell, Thomas

Buskin, Elizabeth

Buskin, Leven

Bussacott, Edward

Bussacott, John

Butcher, Alexander

Butcher, Anne

Butcher, Josias, vintner

Butchin, William

Butler, Andrew, woollen draper

Butler, Anne

Butler, Avis

Butler, Elizabeth

Butler, Elizabeth, countess of Ormond

Butler, George, gent

Butler, Henry

Butler, Henry, knight

Butler, Joanna, spinster

Butler, John

Butler, John the elder, yeoman

Butler, John, gent

Butler, Mr

Butler, Mr, lawyer

Butler, Nathaniel

Butler, Richard

Butler, Thomas

Button, James

Button, James, gent

Button, John

Button, William, knight

Buttricke (Butterwick), Thomas, gent

Butts, John, yeoman

Buxton, John, gent

Buxton, Robert, gent

Byam, John, vicar

Byce, John

Bydford, John, husbandman

Byerly, Christopher, gent

Byker, Richard

Byng, William, esq

Byrd (Bird), John, gent

Byrkehill, John


Cabell, Richard, esq

Caborne, George, gent

Cade, John, weaver

Cade, Mary

Cade, Simon, gent

Cadmore (Cudmore), Elizabeth, widow

Cadmore (Cudmore), John, esq

Cadyman (Caddiman), Robert, clerk

Caesar, Charles, clerk

Cage, Alice

Cage, Edward

Cage, Mary

Cage, William, gent

Caldron, Morrice, husbandman

Call, John

Callow (Callowe), Anthony, gent

Callow, Margaret

Callow, Rowland, gent

Callow (Callowe), Rowland, gent

Calton, Samuel

Calver, Gregory, gent

Camacke, John, merchant

Camarden, Brian

Camarden, Dorothy

Camarden, Elizabeth

Camarden, Lucy

Camarden, Richard

Camarden (Carmarden), Richard, esq

Camarden, William

Cambell, James

Camby, Samuel

Camden, William

Campion, Thomas

Canham, Mr, rector

Cann, Henry, servant

Canning, D.

