Index of persons, U-Z

The Court of Chivalry 1634-1640.

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Richard Cust. Andrew Hopper, 'Index of persons, U-Z', The Court of Chivalry 1634-1640, British History Online [accessed 16 June 2024].

Richard Cust. Andrew Hopper. "Index of persons, U-Z", in The Court of Chivalry 1634-1640, (, ) . British History Online, accessed June 16, 2024,

Cust, Richard. Hopper, Andrew. "Index of persons, U-Z", The Court of Chivalry 1634-1640, (, ). . British History Online. Web. 16 June 2024,

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Index of persons, U-Z

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Umfreville (Umfreide), William, gent

Underhill, Simon, gent

Underwood, Edmund, drugster

Underwood, Francis, gent

Underwood, George

Underwood, John, draper

Upham, Ames

Urian (Urin), Richard, farrier

Usher, John, yeoman

Usmore, Richard

Utber, Anne

Utber, Bernard

Utber, Joane

Utber, William, gent

Utting, John, tailor


Vacye (Vacy, Vacie), John, esq

Vacye (Vacy, Vacie), Leonard

Vacye (Vacy, Vacie), Magdalena

Vandeburgh, John, merchant

Vandeburgh (Vanbergh), John, merchant

Vandeburgh, Mrs

Vane, Henry, knight

Vasa, Gustavus Adolphus, king

Vashment, Ann

Vashment, John


Vaughan, David, esq

Vaughan, Edward

Vaughan, Henry, esq

Vaughan, Henry, knight

Vaughan, Herbert

Vaughan, Jenkin, gent

Vaughan, Katherine, lady

Vaughan, Owen

Vaughan, Rees, gent

Vaughan, Richard, earl of Carbery

Vaughan, Richard, gent

Vaughan, Robert, gent

Vaughan, Robert, knight

Vaughan, Roger, gent

Vaughan, Thomas

Vaughan, Walter, notary public

Vaughan, William

Vaughan, William, gent

Vaux, Elizabeth

Vaux, John

Vaux, John, esq

Vaux, Mary

Vavasour, Nicholas

Ven, Henry

Venables, Mary

Venables, Peter, baron of Kinderton

Venables, Thomas

Venetian, John

Venn, John

Venn, Mary

Venner, Humphrey, gent

Venner, Samuel

Vere, Horace, Baron Vere of Tilbury

Verney, Edmund, knight marshall

Verney, Edmund, knight

Verney, Edmund, knight marshall

Verney, Francis, jeweller

Vesy, Hugh

Vicars, George, husbandman

Vicars, James, gent

Vicars (Vickers), James, gent

Vicary, Richard

Vicary (Vickarie), Richard, gent

Villiers, William, viscount Grandison of Limerick

Vincent, Henry

Vincent, Henry, gent

Vincent, Richard, esq

Vincent, Thomas, gent

Vincent, William, gent

Vintner, Mr

Visard (Vizard), Robert, clerk

Vivian, John, clerk

Vivian, John, gent

Vosper, Abdel, gent

Vowell, Edmund, esq


Waade, Elizabeth

Waade, Henry

Wackefield, Elizabeth

Wackefield (Wakefield), William, mercer

Waddington, Matthew, clerk

Wade, Edward, gent

Wade, Frances

Wade, Henry, gent

Wade, John, clerk

Wade, Susan

Wade, Thomas

Wade, Thomas, salter

Wade, Thomas, yeoman

Wade, William

Wade (Waade), William, gent

Wadeson, Thomas

Wadham, George

Wadham, Nicholas, esq

Wadland, Thomas, gent

Wadman (Wademan, Wadyman), John, gent

Waite (White), Thomas, curate

Wakeman, Richard, gent

Wakering, John, esq

Wakering, Mary

Walcot, Humphrey

Walcot, Mary

Walcott, Agnes

Walcott, Bridget

Walcott, John, esq

Walcott (Walcot), Thomas, gent

Walcott, William

Waldegrave, Elizabeth

Waldegrave, John

Wale, Mary, gent

Wales, Thomas, husbandman


Walgrave, Edward, knight

Walker (Leigh), Anne

Walker (Leigh), Thomas

Walker, Anthony

Walker, Edward, herald

Walker, Elizabeth

Walker, Garret

Walker, George, notary

Walker, Mary

