Index of persons, P-T

The Court of Chivalry 1634-1640.

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Richard Cust, Andrew Hopper, 'Index of persons, P-T', in The Court of Chivalry 1634-1640, ed. Richard Cust, Andrew Hopper, British History Online [accessed 22 July 2024].

Richard Cust, Andrew Hopper, 'Index of persons, P-T', in The Court of Chivalry 1634-1640. Edited by Richard Cust, Andrew Hopper, British History Online, accessed July 22, 2024,

Richard Cust, Andrew Hopper. "Index of persons, P-T". The Court of Chivalry 1634-1640. Ed. Richard Cust, Andrew Hopper, British History Online. Web. 22 July 2024.

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Packingham, Edmund


Page (Hart), Joane

Page, Edward

Page, Jane

Page, John

Page, John, lawyer

Page, Mr

Page, Mr, lawyer

Page, Nicholas

Page, Richard the elder, husbandman

Page, Richard the younger

Page, Robert

Page, Robert, gent

Page, Robert, servant

Paget (Pagett), William, esq

Paine, Edmund, husbandman

Paine, Elizabeth

Paine, Fiston

Paine, John the younger

Paine, Leonard

Paine, Margaret

Paine, Mary

Paine, Robert

Paine, Thomas

Paine (Payne), Thomas, attorney

Paine (Peane), William, merchant

Paler, William, notary public

Palfriman, Edward, carpenter

Palmer, Daniel, yeoman

Palmer, Edward

Palmer, Elizabeth

Palmer, George, gent

Palmer, Henry

Palmer, John, gent

Palmer, John, M.A.

Palmer, Margaret

Palmer, Mary

Palmer, Matthew, knight

Palmer, Nicholas, Mr

Palmer, Richard

Palmer, Robert

Palmer, Robert, vicar

Palmer, Thomas

Palmer, Thomas, gent

Palmer, Thomas, vicar

Palmer, William, clerk

Palmer, William, esq

Palmer, William, yeoman

Palmes, Francis, knight

Pancke (Panke), Paul, minister

Panke, Paul, vicar

Pannier, Robert, gent

Paradine, Robert, gent

Pargeter, Margaret

Parkehurst, Alice

Parkehurst, George

Parker, Erasmus, gent

Parker, goldsmith

Parker, Henry, painter stainer

Parker, Mrs

Parker, Richard

Parker, Richard, provost marshal

Parker, Samuel, Mr

Parker, Thomas, yeoman

Parker, William, rector

Parker, William, servant

Parkes, Mr

Parkhurst, William, knight

Parkins, John, vicar

Parkinson, Frances

Parkinson, John, gent

Parkinson, Margery

Parlet, Francis, esq

Parmenter, Thomas, gent

Parr, Mrs

Parr, William, Mr

Parratt, Mary

Parratt, Thomas

Parris, Ambrose

Parrish (Parish, Pares), Robert

Parrish, Robert, yeoman

Parrott, John, knight

Parry, David, esq

Parry, George

Parry, George, lawyer

Parry (Parrey), George, lawyer

Parry, James

Parry, Thomas, gent


Parson, Dorothy

Parson, Thomas

Parson, Thomas, yeoman

Parsons, John, gent

Parsons, John, husbandman

Parsons, John, knight

Parsons, John, yeoman

Partridge, Edmund, mariner

Partridge, Jane

Partridge, Richard, haberdasher

Partridge, Stephen

Parvis, John

Paschall, George, gent

Paschall, Mrs

Pate, Edward, gent

Patricke (Pattricke, Patrick), John, yeoman

Patten, Elizabeth, widow

Patten, Gratian

Pattenden, Edmund, innkeeper

Pattison, Clement, esq

Pattison, Robert, coroner

Pattricke, William, gent

Paule, Henry, esq

Paulet, John, marquess of Winchester

Paulet, John, marquis of Winchester

Paulson, Henry, tailor

Pauncefoot (Pauncefoote), Grimbold, gent

Pauncefoot (Pauncefoote), John, gent

Pauncefoot, Thomas

Pauncefoote, Agnes

Pauncefoote, Grimbold

Pauncefoote, Henry

Pauncefoote, John, gent

Pauncefoote, Mary


Pay, Henry

Pay, John, gent

Pay, Richard

Pay, William

Payne, Eleanor

Payne, Hugh, barber

Payne, Joanna

Payne, Mr

Payne (Pain), Robert, esq

Payne, Thomas

Payne, Thomas, notary public

Payte, John, esq

Payton, Samuel

Peacock, Catherine

Peacock, Edward, knight

Peacock, Marmaduke

Peacocke, Thomas, vicar

Peade, James, esq

Peake, Anne

Peake, John, innkeeper

Peapes, Apollini, gent

Pearse, Katherine

Pearse (Pearce, Peirce), Vincent, D.D.

Pearson, Francis

Pearson, John, yeoman

Pearson, Richard, esq

Pearson, Thomas, yeoman

Peasley, Edmund

Peck, Anne

Peck (Pecke), Henry, esq

Peck, John, gent

Peck, Thomas

Pecocke, Henry, maltster

Pecocke (Peacock), Thomas, esq

Peele, Richard

Peere, Benjamin

Peere, William

Pegge, Thomas

Peirse, Elizabeth, widow

Peirson (Pearson), Richard, esq

Pelham, Judith

Pelham, Thomas, baronet

Pelham, Thomas, knight

Pelham, William, grocer

Pell, Valentine, esq

Pember, Thomas, gent

Pemberton, Elizabeth

Pemberton, John, gent

Pemberton, Roger, gent

Pembridge, Anne

Pembridge, Anthony, esq

Pen, Francis, cordwainer

Pendred, Elizabeth

Pendred, John

Pendred, Robert, gent

Penfield (Addames), William

Penford, William

Penn, Katherine

Penn, William

Penn, William, gent

Pennacott, innkeeper

Pennacott, Sidwell, innkeeper

Pennell, Edward, esq

Penny (Penney), George, gent

Penny (Penney), John, gent

Penson, William, herald

Penticost, George, merchant

Pepper, William

Pepys, Talbot, esq

Percivall, James, esq

Percy, Aldernon, earl of Northumberland [Lord Admiral]

