Index of persons, K-O

The Court of Chivalry 1634-1640.

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Richard Cust, Andrew Hopper, 'Index of persons, K-O', in The Court of Chivalry 1634-1640, ed. Richard Cust, Andrew Hopper, British History Online [accessed 23 July 2024].

Richard Cust, Andrew Hopper, 'Index of persons, K-O', in The Court of Chivalry 1634-1640. Edited by Richard Cust, Andrew Hopper, British History Online, accessed July 23, 2024,

Richard Cust, Andrew Hopper. "Index of persons, K-O". The Court of Chivalry 1634-1640. Ed. Richard Cust, Andrew Hopper, British History Online. Web. 23 July 2024.

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Kar, Mark, clerk

Keale, Francis, esq

Keblethwaite, Alice

Keblethwaite, Thomas

Keeling, John, servant

Kege, Walter, gent

Keighlie, Edward

Keire, Henry

Keirwan (Kierwan, Kerwan), Nicholas, gent

Kelliawe (Killiowe, Kyllyowe), Anne

Kelliawe (Killiowe, Kyllyowe), John the elder, esq

Kelliawe (Killiowe, Kyllyowe), John the younger, esq

Kelsey (Kelsie), William the elder, gent

Kemble, John, vintner

Kemish, William, gent

Kemp, Mr

Kempe, Gerrard, knight

Kempe (Kemp), Henry, attorney

Kempe, Joanna

Kempe, John, barber

Kempe, John, husbandman

Kemys (Kemeys), Nicholas, gent

Kendall, Anne

Kendall, Joan

Kendall, John, gent

Kendall, Jonas, yeoman

Kendall, Nicholas

Kendall, Nicholas, esq

Kendall, Thomas

Kenn (Ken), Edmund, gent

Kenn, Margaret

Kensham, Elizabeth

Kensham, Elizabeth

Kensham, Mr

Kent, Edward

Kent, Edward, gent

Kent, Francis, esq

Kent, Jane

Kent, John

Kent, Mary

Keresforth, Elizabeth

Keresforth (Kerisford, Keresford), Elizabeth

Keresforth, Gabriel

Keresforth (Kerisford, Keresford), Gabriel

Keresforth (Keresford), Thomas, gent

Keresforth (Kerisford, Keresford), Thomas, gent

Kerivan, Lawrence, gent

Kerkbie, William, yeoman

Kessall, Catherine

Kestell, Edward, innkeeper

Kestell, John

Kestian, Richard

Kettle, John, basket maker

Keymer, Richard, baker

Keysall, William, miller

Kifte, Robert, notary public

Kilburne, John

Kilburne, Mary

Kilburne (Kilborne), Richard, gent

Killingworth, Mary

Killingworth, Robert

Killygrew, Jane

Killygrew, John

Kinaston (Kynaston), Thomas, gent

King, Anne

King, Cicely

King, George, innkeeper

King, Henry

King, Jane

King (Kinge), John, gent

King, John, the elder

King, John, yeoman

King, Judith

King, Nicholas, the younger

King, Rafe, vintner

King, Robert

King, Robert, lawyer

King, Robert, yeoman

King, Samuel, gent

King, Thomas, husbandman

King, William

Kingdon, Christopher, notary public

Kinge, William

Kinge, William, barber surgeon

Kingsmill, Anne

Kingsmill, Catherine

Kingsmill, Elizabeth

Kingsmill, George, esq

Kingsmill, John

Kingsmill, William, knight

Kingston, Elizabeth

Kingston, Felix, stationer

Kingston, John, gent

Kinnersley (Kynnersley), Edward, gent

Kinnersley, Elizabeth

Kinnersley (Kynnersley), Hercules, gent

Kinnersley, Thomas

Kintche, Ottewell, churchwarden

Kipling, Michael, notary public

Kippis (Kippes), John, husbandman

Kirby, Walter, gent

Kirk, Elizabeth

Kirk, Gilbert

Kirk, Martin, servant

Kirkby, Mary

Kirke (Kirk), Daniel, knight

Kirke (Kirk), Thomas, captain

Kirkess, Stephen

Kirkham, Anne

Kirkham, Anne

Kirkham, Martha

Kirkham, Mary

Kirkham, Robert

Kirkham (Kirckham), Robert, esq

Kirkham (Kirckham), Robert, knight

Kirkham, Sybil

Kirkham, Walter

Kirkham (Kirckham), Walter, esq

Kirkham (Kirckham), Walter, knight

Kirkham (Kirckham), William, esq

Kirle, Francis, esq

Kirle (Kyrle), James, esq

Kirle, Ursula

Kirle (Kyrle), Walter, esq

Kirton, Daniel

Kirton, Edward, esq

Kirton, Mrs

Kirton, William, gent

Kittermaster (Sumner), Thomas, attorney

Kittermaster (Sumner), Thomas, gent

Kivill, William

Knaggs, Francis, husbandman

Knight, Alice, innkeeper

Knight, Henry, innkeeper

Knight, John