Walker, Robert, gent

Walker, Robert, parish clerk

Walker, Thomas, gent

Walker, Thomas, innkeeper

Walkerell, Christian

Walkerell, James

Wall, George, vicar

Wall, Thomas, husbandman and servant

Waller, Anne

Waller, Robert, esq

Waller, Thomas

Waller, Thomas the elder, gent

Waller, Thomas the younger

Waller, Ursula

Walles, John

Walles, Margaret

Wallett, Jeffery, brewer

Walley, Charles

Wallis, John

Wallis, Philip

Wallis, Richard

Wallis, William

Wallop, Henry, knight

Wallopp, Zachary

Walls, John, clerk

Walmestrey (Warmestrey), Thomas, clerk

Walpole, Dymocke, esq

Walrond, John

Walrond, Mary

Walrond, Sicile

Walrond, William

Walsh, Elizabeth

Walsh, James, baronet

Walsh, Mr

Walsh, Robert

Walsh (Walshe), Robert, gent

Walsh, William, esq

Walshe, Elizabeth

Walshe, Olive

Walshe, William

Walter, Hugh, clerk

Walter, John, corviter

Walter, William

Walter, William, gent

Walthall, Alexander

Walthall, Alice

Walthall, Richard, gent

Waltham, Melchisedech, clerk

Walton, Nathaniel, servant

Walwyn, Fulke, esq

Wandesford, Alice, lady

Wandesford, lady

Waplade, Thomas

Ward, Arthur the elder, gent

Ward, Frizalina

Ward, George

Ward, George, gent

Ward, Humble, gent

Ward, John

Ward, Jonathan

Ward, Mr gent

Ward, Sarah

Ward, Thomas

Ward, Walter

Ward, William

Ward, William, yeoman


Warde, George, gent

Warde, Robert, gent

Ware, John

Wargent (Wargeant), William, gent

Warman, William, gent

Warmecombe, Mr esq

Warmestre, Ursula

Warmestre, Ursula

Warmestre, William

Warmestre, William

Warmington, Nicholas

Warmouth, Henry, gent

Warmouth, Judith

Warmouth, William

Warmstrid, William, esq

Warner, Anne

Warner, Edmund, esq

Warner, Elizabeth

Warner, Francis, esq

Warner, George, clothier

Warner, George, esq

Warner, Jane

Warner, Joane, widow

Warner, John

Warner, John, alderman

Warner, Julian

Warner, Robert, gent

Warner, Roger, gent

Warner, Samuel, gent

Warner, Stephen, gent

Warner, Thomas, clothier

Warner, Thomas, gent


Warren, John, gent

Warren, Margaret

Warren, Richard

Warren, Richard, broadweaver

Warren, Thomas

Warren, Thomas, draper

Warren, Thomas, gent

Warren, Thomas, yeoman

Warren, William, yeoman

Warrener, Christopher, yeoman

Washbourne, Agnes

Washbourne (Washborne), Herriot, gent

Washbourne, Mary

Washbourne, Robert

Wastneys, Hardolph, knight

Waterhouse, Abigail, dame

Waterhouse, Edward, knight

Waterhouse, Francis, gent

Waterhouse, Henry, gent

Waterhouse, Mary

Waterhouse, Thomas

Waterman, Richard

Waters, Edward

Waters, John

Waters (Waterer), John, gent

Waters, Richard


Watkins, Edward, gent

Watkins, James, servant

Watkins, John, gent

Watkins, William, gent


Watmole, William, scrivener

Watson, Edward, knight

Watson, Elizabeth

Watson, John

Watson, John, esq

Watson, John, lawyer

Watson, John, notary public

Watson, John, servant

Watson, Richard

Watson, Richard, esq

Watson, Robert, gent

Watson, Rose

Watson, William

Watson, William, vintner

Watts (Wattes), John, esq

Watts (Wattes), John, knight

Watts, Katherine

Watts, Mr

Watts, Mrs

Watts, Thomas, gent

Wauton, Captain

Waytes (Waite, Wayte), Henry, esq

Weaver, Alice

Weaver, Christian

Weaver, Christopher, gent

Weaver, Edmund

Weaver, Edmund

Weaver, Joyce

Weaver, Katherine

Weaver, Margaret

Weaver, Richard

Weaver, Richard, esq

Weaver, Robert, gent

Weaver, Robert, mercer

Weaver, Thomas

Webb (Roberts), Alice, widow

