Index of persons, F-J

The Court of Chivalry 1634-1640.

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Richard Cust, Andrew Hopper, 'Index of persons, F-J', in The Court of Chivalry 1634-1640, ed. Richard Cust, Andrew Hopper, British History Online [accessed 20 July 2024].

Richard Cust, Andrew Hopper, 'Index of persons, F-J', in The Court of Chivalry 1634-1640. Edited by Richard Cust, Andrew Hopper, British History Online, accessed July 20, 2024,

Richard Cust, Andrew Hopper. "Index of persons, F-J". The Court of Chivalry 1634-1640. Ed. Richard Cust, Andrew Hopper, British History Online. Web. 20 July 2024.

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Fabian, John

Fairbank, Edward

Fairebeard, Robert, gent

Fairebeard (Fairbeard), Robert, gent

Fairfax, Ferdinando, baron Fairfax

Fairfax, Ferdinando, baron of Cameron

Fairfax, Thomas, knight

Fairfax, William, knight

Faldoe (Faldo), William, gent

Fane, Mildmay, earl of Westmoreland

Fanning, John, gent

Fanshaw, Thomas, knight

Fanshawe, Anne

Fanshawe, Richard, gent

Fanshawe, Susan

Fanshawe (Fanshaw), Thomas, esq

Fanshawe (Fanshaw), Thomas, knight

Farbarne, John, innkeeper

Farburne, John, innkeeper

Farebarne, John, innkeeper

Fareclough, Jane

Fareclough, John

Farer, John

Farewell, George

Farington, Francis, esq

Farington, Mary

Farley, Humphrey

Farley, Thomas

Farley, Thomas, gent

Farman, Marmaduke

Farmer, Bartholomew

Farmer, George, gent

Farmer, Hatton, gent

Farmer, Hatton, knight

Farmer, Joanna

Farmer, Ursula

Farmer (Fermor), William, draper

Farmer, William, gent

Farmerie (Farmery), John, lawyer

Farmery (Farmerie), Edward, notary public

Farnden, Peter

Farnedon, Peter

Farnefold, Dorothy

Farnefold, Elizabeth

Farnefold, Richard

Farnefold, Thomas, knight

Farnefold (Farnifold), Thomas, knight

Farr, William, innkeeper

Farre, John

Farren, Richard

Farror (Farrar), Henry, gent

Farthing, John, gent

Fauconberg, Henry

Fauconberg, John

Faulcon, Simon, yeoman

Faunt, William, esq

Fawcett, James, tailor

Fayth, Thomas

Feilding, John, gent

Felton, John

Fenner, Joane

Fenner, Richard

Fenwick, Anne

Fenwick, Elizabeth

Fenwick, Grace

Fenwick (Fenwicke), John, baronet

Fenwick, Martin

Fenwick, William, knight

Fenwick (Fenwicke), William, knight

Ferburne (Farberne), Edward, gardener

Ferne, Mary

Ferne, Rowland

Ferrand, Eleanor

Ferrand, Mr

Ferreby, Mr

Ferrers, Ambrose, gent

Ferris, John, knight

Fetherstone, Cuthbert

Fetherstone (Fetherston), Henry, gent

Fetherstone, Katherine

Fetherstone, Mary

Fetherstonhaugh, Ralph, esq

Fettiplace, John, gent

Field, John, husbandman

Field, Theophilus, bishop of St David's

Fielder, John

Fielder, Margaret

Fielding, Basil, earl of Denbigh

Fielding, William, earl of Denbigh

Fiennes, Elizabeth, viscountess Saye and Sele

Fige, John

Filcot, Anne

Filcot, Mary

Filcot, Thomas

Filcott (Filioll, Philcott), Peter, gent

Fillioll (Fillyoll, Filyoll), Katherine

Fillioll (Fillyoll, Filyoll), William, esq

Finch, Anne

Finch, John, knight

Finch, Moyle, knight and baronet

Finch (Fynch), William, husbandman

Fincher, Jeremiah, gent

Finney, Robert, yeoman


Fishborne, Mr

Fisher, Edmund, gent

Fisher, Edward, knight

Fisher, William, gent

Fishmore, William, purser

Fitz (Elizabeth), William

FitzGarret, Mr gent

Fitz-Geffrey, George, knight

Fitz-Geffrey, Katherine

Fitzherbert, Anthony, esq

Fitzherbert, Elizabeth

Fitzherbert, Francis, esq

Fitzherbert, John, knight

FitzJames (Fitz-James), Thomas, esq

Fitz-James, Thomas, knight

Fitzrandolph, Edward, gent

Fitzrandolph, John, gent

Fitzwilliam, baron

Fitzwilliams, Brian, gent

Flacke, Robert, yeoman

Flamock (Flammock), John, gent

Fleetwood, Edmund, gent

Fleetwood, Hester

Fleetwood, Jane

Fleetwood, Paul, knight

Fleetwood, William, knight

Fletcher, Henry, tailor

Fletcher, Jane

Fletcher, Nicholas, gent

Flicke (Flick), Nathaniel, clerk

Flower, Henry, gent

Floyd, Edward

Floyer, Anne

Floyer, Anthony

Floyer, Anthony, gent

Floyer, Jane

Floyer, John

Floyer, William, gent

Fogg, Ezechus

Fogg, Margaret

Fogg, Mary

Foliambe (Foljambe), James, gent

Foljambe (Foliambe), Francis, baronet

Foljambe, Francis, knight

Folliott (Foliott), Aylmer, esq

Folliott (Foliott), John, knight

Folliott, Thomas, baron Balshannon

Forbes, James, clerk

