Dictionary of English Furniture Makers 1660-1840. Originally published by W.S. Maney and Son Limited, Leeds, 1986.

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'Q', in Dictionary of English Furniture Makers 1660-1840, (Leeds, 1986) pp. 723-725. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/no-series/dict-english-furniture-makers/q [accessed 20 April 2024]


Quare, Daniel, 78 Houndsditch, London, carver and gilder (1784–1827). [D]

Quartermaine, Abraham, Banbury, Oxon., upholder (1829–31). Named in 1829 regarding one-year lease of a cottage in Banbury in his occupation, as heir of his mother; and in 1830–31 concerning the assignment, lease and release of the cottage. [Oxford RO, Gar I/v/7–12] See Joseph Abraham Quartermaine.

Quartermaine, James, George St, Portman Sq., London, u (1835–39). Recorded at no. 39 in 1835 and no. 32 in 1839. [D]

Quartermaine, Joseph Abraham, Chipping Norton, Oxon., cm (1829). Named regarding one-year lease of a cottage in Banbury in occupation of Abraham and Joseph Quartermaine, as heir of their mother. See Abraham Quartermaine.

Quartermaine, Joseph, New St, Chipping Norton, Oxon., cm and u (1830). [D]

Quarterman, James, High Wycombe, Bucks, chairmaker (b. c. 1801–41). Aged 40 at the time of the 1841 Census.

Quarterman, Thomas, James St, Grosvenor Sq., London, cm (1759). Recorded in newspapers in 1759 as selling off his stock. [Heal]

Quay, James, Liverpool, cm (1800–34). Addresses given at 5 North St, Dale St in 1800; 5 Johnson St, Dale St in 1803; Addison St in 1810; 24 Mathew St in 1811; 23 Bispham St in 1827; and Roberts Ct, Edmund St in 1834. Marriage of James Quay jnr at St Nicholas's Church to Miss Mary Ann Jackson of Liverpool on 14 May 1827 reported in Liverpool Mercury, 25 May. [D]

Quay, John, Liverpool, carver and gilder (1830). Admitted freeman on 27 November 1830 as son of James Quay, ironmonger. [Liverpool freemen reg.]

Quelch, William, Reading, Berks., auctioneer and u (1833). Named concerning the lease and release of property in Goring, Oxon. Acted as one of three assignees of the estate of William Lewis, bankrupt. [Oxford RO, FIX/263]

Quennell, Robert, address unrecorded. Mentioned in the Monson archive on 30 June 1742 being paid £2 19s 5d for items including ‘Three Parsells Bedstids’, ‘2 Casses, 1 Table’, ‘Trunk Box’, and ‘5 Chear Frame’. Quennell's bill also mentions ‘Esq. Watsons’, and was receipted by George Read. [Lincoln RO, Monson 12]

Quick, James, Tiverton, Devon, linen-draper and cm (1793–98). Quick, cm of Tiverton, subscribed to Sheraton's Drawing Book, 1793. [D]

Quick, James, Barnstaple, Devon, cm (1826–30). Trading at High St in 1830. Notice in Exeter Flying Post, 19 January 1826 read: ‘Mr. James Quick, Cabinet-maker, of Barnstaple, was lately on his return from Bideford, preserved from robbery and probably being murdered, by the sagacity and courage of his dog, who on two several occasions compelled the ruthless villain to forgo his purpose.’ The birth of his son was reported in The Alfred, 31 October 1826. [D]

Quick, John, Market Pl., Kimbolton, Hunts., cm etc. (1830–39). Recorded also at High St in 1839. [D]

Quick, Joseph, Liverpool, cm (1824). App. to John Roberts in 1824. [Liverpool app. enrolment bk]

Quiggin, John, Liverpool, cm (1796–1839). Addresses given at 4 Bath St, North Shore in 1796; 38 Queen St, Old Hall St in 1803; no. 23 in 1804; no. 22, 1805–11; no. 18, 1813–14; 29 Mathew St, 1823–27; no. 22 in 1834; no. 28 in 1835; no. 26 in 1837; and no. 30 in 1839. [D]

Quilley, William, Norwich, cm (1826). App. to C. Jones and John Kerry, and admitted freeman on 3 May 1826. [Norwich freemen reg.]

Quilton, Henry, St Ives, Hunts., u (d.1762). Death announced in Cambridge Chronicle and Journal, 27 November 1762.