Cannock, William, esq

Cannon, John, gent

Canon (Cannon), John, gent

Canon, Mr

Canon, Rose

Capel, Arthur, baron Capel

Capell, Arthur, baron Capell of Hadham

Capell, William, esq

Capper (Whittingstow), Anne

Capper (Whittingstow), Christopher, butcher

Capper, Christopher, innkeeper

Carew, George, gent

Carew, Henry, knight

Carew, Jane

Carew, John

Carew, John, gent

Carew, John, knight

Carew, Mary

Carew, Matthew, clerk

Carew, Matthew, knight

Carew, Peter

Carey, Henry, earl of Dover

Carey, John, esq

Carey, John, knight

Carey, Judith

Carey, Mary

Carey, William

Carleton, Anne, viscountess Dorchester

Carleton, Anthony, gent

Carlyle (Carliell, Carlisle, Carlile), Francis

Carlyle (Carliell, Carlisle, Carlile), Francis, yeoman

Carlyle (Carlisle, Carlile), Francis, yeoman

Carlyle (Carliell, Carlisle, Carlile), William, gent

Carlyle (Carlisle, Carlile), William, gent

Carlyle (Carlisle, Carlile), Wynsley

Carnaby, Anne

Carnaby, Jane

Carnaby, Lancelot

Carnaby, Lancelot, esq

Carnaby, Mabel

Carnaby, Ralph, gent

Carnaby, Richard, gent

Carnaby, William, knight

Carnebrooke, Clement

Caroll (Carroll), Mr, minister

Carpenter, Anthony, gent

Carpenter, William, gent

Carr, Isabell

Carr, Peter

Carr, Raphe, merchant

Carr, Robert, earl of Somerset

Carr, Robert, gent

Carr, Thomas

Carre, Mr

Cart, George, esq

Carter, John

Carter, John, esq

Carter, Susan

Carter, William, clerk

Cartwright, Jane

Cartwright, John

Cartwright, Richard

Cartwright, Richard, esq

Cartwright, William

Carwarden, Abel, gent

Cary, Anne

Cary, Francis

Cary (Carey), George, knight

Cary, Henry, knight

Casborne, John

Cassey, Mr

Castell (Castle), Thomas, gent

Castilian, Barbara

Catchmay, Elinor

Catchmay, George, esq

Catchmay (Catchmaye), Richard, knight

Catchmay (Catchmaye), William, gent

Catchmaye (Catchmaid, Catchmay, Catchmayd), George

Catchmaye (Catchmay), George, mayor

Catchmaye (Catchmaid, Catchmay, Catchmayd), Richard, innkeeper

Cater, Andrew

Cater, Robert

Catesbie (Catesby), Mr, gent

Catesby, Thomas, gent

Catlin, Robert, vicar

Cavant, Thomas, esq

Cave, Eleanor

Cave, James, gent

Cave, John, knight

Cavendish, William, earl of Newcastle

Cavendish, William, knight

Caylocke, Anthony

Cecil, Edward, viscount Wimbledon

Ceelie (Ceely), Maurice, gent

Chadwell, Michael, gent

Chadwell, William, gent

Chadwicke, James, esq

Chadwicke, Ludovick, gent

Chafe (Chaffe), Thomas


Chaldecott, Andrew, esq

Chaldecott, Edith

Chaldecott, Francis

Chaldecott, William

Challoner, Daniel, clerk

Challoner (Chaloner), Daniel, clerk

Challoner, Thomas

Chaloner, Elizabeth

Chaloner (Challoner, Chaliner), Henry, esq

Chaloner, Richard

Chaloner, Robert

Chaloner (Challoner, Chaliner), Thomas, knight

Chaloner, Ursula

Chamberlain, Eleanor

Chamberlain, John

Chamberlain, Penelope

Chamberlain, Thomas

Chamberlaine (Chamberlain), Abraham, merchant

Chamberlaine, John, husbandman

Chamberlayne (Chamberlain), Edward, gent

Chamberlayne, John, esq

Chamberlayne (Chamberlain), John, gent

Chamberlayne, Leonard

Chamberlayne (Chamberlain), Leonard, gent

Chamberlayne (Chamberlain), Mary, spinster

Chamberlayne (Chamberlain), Thomas, gent

Chamberlen, William

Chamberleyne, Peter

Chambers, George, gent

Chambers, John

Chambers, Mary

Chambers, Michael

Chambers, William

Chamond, Gertrude

Chamond, Richard

Champernon, Henry

Champernon, Mary

Champernon, Richard, knight

Champion, William, gent

Champneys, Gawen, gent

Chantrell, William, clerk

Chapman (Hitchcocke), Elizabeth

Chapman (Hitchcocke), John

Chapman, Edmund, esq

Chapman, Henry, carpenter

Chapman, Isabel, widow

Chapman, James

Chapman, John

Chapman, Nicholas, gent

Chapman, Richard, yeoman

Chapman, William

Chappell, John

Chappell, Margaret

Chapperlin, Henry, husbandman

Charnley, Jane

Chatborne, Daniel, gent

Chaworth, John, esq

Cheney, Anne

Cheney, Christopher

Cheney, Margaret

Cheney, Thomas, esq

Cheney, Thomas, knight

Cherry, Elizabeth, spinster

Cherry, John

Chester, William

Chesterfield, P.

Chesterman, James, gent

Chetwyn, Henry

Chetwynd, Walter, knight

Chevall, John

Cheyney, Joane

Chichester, Edward, viscount Chichester of Donegal

Chichester, Elizabeth

Chichester, John, knight

Child, Arnold, gent

Child, Elizabeth

Child (Childe), Thomas, esq

Childe (Childe), Walter, gent

Chillenden, John, yeoman

Chillenden, Thomas

Chittenden (Chidington, Chiddington, Chidingdon), Edward, broadweaver

Chittenden, John, clothier

Chitting, Henry, herald

Cholmley, Henry, esq

Cholmley, James, gent

Cholmley, Richard, knight

Chosell, Thomas, husbandman

Christie (Christian), Thomas, servant

Chudleigh, George, baronet

Chute, Edward, esq

Chute, Elizabeth

Chute, George

Chute, George, esq

Chute, Lydia

Chute, Mr

Chute, Nicholas, gent

Clark, Griscill

Clarke, Alice

Clarke, Anna

Clarke, Arthur, gent

Clarke, Daniel

Clarke, Dorothy

Clarke, Dr

Clarke, Edward, yeoman

Clarke, Elizabeth

Clarke, Francis

Clarke, George

Clarke, James, grocer

Clarke, John, baronet

Clarke, John, esq

Clarke, John, merchant tailor

Clarke, John, yeoman

Clarke, Lancelot, baker

Clarke, Leonard, clerk

Clarke, Mary

Clarke, Matthew, gent

Clarke, Matthew, yeoman

Clarke, Mr, bailiff

Clarke, Ralph, gent

Clarke, Robert

Clarke, Robert, attorney

Clarke, Robert, town clerk

Clarke, Samuel, fuller

Clarke, Simon, baronet

Clarke, Thomas, alderman

Clarke, Walter

Clarke, William, clerk

Clarke (Clerk), William, lawyer

Claver, Marmaduke, gent

Claxton, Hamon, clerk

Claxton, Hugh

Claxton, Jane

Claxton, John, esq

Claxton, John, knight

Claxton, Mary

Claxton, Mary

Claxton, William, esq

Clayton (Cleyton)