Forbes (Forbesse), James, clerk

Forby, William

Ford, Emmanuel, gent

Ford, Jane

Ford, Stephen, tailor

Forde (Ford), Thomas, esq

Forrest, Thomas, merchant

Forster, Claudius, baronet

Forster, Elizabeth, lady

Forster, Grace

Forster, Humphrey, baronet

Forster, Isabel

Forster, Mary

Forster, Thomas, esq

Forster, Thomas, gent

Forster, William, knight

Fortescue, Edmund, knight

Fortescue, Henry, esq

Fortescue, Joanna

Fortescue, John, esq

Fortescue, Ludovick

Fortescue, Mary

Fortescue, Sarah

Forth, Anne

Forth, William, esq

Fortsecue, Edmund

Foster, Edward, innkeeper

Foster, Francis, surgeon

Foster, John, husbandman

Foster, Mr

Foster, Mrs

Foster, Ralph

Foster, Richard

Foster, Richard, gent

Foster, Thomas, esq

Foster, Thomas, knight

Foulk, Dr

Foulk, Mary

Foulkes, Augustine

Foulkes, Francesca

Fountaine (Ryley), Dorothy

Fountaine, Edmund, clerk

Fountaine (Ryley), Elizabeth

Fovery, John

Fowberye, Averill

Fowberye, Averill

Fowberye (Fawbery), George, esq

Fowke, Arthur

Fowke, Charles

Fowke, Elizabeth

Fowke, Gerard

Fowke, John

Fowke (Foulke), Walter, gent

Fowke, William, gent

Fowkes, William, blacksmith

Fowle, Elizabeth

Fowle, Nicholas

Fowler, John, mercer

Fowlkes, John, clerk

Fox, Anne

Fox, Anthony, yeoman

Fox, Edmund

Fox, Edmund, esq

Fox, Edward, vintner

Fox, Humphrey, merchant

Fox, John

Fox, Katherine

Foxall, Elizabeth

Foxall, William

Foxcroft, Isaac, gent

Foyle, Henry, gent

Frampton, Catherine

Frampton, Elizabeth

Frampton, William, esq

Francis, Matthew, esq

Francis, Maurice

Francklyn (Franklin, Franklyn), John, gent

Francklyn, John, labourer

Frank, James, gent, grocer

Franke (Frank), Richard, weaver

Frankish, John, under sheriff

Franklin, Edward

Franklin, Henry, servant

Franklyn, William, esq

Frauncis, Jane

Frayne, John, glover

Freeman, Coningsby, esq

Freeman, Edward

Freeman, Edward, gent

Freeman, Elizabeth

Freeman, Henry, esq

Freeman, John

Freeman, Ralph, knight

Freeman, Thomas

Freeman, Thomas, clerk

Freeman, Thomas, milner

Freeman, Ursula

Freeman, William

Freeman, William the elder, gent

Freeman, William the younger, gent

Freer, William, notary public

Fremtry?, Ralph

French, Alexander, gent

French, George, gent

French, John, M.A.

French, Thomas, M.A.

Fresor, John, tailor

Fretwell, Ralph the elder, gent

Fretwell, Ralph the younger, gent

Frickley, Elizabeth, servant

Friend, John, bailiff

Frier, Edward, gent

Frith, Richard

Frith, Thomas, vintner

Frogmer, Elizabeth

Frogmer (Frogmore), Rowland, gent

Fromont, George, labourer

Frowde, Thomas

Froysell, Philip, yeoman

Fuller, Alice, spinster

Fuller, Dr, lawyer

Fuller, Edward, gent

Fuller, Elizabeth

Fuller, George, mercer

Fuller, John, yeoman

Fuller, Thomas

Fullers, Joseph

Fullsis, Edward, gent

Fulnetby, Vincent

Fulwood, Elizabeth

Fulwood, Joanna

Fulwood, John

Fulwood, Robert

Fulwood (Fullwood), Thomas, gent

Furley, Robert, notary public

Furnace, John

Furnit, John

Fursdon, Bridget

Fursdon, Elizabeth

Fursdon, George, gent

Furse, George

Furseman, George, gent

Furseman, George, tailor

Fursland, John

Fursland, Katherine

Fursland, Margaret

Fursland, Walter, gent

Fussell, John, gent

Futter, James


Gaille, John

Gale (Gael), Charles, clerk

Gale, Gilbert, gent

Gale, Isaack

Gale, John

Gallimore, John, clerk

Games, Thomas, gent

Games, William, gent

Gammon, Hannibal, clerk

Ganns, Mr

Gardener (Gardner), John, gent

Gardener, Richard

Gardiner, Charles, gent

Gardiner, Henry, gent

Gardiner, Nicholas, yeoman

Gardiner, Samuel, Dr

Gardiner, Samuel, Dr of Law

Gardiner, Thomas, esq

Gardiner, Thomas, gent

Gardiner, Thomas, husbandman

Gardiner, William, gent

Gardman, Richard

Gardnar, Richard

Gardner, Joanna

Gardner, John, blacksmith

Garey, Nathaniel, notary public

Garfield, Benjamin, gent

Gargrave, Richard, knight

Gargrave, William, innholder

Garleford, widow

Garnet, Thomas, scrivener

Garnett, Henry, gent

Garnett, Jasper, esq

Garrard (Gerrard, Garrett), Elizabeth

Garrard, James

Garrard (Gerrard, Garrett), John, baronet

Garrard (Gerrard, Garrett), John, esq

Garraway, Henry

Garrett, George, gent

Garter, George

Garter, George, gent

Gartfoote (Garfoote), William, gent

Gartfoote (Garfoote, Gufford), William, gent

Garton, Henry, esq

Garton, Mary

Garton, Peter, knight

Garwell?, H.