Webb (Webbe), Ambrose, vicar

Webb, George

Webb, John

Webb, Nicholas, gent

Webb, Richard

Webb, Roger

Webb, Thomas

Webb, Thomas, gent

Webb, Thomas, innkeeper

Webbe (Webb), Nicholas, gent

Webber, George, innkeeper

Webber, Philip, gent

Webber, Richard, gent

Webley, John, gent

Webster, Henry, draper

Webster, James

Webster, James, gent

Weckerlin, George Rudolph, esq

Wednester, Roger, gent

Weekes, Elizabeth

Weekes, Hester

Weekes, John

Weekes, Mr

Weekes, Richard

Weely, William

Welaby, Christopher

Welch (Walsh), Robert, esq

Welde, Ch

Welden, Dorothy

Welden, George

Welden, Mary

Welden (Weldon), William, gent

Weldon (Welden), Anthony, knight

Weldon, Elizabeth

Weldon (Welden), Ralph, esq

Weldon (Welden), Ralph, knight

Wellington, John, yeoman


Wells, Edmund, yeoman

Wells, John, gent

Welsh, Priscilla, innkeeper

Wenlock, John, esq

Wenlock, John, gent

Wenlowe, William, gent

Wenman, Francis, knight

Wenslowe, John, blacksmith

Wentworth, Matthew, esq

Wentworth, Peter, knight

Wentworth, Thomas, earl of Cleveland

Wentworth, Thomas, earl of Strafford

Wentworth, Thomas, knight

Weobly, John, gent

Weoley, Thomas, gent

Werdnam, Edward

Were, John, esq

Wessie, Robert, gent

West (William), esq

West, Alice

West (De La Ware, De La Warr), Anne, lady

West, Barbara

West (De La Ware, De La Warr), Cecily, lady

West (De La Ware, De La Warr), Charles, baron

West, Clare

West, Edward

West (De La Ware, De La Warr), Elenor, lady

West, Francis

West, Francis, gent

West (Weste), Francis, notary public

West (Crouchman, Crowchman), George

West, Gregory

West (De La Ware, De La Warr), Isabel, lady

West, Joane

West (Crouchman, Crowchman, Jack of the West), John

West, John, gent

West, Leonard

West, Leonard, esq

West, Lettice

West, Margaret

West, Richard

West, Richard, gent

West, Robert

West, Roger

West (De La Ware, Delawar), Thomas, baron

West (De La Ware, De La Warr), Thomas, baron

West (Crutchman), William, gent, woollen draper churchwarden bailiff

Westcot, Anne

Westcot, Roger

Westcott, Thomas

Westlake, Mr, lawyer

Weston, baron

Weston, Jerome, earl of Portland

Weston, John, gent

Weston, Margaret

Weston, William, merchant tailor

Westraw, Anne

Westwood, Mary, spinster

Westwood, Thomas, Mr

Wethered, John

Wharton, Catherine

Wharton, Elizabeth

Wharton, George, gent

Wharton, Humphrey, gent

Wharton (Warton), Michael, esq

Wharton (Warton), Michael, knight

Whatman, Thomas, gent

Wheatcroft (Whatcott), John, miller

Wheatley, Margaret

Wheatley, Robert

Wheeler, Elizabeth

Wheeler, Francis, gent

Wheeler, John

Wheeler, John, apothecary

Wheeler, Mrs

Wheeler, Sarah

Wheeler, Thomas, husbandman

Whicke, Thomas

Whistler, Ralph

Whistler, Thomas

Whit, Mr

Whitacres (Whittakers), Thomas, husbandman

Whitaker, John, constable

Whitaker, John, labourer

Whitaker (Whitacre), Lawrence, gent

Whitaker, Tobias, physician

White, Amy

White, Anne

White, Christopher

White, Francis

White, Henry, yeoman

White, Honor

White, John, knight

White, Michael

White, Richard, yeoman

White, Robert

White, Thomas, esq

White, Thomas, gent

Whitehead, Peter, notary public

Whitelocke, Bulstrode

Whitfield, Arnold

Whitfield, John

Whitfield, Luke, yeoman

Whitfield, Ralph

Whitfield, Ralph, sergeant at law

Whithall, John, gent

Whiting, Elizabeth

Whiting, Giles

Whiting, Mary

Whiting (Whyting), Nathaniel, gent

Whitley, Edward

Whittiff, Jos.