Clayton, Dr

Clayton, Francis, innkeeper

Cleaveland, William, yeoman

Cleere, Thomas, steward

Clement, John, yeoman

Clent, James, notary public

Clere, Mr

Clere, Olive

Clerk, Samuel, Professor of Theology

Clerke, judge

Clerke, Mary

Clerke, Matthew

Clerke, Matthew, gent

Cleypole, Dorothy

Cleypole, James

Cliffe, Thomas, yeoman

Cliffe, Walter, gent

Clifford, Anthony

Clifford, Anthony, esq

Clifford, Anthony, gent

Clifford, earls of Cumberland

Clifford, Henry, earl of Cumberland

Clifford, Magdalena

Clifton, Gervase, knight

Clifton, Hester

Clifton, William

Clinton, John

Clinton-Fiennes, Theophilus, earl of Lincoln

Clithero, Alice, servant

Clithero, Christopher, knight

Cliverton, Susan

Cliverton (Cleverton), William, husbandman

Cloiberry (Clowberry, Cloberrie), Christopher, gent

Clopton, Walter

Clopton, William, esq

Clothworthy, William, Mr

Clough, Edward, gent

Clough, William, linen draper

Clowdeslie, Thomas, gent

Clowes, William

Clowes, William, esq

Clyncard, Elizabeth

Clyncard, Humphrey

Coalton, Thomas

Coates, Christopher

Coates, George, clerk

Coates, Jane

Coates, Robert

Cobb, Anne

Cobb, Ellyn

Cobb, Francis

Cobb, Francis, knight

Cobb, William, esq

Cobb, William, knight

Cobbe (Cobb), Edmund, gent

Cobbe, George

Cobbe, John, notary public

Cobbe (Cobb), Martin, gent

Cobbet, Thomas, clerk

Cobbs, Godfrey, gent

Cobham, baron

Cock, Robert

Cockerell, William, town clerk

Code, Mr

Codrington, William

Coffin (Coffyn, Cofyn), James, gent

Coffin, Jane

Coffin, John, gent

Coffyn, Nicholas, gent

Cogan (Coggan), Henry, esq

Cogan (Coggan), Thomas, gent

Coghill, Thomas, knight

Cokayne, Mary

Cokayne, William, knight

Coke, John, esq

Coke, John, knight

Coke, William

Coke, William, esq

Colby, William, gent

Colchester, Thomas, usher

Coldwell, Richard, minister

Cole, Anne

Cole, Daniel, gent

Cole, George, gent

Cole, John, esq

Cole, Richard, yeoman

Cole, Robert

Cole, Solomon, royal servant

Cole, Susan

Cole, Thomas, esq

Cole, William

Cole, William, tailor

Colebrand, Richard, clerk

Colemore, Edward, gent

Coles, Ellinor

Coles, William, yeoman

Coleville, Richard

Collen, Joan

Collen, John, gent

Colles, Michael, gent

Collet, Robert

Collett, William

Colley, Thomas, servant

Collier, Avis

Collier (Colier), Francis, esq

Collier, James

Collier, Joseph, gent

Collin (Colline), Dermot, servant

Collin (Collyn, Collins), Joshua, gent

Collingwood, Cuthbert, knight

Collingwood, Katherine

Collins, Henry

Collins, Richard, gent

Collis, Elizabeth

Collis, Mr

Collvet, Thomas, clerk

Collwall, Arnold, notary public

Collyer, Joanna

Collyer (Collier), Thomas, miller

Collyer, William, clerk

Collyns, William, esq

Colman, William, notary public

Colson, Luke

Colson, Mr

Colt, Dennys

Colt, George

Colt, George, gent

Colt, Henry, gent

Colt, Mary

Colt, Mr

Columbell, George

Colvile, Mary

Colvile (Colville), Richard, esq

Colvile, Sarah

Colvile, Stephen

Combe, Thomas, esq

Combe, William, esq

Comeley, John, wine cooper

Comincke, Richard

Compton, Henry

Compton, Spencer, earl of Northampton

Comyns (Comin, Comyn), Abraham

Conant, John, gent

Coney, John, esq

Coney (Cony), Richard, gent

Coney, Richard, knight

Coningsby, Ann

Coningsby, Thomas, knight

Connocke, John, esq


Conquest, Mary

Conquest, Richard, knight

Constable, Averill

Constable, Christopher, esq

Constable, Ellyn

Constable, Frances

Constable, Henry, knight

Constable, Henry, viscount Dunbar