Percy, Algernon, earl of Northumberland

Percy, Edmund

Percy, Henry, esq

Percy, Thomas, gent

Perin, Henry, esq

Perkes (Parkes), Edmund, yeoman

Perkins, Anne

Perkins, Christopher

Perkins, Christopher, clerk of the peace

Perkins, Elinor

Perkins, Francis, esq

Perkins, George

Perkins (Perrkyn, Perkin), Henry, gent

Perkins, Jane

Perkins, Margaret

Perkins (Perkin), William, gent

Perkins (Perrkyn, Perkin), William, gent

Perkinson (Parkinson), John, gent

Perrin, Henry, esq

Perrocke (Perrock), Francis, merchant

Perrocke (Perrock), Herbert, gent

Perrocke (Perrock), Robert, gent

Perrot (Perrott), James, gent

Perrot (Perrott), James, knight

Perrot, Jane

Perrot (Perrott), John, knight

Perrot (Perrott), Owen, knight

Perrot, Richard

Perrot, Robert

Perrot, Thomas

Perrot (Perrott), Thomas, esq

Perry, Henry

Perry (Perrye), James, cooper

Perry, James, gent

Perry, Thomas, servant

Perryman, John, gent

Person, George, gent

Peryam, Clement, innkeeper

Peryman, John

Pescod, Edward, tailor

Pescod, Susan

Petifer, Joseph, chandler

Petley, Thomas, esq

Pett, Peter, gent

Pett, Thomas, gent

Pettett (Pettit), John, vintner

Pettie, Miles

Pettit, Edmund

Pettit, Joanna

Petty, John

Peynon, William

Peyth, Aron

Peyton, Alice

Peyton, Dorothy

Peyton (Payton, Peiton), Dorothy

Peyton (Payton, Peiton), Henry

Peyton (Payton), John, esq

Peyton, John, knight

Peyton (Payton), John, knight

Peyton, Martha

Peyton (Payton, Peiton), Mary

Peyton, Thomas, knight

Peyton (Payton, Peiton), Walter, esq

Phelps, James, yeoman

Philipot (Phillpott), John, herald

Philipot (Philpot, Philpott), John, herald

Philipott, Bartholomew

Philips (Phillips), John, esq

Philips, Philip

Phillippes (Philips), Fabian, esq

Phillippes, Francis

Phillippes, Katherine

Phillipps, Edward

Phillipps, John, gent

Phillipps, Thomas the elder

Phillipps, Thomas the younger

Phillips, Mary

Phillips, Thomas, gent

Phillips, William, esq

Phillpott, John, herald

Philpe, Roger, yeoman

Philpot (Phillpott), John, herald

Philpott, John the younger

Philpott, Mr, herald

Philpott, Peter

Pickering, Elizabeth

Pickering, Gilbert, knight

Pickering, John

Pickering, Mary

Pickering, William

Picton, George, husbandman

Picton, Richard, yeoman

Picton, Thomas, gent

Piddyer, Phi.

Pierrepont (Pierrepoint, Pierpoint, Pierpont), Frances

Pierrepont (Pierrepoint, Pierpoint, Pierpont), Gertrude, countess of Kingston

Pierrepont (Pierrepoint, Pierpoint, Pierpont), Henry, knight

Pierrepont (Pierrepoint, Pierpoint, Pierpont), John

Pierrepont (Pierrepoint, Pierpoint, Pierpont), Robert, earl of Kingston

Pigeon, Giles, gent

Piggot, Thomas

Piggot (Piggott), Thomas, gent

Piggott, Richard

Pike, George, lawyer

Pilkington, Edward

Pilkington, George, gent

Pilkington, Thomas, gent

Pinchbecke (Pinchback), John, esq

Pinchbecke, Thomas, yeoman

Pincombe, Amy

Pincombe, John, esq

Pincombe, Mary

Pinder, John

Pinder, Michael, draper

Pinkney, Edward

Pinner, Hugh, gent

Pinsent, John, innkeeper

Piper, John, grocer

Pitcher, Edward

Pits, Edward, knight

Pits, Joan

Pitt, Bridget

Pitt, Edward, esq

Pitt, Edward, knight

Pitt, Elizabeth

Pitt, Matthew

Pitts, Rowland, gent

Place, minister

Place, Robert, esq

Place, William

Plantagenet, Edward I, king

Plantagenet, Edward II, king

Plantagenet, Edward III, king

Plantagenet, Edward IV, king

Plantagenet, Henry II, king

Plantagenet, Henry III, king

Plantagenet, Henry VI, king

Plantagenet, Richard II, king

Playford, William

Plomer, Anne

Plomer, William, esq

Plomer (Plumer), William, esq

Plomer, William, gent

Plomer, William, knight

Plommer (Plomer), Thomas, gent

Plommer, William

Plowden, Anne

Plowden, Mr

Plummer, William

Plunkett, Thomas, captain

Poley, Edmund, esq

Polhill, Edward, clerk

Polhill, Elizabeth

Polhill, George, esq

Polhill, Jane

Polhill, John

Polhill, Thomas, knight

Polkinhorne, Alice

Polkinhorne (Pulkinhorne), Henry, gent

Polkinhorne, John

Polkinhorne (Pulkinhorne), Roger, gent


Pollard, John, gent

Pollard, Lewis, knight

Pollard, Robert, gent

Polley, Joane

Polley, Mr

Polwhele, John, esq.