Knight, Mr, haberdasher

Knight, Mr, under herald

Knight, Nicholas, gent

Knight, Norris, tailor

Knight, Robert, innkeeper

Knight, Susanna

Knight, Thomas

Knightbridge, John, gent

Knightley, Elizabeth

Knightley, Thomas

Knighton, Thomas

Knollys, William, viscount Wallingford

Knott, John

Knott, Margaret

Knott, Thomas, gent

Knott, Thomas, notary public

Knottesford (Knottisford), Fulke, esq

Knowles, Anne

Knowles, Edward, vintner

Knowles, Francis, knight

Knyveton (Kniveton), Andrew, baronet

Knyveton (Kniveton), Gilbert, baronet

Knyveton (Kniveton), Gilbert, knight

Knyveton, Mary

Knyveton, Peter

Knyveton (Kniveton), William, knight


Kyrle, John, baronet

Kyrle, Sybil

Kyte (Keyt, Keyte), John the younger, esq


Lackford, Michael

Lacon, Francis, knight

Lacon, Jane

Lacon, Mary

Lacon, Rowland, esq

Ladbury, Mary

Ladbury, Mr

Ladd, Robert, esq

Laicocke, George, yeoman

Lake, Sarah, spinster

Lake, Thomas

Lake, Thomas, clerk

Lambart (Lambert), Charles, baron Lambart of Cavan

Lambart (Lambert), Hester, baron Lambart of Cavan

Lambart (Lambert), Jane, baroness Lambart of Cavan

Lambart (Lambert), Oliver, baron Lambart of Cavan

Lambe, John, knight

Lamberd, William, clerk

Lambert, Charles, baron Lambert

Lambert, Ephraim

Lambert, George, gent

Lambert, Richard, the younger

Lambert, Robert, gent

Lampen, John, esq

Lampen, John, gent

Lampen, Nicholas, miller

Lampen, William, miller

Lamplough (Lamplugh), Anthony, esq

Lancaster, Christopher, esq

Landen, Phillipp, knight

Lane, George

Lane, George, gent

Lane, Thomas

Lane, William

Lane, William, notary public

Lane, William, yeoman

Langdale, Marmaduke, knight

Langdale, William

Langford, Robert

Langham, William, notary public

Langharne, Thomas, esq

Langley, George

Langley, John, alderman

Langley, John, gent

Langley, Mary

Langley, Richard, gent

Langsford, John, esq

Langsford, Mary

Langton, George

Lanion, John

Lansdowne, Hester

Lansdowne, Richard, gent

Lapp, Mr

Lapworth, Ellen

Lapworth, Richard

Larder, Edward, gent

Large, Richard the younger, husbandman

Larret, Daniel, yeoman

Latham, Edward, notary public

Latham, Mr

Laton, Robert, gent

Latton, John, esq

Latton, Dorothy

Laud, William, archbishop of Canterbury

Laugharne (Lahorne, Laherne), John, esq

Laugharne (Langharne, Lawharne, Lawherne), John, esq

Laugharne (Langharne, Lawharne, Lawherne), Rowland, esq

Laugharne (Langharne, Lawharne, Lawherne), William, gent

Laugherne, Theophilus

Laughton, Thomas, labourer

Launder, Edward

Lavingston (Levington, Levingston), Alexander, esq

Lavington, Miles

Lawnd (Laund), Robert, gent

Lawrence, John, gent

Lawrence, Matthew, clerk

Lawrence, Thomas, alderman

Lawrence, Thomas, gent

Lawson, Henry

Layfield, Edward

Layfield, Thomas

Layton, Charles

Le Hunt, George, knight

Le Neve, William, knight

Le Neve (Le Neave), William, knight

Le Strange (L' Estrange), Alice, lady

Le Strange (L' Estrange), Hamon, knight

Le Strange (L' Estrange), Mary, lady

Le Strange (L' Estrange), Nicholas, baronet

Le Strange (L' Estrange), Nicholas, knight

Lea, Alice

Lea, John

Leach, Ann

Leach, John, clerk

Leach (Leech, Leche), John, esq

Leach, Richard, husbandman

Leache, Arthur, servant

Leadbiter (Leadbetter), Henry, clerk

Leake, Robert

Leat, Mr

Lecon, William

Ledger, Thomas

Lee, Benedict, esq

Lee, Henry, esq

Lee, John, knight

Lee, lady

Lee, Mary

Lee, Ralph, locksmith

Lee, Robert, esq

Leech (Leach), Nicholas, gent

Leeds, Robert, esq

Leeke, Agnes

Leeke, Paul

Leels, Michael

Lees, Edward

Leese, Thomas, husbandman

Leeson, William, gent

Legard, Faith

Legard, Richard

Leigh, Francis, knight

Leigh, George, gent

Leigh, Jane

Leigh, Joseph, clerk

Leigh, Mary

Leigh, Peter, gent

Leigh (Lee), Robert, esq

Leigh, Robert, knight

Leigh, Thomas, mayor

Leigh, William, esq

Leigh, William, knight