Gascoigne, Henry, esq

Gascoigne, Jane

Gascoigne, John

Gascoigne, Margaret

Gascoigne, Richard, esq

Gascoigne, William, gent

Gascoigne, William, knight

Gasson, Robert

Gates, Francis, husbandman

Gates, John

Gaule, John, clerk

Gaunt, Richard

Gaunt, Thomas, gent

Gay, Thomas, knight

Gay, Thomas, Mr

Geare (Gere, Geere), Humphrey, merchant

Gee, Thomas, gent

Geere, William, joiner

Geering (Gearing), John, gent

Geers, Francis, gent

Gell, John, knight

Gendell, John, gent

Gendell, Walter, notary public

George, Thomas, yeoman

German, Daniel, clerk

Gerrard, Elizabeth

Gerrard, John

Gething, Thomas

Ghest, Charles

Ghest, Edmund

Ghest, Joan

Gibbon, Anthony, clothier

Gibbon, George, clothier

Gibbon, Lydia

Gibbon, Thomas

Gibbon, William, clothier

Gibbons, Nicholas, clerk

Gibbons, Thomas

Gibbs, Edward, gent

Gibbs, Margaret

Gibbs, Thomas

Gibbs, Thomas, gent

Gibson, Edward, carpenter

Gibson, John, gent

Gibson, Peter, innholder

Gibson, Thomas, blacksmith

Giffard, George

Giffard, Joane

Giffard, Roger, esq

Gifford, Anthony, M.A.

Gifford, Bartholomew, gent

Gifford, John, gent

Gifford, Robert, D.D.

Gifford, Simon, gent

Gilbert, George, gent

Gilbert, Helen

Gilbert, Humphrey, soapmaker

Gilbert, John, tailor

Gilbert, Nicholas, esq

Gilbert, William, gent

Gilbourne, Edward, knight

Gilby, Emanuel, gent

Giles, Mr

Giles, Robert, gent

Gill, John

Gill, Philip, gent

Gimson (Gymson), William, vicar

Gird, Robert

Girlington, Dorothy

Girlington, John

Glace, Richard, dyer / gent

Glanville (Glanvill, Glanvile), George

Glapthorne, Thomas, gent

Glascock, William

Glasse, Walter

Glemham, Thomas, knight

Glewe, Hankin, yeoman

Glide, John

Glide, John, soapmaker

Glide, Mrs

Glover, Margaret

Glover, William

Glynn, William, esq

Glynne (Glynn), Thomas, esq

Goad, M.

Goad, Mr

Goddard, Humphrey, mercer

Goddard, John, clerk

Godfrey, Thomas, mariner

Godolphin, Francis, esq

Goldingham (Gouldingham)