Pomeroy, Barbara

Pomeroy, Elizabeth

Pomeroy, Henry

Pomeroy, Hugh, esq

Pomeroy, Hugh, knight

Pomeroy, Thomas, esq

Ponte, Thomas, gent

Ponting (Pantin, Paynting), Richard

Poole, Elinor

Poole, Henry, knight

Poole, Robert

Poole, William, knight

Poore, Francis

Pope, Edmund

Pope, Richard, ostler

Pope, William, innkeeper

Popham, Alexander, gent

Popham, Edward

Popham, Francis, knight

Popham, Jane

Popham, Katherine

Popham, Mr

Popham, Sarah

Popham, William, knight

Porter, Elizabeth

Porter, Endymion

Porter, Endymion, esq

Porter, Gertrude

Porter, John, gent

Porter, Richard

Porter, Richard, esq

Porter, Richard, gent

Porter, Roger, gent

Porter, Stephen

Porter, Walter

Portington, Isabel

Portington, John

Portington, Michael, esq

Portington, Robert the elder, esq

Portington, Robert the younger, esq

Portington, Roger, esq

Portington, Rosamund

Portman, Henry, knight

Portman, Jane

Portsmouth, Richard, blacksmith

Pothan, William, gent

Pottell, Edward

Potter, Ambrose, gent

Potter, Christopher, gent

Potter, Dorothy

Potter, Nathaniel, vintner

Potter, Nicholas

Potts, Thomas, clerk

Poultney, Michael, gent

Poulton, Francis, esq

Poulton, William, gent

Powell, Bridget

Powell, Charles

Powell, David, gent

Powell, John, gent

Powell, Mary

Powell, Morgan

Powell, Philip, gent

Powell, Richard

Powell, Robert

Powell, Thomas, gent

Powell, Walter, gent

Powell, William

Powell, William, knight

Powell, William, vintner

Power, Francis, esq

Power, Margaret

Powle, Adam, yeoman

Powner, Richard, gent

Pownes, William

Pownoll, Israel, gent

Poyer, David, glover

Poyer, John, skinner


Poyntz (Pointz, Poynts), Grizelle, lady

Poyntz (Pointz, Poynts), John, knight

Poyntz (Pointz, Poynts), Nicholas, esq

Poyntz (Pointz, Poynts), Robert, knight

Pratt, Edmond

Prentise (Prentis), Stonard, gent

Prerast, Mr

Prescott, John, gent

Presley, William, yeoman

Presse, Joanna

Presse, William

Prestman, John, innkeeper

Prestwood, George, esq

Prestwood, John, esq

Prewdde, Jenkin Thomas

Price (Reece), John

Price, Ann

Price, Anne

Price, Aron, gent

Price, Benjamin

Price, Edward, gent

Price (Pryce), Edward, innkeeper

Price, John, clerk

Price, John, gent

Price, John, knight

Price, Matthew, esq

Price, Matthew, pointmaker

Price, Richard

Price, Thomas

Price, Thomas, esq

Price, Thomas, gent

Prichard, John, gent

Prichard, Phillip, servant

Prichard, Richard, clerk

Pricklove, John

Priddie, Nicholas, tailor

Prideaux, Edmund

Prideaux, Nicholas, esq

Prideaux, Richard, esq

Prideaux, Sarah

Pridy, George

Priestman, Posthumo, gent

Prince, George, gent

Prince, Richard

Princrose, Mr

Prior (Pryor), John, upholsterer

Priscott, Bulmer, innkeeper

Pritchard, Anthony, Mr

Probart (Probert), Henry, esq

Protherough, William Thomas, gent

Prouz, Henry, gent

Prowde, Searles, esq

Prowde, Thomas, gent

Prowse (Prouse), Henry, gent and servant

Prowse (Prouse), Thomas, gent

Prust, Anne

Prust, Hugh, gent

Prust, Jane

Prust, William, gent

Pryce (Price), John, yeoman

Prydeaux, Humphrey

Prydeaux (Prideaux), Richard, esq

Pudsey, Elizabeth

Pudsey, George, esq

Pudsey, George, gent

Pudsey, Ralph, gent

Pudsey, Thomas

Pudsey, William, esq

Pugh, John, esq

Pugh, Rowland, esq

Purcell, Edward, esq

Purcell, Mary

Purcell, Nicholas, innkeeper

Purefoy, George, gent

Purselowe, Mary

Purselowe (Purslowe), Robert, knight

Pye, George, husbandman

Pye, Joyce

Pye, Robert

Pye, Walter

Pye, Walter, gent

Pye (Pie), Walter, gent

Pye, Walter, knight

Pygott (Piggott, Pigot, Pigott, Piggot), Edward, gent

Pym, John, esq

Pynder (Pindar), Samuel, gent

Pyne, Edward, esq

Pyne, John, clerk

Pynnocke, William, carpenter

Pynsent, John, attorney

Pyott, Richard, alderman

Pyott, Richard, grocer

Pyott, Sarah


Quarles, Anne

Quarles, Hester

Quarles, James

Quarles, John, esq

Quarles, Robert, knight

Quarrell, George

Quarrell, John


Rackster, John, lawyer

Racster (Raxter), John, clerk

Racster (Raxter), Robert, clerk

Radcliffe, Elizabeth

Radcliffe, Francis, earl of Derwentwater

Radcliffe, Ralph


Radley, Henry, knight

Rainford, Edward

Rainshaw, John

Rainshaw, John

Rainshaw, John, notary public

Rainshaw (Rainshawe), John, notary public

Rainshawe, John

Rainshawe, John

Rakes, Francis

Raleigh, Carew, esq

Raleigh, Edward, knight

Ram, Robert, clerk

Rand, Andrew

Rand, John, gent

Rand, Mary

Randall, R.

Randall, Richard, gent

Ranew, Alexander, husbandman

Ransom, George

Ransom, Joseph

Ranson, Jo.

Raper, Elizabeth

Raper, John, gent

Rappaport, John, Mr

Rashleigh, Jonathan, esq

Rashleigh, Mr

Ratcliffe, Hannibal

Raw, Gwil, notary public

Rawcliffe, Henry, notary public

Rawdon, Marmaduke

Rawe, Richard

Rawe, William

Rawe, William, notary public

Rawlins, James

Rawlins, Olive, servant

Rawlinson, Richard, husbandman

Rawlyns, Edward

Rawlyns, Margaret

Rayley, Anna

Raynes, Edward, gent

Raynton, William, esq

Rayson, George, gent

Reade, Elizabeth

Reade, Francis, gent

Reade, Thomas, knight

Reade, Thomas, milner

Reade (Read), William, servant

Reanes, Robert, gent

Reckles, Hatfield, gent

Redhead, Arthur, gent

Redman, John, knight

Redmond, Thomas, Mr

Reece, Elizabeth

Reece, Evans David

Rees (Kelli), David

Rees, Griffin, notary public

Rees, Lawrence ap, yeoman

Rees, Lewis ap, alehouse keeper

Reeve, Anne

Reeve, Gabriel, draper

Reeve, John, gent

Reeve, Mary

Reeve, Richard

Reeve, Robert, esq

Reeve, Roger

Reeve, William

Reeves, John

Reignaldes, Ed.

Reignolds, Edward

Remington, Mr

Remington, Robert, gent

Renshaw, John

Renshawe, John

Reresby (Rearesby), John, esq

Reresby, Tamworth, gent

Reston, Henry

Reston, John

Revel (Revell), Thomas, yeoman

Revell, Henry, shoemaker

Revell, Thomas, shoemaker

Rew, John, fuller

Reynard, Leonard

Reynell, Edmund, gent

Reynell, George

Reynell, Joanna

Reynell, Thomas, knight

Reynold, John

Reynolds, Elizabeth

Reynolds, Obadiah, notary public

Reynolds (Reynoulds), Robert, haberdasher

Reynolds, Thomas

Reynolds, William, clothworker

Reynor, Leonard, yeoman

Rhodes (Rodes), John, knight

Riccard (Rickard, Richard), Philip

Riccard (Rickard, Richard), Thomas, yeoman

Rice, Alban, gent

Rich, earl of Warwick

Rich, Edward, gent

Rich, Henry, earl of Holland

Rich, Lucy

Rich, Ro.