Leman, Richard

Leming (Leeming, Leminge), Bartholomew

Leming (Leeming, Leminge), Christopher, gent, yeoman

Leming (Leeming, Leminge), Henry, apprentice

Leming (Leeming, Leminge), James

Leming (Leeming, Leminge), Jeremy, apprentice

Leming (Leeming, Leminge), Joane

Leming (Leeming, Leminge), John, gent

Leming (Leeming, Leminge), Leonard

Leming (Leeming, Leminge), Mary

Leming (Leeming, Leminge), Thurstan

Leming (Leeming, Leminge), Walter

Lemon, John, knight

Lenche, Thomas, gent

Lentall, Mr

Lenthall, Edmund, knight

Lenthall, John

Lenthall, John, knight

Lenthall, William, esq

Lenton, George

Leonard, Ann

Leonard, Anne

Leonard, John

Leonard, Thomas, physician

Lesly, John, vicar

Lestrange, Ellinor

Lestrange, John


Leversege, Margery

Leversege, William

Leveson, Mary

Leveson, Walter, knight

Lewes (Lewis), Edward, servant

Lewes, John

Lewes (Lewis), Meredith, esq

Lewes, Mr gent

Lewin, William, lawyer

Lewin, William, registrar

Lewin (Lewyn), William, registrar

Lewis (Lince), Garrard, bailiff

Lewis, Griffith

Lewis, Hugh

Lewis, Hugh, gent

Lewis, John, esq

Lewis, John, innkeeper

Lewis, John, vintner

Lewis, Roger, servant

Lewkenor, Alice

Lewkenor, Edward, knight

Lewknor, Edmund

Lewknor (Lewkenor), Edward, knight

Lewknor, Hester

Lewknor, Mr

Ley, Alexander

Ley, John, gent

Leyfield (Leafield), William, gent

Libard, Nicholas

Lightwood, Robert

Lightwood, Thomas, gent

Lilburne, George, alderman

Lilburne, John, gent

Lilley, Henry, painter stainer

Lillie (Lilley), William, husbandman

Lilly (Lillie), Henry, pursuivant

Linch, Henry

Linch, Henry

Linch (Lynch), Henry, gent

Linch, Henry, notary public

Linch (Lynch), Henry, notary public

Lindley, Arthur, esq

Lindley, Ellinor

Linford, Sarah

Linford, Thomas, shoemaker

Ling, Mr, lawyer

Ling, Thomas, gent

Linge, Thomas

Linge (Ling), Thomas, gent

Linscott, Henry, notary public

Linsey, Owen

Lister, Jane

Lister, Leonard

Lister, Mary

Lister, Rowland, esq

Lister, Thomas, gent

Little, Geoffrey, gent

Little, John, yeoman

Littlebury, Bridget

Littlebury, Mr

Littleton, Ann

Littleton, Gilbert, esq

Littleton, Humfrey

Littleton, Thomas, knight

Lloyd ap William, John, gent

Lloyd ap William, Margaret

Lloyd, Andrew, esq

Lloyd (ap Jevan, ap Thomas), David

Lloyd, Arthur

Lloyd, Charles, gent

Lloyd, David, gent

Lloyd, Edward, gent

Lloyd, Edward, knight

Lloyd, Evan, minister

Lloyd, Ewan

Lloyd, Francis

Lloyd, George

Lloyd, George, gent

Lloyd, Henry, gent

Lloyd, James, esq

Lloyd, Jocosa

Lloyd, John

Lloyd, John, esq

Lloyd, John, gent

Lloyd, Kiffin

Lloyd, Lodovick

Lloyd, Marmaduke, knight

Lloyd, Noah

Lloyd, Owen, gent

Lloyd, Reynold ap Evan

Lloyd, Richard, gent

Lloyd, Robert, Mr

Lloyd, Susan

Lloyd, Thomas

Lloyd, Thomas David, gent

Lloyd, Thomas, gent

Lloyd, Walter, esq

Lloyd, William, gent

Loane, Samuel

Lobb, George

Lock, Anne

Lock, Anne

Lock, Mary

Lock, Susan

Lock, William

Locke, John, gent

Locke, Nicholas, gent

Locker, John, esq

Locket, Henry, Professor of Theology

Lockton, Francis, esq

Lockton, William, esq

Loe, John

Loe, John, husbandman

Lofts, John

Loftus, Adam, archbishop of Dublin

Loftus, Adam, viscount Loftus of Ely

London, Robert

Lone, Anne

Lone, Elizabeth

Lone, Richard

Long (Longe), William, gent

Longe, Edmund

Longe, Giles

Longe, Rachel

Longe (Long), Richard, esq

Longe, Walter

Longe, William, esq

Longe (Long), William, vicar

Longland, John

Longland, John, notary public

Longley, Mr

Longmore, Elenor

Longmore, Thomas, yeoman

Longville (Longvile, Longvyll), Charles, esq

Longville (Longvile, Longvyll), Elizabeth

Longville (Longvile, Longvyll), Henry, knight

Longville (Longvile, Longvyll), Michael, knight

Longville (Longvile, Longvyll), Susan, lady

Longville (Longvile, Longvyll), Thomas, knight

Lord (Lorde), Thomas, clerk

Loris, Andrew, M.D.