Constable, Jane

Constable, John, esq

Constable, Margaret

Constable, Marmaduke

Constable, Marmaduke, gent

Constable, Marmaduke, knight

Constable, Mary

Constable, Philip, gent

Constable, Richard, gent

Constable, Thomas, mariner

Constable, William, knight

Conyers, Elizabeth

Conyers, John, baron Conyers of Hornby

Cooke, Brian, gent

Cooke, Bryan, gent

Cooke, John

Cooke, John, esq

Cooke, John, gent

Cooke (Cook), John, gent

Cooke, Lucy

Cooke, Margaret

Cooke, Michael, innkeeper

Cooke, Mr

Cooke, Robert, esq

Cooke, Robert, herald

Cooke, Robert, knight

Cooke, Thomas, esq

Cooke, Thomas, mercer

Cooke, William, Captain

Cooke, William, esq

Cooke, William, husbandman

Cooper, Christopher, gent

Cooper, Edmund, gent

Cooper, Edward, esq

Cooper, Frances

Cooper, James, shoemaker

Cooper, Richard, weaver

Cooper, Robert, yeoman

Cooper, Thomas, miller

Cooper, William

Coote, John

Coote, Mary

Cope, Richard

Cope, victualler

Cope, Walter, knight

Copinger, Elizabeth

Copinger (Coppinger), Ralph, esq

Copland, Gabriel

Copley, Ann

Copley, Christopher, gent

Copley, Elenor

Copley, Frizalina

Copley, Lionel, gent

Copley, Roger, knight

Copley, Susanna

Copley, Thomas

Copley, William, esq

Copley, William, gent

Copley, William, gent

Copley, William, gent

Coppin, Josuah

Copping, John

Coppleston (Copplestone), Christopher, gent

Coppleston (Copplestone), Lancelot, gent

Coppleston, Mary

Copwood, Dorothy

Corbet, Anne

Corbet, John, baronet

Corbett (Corbet), Clement, chancellor

Corbett, David

Corbett, Katherine

Corbett, Mary

Corbett, Reginald, gent

Corbett (Corbet), William, gent

Corbold, Griscill

Corbold, Thomas

Corderoy, Julian

Corditt, John

Corie (Cory, Corye), Anne

Corie (Cory, Corye), Francis, esq

Corie (Cory, Corye), Robert

Cornish, Edward

Cornwall, Ann

Cornwall, Elizabeth

Cornwall, Gilbert, knight and baron

Cornwall, Gilbert, knight and baron Burford

Cornwall, Thomas, knight

Cornwall, Thomas, knight and baron

Cornwallis, William, gent

Corplin, Goodwife

Corser, Robert

Coryton, John

Coryton, William

Coryton, William, esq

Coryton, William, esq

Cosens, Joanna

Cosens, Nicholas, mercer

Cosens, William, yeoman

Cosin (Cozin), Nicholas, maltster

Cosin, William, gent

Costard, Edward

Cosworth, Alice

Cosworth, Dorothy

Cosworth, Dulcebella

Cosworth, Edward, esq

Cosworth (Cosowarth, Coswarth), Edward, esq

Cosworth (Cosowarth, Coswarth), Samuel, esq

Cotes, Thomas, gent

Cotham, Lettice

Cotham, Philip, tailor

Cottingham, John, innkeeper

Cottington, Francis, baron Cottington

Cotton, Edward, clerk

Cotton, Elizabeth

Cotton, George

Cotton, John, yeoman

Cotton, Lawrence, barber surgeon

Cotton, Philip

Cotton, Richard

Cotton, Richard, labourer

Cotton, Thomas

Cotton, Thomas, gent

Cotton, William, clerk

Cotules, Mary

Cotules, Thomas, knight

Coulstocke, Sampson

Counsell, John

Counsell, John the elder

Counsell, John the younger

Counsell, William the elder

Counsell, William the younger

Courney, Henry

Courtenay, Elizabeth

Courtenay, Francis, esq

Courtenay (Courtney), Peter, esq

Courtenay, William, knight

Courtenay (Courtney), William, knight

Courthop, Margaret

Courthop (Courthope), Peter, esq

Courthop, Thomas

Courtney (Courtenay), Francis, gent

Courtney, George

Courtney, John, esq

Courtney (Courtenay), William, Mr

Courtroppe, Thomas, gent

Coutheman, Edward, the elder

Coutheman, Edward, the younger

Covell, Michael, gent

Coventry, J.