Rich, Robert

Rich, Robert, baron Rich

Rich, Robert, earl of Warwick

Richards, Thomas, gent

Richardson, Frances

Richardson, George, servant

Richardson, John

Richardson, Lambert

Richardson, Margery

Richardson, Mary

Richardson, Mr

Richardson, Mr, lawyer

Richardson, Richard

Richardson, Robert

Richardson, Sarah

Richardson, Stephen, gent

Richardson, Stephen, notary public

Richardson, Thomas

Richardson, Thomas, notary public

Richardson, Tobias, gent

Riche, Robert

Rickard, Gervase, esq

Rickard, Malliverer, gent

Ridcot, John, gent

Ridd, William Thomas

Riddell, Peter, knight

Ridder, Richard, yeoman

Riddle, George, Dr of Law

Rider, Mr

Ridley, Mary

Ridley, Thomas

Ridout, John, gent

Rigby, Anthony, gent

Rigby, Mary

Rigby, Nicholas, Mr

Rigges (Riggs), Robert, gent

Rigges (Riggs), Robert, gent

Rigges (Riggs), Robert, gent

Righton, John, gent

Riley, Catherine

Ringsted (Ringstead), Francis, clerk

Ringsteed, Robert

Risden, Grace

Risden, James, gent

Risden, Philip

Risdon (Risden), Giles, gent

Risher, Thomas

Ritherdon, Henry, gent

Rivers, Alice

Rivers, Dorothy

Rivers, Dulcibella

Rivers, earl of

Rivers (Ryvers), Edward, gent

Rivers, Elizabeth

Rivers, George, knight

Rivers (Ryvers), George, knight

Rivers, George, knight and baronet

Rivers, John, knight

Rivers (Ryvers), John, knight

Rivers (Ryvers), John, knight and baronet

Rivers, Robert, mariner

Rivers, Rose

Rivers, Rose

Rivers, William

Rivers, William, esq

Rivers (Ryvers), William, grocer

Rives (Ryves), Thomas, lawyer

Rivet, Jonas, clerk

Roach, Josias, innkeeper

Roach, Katherine

Roane, William, lawyer

Robartes (Roberts), Frances, lady Robartes

Robartes, Jane

Robartes (Roberts), John, baron Robartes

Robartes, John, baron Robartes of Truro

Robartes (Roberts), Lucy, lady

Robartes (Roberts), Richard, baron

Robbins, John

Robenson (Robinson), William, churchwarden

Robertes, John

Roberts (Vaughan), Florence

Roberts, Cristabel

Roberts, Elizabeth

Roberts, John

Roberts, John, weaver

Roberts, Richard

Roberts, Thomas

Roberts, William, clerk

Roberts, William, notary public

Robins (Robbins), Henry the elder, husbandman

Robins, James, husbandman

Robins, John, royal purveyor

Robins, John, silkman

Robins, Richard

Robinson, Edward

Robinson, Edward, yeoman

Robinson, Henry, mercer

Robinson, Henry, yeoman

Robinson, Hugh

Robinson, Humphrey

Robinson, Humphrey, gent

Robinson, John, gent

Robinson, Mrs

Robinson, Richard

Robinson, Richard, notary public

Robinson, Richard, yeoman

Robinson, Rookwood, esq

Robinson, Thomas, husbandman

Robson, Thomas

Rockley, Robert, esq

Rodes, Anne

Rodes (Rhodes), Anne, lady

Rodes, Dorothy

Rodes (Rhodes), Dorothy, lady

Rodes, Frances

Rodes (Rhodes), Francis, knight

Rodes, John, knight

Rodes (Rhodes), John, knight

Rodgers (Rogers), Richard, gent

Rodney, Edward, esq

Rodney, Jane

Rodney, John, knight

Roe (Row), Anthony, yeoman

Roe, Arthur

Roe, Henry, gent

Roe, Thomas, knight

Rogers, Charles

Rogers, Pelatia

Rogers, Richard, esq

Rogers, Richard, gent

Rogers (Rodgers), Richard, gent

Rogers, Robert, esq

Rogers, Thomas, gent

Rogers, Walter, clerk

Rogers, William

Rogers, William, alderman

Rogerson, John, husbandman / yeoman

Roiston, Robert, deputy steward

Roke, Simon

Rokeby, Ralph, esq

Rookby (Rokeby, Rookeby), William, esq

Rooke, John

Rooke, Lawrence

Rooke, Ursula

Rooke, William, alehouse keeper

Rookely, Nicholas, cordwainer

Rookes (Rooke), George, gent

Rookes (Rooke), George the elder, gent

Rookes (Rooke), George the younger

Rookes, Lawrence

Rookes, Mary

Rookes, Thomas

Rookes, Thomas, gent

Rookes, Ursula

Roper, Christopher, baron Teynham

Roscarrock, Margaret

Roscarrock, Thomas

Rosier, John, yeoman

Rossington, Edward

Rotherham, George

Rothwell, Thomas

Rous (Rouse), Anthony, gent

Rous, Elizabeth

Rous, John, knight

Rouse, Thomas, gent

Rouse, William, husbandman

Rowdon (Townley), Anne

Rowdon (Townley), Anthony, gent

Rowdon (Townley), Edward, gent

Rowdon (Townley), John

Rowdon, Mary

Rowdon (Townley), Richard, Mr

Rowdon (Townley), William

Rowe, George

Rowe, John, gent

Rowe, Richard, gent

Rowe, Richard the elder, merchant

Rowe, Richard the younger, merchant

Rowles, Christopher

Rowlestone, Walter


Rowse, Peter, gent

Rowte, Samuel, husbandman

Rowte, Samuel, yeoman

Royce (Royse), Job, Mr

Royle, John

Rucke, William

Rudd, Mary

Rudd, Matthew the elder, gent

Rudd, Matthew the younger, gent

Rudd, Priscilla

Rudd, Robert

Ruddy (Harper), Thomas

Ruddy, Thomas ap, yeoman

Rugely (Rugeley), Simon, esq

Rumsey, Captain, gent

Rumsey, Henry, gent

Rumsey, John, gent

Rumsey, Justice

Rumsey, William

Rushworth, John, gent

Russell, Edward, notary public

Russell, Francis, earl of Bedford

Russell, Jemina

Russell, John, rector

Russell, Katherine

Russell, Thomas, esq

Rutledge, John

Rutt, William

Ryden, Anna

Ryden, Robert, yeoman

Ryland, William

Ryley, William, gent

Ryley (Riley), William, gent

Ryley, William, pursuivant

Ryves, Thomas, lawyer

Ryves (Rives), Thomas, lawyer


Sachevile, Elizabeth

Sachevile, John

Sackett, John, clerk

Sackville, Edward, earl of Dorset

Sackville, John, knight

Sadler, John

Sadler, John, gent

Sadler, William, gent

Safere, Vincent

Sainthill, Mr

Sainthill, Peter

Sainthill, Peter, esq

Sainthill, Walter, notary public

Salisbury, Elizabeth

Salisbury, Fulk, gent

Salisbury, Fulke, gent

Salisbury, George

Salkeld, John the elder, gent

Salkeld, John the younger, gent

Salmon, Henry, joiner

Salmon, Thomas, gent

Salmon, Thomas, innkeeper

Salter, John, husbandman

Salterne, John, yeoman

Saltmarsh (Saltmarshe), William, gent

Saltren, John, scrivener

Salven (Salveyn, Salvein, Salvin), Anne

Salven (Salveyn, Salvein, Salvin), Dorothy

Salven (Salveyn, Salvein, Salvin), Elinor

Salven (Salveyn, Salvein, Salvin), Elizabeth

Salven (Salveyn, Salvein, Salvin), Francis, knight

Salven (Salveyn, Salvein, Salvin), George

Salven (Salveyn, Salvein, Salvin), Jane

Salven (Salveyn, Salvein, Salvin), John, knight

Salven (Salveyn, Salvein, Salvin), Margaret

Salven (Salveyn, Salvein, Salvin), Mary

Salven (Salveyn, Salvein, Salvin), Ralfe

Salven (Salveyn, Salvein, Salvin), Ralfe, knight

Salven (Salveyn, Salvein, Salvin), William, esq

Salway (Sallie, Sally, Salwaie, Zalway), James, bailiff and glover

Sampson, Alexander, clothier

Sampson, Anthony

Sampson, Anthony, blacksmith

Sampson, Matthew

Sampson, Mr

Samuel, William

Samuell (Samuel), John the elder, gent

Samuell (Samuel), John the younger, gent

Samwell, Anne

Samwell, Anthony, esq

Samwell, Jane

Samwell, Robert, gent

Samwell, William, knight

Sanders, Frances

Sanders, Matthew, warehouse keeper

Sanders, William, esq

Sanderson, Lawrence, clerk

Sanderson, Ralegh, esq

Sanderson, Susan

Sanderson, Thomas, knight

Sanderson, William, gent

Sandford, Henry, gent

Sandford, Matthew, esq

Sands, Henry, esq

Sands, John

Sandys (Sandis), Henry, gent

Sandys, Hester

Sandys, Hester

Sandys, Mary

Sandys (Sandis), Miles, clerk of the crown

Sandys, Miles, esq

Sandys, Miles, knight

Sandys (Sandis), Richard, gent

Sanford (Sandford), Francis, vintner

Sanford, Judith

Sankey, Robert, gent

Sarbert, Charles, Mr

Sarrey, William

Saunder, Isabella

Saunder (Saunders), Nicholas, knight

Saunders, David

Saunders, Edmund, esq

Saunders, James, yeoman

Saunders, Jo.