Louis, Charles, Elector Palatine

Loune (Lonn), Henry, gent

Love, Dulcibella

Love, George, mariner nad master's mate

Love, John

Love, Nicholas

Love, Nicholas, D.D.

Love, Thomas, gent

Loveday, William

Lovejoy, Susan

Lovejoy, Thomas, labourer

Lovelace, Francis, esq

Lovelace, Lawrence

Loveledge, John

Lovell, widow

Lowe, Anthony, esq

Lowe, Edward

Lowe, Elizabeth

Lowe, Jane

Lowe, John, gent

Lowe, Mary

Lowe, Mr

Lowe, Mr gent

Lowe, Prudence

Lower, Humphrey, esq

Lower, Humphrey, gent

Lowesse, William

Lownde, Ralph

Lowther, Anne

Lowther, John, knight

Lowther, Thomas, esq

Lowther, William

Lowther, William, esq

Luckin, Thomas, gent

Lucy, Richard, knight

Ludlow, Edmund, knight

Ludlow, Henry

Ludlow, Henry the younger, gent

Ludlow, Henry, gent

Ludlow, Humphrey, gent

Ludlow, Lettice

Lufkin, Thomas, gent

Luke, Henry, blacksmith

Luke, John

Luke, John, knight

Luke, Mary

Luke, Oliver, knight

Luke, Richard, yeoman

Lukyn (Lukin), Robert, esq

Lukyn, Thomas, gent


Lumley, captain

Lumley, Richard

Lumley, Richard, vintner

Lumsden, Andrew, gent

Lunsford, Thomas, gent

Lusher, Elizabeth

Lusher, Moody

Lusher, Sibil

Lusher, Thomas, gent

Lutterell (Luttrell), Andrew, knight

Lutterell, Margaret

Luxton, Bernard, gent

Luxton, Thomas, gent

Lybb, Mary

Lybb, Richard, esq

Lydsey, Richard the younger, maltman

Lynch (Linch), Henry, gent

Lynch (Linch), John, clothier

Lynley, shopkeeper

Lynne, George

Lyon, George

Lypscom, Richard, yeoman

Lypscom, Robert

Lysle (Lisle), William, esq


Mace, Henry, Mr

Mace, Richard, yeoman

Machen, Christian

Machen, Margaret

Machen, Richard, gent

Machen, Thomas

Machin, Henry

Mackworth, Anne

Mackworth, Dorothy

Mackworth, Edward, baronet

Mackworth, Henry, knight

Mackworth, Humphrey, gent

Mackworth, Mary

Mackworth, Richard, gent

Maddeson (Maddison), Lionel, knight

Maddison (Madeson), Walter, vintner

Maddisone, Ralph

Maddocke, Maximilian, gent

Maddox, Elizabeth

Maddox, John, esq

Maddox, Robert, merchant tailor

Maden, Richard

Madeson, William

Madox (Maddox, Madockes), Elizabeth

Madox (Maddox, Madockes), Margaret

Madox (Maddox, Madockes), William, gent

Madox (Maddox, Madockes), William, merchant

Magent, Thomas

Mahon, George, clerk

Maidwell, Thomas, notary public

Maie (May), Robert, gent

Maior, Griffin

Major, John, gent

Maleing, Nicholas

Maleing, Thomas

Malett, Thomas, esq

Mallack, Roger, mayor

Mallarper, Thomas

Mallery, Henry, knight

Mallet, Alee

Mallet, Gawen

Mallet, Margaret

Mallet, Thomas

Mallett, John, esq

Mallock (Mallack), Roger, gent

Mallory, Thomas, gent

Maltby, Catherine

Maltby, Christopher

Man, Katherine

Man, William

Manaton (Mannaton, Manington), Ambrose, esq

Manby, Robert

Manby, Robert, gent

Manby (Manbie), Robert, gent

Manley, Anthony

Manley, James

Manley, John, gent

Manley, Joseph

Manley, Mary

Mannaton (Mannanton, Mannington), Ambrose, esq

Mannaton (Mannanton, Mannington), Margery

Mannaton (Mannanton, Mannington), Peirse, gent

Mannaton (Mannanton, Mannington), Richard

Manners, John, earl of Rutland

Manning, Henry, painter stainer

Mannis, John

Mansell, Catherine

Mansell, Dorothy

Mansell (Maunsell), Francis, baronet

Mansell (Mauncell), Francis, knight

Mansell, John, gent

Mansergh, Brian

Mansergh, George

Mansergh, John

Mansergh, William

Mansfeldt, Ernst, count

Manston, Mr