Coventry, John, gent

Coventry, Thomas, baron Coventry

Covert, William, gent

Covett, Walter, gent

Coward, Christopher, gent

Coward, Thomas, gent

Coward, William, gent

Cowdall, Abraham

Cowland, Francis

Cowles (Coles, Colles), Thomas the elder, freemason

Cowles (Coles, Colles), Thomas the younger, freemason

Cowley, George, servant / constable

Cowley (Colly), Thomas, servant

Cowling, Peter the younger, husbandman

Cowper, John, gent

Cox, Edward

Cox, John

Cox, Thomas, esq

Coxe, Edward

Coxe, Edward

Coxe, Elizabeth

Coxe, John

Coxe, John, gent

Coxe, Margaret

Coxe, Mr

Coxe, Peter, vintner

Coxe (Cox), Richard, cordwainer

Coxe, Robert

Coxe, Thomas

Coxe, Thomas, gent

Coxe (Cox), William, attorney

Coxe (Cox), William, gent

Coxwell, John

Coxwell, Rachel

Craddock, Eustace, gent

Craddock, Richard, gent

Craddock, Tobias, gent

Craddocke, Mr


Cradock, George, clerk of the assizes

Craford, Thomas

Crampe, Thomas, yeoman


Cranage, Dorothy

Cranage, Lawrence

Crane, Edward

Crane, Edward, notary public

Crane, Francis, knight

Crane, Francis, knight and baronet

Crane, Joanna

Crane, John

Crane, John, gent

Crane, Richard, knight and baronet

Cranfield, Lionel, earl of Middlesex

Cranfield, Martha

Cranway, Mary

Cranwell, Adam, clerk

Crashaw, William, gent

Crashawe, Francis

Crashawe (Crashaw), John, labourer

Crashawe, Mary

Crawley, Francis, knight

Cray (Craye), John, broadweaver

Crayford, Anna

Crayford (Craford), Edward, gent

Crayford (Craford), William, gent

Crayford (Craford), William, knight

Crayke, Gregory, gent

Creamer, Bridget

Creamer, Edmund

Creamer (Cremer), Robert, gent

Cresheld, Thomas, gent

Cressy, Ann

Cressy, Gervase

Creswell, Jane

Crier, Thomas

Crispe, Nicholas, esq

Crispe, William, yeoman


Croft (Crofte), Stephen, yeoman and steward

Crofte (Croft), John, gent

Crofte (Croft), Thomas, gent

Crofts, Anthony

Crofts, Elizabeth

Croker (Crocker), John, yeoman

Crome, William, yeoman

Crompton, lady

Crompton, Ralph, gent

Crompton, Thomas, esq

Cromwell, Oliver, Lord Protector

Crooke (Croke, Crook), George, knight

Crosse, Edward, gent

Crosse, John, esq

Crosse, John, gent

Crosse, John, yeoman

Crosse, Mary

Crosse, Peter

Crosse, Richard, esq

Crosse, Sarah

Crossen, Elizabeth

Crossen, Hugh

Crossen, Joane

Crossen (Crossing), Thomas, merchant

Crossing, Francis, alderman

Crossman, Joseph, clerk

Crost, Christopher

Crowder, Thomas

Crowe (Crow), George, clerk

Crowne, William, gent

Cruse, William the elder, mercer

Cruse, William the younger, shoemaker

Crutchman (West), George

Crutchman (Crouchman, Crowchman, West), George

Crutchman, John

Crutchman ('Jack of the West', Crouchman, Crowchman, West), John

Crutchman, William

Crutchman (Crouchman, Crowchman, West), William, gent, woollen draper, churchwarden, bailiff

Cubitt, John

Cubitt, John, notary public

Cudmore, Elizabeth

Cudmore, John

Culliver (Culliner), John, mariner

Cullys, Thomas, yeoman

Culpepper, Alexander, esq

Cuney, North, yeoman

Cureton, Robert

Curll, Walter, bishop of Winchester


Curson, John, knight

Curson, Robert

Curson, Robert, gent

Curtis, Mary

Curtis, Richard, innkeeper

Cushion, Ezechiah, husbandman

Cusson, Alexander, yeoman

Cutchy, Nicholas, husbandman

Cutforthay, Robert, 'plomer'