Goldsborough, John

Goldsmith, Clement, esq

Goldsmith, Francis, esq

Goldsmith, Francis, knight

Goldsmith, Robert, miller

Goldsmith, Thomas

Goldsmyth (Goldsmith), Edward, esq

Goldstone, Abraham

Goldwell, Robert

Good, Henry, gent

Good, Mary

Good, Thomas, esq

Good (Goode), Thomas, esq

Good, William, yeoman

Goode, William, clerk

Goodfellow, Lewis, gent

Goodhand, John

Goodieare, Edmund, esq

Gooding, Mr

Goodrich, Michael the elder

Goodrich, Michael the younger

Goodricke, William, gent

Goodwin, George, yeoman

Goodwin, Vincent, clerk

Goodwyn, Richard

Googe, Robert, maltster

Gookin, John, gent

Gore, Charles, esq

Gore, John, esq

Gore, William

Goreham (Gorham), Robert, innkeeper

Gorge, Ferdinando

Gorge, Mr esq

Goring, George, baron Goring

Goring, George, baron Goring of Hurstpierpoint

Gorton, Robert, gent

Gosnoll, Henry

Gosse, William, yeoman

Goston, Richard

Gough, John, yeoman

Gournay (Gurney), Edward, esq

Gover, James, tailor

Gower, John, gent

Gower, Nicholas, gent

Goyner, William

Grafton, William

Grainge, John, innkeeper

Grainger, Thomas, gent

Grange, Edward, barber surgeon

Grange, Edward, semster

Grantham, Joane, widow

Graunt, Frances

Graunt, John

Grave, Henry, cordwainer

Graves, William

Gray, Anthony

Gray, Edmond

Gray (Grey), Edward, esq

Gray, Francis

Gray (Grey, Greye), Henry, esq

Gray, Henry, gent

Gray, Jane

Gray (Grey, Greye), Mary

Gray, Mrs

Gray, Mrs

Gray (Grey), Philip, esq

Gray, Ralph, esq

Gray, Thomas

Gray, Thomas, esq

Greaves, Edward, gent

Greaves (Graves), Edward, gent

Greaves, George, gent

Greaves, Jane

Greaves, John

Greaves, Nicholas

Greaves, Richard

Greaves, Richard, knight

Greaves, William the elder, clerk

Greaves, William the younger, Mr

Greaves, William, clerk

Green, Alice

Green, John

Green, John, mayor

Green, John, yeoman

Green, Thomas

Green, Thomas

Green (Greene), Thomas, maltster

Green, Tobias, tanner

Green (Greene), William, lawyer

Green, William, mercer

Green (Greene), William, mercer

Green, William, waiter

Greene, Bartholomew

Greene, Edmund, gent

Greene, Florence

Greene, John, barber

Greene, John, esq

Greene, Mary

Greene, Mr

Greene, Sicile

Greene, Thomas, clerk

Greene, William

Greenhill, Robert

Greenhill, William

Greenstead, John

Greenstreet, John

Greenwich, Elizabeth

Greenwich, William

Gregory, Gilbert, esq

Gregson, Henry, gent

Greisley (Gresley), George, esq

Greisley, George, knight

Greisley, Thomas

Grene, John, woollen draper

Grent, John, clerk

Grenvell (Grenville), Richard, esq

Grenville, Richard, knight

Grenville (Greenvill), Richard, knight

Gresham, Edward, baronet

Gresham, Thomas

Gresham (Greetham), William, husbandman

Greswould (Greswold), Humphrey, gent

Grevill, Anne

Grevill, Michael

Grey, Andrew, esq

Grey, Charles, earl of Kent

Grey (Gray), Henry, gent

Grey, Mary

Grey, Mary

Grey, Mary, esq

Grey, Susan, lady

Grice, Henry, esq

Grice, Richard

Griffin, Elizabeth, spinster


Griffith, Abel, gent

Griffith, David, gent

Griffith, Evan, notary public

Griffith, Francis, gent

Gritffith, George William, gent

Griffith, John, gent

Griffith, John, yeoman

Griffith, Mr

Griffith, Owen, esq

Griffith, Richard, gent

Griffith, Robert

Griffith, William, Dr

Griffiths, Jo.M

Griffiths, Roger, notary public

Grigg, Phillip, gent

Grimston, Elizabeth

Grimston, Francis, gent

Grimston, Harbottle, knight and baronet

Grimston, Henry, gent

Grimston, Henry, knight

Grimston, Joane

Grimston, Joane

Grimston, Thomas, esq

Grinder, Mr

Grix, Robert

Grobham, John, Mr

Groom (Groome), John, gent

Groome (Groom), Robert, gent

Gros, Edward, gent

Grosse, Edward, gent

Grosvenor, Fulke, esq

Grothall, William

Grove, Francis, esq

Grove, Henry

Grove, Margaret

Grove, Roger, mariner

Grove, William

Groves (Greaves, Graves), Thomas

Gry, Edward

Gry, Gervase

Gryffin, Cadwallader

Grymes, Audrey

Grymes, George

Gubbes, Anthony, mercer

Guidot, William, gent

Gulley, Samuel, yeoman

Gulley, William, yeoman

Gulwell, Francis, innkeeper

Gunbie (Gunby), Henry, gent

Gunter, Alice