Saunders, Margaret

Saunders, Mary

Saunders, Richard, gent

Saunders, Richard, yeoman

Saunders, Thomas

Saunders, William, gent

Saunders, William, husbandman

Saunderson, Anne

Saunderson, Anthony

Saunderson, Nicholas, viscount Castleton

Saunderson, Robert, innkeeper

Saunderson, William, gent

Savage, Elizabeth

Savage, John, earl Rivers

Savage, John, knight

Savage, Thomas

Savage, Thomas, esq

Savage, William

Savell, Cordell

Savile, Anne

Savile, Dorothy

Savile, Frances

Savile, George

Savile, Henry, esq

Savile, John, knight

Savile, Thomas, esq

Savile, William, baronet

Savile, William, knight and baronet

Savory, James

Sawle, Oliver, esq

Sawyer, Edmund, knight

Sawyer, Edward

Saxon (Saxton), John

Say, William

Say, William, esq

Say, William, lawyer

Sayer, Dorothy

Scamaden (Scamadyne, Scamadine), Robert, yeoman

Scarburgh (Scarborough), Samuel, gent

Scawen, William, esq

Sciliard, Thomas, esq


Scoell, William, gent

Scoles, Dorothy

Scoles, Edward, gent

Scoles, Jasper

Scoles, John

Score (Scory), John, gent

Scory, John

Scot, Robert

Scott, Alice

Scott, John

Scott, Mary

Scott, Reginald, knight

Scott, Thomas, gent

Scott, Thomas, knight

Scott, Ursula

Scroope (Scrope), Gervase, knight


Scudamore, Elizabeth

Scudamore, Jane

Scudamore, John, esq

Scudamore, John, gent

Scudamore, Philip

Scudamore, Rowland

Scudamore, Sybil

Scudamore, Thomas

Seaborne, Thomas, apothecary

Seabrooke, John, yeoman

Seagar, James

Seagar, William, knight

Searle, Ambrose

Searle (Serle), George, mercer

Searle, Gilbert, gent

Searle, Margaret

Seaward, Humphrey, merchant

Seaward, John, Dr of Law and Professor of Theology

Seaward, Nicholas, gent

Sebrand, John, esq

Seccomb (Thorne), Arthur

Secker, Clement

Sedgwick, William, servant

Seeley, James

Seely, John, gent

Seers (Seares), Edward, yeoman

Segar (Seagar), Frederick, gent

Segar, William, knight

Segar (Seagar), William, knight

Seimour, Edward

Selby, Ralph, knight

Selden, John

Sellacke (Selleck), Henry, gent

Sellacke, Margery

Sellacke (Selleck), William, gent

Selwin (Selwyn), Richard, gent

Selwood, James

Selwood, Samuel, gent

Semely, Matthew

Senior, Thomas

Sennocke, John, clothworker

Senock, Nicholas

Seppens, Robert, rector

Serjeant, Mary

Serjeant, William

Serle, Mr

Sevier, John

Sewell, Richard, yeoman

Sexton, Mary

Seymar, William, gent

Seymour, Anne

Seymour, David

Seymour, Edward, duke of Somerset

Seymour, George, knight

Seymour, Henry, esq

Seywell, Morrice

Shakerley, Anne

Shakerley, Ralph

Shapcott, Jermano, gent

Sharpe, Montague, gent

Sharpe, Thomas, yeoman

Sharpeigh (Sharpey, Sharpie), Elizabeth

Sharpeigh (Sharpey, Sharpie), Robert, knight

Shaw, Elizabeth

Shaw, John, milliner

Shaw, Mrs

Shaw, Robert, vintner

Shaw, William the younger, merchant

Sheffield, Edmund, earl of Mulgrave

Sheffield, Elizabeth

Sheffield, Mrs

Sheffield, Sampson, gent

Shelberry, Anne

Shelberry, Elizabeth

Shelberry, Henry

Shelberry, Isaac

Shelbury, John

Sheldon, Walter, gent

Shelley, Henry, esq

Shepard, Sybil

Shepard, William

Shephard, Ambrose, gent


Sheppard, Mary

Sheppard, Thomas

Sheppard, Thomas

Sheppard, William

Sherard, Anne

Sherard, Francis

Sherard (Sherrard), John, esq

Sherard, lady

Sherard, William, baron of Leitrim

Sheriff, John, gent

Sheringham, Thomas, gent

Sherle, Gabriel, labourer

Sherley, Daniel, warrener

Sherly, Christopher

Sherman, Anne

Sherman, Elizabeth

Sherman, John

Sherman, Margaret

Sherman, Richard

Sherriffe, William

Sherrowe (Sharrowe), William, shoemaker

Shilborne, John

Shipman, Joane

Shirley, Cecily

Shirley, Thomas, knight

Short, Alice

Short, Anthony, Professor of Theology

Short (Shorte), Anthony, Professor of Theology

Short, Richard, husbandman

Shorton (Shorten, Sorten, Sporton), John, mariner

Shrubshall, John

Shrubshall, Ranall

Shrubshall, William

Shrubsole, Edward

Shrubsole, Stephen

Shuckburgh, Edward, esq

Shuckburgh, Mary

Shuttleworth, Leon, attorney

Sibbere, John, cordwinder

Sibthorpe, Henry, esq

Sibthorpe, Robert, Professor of Theology

Sidney, Phillippa

Sidney, Robert, earl of Leicester

Sikes (Sykes), Robert, dyer

Silly, John, gent

Simcotes, John

Simes, William, husbandman

Simpson, Elizabeth, innkeeper

Simpson, George, labourer

Simpson, widow


Sinclair, captain

Singleton, Jane

Singleton, William, esq

Sinnett (Sennett, Synnett, Synott), Michael (Miles Samuel)

Sitwell (Sytwell), George, gent

Sivers, Susannah

Skeffington, Alice

Skeffington, William, baronet

Skenton, Francis, clerk of the assizes

Skerne, John, esq

Skinnard, Henry, yeoman

Skinner, Augustine

Skinner, Augustine, esq

Skinner, Henry, innkeeper / vintner

Skinner, Rose, vintner

Skinner, William, Dr of Law

Skipwith, David, gent

Skipwith, Henry, baronet

Skipwith, Henry, gent

Skipwith, Henry, knight

Skipwith, Jane

Skipwith, John

Skipwith, Samuel, gent

Skipwith, William, esq

Skipwith, William, gent

Skrimshire, Anne

Skrimshire, Thomas, knight

Slack, Richard, clerk

Slacke (Slack), Richard, clerk

Slacke (Slack), William, clerk

Sladden, John, yeoman

Slade, Francis

Slanning, Nicholas, knight

Slape, Richard, gent

Slater (Sclater), Anthony, yeoman

Slater (Sclater), Christopher the elder

Slater (Sclater), Christopher the elder, gent

Slater (Sclater), Christopher the younger, yeoman

Slater, Joshua, clerk

Slater, Pelatia

Slaughter (Stoughton), Chambers, esq

Slaughter, Chambers, esq

Slaughter, John

Slee, Robert, gent

Slingsby, Henry, knight

Sloeman, Thomas

Smallbrook, Thomas, gent

Smallman, Edward

Smallman, Elizabeth

Smalls, Francis, attorney

Smallwood, John

Smallwood, Ralph, yeoman

Smart, Thomas, gent

Smeadley (Smeadly), Robert, painter

Smeathe, Ellenor

Smeathe, Peter


Smith (Pears), Thomas, yeoman

Smith (Ruberry)