Cutlove, Charles

Cutting, Henry

Cutts, Dorothy

Cutts, John, knight

Cutts (Cutt, Cut), John, waterman and yeoman

Cutts, Richard


D'Ewes, Simonds, knight

Dabitott (D'Abitot), Thomas

Dabridgecourt (Dabriscourt, D'Abridgecourt, Dabridge Court), George, knight

Dabridgecourt (Dabriscourt, D'Abridgecourt, Dabridge Court), Thomas

Dabson, Robert, gent

Dacks, Edward, labourer

Dacre (Dacres), Thomas, knight


Dale, Thomas

Dale (Daile), William, glassmaker

Dalison (Dallison, Dalyson), Thomas, baronet

Dalison (Dallison, Dalyson), William, esq

Dalston, George, knight

Dalton, Peter, gent

Dan, Ralph, saddler

Danby, Thomas, esq

Danby, Thomas, knight

Danby, William, gent

Dance, Samuel

Dando, John, yeoman

Dandy, Thomas, gent

Danett, John, gent

Danett, Thomas, gent

Dangerfield, Thomas

Daniel, Edmund, grocer

Daniel, Henry, husbandman

Daniel, John

Daniel, Susan

Daniel, William, gent

Daniel, William, yeoman

Danvers, John, gent

Danvers, William, esq / gent

Darcy, Anne

Darcy, Conyers, knight

Darcy, Dorothy

Darcy, Elizabeth

Darcy, Frances

Darcy, Francis, knight

Darcy, Henry, gent

Darcy, John, baron Darcy

Darcy, Philip, gent

Darcy, Thomas, earl Rivers

Darcy, Thomas, esq

Darell, Mr

Darley, Richard, knight

Darwin, William

Darwin, William, gent

Davenport, John

Davenport, John, gent

Davenport, Margaret

Davenport, William, esq

Davers, John, Mr

David, Austen

David, Lodovick, gent

David, servant

Davids, Lewis, gent

Davids, Thomas, gent

Davie, Christopher

Davies, Elizabeth

Davies, Humphrey, husbandman

Davies, James, gent

Davies, Jeremy, minister

Davies, John, clerk

Davies, Ludovick, gent

Davies, Richard, barber

Davies, Robert

Davies, Thomas

Davis, Edward, yeoman

Davis, Nicholas

Davy, Alice

Davy, Alice

Davy, Henry, gent

Davy, Henry, vintner

Davy, John, clerk

Davy, Thomas

Davye, Thomas, gent

Davyes (Davies), John

Davyes, Margaret

Davyes, Rice

Davylle (Davile), Ralph, gent

Dawe, George, gent

Dawe, Margaret

Dawes, Abraham, knight

Dawes, William, mercer

Dawney, Faith

Dawney, Thomas, clerk

Dawney (Dawnay), Thomas, knight

Dawson, Frances

Dawson, Henry

Dawson, John

Dawson, Mr esq

Dawson, Robert

Day, Francis

Day (Daye), Francis, clerk

De Beaulieu, Judith

De Beaulieu, Philip

de Gray, William, knight

De la Barr, John, merchant

De la Barr, Judith

De la Barr, Mary

De la Barr, Robert, merchant

De La Haye (Delahay), John, captain

De La Haye (Delahay), Katherine

de Lawne (de Laune), Anne

de Lawne (de Laune), Julian

de Routh, John, knight

Deane, Elizabeth

Deane, Mr

Deane, Richard

Deane (Dene), Richard, gent

Deane (Dene), Roger, gent

Deane, Roger, Mr

Death, Henry, gent

Deaves, Mr

Debitate, Thomas, Mr

Debitot (Dabitot, Debitet), Thomas, gent

Deeble, John, vicar

Deen, Charles, clerk

Delacourt, Thomas, gent

Delaval, John, knight

Delaval, Mr

Delieu, Jacob, merchant

Dene, Richard, esq

Denham, John, baron / judge

Denison, William

Denne (Denn), Edward, vintner

Dennis, Dowsabella

Dennis, Thomas

Dennis, William

Denny, John, esq

Denny, Thomas, gent

Denny, William, gent

Dent, Thomas, gent

Denton, Alexander, knight

Denton, George

Denton, William

Deodate, Theodore, physician

Dering, Edward, baronet

Dering, Edward, knight and baronet

Derson (Darson, Dudson), William, ship's master

Dethick, Gilbert

Dethick, Gilbert, notary public

Dethick, Gilbert, registrar

Dethick, William

Devereux, Barbara

Devereux, Edward, knight

Devereux, Margaret

Devereux, Robert, earl of Essex

Devereux, William

Dew, John

Dewe, Richard

Dewes, John, clerk

Deyer, Alexander, gent

Deyes, Walter

Dickenson, Edmund, clerk

Dickenson, Edward, innkeeper

Dickenson, Francis

Dickenson (Dickinson), William, innkeeper and vintner

Dicker, Reynold

Dickinson, Francis, yeoman

Dickinson, Thomas

Digby, George, esq

Digby, John, esq

Digby, John, knight

Digby, Mary

Digges, William, gent

Diggings, William, servant

Dighton, John, gent

Dike, Zachary, merchant

Dillingham, John

Dillingham, John, draper

Dillington, Ann

Dillington, Anthony

Dimmock, Margery

Dimmock, William, gent

Dingley, Francis, gent

Dingley, Henry

Dingley, Joan

Dingley, Mrs

Dingley (Dineley), Phillip, gent

Dingley (Dineley), William, gent

Dingrose (Ringrose), Fairfax, gent

Dirricke, Richard

Dismer (Dismars)