Mantell, Catherine

Mantell (Mantle), Henry, gent

Mantell, Walter

Mantell (Mantle), Walter, esq

Manwaring (Mainwaring, Maynwaring), George, herald

Manwaring, Henry, knight

Manwaring (Maynwaring, Mainwaring), Roger, gent

Manwood, Anne

Manwood, Jasper, esq

Manwood, John, knight

Manwood, Peter

Manwood, Roger, knight

Mapowder, Richard, gent

March, Edward

March, John

March, Mary

March, Seales, gent

Marchland, Oliver

Margetts, James

Markham, Anthony, knight

Markham, Isabell

Markham, James, tailor

Marples, Robert, servant

Marriot, John, gent

Marriott (Mariot, Marriot), Jane

Marriott (Mariot, Marriot), Robert

Marriott (Mariot, Marriot), Thomas, husbandman

Marryner, John, mariner

Marsh, Florence

Marsh, John, gent

Marsh (Marshe), John, gent

Marsh, Robert, grocer

Marsh, Thomas, gent

Marsh, Thomas, mariner

Marsh, William, gent

Marshall, James, notary public

Marshall, John, Mr

Marshall, Richard

Marshe (Marsh), Richard, gent

Marshfield, Phineas, clerk

Marson, Richard

Marston, Raphe, gent

Marten, Henry, knight

Marten (Martin), Henry, knight

Marten (Martin, Morton), Henry, knight

Marten, John

Marten, John

Marten (Martyn), John the elder, husbandman

Marten (Martyn), John the younger, husbandman

Marten (Martin), Samuel, gent

Marten (Martin), Samuel, gent, mercer

Marten, William, gent

Marten, William, shingler

Martin, Anne

Martin, Elizabeth

Martin, Henry, innkeeper

Martin (Marten, Martyn), James

Martin, Joseph, lawyer

Martin (Martyn), Joseph, lawyer

Martin, Matthew

Martin, Nicholas

Martin, Richard, gent

Martin, Robert, gent

Martin, Roger, sea captain

Martin, William, gent

Martindale, William

Martyn, George, clerk

Martyn (Martin), Joseph, lawyer

Martyn, William

Martyn, William, gent

Mascall, Dorothy

Mascall, John

Mascall, John, gent

Mascall, Rose

Mascall, Walter, gent

Mason, Anthony, labourer

Mason, George, gent

Mason, Ismaell, gent

Mason, John

Mason, Julian

Mason, Nicholas

Mason, Nicholas, constable

Mason, William, esq

Massam, William

Massenbeard, Edward

Massie (Massey), Peter, gent

Massy, Rafe, gent

Master, Edward, gent

Master, Edward, knight

Master (Masters), Edward, knight

Master, Giles

Master, Mary

Masters, James, alderman

Mathews, Joane

Mathews, William

Matthew, Edward, gent

Matthew, John

Matthew, John, gent

Matthew (Mathew), John, gent

Matthews, Edward, Mr

Matthews, Humphrey, husbandman

Mattinglie, William

Maulten, Mrs

Maulten (Maulton), Thomas, yeoman

Maunder, Thomas, gent

Maundford, Edmund, knight

Maunsell (Mansell), Edward, knight

Maunsell (Mansell), Francis, baronet

Maunsell, Jane

Maunsell (Mansell), Thomas, knight

Maurice, Prince

Mawdesley, Richard, gent

Maxwell, Robert

May, Christopher, husbandman

May, Joseph, clerk

May (Maye), Joseph, clerk

May, Joseph, shoemaker

May, Thomas, notary public

Maydwell (Maidwell), Thomas, notary public

Maye, Dr, esq

Mayler, Christopher

Maynard, William, mariner

Mayney, Anthony, knight

Mayney, William

Maynwaring, Roger, bishop of St Davids

Maynwaringe (Mainwaring), Richard, gent

Mayor, Henry

Mead (Meed), John, yeoman

Meade, Elizabeth

Meade, Frances

Meade, Mr

Meade, Richard

Meade, Richard, notary public

Meares, John, notary public

Meautys, Thomas, esq


Medcalfe, Christopher, gent

Medcalfe, Hanna

Medcalfe, John, husbandman

Medcalfe, Mark, esq

Melwishe, Thomas, gent