Smith, Alice

Smith, Anne

Smith, Benjamin, gent

Smith, Charles, innkeeper

Smith, Christopher, innkeeper

Smith, Edward

Smith, Edward, labourer

Smith, Francis

Smith, Francis, notary public

Smith, George, gent

Smith, Henry

Smith, Henry, gent

Smith, Henry, yeoman

Smith, Jane

Smith, Joanna, widow

Smith, John

Smith, John

Smith, John, clerk

Smith, John, gent

Smith (Smyth), John, gent

Smith, John, rector

Smith, John, yeoman

Smith, Margaret

Smith, Margaret

Smith, Mary

Smith, Micah, vintner

Smith, Mr gent

Smith, Nicholas, husbandman

Smith, Randolph, innkeeper

Smith, Richard, innkeeper

Smith, Robert

Smith, Robert, esq

Smith, Robert, gent

Smith (Smyth), Robert, innkeeper

Smith, Thomas

Smith, Thomas, apothecary

Smith, Thomas, constable

Smith, Thomas, esq

Smith, Thomas, servant and husbandman

Smith, Tobias, tailor

Smith, Valentine, Mr

Smith, William

Smithe, Goodwife

Smithes, George

Smithes, Hester

Smithson, William

Smyth, Anthony

Smyth, John, gent

Smyth, Mr

Smyth, Robert, esq

Smyth (Smith), Robert, gent

Smyth, Thomas

Smyth, Thomas, notary public

Smyth, William

Smyth, William, clerk

Smythson, William

Snape, Nathaniel, esq

Sneade, Ralph, esq

Snell, Richard, yeoman

Snell, Robert

Snelling (Snellinge), John, clothier

Snelling, John, gent

Snow, John

Snow, Thomas

Soags (Sages), Michael, gent

Sole, John, hostler

Solme, John

Solme, Priscilla

Some, Elizabeth

Some, John the elder, yeomn

Some, John the younger, yeomn

Some, Mrs

Some, Susan

Somerfield, John

Somers (Sommers)