Disney, Bridget

Disney, Daniel, gent

Disney, Molineux, esq

Disney, William, esq

Dix, John

Dixe, Francis, husbandman

Dixe (Dix), Thomas, gent

Dixford, Thomas, clerk

Dixon, John, gent

Dixon, Robert, esq

Dobbins, Alexander, gent

Dobbins, Daniel, merchant

Dobbins, Giles

Dobbins, Guy

Dobbins, John, gent

Dobbins, Philip

Dobbins (Dobbins, Randal), Randolph, gent

Dobbins, Ursula

Dobbs, John

Dobbs, John, gent

Dobell, Mary

Dobell, Walter

Dobson, George

Dockwra (Dockwray, Docwra), Catherine

Dockwra (Dockwray, Docwra), Thomas, gent

Dod, Elizabeth

Dod, James, gent

Dod, John

Dod (Dad, Dadd, Dodd), Julian, Mr

Dod (Dad, Dadd, Dodd), Juliana

Dod (Dad, Dadd, Dodd), Thomas, innkeeper

Dodd, Charles, gent

Dodington, Francis, knight

Doilie (Doyly, Doyley), Edmund, esq

Doilie (Doyly, Doyley), William, esq

Doleman, Roger, Mr

Domilawe, Elizabeth

Domilawe, John

Doncastle, John

Doncastle, Mary

Done, Bridget

Done, Elizabeth

Done, Jane

Done, John, esq

Done, John, knight

Done, Ralph, knight

Donnelee (Dunnelee), Edward, gent

Dormer, Dorothy

Dormer, Jane

Dormer, Margaret

Dormer, Robert, knight

Dormer, William, knight

Dorrell, Thomas

Dorridge, Amy

Dorridge, Richard

Doubleday, Thomas

Doubleday (Dobleday, Dubleday), Thomas

Douch (Douche), William, clerk

Doughtie (Doughty)

Doughty, Bridget

Doughty, Mr, merchant

Douglas, Elizabeth, spinster

Dove, Matthew, gent

Dove, Samuel, Captain

Dove, Thomas, esq

Dove, William, knight

Dover, Robert

Dover, Robert, gent

Dowell, Thomas, esq

Dowle, John, esq

Dowle, John, gent

Dowman, Edmund

Dowman, Jane

Dowman, William, gent

Downe, John


Downes, Deborah

Downes, John, lawyer

Downes, Robert

Downes, Walter

Downing, Nicholas

Dowse, Cornelius

Dowson, William

Doyle, William, esq

Doyley, Edward, gent

Drake, Edward, gent

Drake, Jonathan, yeoman

Drake, Thomas

Draper, Joseph, vintner

Draper, Robert, esq

Draper, Thomas, gent

Draughton, William

Drayton, Samuel, tanner

Drayton, William

Drew, Alexander, gent

Drew, Thomas, knight

Drewston, Edward

Drive, Thomas

Drope, minister

Drury, Elizabeth

Drury, Thomas, gent

Drury, William

Dryden, John, baronet

Dryden, Jonathan

Dubldey, Mr

Duck, Arthur, lawyer

Duck (Ducke), Arthur, lawyer

Ducket (Duckett), John, esq

Duckett, James, gent

Dudley, Dud, esq

Dudley, Edward, gent

Dudley, Ferdinand, knight

Dudley, Frances

Dudley, Henry, vintner

Dudley, Margaret

Dudley, Thomas, gent

Dufer, Richard

Dugcombe, John

Dugdale, Elizabeth

Dugdale, James, clerk

Dugdale, John, gent

Dugdale, Margey

Dugdale, William, gent

Dugdale, William, knight

Dun, Daniel

Dun, George

Dunce, Mr

Duncombe, Sanders

Duning, Alice

Duning, William

Dunkin, Thomas

Dunn, Francis

Dunne, Mr

Dunsterfield, John

Dutton, Gerard, baron Gerard

Dutton, Elinor

Dutton, John, esq

Dutton, Thomas

Dwerryhouse, Anne

Dwerryhouse (Dwaryhouse), William, gent

Dye, Samuel

Dyer, John, innkeeper

Dyer, Thomas, gaoler

Dynham, Dorothy

Dynham, John



Eakins, Alexander

Easdall, William, lawyer

Eason, Francis

East, William

Eastcourt, Richard, mariner and cook

Eastman, John

Easton, John, husbandman

Eaton, Hugh, servant

Ebdon, Gregory, yeoman / husbandman

Ebsworth, Mr

Eden, Charles, M.A.