Gunter, Anne

Gunter, Blanch

Gunter, Charles

Gunter, Charles, gent

Gunter, Francis

Gunter, John

Gunter, John, gent

Gunter, Judith

Gunter, Richard

Gunter, Thomas, gent

Gunter, William

Gutch, Clement the younger, mercer

Gwilliam (Gwilliams), Henry, gent

Gwilliam (Gwillin), Richard, mayor

Gwyer, Griffith

Gwyllim (Gwyllin, Gwillim, Gwillin), Margaret

Gwyllim (Gwyllin, Gwillim, Gwillin), Mary

Gwyllim (Gwyllin, Gwillim, Gwillin), Thomas, gent

Gwyn, David, gent

Gwyn, Dr

Gwyn (Gwynn), Dr, lawyer

Gwyn, George

Gwyn, Lewis, gent

Gwyn, Miles, under sheriff

Gwyn, Roger, esq

Gwyn, Thomas, lawyer

Gwyn (Gwynn), Thomas, lawyer

Gwynn (Gwyn), Evan the elder

Gwynn (Gwyn), Jevan, esq

Gwynn (Gwyn), Thomas, lawyer

Gwynne (Gwyn, Gwynn), Thomas, esq

Gwynne (Gwyn, Gwynn), Thomas, lawyer

Gyll, Jonas

Gryd (Giyd, Knight), Henry, yeoman


Haberley, Anthony

Habsbury, Ferdinand II, Emperor

Habsbury, Ferdinand II, Holy Roman Emperor

Habsbury, Philip II, King

Habsbury, Philip IV, King

Hach, Arthur

Hach, Margaret

Hach, Mr

Hach (Hatch), Thomas, esq

Hacher (Hatcher), John, esq

Hacke, William, esq

Haddock, Sibbell

Haddock, Thomas

Hadlie, James

Hagley, John, clerk

Haines, Thomas

Hakewill, John, alderman

Haldanby, Edward, esq

Haldon, William

Hale, Michael

Hale, Robert, gent

Hales, Edward, esq

Hales, John

Hales, Mary

Halfe, John, gent

Halfehide, Jeremy, gent

Halford, William, esq

Hall, Charles, esq

Hall, Christopher, esq

Hall, Galfridus

Hall, Henry

Hall, Jane

Hall, John

Hall, John, clerk

Hall, John, knight

Hall, Mary

Hall, porter

Hall, Robert, tiler

Hall, William, scrivener

Hallowell, Edward

Hallowell, Mary

Halse, John the elder, gent

Halse, John, gent

Hambden (Hampden), Alexander, knight

Hambly, Giles, gent

Hamden (Hampden), John, esq

Hamerlsey, William, gent

Hamerton, Robert

Hamilton, James, marquess of Hamilton

Hamilton, James, marquis of Hamilton

Hammond, Francis

Hamon, Nicholas

Hamon (Hamond), Nicholas, yeoman

Hamond, Edward, husbandman

Hampden, John, esq

Hampshire, John the elder

Hampton, John, clerk

Hancks, Richard

Hancock, Hugh

Hanle, Robert

Hannington, William

Hansby, Elizabeth

Hansby, Elizabeth

Hansby, Ralph

Hansby, Ralph, knight

Hansby, William, clerk

Hanslopp (Hanslope, Hanslap), Thomas

Hanslopp (Hanslop, Hanslap), Thomas, gent

Hanson, Gervase, yeoman

Hanson, Jervase, gent

Hanson, Thomas, grocer

Harbatch, Robert

Harbert, Charles, attorney

Harbert (Herbert), William, esq

Harbert, William, gent

Harbin, Richard, gent

Harby, Edward

Harcourt, Jane

Harcourt, Walter, knight

Hardcastle, Henry

Hardham, William

Hardiman, George

Harding, Amyas, husbandman

Hardwick (Hardwicke), Francis, gent

Hare, Humphrey

Hare, Richard, fisherman

Harecot, William

Harefleet (Harfleete), Christopher, knight

Hares (Hawes), Richard, clerk

Harewell, Alice

Harewell, Dorothy

Harewell, Richard

Harewell, Robert, gent

Harford (Hartford), Bridstock, gent

Harford, Elizabeth

Harford, Ellenor

Harford, Henry

Hargrave, James

Harington (Harrington), James, knight

Harington, Theodocia

Harland, Henry, innholder

Harleston, John, gent


Harley, Humphrey

Harlinge, Christopher, gent

Harman, Mr

Harman, Nicholas, esq

Harmar, William, receiver

Harmewoode, Elizabeth

Harmewoode, William, yeoman

Harper, Alice

Harper, Richard

Harper, Richard, barber

Harper, Thomas, tailor

Harres, Thomas

Harrigate, John

Harrington, Edward, baronet

Harrington, George, gent

Harrington, Henry, gent

Harrington, James

Harrington, Mary, innkeeper

Harrington, Thomas, esq

Harris, Edward, esq

Harris, Giles, gent

Harris, Huddie, gent

Harris, John, esq

Harris, Josias, apothecary

Harris, Margaret

Harris, Mr

Harris, Priscilla

Harris, Richard, merchant

Harris, Richard, notary public

Harris, Richard, servant

Harris, Robert, yeoman

Harris, Rowland, gent

Harris, Vincent, ship's captiain

Harris, Walter, clerk

Harris, William, esq

Harrison, Christopher

Harrison, Joan

Harrison, Michael, gent

Harrison, Richard, knight

Harrison, Thomas

Harrison, Thomas, B.D.