Menheire (Menheere), John, husbandman

Mercer, Mr

Mercy, Christopher

Merriall (Merrell, Merrill), Mrs

Merriall, William

Merriall (Merrell, Merrill), William, yeoman

Merrick, Edmund

Merrick, William, lawyer

Merry, Edmond

Merry, Edmund

Merry, Henry, esq

Merry, Henry, knight

Merry, John

Merry, Joyce

Merry, Margaret

Merry, Thomas, knight

Merser (Mercer), William, yeoman

Merson, Francis, ostler

Messer, John

Metcalfe, Anthony, gent

Metcalfe, Thomas, curate

Metcalfe, Thomas, gent

Meynell, Charles, esq

Meynell, Edmund, esq

Meynell, Jane

Meynell, Thomasine

Meyricke (Meyrick, Merrick), John, esq

Meyricke (Meyrick, Merrick), Rowland, gent

Michell, Cristabel

Michell, Henry, yeoman

Michell, Jane

Michell, John

Michell, John, clerk

Michell, John, esq

Michell, John, gent

Michell, John, the younger

Michell, Richard

Michell, Robert, gardener

Michell, Stephen, gardener

Michell, William, yeoman

Mickleburgh (Mickelburgh), Denny, husbandman

Mickleburgh, Matthew, singleman

Mickleburgh (Mickleborow), Robert the younger, yeoman

Middlemore, Frances

Middlemore, George

Middlemore, George, esq

Middlemore, Henry

Middlemore, Jane

Middlemore, Robert, esq

Middlemore, William

Middleton, Alice

Middleton, Arthur

Middleton (Myddelton), Arthur, fuller

Middleton, Joane

Middleton, Mary

Middleton, Richard

Midleton, Arthur, esq

Midleton (Middleton), Hugh, baronet

Midleton, John

Midleton, Muriel

Midleton, Richard

Midleton (Middleton), Richard, gent

Midleton (Middleton), Thomas, baronet

Midleton (Middleton), William, gent

Milborne, John

Milburne, John, servant

Mildmay, Walter, knight

Mileham, Edward, esq

Mileham (Myleham, Mylam), Edward, gent

Miles, Thomas, gardener

Miles (Myles, Pickavents), Thomas, yeoman

Mill, Edward

Mill, Jane

Millard (Philpott), Alice

Millard (Philpott), Roger

Miller, Alice

Miller, Mr

Miller, Richard, yeoman

Milles (Mills), Thomas, gent

Millett, Mr

Millicent, John, knight

Millicent, lady

Millicheap, Mrs, innkeeper

Millington, Francis

Millington, Gilbert, esq

Millington, William, gent

Mills, Henry

Mills, Humphrey

Mills, John, Bachelor of Law

Milner, Francis, labourer

Milner, Grace

Milner, Robert, gent

Milner, Samuel

Milner, Sarah

Milner, Thomas, innkeeper

Milton, William

Milward, John, gent


Minshall, John, gent

Minshawe (Mynshaw), Randall, waterman

Mitchell, George

Mitchell, John, gent

Mitton, Henry, Mr

Mogg, Henry, servant

Moigne, Alice

Moigne, John

Moigne, Ralph, knight

Molineux (Molyneux), Edmond, knight

Molineux, Edmund

Molineux (Molyneux), Francis, baronet

Molineux, Francis, knight

Molineux, Isabell

Molineux (Molyneux), John, baronet

Molineux (Molyneux), John, knight

Molineux, Theodosia

Molineux (Molyneux), William, esq

Molins, Edward

Molins, William, gent

Molyneux, Bridget

Molyneux, Edmund

Monck, George, duke of Albermarle

Monday, John, gent

Moning (Monins), Edward, esq


Monins, Frances

Monins, William, knight and baronet

Monke (Menack), Thoomas

Monke, James, husbandman

Monson (Mounson, Monzon), Elizabeth, viscountess Monson of Castlemaine

Monson (Mounson, Monzon), Frances, viscountess Monson of Castlemaine

Monson (Mounson, Munson), John, esq

Monson (Mounson, Monzon), Margaret, viscountess Monson of Castlemaine

Monson, Mary

Monson (Mounson), Robert, knight

Monson (Mounson), Sir John, knight