Somers, Edmund, apprentice

Somers, Edward

Somers, Lawrence

Somerset (Somersett), Charles, esq

Somerset, Charles, gent

Somerset, Charles, knight

Somerset, Edward, earl of Worcester

Somerset, Francis

Somerset, Henry, earl of Worcester

Somerset, Henry, gent

Somerset, John, knight

Somerville, Edward, esq

Somerville, William, knight

Sone, Paul, gent

Sotherton, Anne

Sotherton, Augustine, knight

Sotherton, Elizabeth

Sotherton, Thomas, gent

South, Frances

South, Francis, knight

South, John, clerk

South, John, labourer

South (Southies), Matthew, gent

South, Warner, gent

Southall, George, yeoman

Southam, John

Southam, Thomas

Southby, John, victualler

Southcote, Thomas


Southcott, Barbara

Southcott, Elizabeth

Southcott, George

Southcott, George, knight

Southcott (Southcote), George, knight

Southcott, Katherine

Southcott, Nicholas

Southcott, Philip

Southcott (Southcote), Popham, knight

Southcott, Thomas

Southcott (Southcote), Thomas, esq

Southcott, Thomazin

Southcott, William, gent

Southgate, William, yeoman

Southill, Peter, gent

Southwell, Thomas, knight

Southwike, Appolina

Southwike, George, merchant

Southwold, Owen

Southwood, Hulbert

Sowerbutts, Richard

Sparkes, Abraham

Sparway, William

Spatchurst, Simon, clerk of the assizes

Specke, Christopher

Speke, Anne

Speke, George, knight

Spelman, Ellinor

Spelman, Frances

Spelman, Henry, esq

Spelman, Henry, knight

Spence (Spens), Alexander, servant

Spencer, Agnes

Spencer, Arnold, gent

Spencer, Edward, gent

Spencer, Israel

Spencer, John

Spencer, Matthew

Spencer, Nicholas, esq

Spencer, Robert

Spencer, Robert, esq

Spencer, Stephen

Spencer, Thomas, yeoman

Spencer, William, sheerman

Spenser (Spencer), Adam, fellmonger

Spensly (Spenceley), Roger, gent

Spice, Robert, weaver

Spicer, William, innkeeper

Spiller, Henry, knight

Spiller, John, mariner

Spiller, John, yeoman

Spittle, Anthony, innkeeper

Spittle, Mrs

Spragg, Thomas, gent

Sprague, Richard, innkeeper

Spratt, Edward, steward

Sprie (Sprye, Spry), Thomas, painter

Sprigg, Robert, yeoman

Sprignall (Sprignell), Richard, gent

Sprignall, Susan

Spring, Edward, gent

Spry, George, gent

Spry, Thomas, gent

Sprye, Ann

Sprye, George

Sprye (Spry), John, gent

Sprye, Thomas

Spuire, Jonas, innkeeper

Spurling (Spurley, Spurlinge), William, husbandman

Spurling (Spurlinge), William, husbandman

Spurway, William, mayor

Squire, Rowland, esq

Squire, Thomas, gent

Squire, William, gent

St George, Henry, knight

St George, Henry, lawyer

St John, John, baron

St John, Margaret

St Jogn, Oliver, baron St John of Bletsoe

St John, Oliver, earl of Bolingbroke

St John, Sybil

St Leger, Anthony, esq

St Leger, Anthony, knight

St Leger, Warham, knight

St Low, Agnes

St Low, Alice

St Low, John, knight

St Nicholas, Thomas, gent

St Ravie, William, knight

Stace (Stacy), Richard, gent

Stacy, Henry

Stacy, Richard, gent

Stadler (Hance), Robert, alehouse keeper

Stafford (Stofford), Richard, gent

Stafford, Thomas, esq

Stafford, William, gent

Stainforth (Stanyforth, Staniforth, Stanforth), William, ironmonger

Stallard, Richard

Stallard, Richard the younger, gent

Stamp, Jane

Stamp, John, gent

Stampe, Lucas, yeoman

Standard, John, Professor

Standish, Ellen

Standish, Ralph

Stanford, Frances

Stanford, Herbert

Stanhope, John, knight

Stanhope, Philip, earl of Chesterfield

Stanley, Ann

Stanley, Edward, earl of Derby

Stanley, Ferdinando, earl of Derby

Stanley, Henry

Stanley, James, baron Strange

Stanley, Jane

Stanley, Richard, notary public

Stanley, Thomas

Stansbury, Henry

Stanton, Dorothy

Stanton, Thomas


Staples, Alexander

Staples, Bowet, husbandman

Staples, Miles

Stapleton, Philip, knight

Stapley, Jane

Stapley, Thomas

Stapley, William, gent

Starkey, Laurence

Starkey, Mary

Starkey, Thomas, gent

Startford, John, esq

Stary, Elizabeth

Stary, William

Staunton, John, gent

Staunton, Thomas

Staunton, William

Stearne, Henry

Steeper, William, tailor


Stephens, Anne

Stephens, Anthony

Stephens (Steevens), John, gent

Stephens, John, notary public

Stephens, Mr

Stephens (Stevens), Nathaniel, attorney

Stephens, Nathaniel, gent

Stephens, Thomas

Stephens, Thomas, gent

Stephenson, Francis, gent

Stephenson, William

Stepkin, John, gent

Stepkin, John, Mr

Stepney, Alban, baronet

Stepney, Alban, esq

Stepney, Catherine

Stepney, Charles, gent

Stepney, Dorothy

Stepney, John, baronet

Stepney, Magdalene

Stepney, Magdalene, dame

Stepney, Mary

Stepney, Paul

Stepney, Priscilla

Stepney, Ralph

Stepney, Thomas, esq

Sterne (Stern), John, gent

Stevens, Mr, curate

Stevenson, Edmund

Stevenson, Prudence

Steward, Augustine, esq

Steward, Elizabeth

Steward (Stewart), Mark, knight

Steward, Mary

Steward, William, gent

Stewkley (Stukeley, Stewkeley), John

Steynton, Richard, husbandman

Stibbins, John, yeoman

Sticklowe (Stricklowe), Philip, bailiff

Stile, Elizabeth

Stile, John

Stile, Mr

Stileman, Anne

Stileman, Bridget

Stileman (Styleman), Robert the elder, gent

Stileman (Styleman), Robert the younger, gent

Stiles (Styles), Thomas, gent

Stirrop (Styrroppe), William, notary public

Stock, John, attorney

Stockdale, Leonard

Stocking, Thomas, servingman

Stockwell, William

Stoddard, Richard

Stokes, John, yeoman

Stopford, Hubert

Story (Storey), Philip, gent

Story, Susan

Stoughton, Anthony, gent

Stouteville, Thomas, esq

Stowell, William, gent

Strachey, William, gent

Stradling, Edward, baronet

Stradling (Stradlyn), John, gent

Stradwick, Susan

Stradwick, Thomas

Strangeways, John, knight

Stratford, Anthony, gent

Stratford, John

Stratforde (Stratford), William, esq

Stratton, Cuthbert, butcher

Streepe, Thomas

Street (Streete), Francis, esq

Street (Streete), George, gent

Street, William

Street (Streer), William, notary public

Strelley, Christopher

Stringer, Anthony, yeoman

Stringer, Ralph, churchwarden

Stringer, Thomas, esq

Strode, Edward, gent

Strode, John

Strode, John, knight

Strode, Richard, knight

Strode, Robert, gent

Stroud, Anthony

Stroud, John

Stroud, Margaret

Strutt, Anne

Strutt, Robert

Stuart, Charles I, king

Stuart, Charles II, king

Stuart, Charles, king

Stuart, Charles, Prince of Wales

Stuart, Esme, duke of Lennox

Stuart, Esmé, duke of Lennox and earl of March

Stuart, Henrietta Maria, Queen

Stuart, Henry, Prince of Wales

Stuart, James I, king

Stuart, Margaret

Stubbing (Stibbens), John, Professor of Theology

Stukeley, Thomas, knight

Stumpe, Anne

Stumpe, Mr

Stutbury, Alexander

Stutevile, Elizabeth

Styche, Ralph, gent

Style (Stile, Styles), Humphrey, knight and baronet

Style (Stile, Styles), Mary

Style (Stile, Styles), Michael, draper

Style (Stile, Styles), Mrs

Style, William

Styrrope, Nathaniel, Mr

Suckling, John, knight

Suckling, Martha

Suffield, William

Sutton, Edward, baron Dudley

Sutton, John, esq

Sutton, Mary

Sutton, Mr

Swan, John

Swayll (Swayle, Swale), Gilbert

Sweit, Giles, lawyer

Sweit (Sweitt), Giles, lawyer

Sweit (Swett), Giles, lawyer

Swetnam, Giles, blacksmith

Swett (Sweit), Giles, Dr

Swinglehurst, Thomas, gent

Swynfen, Arthur

Swynfen, Elizabeth

Sydenham (Sidenham, Siddenham, Syddenham), Hugh

Sydenham (Sidenham, Siddenham), Humphrey, esq

Sydenham (Sidenham, Siddenham, Syddenham), Humphrey, esq

Sydenham (Sidenham, Siddenham, Syddenham), John, gent

Sydenham (Siddenham), Ralph, knight

Sydenham (Sidenham, Siddenham, Syddenham), Richard

Sydenham (Sidenham, Siddenham, Syddenham), Roger

Sydenham (Sidenham, Siddenham), Roger, gent

Sydenham (Sidenham, Syddenham), William

Sydenham (Sidenham, Siddenham), William, gent

Syes (Seyes), Thomas, merchants

Symes, Elizabeth

Symes, John

Symond, Edward, gent

Symonds (Symons)

Symonds, John

Symonds, Thomas

Symonds, William

Symonds, William, yeoman

Symonet, Christopher

Symonet, Mary

Synawbine, John, esq

Synclare, Samuel

Syres, William

Syrick (Syreck, Syrecke, Syred, Syricke), Joseph, yeoman


Tabor, James

Tabor, James, notary public

Tabor (Taber), John the elder

Tadman, Christopher, tailor

Talbot, Clere, lawyer

Talbot, George, earl of Shrewsbury

Talbot, Gertrude

Talbot, Henry, esq

Talcot, Joanna

Talcot, Mary

Talcot (Talcott), Robert, alderman

Talcot (Talcott), Robert, gent

Tanckred, Morgan, gent

Tancred, Ralph, esq

Tancred, Thomasine

Tankard, Charles, esq

Tanner, Barnard, esq

Tanner, Bernard, gent

Tanner, Dr, lawyer

Tanner, John, servant

Tanton, William

Tardman, Richard

Tasburgh, John, knight

Tasburgh, Owin, esq

Tashe, Abel

Tateham (Tatham), Edward, gent

Tateham (Tatham), Thomas, gent

Tatton, John, gent

Tattye, John

Taunt, Susan

Taverner, Francis

Taverner, William, vintner


Tayler, Elizabeth

Tayler, Gideon

Tayler, Jane

Tayler, John

Tayler, John

Tayler, Matthew, esq

Tayler, Samuel

Taylor, Andrew

Taylor, John

Taylor, Mary

Taylor, Syrell

Taylor, Thomas

Taylor, Thomas, alehouse keeper

Taylor, Thomas, ropemaker

Taylor, Thomas, yeoman

Taylour, Alice

Taylour, William

Tayrell, John

Tempest, Henry

Tempest, Margaret

Temple, Anne

Temple, Catherine

Temple, Hester

Temple, Hester, lady

Temple, Margaret

Temple, Peter, knight

Temple, Peter, knight and baronet

Temple, Susan

Temple, Thomas, baronet

Temple, Thomas, clerk

Temple, Thomas, Dr

Temple, Thomas, knight and baronet

Temple, Thomas, lawyer

Terms, William

Terrell, Edward, knight

Terrell (Tirrell, Tyrrell), Edward, knight

Terrell (Tirrell, Tyrrell), Edward, knight and baronet

Terrell (Tirrell, Tyrrell), Elizabeth

Terrell (Tirrell, Tyrrell), Mary

Terrell, Thomas, esq

Terrell, William, merchant

Terrick, Humphrey

Terrick, Humphrey

Terrick, Humphrey, lawyer

Terrick, Humphrey, notary public

Terrick (Terricke), Humphrey, notary public

Terrick, Humphrey, registrar

Terricke (Terrick), Humphrey, proctor

Terricke, Randulph, gent

Terringham, Randall, gent

Theaker, Edward

Theaker, William

Theobald, George, knight

Thewde, Jane

Thimbleby (Thimblebye, Thimblebie)