Harrison, Thomas, vintner

Harrison, William, innkeeper

Harry, William

Harry, William

Harse, Thomas, husbandman

Harsnet, John

Hart, Joanna

Hart, John, servant

Hart, Richard, lawyer

Hart, Robert, gent

Harte, Anne

Harte, John

Harte, John, esq

Harte (Hart), Percival, knight

Hartell, Robert

Hartell (Hartwell), Robert, yeoman

Hartnott, George

Harvey, Daniel, merchant

Harvey, Elizabeth

Harvey, Richard, husbandman

Harvey, Simon

Harvie (Harvey), Christopher, weaver

Harward, Alice

Harward, Rowland, knight

Harwood, Thomas

Haselfoot, William, gent

Haselwood, James, shepherd

Haskard, William

Haskett, William, woollen weaver

Haslewood, Edmund

Haslewood, Francis

Haslewood (Haselwood, Hasselwood), Francis, esq

Haslewood (Haselwood), Thomas, esq

Hassall, Jane

Hassall, Margery

Hassall, Ralph

Hassall, William, gent

Hastings, Barbara

Hastings, Edward

Hastings, Elizabeth

Hastings, Ferdinando, baron Hastings

Hastings, George, earl of Huntingdon

Hastings, Henry, baron Loughborough

Hastings, Henry, earl of Huntingdon

Hastings, Henry, esq

Hastings, Hugh, knight

Hastings, Walter, esq

Hatch, John, curate

Hatch, Nicholas, gent

Hatcher (Crowter), Elizabeth

Hatcher (Crowter), Roger, linen weaver

Hatcher (Crowter), Roger, butcher

Hatcliffe, Jane

Hatcliffe, Thomas

Hattersley, Robert

Hatton, Christopher, knight

Hatton, Christopher, Knight of the Bath

Haughton, John the younger, yeoman / leather dresser

Haunce (Stadler), Edward

Haver, Edward

Havers, Edward, esq

Havers, Gilbert

Havers, John, esq

Havers, Mary

Hawes, John

Hawes, Mary

Hawford, Edward

Hawford, Joyce

Hawkes, Edward the elder, skinner

Hawkes, Hammond, cooper

Hawkes, William, skinner

Hawkins, Hieronimus, gent

Hawkins, James, gent

Hawkins, John, esq

Hawkins, John, mariner

Hawkins, Richard

Hawkins, William, gent

Hawkyns (Hawkins), John, clothier

Hawley, Francis

Hawley, Henry, gent

Hawtene, Nicholas, gent

Hawthorne, Nathaniel, yeoman

Hay, Anne

Hay, Dorothy

Hay, Herbert

Hay, James, earl of Carlisle

Hay, Peter, esq

Hay, Thomas

Haydon, Dorothy

Haydon, Francis

Haydon, Thomas, esq

Hayman, John

Hayne (Haines, Haynes), John, seaman

Haynes, Hopton, gent


Hayward, Anna

Hayward (Heyword), James, clothier

Hayward, James, Mr

Hayward, Jane

Hayward, Rowland, knight

Hayward, Thomas, gent

Head, Richard, gent

Head, William

Heale, Thomas

Healon, Nathaniel, gent

Heane (Haine), James

Heane, Walter

Heane, Walter, gent

Heard, John, ploughman

Hearne, William

Heath, Elizabeth

Heath, Francis

Heath, John

Heath, Richard

Heath, Richard, gent

Heath, Thomas, gent

Heath, William, gent

Heathcoat, Nicholas, gent

Heathcote, Godfrey

Heather, John, yeoman

Heathfield, George, yeoman

Heaven, John, gent

Heber, Anne

Heber, Everill

Heber, Thomas

Heber, Thomas, esq

Heeler, Gervase

Heeler, Matthew, the elder

Heeler, Matthew, the younger

Heighmore (Highmore), Abraham, gent

Hele, John

Hele, Phillippa

Helliar, Ralph

Helliard (Hellier), Richard, glover

Hellier, Edward

Hellin (Hellyn, Hillin, Heilin), Hugh, yeoman

Hellow, Mr, clerk

Hellyar, Ralph

Hellyar, Robert

Hellyar, Robert, tallow chandler

Henchpole, Sarah

Hender, Frances

Hender, John

Hendry, Thomas

Heneage, Michael, esq

Henley, Richard

Henn (Henne), Henry, esq

Henrietta, Maria, Queen

Henshaw, John, gent

Heppenstall, Brian, clerk

Herbert, Captain

Herbert, Charles, gent

Herbert, earl of Worcester

Herbert, Elenor, lady Powis

Herbert, John, knight

Herbert, Philip, earl of Pembroke

Herbert, Philip, earl of Pembroke of Montgomery

Herbert, William, baron Powis

Herbert, William, earl of Pembroke

Herbert, William, knight

Hereford, Elizabeth

Hereford, Humphrey, servant

Hereford, John

Hereford, Mary

Hereford, Richard, esq

Hering, William

Heriot, Elizabeth

Heriot, Mary

Heriot, Mr

Heriot, William

Herle, Henry

Herle, Katherine

Herle, Thomas, esq

Herman, Nicholas

Herne, James, gent

Heron, Edward

Heron, Edward, knight

Heron, Jeremy, gent

Heron, Theodosia


Hesketh, Robert, esq

Heskett, Henry

Hewes, Francis

Hewes, Richard

Hewes, Thomas, clerk

Hewett, Francis

Hewster, Merciam

Heyborne (Hiborne), George, mariner and trumpeter

Heydon, John, barber surgeon

Heygate (Highgate), Thomas, attorney

Heylin, Edward

Heylin, Henry, gent

Heylin, Peter, minister

Heyly, John, baker

Heyward, John

Heywood, Raphael

Hibots, George, victualler

Hick (Hicke), Christopher, innkeeper

Hickes, John, clerk

Hickes, John, gent

Hicks, Baptist, knight

Hicks, Mr

Hicks, Robert, mariner

Hide, Edward

Hide, Henry

Hide, Mary

Hide, Richard, gent

Hide, Thomas, gent

Hide, Thomas, M.A.

Hide (Hyde), Thoomas, M.A.

Higbie, Alice

Higbie, William

Higgins, Martin, scrivener

Higham, Edward, M.A.