Whittin, Patrick

Whittingham, Edward, gent

Whittingham, George, yeoman

Whittingham, Judith

Whittingham, William, dean

Whittington, Dr

Whittington (Whittingham), Thomas, rector

Whittrow, Richard


Whorwood, John, esq

Whorwood (Horwood), John, esq

Whorwood, Magdalene

Whorwood, Thomas

Whyte, Thomas, fuller

Wickin, John

Wicks (Wykes), Nicholas, gent

Widdrington, William, knight

Widowes (Widdowes), William, yeoman

Wigfall, Henry, gent

Wigg, Cicely

Wigg, William, grocer


Wignall (Widnell), Edward, knight

Wignall (Widnell), James, esq

Wignall, Judith

Wignall (Widnell), William, esq

Wigson, John, cordwainer

Wigston, Robert

Wigston, Susanna

Wike, John

Wilby, Margaret

Wilckes, Thomas

Wilcock, Katherine

Wilcock, Mr

Wilcocke, William, fishmonger

Wilcocks, Alice

Wilcocks, Elizabeth

Wilcocks, Mary

Wilcocks, Richard, gent

Wilcocks, Thomas, esq

Wilcocks, William

Wilcockson (Wellcockson), George, husbandman

Wild, Robert, merchant

Wilde, Anne

Wilde, Otwall

Wilde, Thomas, clerk

Wilder (Welder), John, gent

Wildish (Wildishe), John, broadweaver

Wilkes, Robert, esq

Wilkes, Thomas, clothier

Wilkes, William

Wilkinson, George

Wilkinson, Joanna

Wilkinson, Thomas, shepherd

Wilkinson, William, tailor

Wilks, Margaret

Will, Edward, Professor of Theology

Willeard, John

Willett, George

Willett, Hugh, yeoman

Willett, John

Willett, Ursula

William, the Conqueror

Willim, David ap Evan ap, yeoman

William, Henry, yeoman

William, Lewis

William, Richard

Williams, Brune, esq

Williams, Henry, yeoman

Williams, James

Williams, Jane

Williams, John, butcher

Williams, John, yeoman

Williams, Katherine

Williams, Matthew, clerk

Williams, Matthew, gent

Williams, Maurice, gent

Williams, Maurice, physician

Williams, Philip, gent

Williams, Philip, innkeeper

Williams, Richard

Williams, Richard, gent

Williams, Richard, innkeeper

Williams, Robert

Williams, Robert, esq

Williams, Robert, merchant

Williams, Roger, tailor

Williams, Thomas, baronet

Williams, Thomas, innkeeper

Williams, William, baronet

Williams, William, clerk

Williamson, Francis, clerk of the assizes

Willis, John, gent

Willis, Thomas

Willmer (Wilmore), Thomas, gent

Willoughbie (Willoughby), Edward, esq

Willoughby, Elizabeth, baroness Willoughby of Parham

Willoughby, Frances, baroness Willoughby of Parham

Willoughby, Francis, baron Willoughby of Parham

Willoughby, Henry, knight

Willoughby, Nicholas, gent

Willoughby, Thomas, gent

Willoughby, William, baron Willoughby of Parham

Willowby (Willoughby), John, esq

Willowby (Willoughby), Thomas, knight

Wills, Anne

Wills, Anthony, gent

Wills, Henry, gent

Wills, Richard

Wills, William, husbandman

Willson, Katherine

Willson (Wilson), William, yeoman

Willye, Robert, gent

Willymott (Willmott, Willimott), Robert the elder, yeoman

Willymott (Willmott, Willimott), Robert the younger, yeoman

Willys, Thomas

Willys (Willis), Thomas, esq

Wilmer, Andrew

Wilmer, Mary

Wilmot, Bridget

Wilmot, William

Wilsheire (Wiltsheire, Wiltshire), Ellen

Wilsheire (Wiltsheire, Wiltshire), William

Wilson, Captain

Wilson, James, yeoman

Wilson, John

Wilson, John, yeoman

Wilson, Margaret

Wilson, Samuel, clerk

Wilson, Thomas

Wilson, Thomas, gent

Wiltarde, Thomas

Winchell, William

Winchell, William, painter stainer

Wincup, John, gent

Windebank, Francis, knight

Windebanke, Francis, knight

Windell, James

Windham, Hugh

Windlowe, John, innkeeper

Windmills, Edward, labourer

Windor, Peter

Windowe, William, gent

Windsor, Edward, baron Windsor

Windsor, Thomas, baron Windsor of Stanwell

Wingfield, Isaac

Wingfield, Tobias, draper

Winsmore, John

Winspeare, Richard

Winston, Ellinor

Winston, Richard, confectioner

Winston, Robert

Winter, Henry, gent

Winter (Wynter), John, knight

Wirdnam, Dorothy

Wirdnam, Edward, gent

Wirdnam, William

Wise, Catherine

Wise, John

Wise, Mary