Monson (Mounson), Sir Thomas, knight

Monson (Mounson, Monzon), Thomas, knight

Monson (Mounson, Monzon), William, baron Monson

Monson (Mounson, Munson), William, knight

Monson (Mounson, Monzon), William, viscount Monson of Castlemaine

Montagu, Edward, earl of Manchester

Montague, Henry, earl of Manchester

Montague, William, gent

Moody, Henry

Moody, Sibil

Moone (Collings), Nicholas

Moore, Anne

Moore, Caleb, gent

Moore, Edward, esq

Moore, Francis

Moore, Gawen, gent

Moore, Giles, gent

Moore, Gregory

Moore, James, yeoman

Moore, John

Moore, Marmaduke, esq

Moore, Robert, esq

Moore, Robert, gent

Moore, Roger

Moore, Thomas, gent

Moore, William, clothier

Moore, William, yeoman

Mooreden, John

Mordaunt, Anne

Mordaunt, Henry, esq

More, Dorothy

More, Elizabeth

More, Francis

More, Mary

More, Mr

More, Raffe

More, Ralph

More, Robert, clerk

More, Thomas, esq

More, Walter

Morecroft, Mr

Morfeld (Morfield), Michael, gent

Morgan, Edward, gent

Morgan, Edward, knight

Morgan, Eynon, curate

Morgan, Henry

Morgan, Henry, gent

Morgan, Isaac, gent

Morgan, James

Morgan, Jenkin, esq

Morgan, John, gent

Morgan, John, maltster

Morgan, John, yeoman

Morgan, Lewis, gent

Morgan, Montague, gent

Morgan, Philip

Morgan, Richard, esq

Morgan, Rowland

Morgan, Thomas, gent

Morgan, Turberville, gent

Morgan, Walter, gent

Morgan, William, gent

Morgan, William, gent

Morice, Sampson, notary public

Morley, John, gent

Morrell (Worrell), George, innkeeper

Morrell, William, fuller

Morres, Bridget

Morres, Dowsabella

Morres, Thomas

Morrice, Edward, esq

Morrice, Edward, gent

Morris, Ann

Morris (ap Evan Vaughan), Ann

Morris (Evan Vaughan), Richard, barber surgeon

Morris, Richard, clerk

Morris, Richard, gent

Morris, Richard, surgeon

Morris (Morrice), Richard, surgeon

Morris, William, esq

Morse, Matthew, woollen draper

Morse, Thomas, butcher

Mortimer, earl of March

Morton, William, esq

Moseley, Nicholas

Moseley, Roger

Mosely, Edward

Mott, William, grocer

Mottershed, Edward, LL.D

Mottes, Robert

Moulder, Thomas, baker

Moulsworth (Moldsworth), Guy, gent

Mountford (Mumford), Simon, gent

Mountney, Ellen

Mountney, Katherine

Mountney, Nicholas

Mountney, Richard, esq

Mountney, William, gent

Mouslie, Gilbert

Moyle, Anne

Moyle, John, esq

Moyle, Mr

Moyne, Seth, shepherd

Mucklowe, Simon, gent

Mucklowe, Thomas, gent

Mucklowe, Thomasin

Mudd, Henry

Mugleston, Maurice, curate

Mulcaster (Muncaster, Monkister), William, gent

Mulgrave, Edward

Muncke (Mounck), Francis, yeoman

Munday, John, gent

Munday (Munds, Moudy), Richard

Munden, John

Munden, Thomas

Mundy (Munday), John, gent

Mundy, Katherine

Mundy, William

Mungre, William, gent

Munings, Edward, esq

Murchin, Ralph

Murrey, Edward

Murwent (Morwent, Morewent), John, yeoman

Muschamp, Anne

Muschamp (Muschampe), Christopher, gent

Muschamp (Muschampe), Christopher, judge

Muschamp (Muschampe), Edmund, gent

Musgrave, Philip, knight

Musprot, Thomas

Mutley, John

Mutley, Thomas

Mychell (Michell, Mitchell)

Mychell, Jo.

Mychell, John

Mychell, John

Myles (Miles), Gabriel, gent

Myles (Miles), William, yeoman

Myn, William, gent

Mynne (Myn, Minn), Elizabeth

Mynne (Myn, Minn), Henry, knight

Mynne (Myn, Minn), Katherine

Mynne (Myn, Minn), Mary

Mynne (Myn, Minn), Nicholas

Mynne (Myn, Minn), Richard

Mynne (Myn, Minn), Thomas

Mynshell, G.