Higham, Thomas

Highlord, alderman

Hikes, John

Hidiard (Hillyard, Hildyard, Hilliard, Hiliard), Christopher

Hidiard (Hillyard, Hildyard, Hilliard, Hiliard), Frances

Hidiard (Hillyard, Hildyard, Hilliard, Hiliard), Francis

Hidiard (Hillyard, Hildyard, Hilliard, Hiliard), Richard, gent

Hidiard (Hillyard, Hildyard, Hilliard, Hiliard), Robert, gent

Hill, Adam

Hill, Albinia

Hill, Anne

Hill, Edward

Hill, Elizabeth

Hill, Henry

Hill, John

Hill, Katherine

Hill, Leonard

Hill, Richard

Hill, Roger

Hill, Samuel, clerk

Hill, Susan

Hill, William the elder, gent

Hill, William the younger, gent

Hill, William, gent

Hillersdon, Thomas, knight

Hilliard, Edward, clothdrawer

Hillin, Henry

Hills, Hercules

Hills, James

Hillyard (Hilliard, Hildiard, Hiliard, Hildyard), Christopher, knight

Hillyard (Hilliard, Hildiard, Hiliard, Hildyard), Jane

Hillyard (Hilliard, Hildiard, Hiliard, Hildyard), Robert, gent

Hilton, George, gent

Hilton, Jane

Hilton, John

Hilton, John, esq

Hilton, Mary

Hinchman, Daniel, barber surgeon

Hinton, Dr, physician

Hinton, Richard, clerk

Hirdman, Henry, gent

Hitchcocke, Bridget

Hitchcocke (Hitchcock), John, gent

Hitchcocke, Zenobia

Hixwell, Mr, innkeeper

Hoare, Humphrey, notary public

Hobart, Anthony, gent

Hobart, Dorothy

Hobart, Henry, knight and baronet

Hobart, James, esq

Hobart, James, knight

Hobart, John, baronet

Hobart, John, knight and baronet

Hobart, Miles, knight

Hobart, Phillippa

Hobert (Hobart), William, esq

Hoblyn, Dorothy

Hoblyn, Elizabeth

Hoblyn (Hoblin), Thomas, esq

Hobson, Dorothy

Hobson, Thomas

Hobson, William the elder, gent

Hoby, Peregrine, esq

Hoce, Robert, clerk

Hoddinot (Hoddynott), John, yeoman

Hoden, Robert

Hodge (Hodges), Anthony, gent

Hodges, Abel, clerk

Hodges, James

Hodges, William, innkeeper

Hodgescot, Joane

Hodgescot, Thomas

Hodgson, Henry

Hodgson, John, yeoman

Hodgson, Sibilla

Hodson, Daniel, merchant

Hodson, Francis

Hodson, William, vintner

Hogan, Anthony

Hogan, Eleanor

Hogan, Mary

Hogan (Hoogan), Thomas, knight

Hogg (Hogge), Richard, yeoman

Holbatche, Nathaniel, gent

Holbech, Anne

Holbech, William, esq

Holborne, Robert, lawyer

Holbrooke, Alexander, gent

Holbrooke, Alice

Holbrooke, George

Holbrooke, Thomas

Holden, Anthony, yeoman

Holden, Thomas, yeoman

Holdsworth, Edmund, gent

Holgrave, George, clerk

Holgrove, George, clerk

Holiwell (Hallywell), James, grocer

Holland, John

Holland, John, gent

Holland, Richard, gent

Holland, Thomas, knight

Holles, Denzil, esq

Holloway, Henry

Holloway, Mary

Holman, John

Holman, Nicholas

Holme, Thomas, yeoman

Holmes, James, yeoman

Holmes, Thomas

Holmes, Thomas, gent

Holmes, Thomas, yeoman

Holmes, William, innkeeper

Holmes, William, merchant


Holt, Anne

Holt, Charles, gent

Holt, Elizabeth

Holt, George

Holt, John, gent

Holt, Lawrence, gent

Holt, William

Holte, William

Holte, William, esq

Holton, Nicholas, joiner

Honeywood, Thomas, knight

Honeywood, Thomasine

Hooke, Edward, gent

Hooke, Henry, esq

Hooke, Humfrey, Captain

Hooke (Lyon), Humphrey, gent

Hooker (Wise), Catherine

Hooper, John, gent

Hooper, Walter, husbandman

Hooper, William, gent

Hope, Alexander, gent

Hope, Robert, clerk

Hope, Robert, tailor

Hopkin (Hopkins, Hopkyns), Joane

Hopkin, Lynet

Hopkin (Hopkins), Thomas, alehouse keeper

Hopkins, Cobham, mariner

Hopkins, Edmund, yeoman

Hopkins, Mary

Hopkins, William, mason

Hopper, Thomas, husbandman

Hopton, Anne

Hopton, Arthur, knight

Hopton, Christopher, gent

Hopton, Elizabeth

Hopton, Ellinor

Hopton, George, esq

Hopton, Ingram, gent

Hopton, Ingram, knight

Hopton, Joane

Hopton, John

Hopton, John, esq

Hopton, Mary

Hopton, Mary

Hopton, Mr

Hopton, Ralph, esq

Hopton, Ralph, knight

Hopton, Richard

Hopton, Richard, knight

Hopton, William, esq


Hord, Thomas, knight

Hornbie, Gabriel, joiner

Hornbie, William, yeoman

Horner, Christopher

Horner, Edward

Horner, Elizabeth

Horseman, Elizabeth

Horseman, Robert, esq

Horsington, Robert, husbandman

Hort, Edward

Horton, Christopher

Horton, William, yeoman

Horwood, Roger

Hotham, John, baronet

Hough, John, gent

Houghton, John, the elder

Houghton, Robert, esq

Hovell, Hugh, gent

Hoverson, Roger

Howard, Alathea, countess of Arundel and Surrey

Howard, Anne

Howard, Charles, earl of Nottingham

Howard, Charles, knight

Howard, countess of Arundel and Surrey

Howard, Henry, baron Maltravers

Howard, Thomas, earl of Arundel

Howard, Thomas, earl of Arundel and Surrey

Howard, Thomas, viscount Howard of Bindon

Howard, William, baron

Howard, William, baron Stafford

Howard, William, knight

Howberie, John, clerk of the peace

Howe, Thomas

Howe, Thomas, servant

Howell (Powell), David Philip

Howell, John, yeoman

Howell, William

Howes, William

Howlden (Houlden), Edward, clerk

Howlett, Henry, weaver

Howson, William, gent

Hubbard, John, esq

Hubbins, William, tailor

Hubert, Elizabeth

Hubert, John


Hudleston (Huddleston, Huddlestone), Bridget

Hudleston (Huddleston, Huddlestone), Dorothy

Hudleston (Huddleston, Huddlestone), Edward, gent

Hudleston (Huddleston, Huddlestone), Henry, esq

Hudleston (Huddleston, Huddlestone), Henry, gent

Hudleston (Huddleston, Huddlestone), Henry, knight

Hudleston (Huddleston, Huddlestone), Robert, knight

Hudley, Wheathill, esq

Hudson, alderman

Hudson, John

Hudson, William, esq

Huett, Thomas, yeoman

Huffe, Thomas, milliner

Huffett, Robert, maltster

Huggens, Peter

Huggeson, William, innkeeper