Wise, William, mariner and cooper

Wiseman, Bridges

Wiseman, Edward, gent

Wiseman, Francis, gent

Wiseman, Mary, widow

Wiseman, Richard, esq

Wiseman, Richard, knight

Wiseman, Robert, lawyer

Wiseman, Sara

Wiseman, Thomas, gent

Wiseman, Thomas, knight

Wiseman, William

Wither, George, gent

Wither, William, gent

Withering (Witherings), John, esq

Withering, Thomas

Withers, Mr

Withie (Wythey, Withy, Witlie), John

Withie (Withy, Wythie), Richard, gent

Withington, William

Wogan, John, esq

Wogan, Maurice, esq

Wogan, Thomas, gent

Wolgrave (Woolgrave), John, clerk

Wolrich, Edward

Wolrich, Elianor

Wolrich, Francis

Wolrich, Mary

Wolstenholme, John, knight

Wolston (Woolston, Wollston), Anthony, innholder / dyer

Wolverston, Humphrey

Wolverston (Wolfreston), James, gent

Wolverston, Mary

Wood, Elizabeth

Wood, George

Wood, George, esq

Wood, George, gent

Wood, Jervays, gent

Wood, John

Wood, John, gent

Wood, Jonathan

Wood, Margaret, spinster

Wood, Mr, minister

Wood, Richard, gent

Wood, Robert

Wood, Thomazin

Wood, William, husbandman

Woodall (Woodhall), John, barber-surgeon

Woodall, Mary

Woodall, Richard

Woodall, Sarah

Woodbridge, William, gent


Woodcockes (Woodcox, Woodcock), Moses, gent

Woodden, Henry, husbandman

Woodden, Mrs

Woodhall (Woodall), John, barber surgeon

Woodhall (Woodall), John, surgeon

Woodhall, Mary

Woodhall, Richard

Woodhall, Sarah

Woodhouse, John, labourer

Woodhouse, Rowland

Woodley, George

Woodman, John, grocer

Woodroffe, Elizabeth

Woodroffe, Robert

Woodrove, Joseph

Woodrowe, William

Woods, Richard

Woodson, Alexander

Woodstock, widow

Woodward, Anne

Woodward, Edward, gent

Woodward, Elizabeth

Woodyatt (Woodgate, Woodyate), Thomas, yeoman

Woolgar, Thomas

Woolgar, Thomas

Woolgar (Wolgar), Thomas, yeoman

Woolhouse, Edmund, gent

Wooll, John, gent

Woolley, Lawrence, woollen draper


Wootton, Mr

Worley, Henry, DCL

Worley, James

Worley, Thomas

Worlich, Toby, M.A.

Worrall (Worrell), William, cooper

Wortham, John, esq

Wortham, Sussex

Worthine, John, esq

Wortley, Elizabeth

Wortley, Francis, baronet

Wortley, Francis, knight and baronet

Wortley, Grace

Wortley, Hester

Wortley, Richard, knight

Wray (Rea), John, scrivener

Wray, William, knight

Wren, Charles, gent

Wren, Charles, knight

Wren, Gertrude

Wren, Matthew, bishop of Ely

Wrench, Henry

Wrenn, Anthony

Wrenn, Mary

Wrey, Elizabeth, lady

Wrey, William, knight and baronet

Wright (Reeve), Anne

Wright (Reeve), Robert

Wright, Faith

Wright, Jane

Wright, John

Wright, John, gent

Wright, John, tailor

Wright, John, yeoman

Wright, Mr

Wright, Richard, minister

Wright, Robert

Wright, Robert, bishop of Coventry and Lichfield

Wright, Thomas

Wright, Thomas, servant

Wright, Titus

Wright, William, notary public

Wrottesley, Hugh, knight

Wrottesley, Margaret

Wrottesley, William, gent

Wyat, George, apprentice

Wyatt, Thomas, knight

Wyberd, Joan

Wyberd, John, gent

Wyberd, Walter

Wyld, Elizabeth

Wyld, Judith

Wyld, Thomas

Wyld, Wyat

Wylde (Wilde), Thomas, husbandman

Wyn, Francis

Wyn, William

Wynn, John, knight

Wynn, Margaret

Wynn (Wyn), Nicholas, gent

Wynne, John

Wynne, Katherine

Wynne, Margaret

Wynne, Robert

Wyott, Hugh, esq

Wyvell (Wivell), Solomon, gent


Yardley, Edward, gent

Yardley, Henry

Yate, Edward, baronet

Yate, Edward, gent

Yate, Thomas, gent

Yelverton, Christopher, gent

Yelverton, Christopher, knight

Yelverton, Henry, knight

Yelverton, Margaret

Yeo, George, gent

Yeoman, Michael, yeoman

Yeomans, William

Yeomans, William, gent

Yonge, John, yeoman

Young, Anna

Young, Edward, husbandman

Young, John

Young, John

Young, John, gent

Young, Margery

Young, Richard, mercer

Young, Stephen, husbandman

Young, Thomas, gent

William, Young, 'imbroderer'

Younge, Mr

Younger, George, yeoman

Younger, William


Zouch, Dr, lawyer

Zouche, Ralph, lawyer