Eden, Thomas, lawyer

Edgar, Myles, gent

Edgcomb, Mr

Edgecumbe, Ann

Edgecumbe, Margaret

Edgecumbe, Mary

Edgecumbe (Edgecombe), Peirse (Peter)

Edgecumbe (Edgcombe), Piers, esq

Edgecumbe (Edgcombe), Richard, esq

Edgecumbe (Edgcombe), Richard, knight

Edgemond, innkeeper

Edmonds, Bridget

Edmonds, Mr

Edmonds, Thomas

Edmund, John

Edmund, Thomas, gent

Edmunds, David

Edmunds, George

Edmunds, Isabella

Edmunds, Thomas, knight

Edolls, Thomas, yeoman

Edolph, Elizabeth

Edolph, Simon

Edolphe, Samuel, esq

Edolphe (Edolph), Samuel, esq

Edwards, Elizabeth

Edwards, George

Edwards, Magdalene

Edwards, Owen, esq

Edwards, Robert

Edwards, Robert, gent

Edwards, Rowland

Edwards, Thomas, gent

Edwards, Thomas, innkeeper

Edwards, Thomas, ironmonger

Edwards, Thomas, servant

Edwards, William

Edy, Alice

Edy, Otes

Edyes, John

Eger, Elizabeth

Eger, Joanna

Egerton, John, earl of Bridgwater

Egerton, Mary

Egerton, Ralph

Eglesfield (Egglesfield), Ralph, gent

Ekims (Ekins, Ekyns), Alexander

Ekims (Ekins, Ekyns), Susanna

Elcock, Josias

Eldgar, John the elder

Eldgar, John the younger

Eldred, John, gent

Eliot, Elizabeth

Eliot, Richard, esq

Elkened (Eltonhead), John, esq

Ellice (Ellis), Robert, victualler

Elline (Ewin, Ewen), James

Elliott (Elliot, Eliott), George, yeoman

Ellis, Edmund, esq

Ellis, George

Ellis, Grace

Ellis, Henry, yeoman

Ellis, James, cook

Ellis, John

Ellis, John, gent

Ellis, Matthew

Ellis, Mr

Ellis, Owen

Ellis, Owen, servant

Ellis, Robert, gent and servant

Ellis, Robert, merchant

Ellis, William

Ellison, John

Elmhirst, Richard, gent

Elrington, Anne

Elrington, Dorothy

Elrington, Edward, esq


Elston, William

Elton, Ambrose, esq

Elton, Anne

Elton, William, gent

Elworthie (Elworthy), William, proctor

Elye (Ely), Thomas, gent

Elzie (Elzey), Thomas, gent

Emerson, Alexander, esq

Emerson, Richard

Empson, Edward

Empson, Richard, yeoman

Engham, Edward

Engham, Elizabeth

Engham (Engeham), Thomas, esq

English, Dr

Erlestone, Mr

Errington, Christopher, gent

Ersley, Thomas

Esdaile (Easdall), William, Dr

Essex, Charles, esq

Essex, Joan

Essex, Thomas

Essex, William, baronet

Estcroft, John, esq

Estofte, Thomas, esq

Eston, John, esq

Eston, Margaret

Eston, Nathaniel, clerk

Ettebury, Nicholas

Eure (Ewre, Ewer), Edward, esq

Eure (Ewre, Ewer), Francis, esq

Eure (Ewre, Ewer), Margaret

Eure (Ewre, Ewer), Richard, Mr


Evan, David Lloyd ap, gent

Evan, Mary

Evans, James

Evans, James, gent

Evans, John, gent

Evans, John, merchant

Evans, Lewis

Evans (Yeavans), Thomas, barber-surgeon

Eveleigh, Bridget

Eveleigh, George

Eveleigh (Evely), John, clerk

Evelin, Elizabeth

Evelin (Evelyn), John, esq

Everard, Anne

Everard, Anthony

Evered, Dr

Evered, John, husbandman

Evers, Margaret

Evers, Ralfe, knight

Evers (Eure), Ralph, esq

Every, Simon

Evett, Thomas

Ewer, David, Mr

Exton, Thomas, lawyer

Eyre, Ann

Eyre, Anthony

Eyre, Dorothy

Eyre, Gervase

Eyre, Gervase, gent

Eyre, John, gent

Eyre, Urban, gent

Eyre, William


Eyres, John

Eyres, Mary

Eyton, James

Eyton, Jocosa

Eyton, Mary

Eyton, Robert, knight