Huggins, Thomas, husbandman

Hugh, Christopher, gent

Hugh (ap Rees), Jenkins, gent

Hughes, Andrew, gent

Hughes, Anne

Hughes, Francis, yeoman

Hughes, Henry, gent

Hughes, Henry, physician

Hughes, Richard, bricklayer

Hughes, Rowland, clerk

Hughes, William, clerk

Hugson (Hogeson, Hodson), Robert, gent

Hulker (Houlker), Thomas, gent

Humber, Philip, mariner

Humberston, William, milliner

Humberstone, Edward

Humberstone, William

Humfrey, John

Humfrey, William, gent

Hungate, Henry, knight

Hungerford, Anthony, esq

Hungerford, Anthony, gent

Hungerford, Anthony, knight

Hungerford, Bridget

Hungerford, Edmund

Hungerford, Edward

Hungerford, Edward, esq

Hungerford, John

Hungerford, John, esq

Hungerford, Sara

Hungerford, Thomas, gent

Hungerford, Walter, gent

Hunlocke, Denham, tailor

Hunstone, Thoams, gent

Hunt, Dr, lawyer

Hunt, Edmund

Hunt, James, innkeeper

Hunt, John

Hunt, John, gent

Hunt, Nicholas, gent

Hunt, Roger

Huntbache, John, gent

Huntbache, Margery

Hunter, Dorothy, widow

Hunter, William, gent

Huntley, Richard, yeoman

Hurley, Morice, gent

Hursler (Hustler, Hurslowe), George

Hursler (Hustler, Hurslowe), Rebecca

Hurt, Alice

Hurt, Nicholas

Hurt, Ralph

Hurt, Raphael

Hurt, Robert

Hurt, William, merchant

Hussey, Edward, knight and baronet

Hutchins, John, gent

Hutchins (Hutchinson), Robert, gent

Hutchinson, Edmund

Hutchinson, George

Hutchinson, Henry, gent

Hutchinson, Thomas, knight

Hutton, Abel, shepherd

Hutton, justice

Hyde, Barbara

Hyde, Edward, earl of Clarendon

Hyde, Edward, esq

Hyde, Edward, earl of Clarendon

Hyde, Laurence, knight

Hyde, Leonard, esq

Hyde, Mary

Hyde (Hide), Robert, knight

Hye, Edward, yeoman

Hyett, Henry, gent

Hyett, John, gent

Hynd, John, weaver

Hynde, John, husbandman


Iles, John, gent

Ilsley, John, shoemaker

Ingepen (Inckepen), Francis, gent

Ingepen (Inckepen), Richard, gent

Ingoldsby, Richard, esq

Ingoldsby, Richard, knight

Ingrey, Edward

Ingrey, Elizabeth

Innce, William, baker

Inon (Ivon)

Ipps, Anne

Ipps, Richard

Irish (Mackrory), William, yeoman

Irwin, William

Isaac, Francis, gent

Isaacke, Samuel

Isaacks, Richard

Isaackson, Catherine

Isaackson (Powle Isaccson), Paul, painter and stainer

Isacke (Isaac), Samuel, gent

Iscariot, Judas

Isham, Gregory

Isham, John, baronet

Isham, Mary

Ithell, Mary

Ithell, Peirse

Ithell, Thomas, clothier

Ivat, Thomas, gent


Jackson, Anthony, alderman

Jackson, Barnabas, servant

Jackson, Christopher, yeoman

Jackson, George

Jackson, George, gent

Jackson, John

Jackson, John, dyer

Jackson, Margery

Jackson, William

Jakes, William, constable

James, Anna, spinster

James, Blanch

James, Elizabeth

James, Francis

James, Francis, esq

James, Francis, gent

James, Henry

James, Henry, esq

James, John, esq

James, John, husbandman

James, John, labourer

James, Peter

James, Sarah

James, William

James, William, yeoman

Jefferay (Jefferie), Thomas, esq

Jeffereis, Geoffrey, esq

Jefferies, Francis, the elder

Jeffery, Edward

Jeffery, Elizabeth

Jeffery, Katherine

Jeffery (Jefferies), Leonard, esq

Jeffery (Jefferies), Thomas, esq

Jeffries (Jeffreys), James the elder, gent

Jeffries (Jeffreys), James, gent

Jegoe, Peter

Jenison, Isabell

Jenison, Ralph, merchant

Jenkin, Morgan David, gent

Jenkin, Morris, yeoman

Jenkin, Richard, yeoman

Jenkin, Watkin

Jenkins, William, gent

Jenkinson, Marmaduke, draper

Jenner (Jeynor), Edmund, yeoman

Jennings, Edward, glover

Jennings (Gennins), Thomas, esq

Jennings, Timothy, merchant

Jennings, William, gent

Jennyns (Jennings), John, esq

Jennyns (Jennings), John, knight

Jenson, Matthew

Jeny, John, esq

Jervis, John, yeoman

Jervoise, Thomas, knight

Jett, Alexander, notary public

Jewell, John, gent

Jewell, William, esq

Jeyne, John, gent


Jocelin, Mary

John, David Lloyd, gent

John, Gwenlliana, spinster

John, Piaschoe, gent

John, Thomas, yeoman

John, William Howell

Johns, Hugh, clerk

Johns, Paschoe, gent

Johns, William, clerk

Johnson, Alice

Johnson, Henry, clerk

Johnson, Jane

Johnson, Michael, husbandman

Johnson, Miles

Johnson, Mr

Johnson, Mrs

Johnson, Richard

Johnson, Robert

Johnson, Robert, saddler

Johnson, Robert, yeoman

Johnson, Thomas

Johnson, Thomas, clerk

Johnson, Thomas, saddler

Johnson, William, alderman

Johnson, William, draper

Johnson, William, gent

Johnson, William, mariner

Johnson, William, yeoman

Joliffe (Joyliffe), John, gent

Jolles, Alice

Jolles, John, knight

Jones, Arthur, gent

Jones, Christopher, gent

Jones, Daniel, clerk

Jones, Edmund, gent

Jones, Edward

Jones, Fulk, servant

Jones, Gilbert, Dr

Jones, Gilbert, lawyer

Jones, Griffith, esq

Jones, Henry, baronet

Jones, Henry, gent

Jones, Herbert, gent

Jones, Howell

Jones, Hugh

Jones, Humphrey, notary public

Jones, James, glover

Jones, John, gent

Jones, John, servant

Jones, Lewis

Jones, Lodovick, clerk

Jones, Ludovic, clerk

Jones, Magdalene

Jones, Margaret

Jones, Mary

Jones, Richard

Jones, Richard, gent

Jones, Richard, yeoman

Jones, Roger, gent

Jones, Thomas, gent

Jones, Thomas, girdler

Jones, William, gent

Jones, William, innkeeper

Jones, William, joiner

Jones, William, knight

Jones, Zenobia

Jonnes, John

Jordan, Dr, lawyer

Jorden, Catherine

Jorden, William

Josuah, Mr

Joyce, Thomas, clerk

Joyce, Thomas, husbandman

Joyner (Joiner), Nathaniel, esq

Juckes, John, nailer

Jude, Edward, clerk

Jurdain, Ignatius, alderman

Juxon, Richard, gent

Juxon, William, bishop of London