Thimblethorp, Mr gent

Thirlbie (Thirlby), Henry, gent

Thiursby (Thursby), Christopher, esq

Thomas, David Griffith, tailor

Thomas, John ap Jevan, yeoman

Thomas, John, gent

Thomas, John, husbandman

Thomas, John, yeoman

Thomas, Lewis, gent

Thomas, Maurice John

Thomas, Mellior

Thomas, Richard

Thomas, Rosser, yeoman

Thomas, Walter, gent

Thomas, William

Thomas, William, esq

Thompson, Henry, alderman

Thompson, Stephen

Thompson, Thomas, herald

Thompson, Thomas, notary public

Thompson, Thomas, pursuivant

Thompson, Thomas, registrar

Thomson, Jane

Thomson, Laurence

Thomson, William

Thorne, Dugory, yeoman

Thorne, George

Thorne, Philip, gent

Thorneburne (Thurnbarne), James, gent

Thornehurst, Anne

Thornehurst (Thornhurst), Stephen, knight

Thornehurst (Thornhurst), Thomas, esq

Thornehurst (Thornhurst), William, knight

Thornhaugh, Gertrude

Thornhaugh, John

Thornton, John, gent

Thornton, Nathaniel, clerk

Thorold, Edmund, gent

Thorowgood, George, yeoman

Thorowgood, Thomas

Thorp (Thorpe), William, silk weaver

Thorpe, John, tailor

Thriste, Percival

Throgmorton, Henry, gent

Throgmorton (Throckmorton), Henry, gent

Thurland, Edward, gent

Thurland, Francis, yeoman

Thurloe, William, gent

Thursby, Mr esq

Thwing, Anne

Thwing, George

Thymblethorpe, Anne

Thymblethorpe, Robert

Thymelby, George, gent

Tickeridge, Agnes

Tickeridge, Thomas

Tiler, Walter

Tillett, Titus, notary public

Tillson, Edward

Tint (Tynt), William, gent

Tipper, John, gent

Tipper, Mr

Tirwhit, Edward

Tocketts, Dorothy

Tocketts, Roger

Todd, Grace

Todd, John

Tokeley, Robert

Toler, Edmund, seaweaver

Tomlinson, Christopher, husbandman

Tomlinson (Tomlynson), Edward, gent

Tomlinson, Elizabeth

Tomlinson, George, vintner

Tomlinson (Kingsbury, Thomlinson), Raphael, butcher

Tomlinson, William

Tomlyn, Abraham

Tompkins, Fortun

Tompkins, Richard, esq

Tompson, Robert, notary public

Tompson, Thomas, gent

Tompson, Thomas, pursuivant

Toms, John, clerk

Toms, Mary

Tongue, William

Tookeby, Captain

Tooker, Anne

Tooker, Charles, lawyer

Tooker, George

Tooker, George, lawyer

Tooker, Stephen, gent

Tookfield, Alfred

Tookfield, Mabel

Tothe, William, gent

Tottle, John

Tournay, Robert

Towers, Alice

Towers, John, esq

Townlay, Alice

Townlay, Thomas

Townley (Towneley, Townlay), John

Towns, Samuel, gent

Townsend, Richard

Towse (Towser), Tristram, gent

Towson (Tonson)

Tracy, Ann, lady

Tracy, Anne, lady

Tracy, Humphrey

Tracy, John, knight

Tracy, Lucy

Tracy, Paul, knight and baronet

Tracy, Richard, knight and baronet

Tracy, Robert, knight

Trafford, Thomas, esq

Traherne, Francesca

Traherne, William, victualler

Trapp, John

Travers, John

Treagle, John, scriptor

Treavor, Arthur, esq

Trebarfoote, Nicholas, gent

Tredinham, Jo.

Tredinham, John, gent

Trefusis, John, esq

Trefusis (Trefusys), John, esq

Trefusis, Jonathan, esq

Tregage, John

Tregonwell, John

Tregose, Francis, gent

Treis, Leonard, esq

Trelawney, Francis, Mr

Trelawny, Francis

Tremaine, John, gent

Trenance, Joan

Trenance, Littleton, esq

Trenance, Margaret

Trenance, Thomas

Trenchard, Anne

Trenchard, Elizabeth

Trenchard, George, knight

Trenchard, Jane

Trenchard, John, esq

Trenchard, Thomas, knight

Trender, Robert

Treneyles, John

Treswell, Christopher

Tretheroy, Jonathan, gent

Trethewey, John

Trethewy, John, gent

Trevanion, Charles, esq

Trevanion (Trevannyon), Charles, esq

Trevethicke, William

Trevile (Trevill), Richard, esq

Trevilian, Thomas

Trevor (Treavor), Arthur, esq

Trevor, baron

Trevor, John, knight

Trevor, Margaret

Trevor, Thomas, knight and judge

Trinder, Charles

Trinder, Charles, gent

Tring, Michael

Tripp, Jane

Tripp, John

Trolope, Thomas

Trosse, George

Trotman, William, esq / gent

Trott, Edward

Trott, Matthew, notary public

Troughton, Mr

Troughton, Thomas

Troveil (Trovell), Peter, painter / limner

Trowbridge, John

Trubshawe, James, yeoman

Trumbull, Elizabeth

Trumbull (Trumboll), William, clerk of the privy council

Trumbull (Trumboll), William, gent


Trussell, Elizabeth

Trussell, John, gent

Tubbin, John, gent

Tucker, John

Tuckfield, John, gent

Tuckfield, Thomas, esq

Tuckfield, William

Tudor, Arthur, Prince of Wales

Tudor, Edward VI, king

Tudor, Elizabeth I, queen

Tudor, Henry VII, king

Tudor, Henry VIII, king

Tudor, Mary I, queen

Tudor, Mary, Queen

Tufton, William, knight

Tuke, Edward, gent

Tunstall, Francis, esq

Tunstall, Jane

Tunstall, Thomas, mercer

Tunth, Cole, Mr


Turland, Robert, husbandman

Turner, Abraham

Turner, Charles, gent

Turner, Dominic, vintner

Turner, Dr of Law

Turner, Elizabeth

Turner, Joanna

Turner, John

Turner, John, gent

Turner, merchant

Turner, Richard

Turner, Richard, surgeon

Turner, Thomas

Turner, Thomas, victualler

Turner, William, salter

Turney, Alice

Turney, Catherine

Turney (Tourney), Robert, gent

Turney, Thomas, esq

Turney (Tourney), Thomas, gent

Turvile, Anne

Turvile, Richard

Tutchett (Audley), Raplh, gent

Twittie (Twitty), John, notary public

Twysden, Anne

Twysden, Francis

Twysden, Roger, baronet

Twysden, William, baronet

Tyacke, Nicholas, gent

Tychbourne, Simon

Tydrone, Robert

Tyler, William, clerk

Tyler (Tayler), William, clerk

Tyllot, Thomas

Tynckler (Tinckler), James, yeoman

Tyndall, Raphe

Tynt, William, gent

Tynte, William, gent

Tyons, Elizabeth

Tyrrell (Tirrell), Thomas, esq

Tyrwhit (Tirrwhitt, Tirwhit), Anne

Tyrwhit (Tirrwhitt, Tirwhit), Edward, baronet

Tyrwhit (Tirrwhitt, Tirwhit), Elizabeth

Tyrwhit (Tirrwhitt, Tirwhit), Philip, baronet

Tyte, Walter, gent