Naish (Nash), Samuel, weaver


Napper, Edward

Napper, Elizabeth

Napper, Nathaniel, knight

Napper, Robert, baronet

Napper, Robert, esq

Napper, Robert, gent

Nash (Bydford), Ellen

Nash, Walter

Nason, Elizabeth

Nason, Richard

Naunton, Mr gent

Nayler, John, gent

Nayler, Thomas, gent

Neale, John, minister

Needham, Arthur

Needham, Mr

Needham, Mr gent

Neighbor, John, yeoman

Neighbor, Mary

Neile, Richard, archbishop of York

Nelson, Anthony, tailor

Nelson, Robert

Nelson, Robert the elder, esq

Nelson, Robert the younger, lawyer

Nelthorpe, Edward, gent

Nelthorpe, John, gent

Nethersole, John

Nethersole, Rebecca

Nettles, Stephen, clerk

Neve, William, gent

Nevile (Neville), Anthony, gent

Nevill, Elinor

Nevill, Francis, esq

Nevill (Nevile, Neville, Nevil), Gervase, surgeon

Nevill (Neville), Gervase, surgeon

Nevill, Mary

Nevill, Mr, upholsterer

Nevill, William, esq

Nevill, William, gent

Nevill (Neville), William, gent

Nevill (Neville), William, merchant

Neville, Christopher, knight

Neville, earl of Warwick

Nevinson, Mary, lady

Nevinson, Roger, knight

Newark, James, innkeeper

Newbury (Newbery), John, gent

Newis, William

Newman, Alexander, innholder

Newman, Edward, gent

Newman, Gayus

Newman, John, husbandman

Newman, John, physician

Newman, John, yeoman

Newman, Mary

Newman, Robert, clothier

Newman, Thomas, gent

Newte, Henry

Newte, Henry, clerk

Newte, Henry, gent

Newte, Mr, lawyer

Newton, Jane

Newton, John, clerk

Newton, John, gent

Newton (Nuton), Robert, yeoman

Newton, Roger, yeoman

Newton, Thomas, gent

Newton, William, esq

Nicholas, Andrew, gent

Nicholas, Katherine

Nicholas, Richard, gent

Nicholas, Robert, esq

Nicholas, William Griffith

Nicholetts, Richard, gent

Nicholls, Bartholomew

Nicholls, Edward, clerk

Nicholls, Francis, gent

Nicholls (Nicholl, Nicoll), Humphrey

Nicholls (Nicholl, Nicoll), Humphrey, esq

Nicholls, Marian

Nicholls (Nicolls, Nichols), Randolph

Nicholls, Richard, gent

Nicholls, Roger, esq

Nicholls, Roger, gent

Nicholls, Roger, gent / esq

Nicholls, Thomas

Nicholls, William, gent

Nichols (Nicholls, Nicols, Nicoll), Humphrey, esq

Nichols (Nicholls, Nicols, Nicoll), Humphrey, gent

Nicholson, George, gent

Nicholson, William, clerk

Nicoll, Humfrey, esq

Nightingale, Anne

Nightingale, Elizabeth

Nightingale, Thomas, baronet

Nightingale, William the elder, gent

Nightingale, William the younger, gent

Nix, Thomas, mayor

Nixon (Nickson), John, clerk

Noble, Matthew, gent

Noble, Thomas, esq

Noble, William

Noel, Edward, notary public

Noel, Edward, viscount Camden

Noel, Edward, viscount Campden

Nolsworthy, William, innkeeper

Norbourne, Godfrey

Norbourne, William

Nordish, John

Norgate, Edward, herald

Norman, Anthony

Norman, John, husbandman

Norridge, clerk

Norris, Francis, knight

Norris (Norreys), Francis, knight

Norris, John, blacksmith

Norris, William

Norris, William, gent

North, Dudley, baron North of Kirtling

North, Henry, esq

North, Thomas, knight

Northam, Mr gent

Northmore, John, yeoman

Norton, Honor, widow

Norton, Catherine

Norton, Daniel, knight

Norton, Francis

Norton, Henry

Norton (Neaughton, O'Neaughton), Hugh, victualler

Norton, Jane

Norton, Lady

Norton, lady

Norton, Lettice

Norton, Luke

Norton, Luke, esq

Norton, Richard

Norton, Richard, gent

Norton, Richard, knight

Norton, Walter, knight and baronet

Norton, William

Norwich, John, knight and baronet

Norwich, Mary

Norwood, Anne

Norwood, Nicholas, gent

Norwood, Tyringham

Nourse, John

Nourse, Mary

Nowell, James

Nowell, Mary

Nowell, Roger

Nowell, Thomas, gent

Noye (Noy, Noyes), Humfrey, gent

Nutbrowne, Mary

Nutbrowne, William

Nutt, John, esq

Nutt, Thomas

Nye, John, gent


O'Brien, Murrough, viscount Unchiquin

Oakes, John, printer

Oates, Roger, gent

Oates, Thomas, gent

Oglander, Ann

Oglander, John, knight

Oglander, William, knight

Ogle, Thomas, esq

Ogolthorpe (Oglethorpe), Francis, gent

Okes, Mr

Olaver (Oliver), Marmaduke, gent

Oldfield, Benjamin, gent

Oldfield, Edward

Oldfield, Grace

Oldfield, John, esq

Oldfield, John, gent

Oldfield, Mary

Olencio, Owen, servant

Oliver, Edward, servant

Oliver, John, gent

Oliver (Quinton), Robert, gent

Oliver (Quinton), Robert the younger

Olmixton, Christopher, gent

Only, Richard

Orange, Edward, gent

Ordway (Ordinary), Edward, gunmaker

Orme, Humphrey

Orme, Humphrey, esq

Orme, Humphrey, knight

Orme, Temperance

Orrell, Lewis

Osbaldeston, Edward, knight

Osbaldeston, Francis

Osbaldeston, Jane

Osbaldeston, Mary

Osbaldeston, Robert

Osbaston, Francis, innkeeper

Osboldston, Lambert

Osboldston, Martha

Osboldston (Osbaston), Robert, gent

Osborne, Alice

Osborne, Edward, knight

Osborne, Peter, knight

Osborne, Robert, knight

Osbourne, Thomas

Osburne, Henry, yeoman

Osburne, William, yeoman

Osey, Henry, attorney

Osmond, James, gent

Otes, Roger, notary public

Otten, Matthew

Otten, Susan

Ottley, Marmaduke

Otway, Thomas

Oughton, J.

Overbury (Ufferburie), Nicholas, knight

Overman, William, husbandman

Overton, Dymok

Overton, Edward, gent


Owen, Edward

Owen, George, herald

Owen, Hugh, esq

Owen, John, knight

Owen, Maria, widow

Owen, Richard

Owen, Richard, clerk

Owem, Robert

Owen, Susanna

Owen, Thomas

Owen, Thomas, yeoman

Owen, William

Owseley, Richard, esq

Oxburgh, Audrey

Oxburgh, Dorothy

Oxburgh, Lawrence, gent

Oxburgh, Thomas

Oxenden, Catherine

Oxenden, Richard

Oxinden, Henry

Oxinden, Richard

Oxley, William