Quin, William, Liverpool, cm and joiner (1741–67). Recorded on Hackens Key in 1747. Took app. named Charnock in 1741. Took out a Sun Insurance policy on 18 September 1747 for £300. Former apps petitioned freedom: William Clarkson in 1760, and Thomas Charnock in 1767. [S of G, app. index; GL, Sun MS vol. 81, ref. 109494; Liverpool freemen's committee bk]

Quincey, Lawrence, Newcastle, u (1713). App. to Simon Webster and admitted freeman on 22 December 1713. [Newcastle freemen reg.]

Quincey, William, St Neots, Hunts., cm (1784). [D]

Quineau (or Quino), Augustinus (or Augustus), St Martin-inthe-Fields, London, master cm (1709–13). Registered in St Martin's poor rate in 1709, as resident in Long Acre. Recorded in 1713 as having taken app. named Isaac, son of Ann Crowdell, widow, for seven years from 2 October 1711 for £5. Took app. on 15 February 1712/13. [PRO, IR/1/2]

Quinnell, Charles, East Hill, Hastings, Sussex, chairmaker and turner (1839). [D]

Quint, Joshua, Lawton St, Liverpool, u (1790). [D]

Quint, William, Ashburton, Devon, cm, u, hardwareman and ironmonger (1778–93). Advertised for one or two journeymen cm in Exeter Flying Post, 23 October 1778; and on 5 April 1792 that he had a large house with shop to let, on his removal, with stock of ironmongery, haberdashery and grocery to be taken over. Still trading in Ashburton in 1793. [D]

Quint, William, Plymouth, Devon, cm (1798–1812). Recorded at Woolster St in 1812. Probably the Quint of Plymouth who advertised in Exeter Flying Post, 27 September 1798 for sycamore, holly and walnut timber, and an auction sale of household furniture at his repository. [D]

Quintin, Thomas, London, glass-maker (c. 1760–1810). Trade card, c.1760, shows him in partnership with Weatherby, Crowther & Windle at 106 East Smithfield, with manufactory at the Green Yard, making glass articles such as chandeliers and candle-shades. In 1781 the firm was styled Thomas Quintin & Co., in 1786, Thomas Quintin & Son, and from 1799–1810, Quintin & Son, the London Plate Glass Co. Quintin gave evidence before the Parliamentary Committee of 1773, stating that he had made very few glass plates, the largest being 84 by 38 ins, and that he had never sold one. He could cast plates, ‘but not in the Manner they do in France.’ By 1815 the firm had been succeeded by Macnamara & Brett. [Wills, Looking-Glasses]

Quinton, John, London, cm (1829–35). Trading at 4 Bacon St, Spitalfields in 1829, and 4 Shepperton St, Upper St, Islington in 1835. [D]

Quinton, Jno., Grosvenor St, Cheltenham, Glos., cm (1839). [D]

Quinton, P. S., London, cm (1818). [Norwich poll bk]

Quinton, William, 6 Garden Row, St George's Fields, London, chair and sofa maker, cm (1817–39). [D]

Quintus, —, London. On 4 March 1723 he was paid 5s for ‘a Table Fire Screen for the Committee Room’; and 2s 6d ‘for cleaning the Society's Scrutore’ at Holy Trinity Church, Marylebone Rd. [SPCK subscription ledger and cash bk, FT9/2] Possibly:

Quintus, Martin, over against Apothecaries’ Hall, Blackfriars, London, cm (1713). Took out a Sun Insurance policy on 4 December 1713. [GL, Sun MS vol. 3, p. 83]

Quirk, Henrietta, 20 Harrington St, Harrington, Liverpool, u (1839). [D]

Quirk, Thomas, Milton St, Liverpool, chairmaker (1837–39). Trading at no. 48 in 1837 and no. 61 in 1839. [D]

Quirk, William, Liverpool, carver (1814–29). Trading at 6 Stanley St in 1827; and no. 73 in 1829. App. to John Summer in 1814; petitioned freedom on servitude in 1822, paying 6s 8d; and admitted freeman on 16 October 1827. [D; Liverpool freemen reg. and committee bk]

Quirke, Tom, address unrecorded. Worked at Shardeloes, Bucks. in May 1769 providing two large bookcases ‘with open pediment cornices with door framed ovals flat bead and flush. Ditto in pedestal part framed flush two sides and veneered inside fitted with sliding shelves & compartments for writing. No. 16 drawers with brass handles, locks, hinges and compleat.’ On 30 May he supplied a mahogany ‘4-drawer Table, inclosed with neat foulding quadrant doors and carved cornice. 2 mahog. pillasters with carved caps. and fluted fixed with double iron joynts to the ends of the table (for handles)’. [Bucks. RO, Shardeloes papers, D/DR/5/64]

Quy, Thomas, Rochford, Essex, cm, u, ironmonger and auctioneer (1823–49). Will dated 1849. [D; Wills at Chelmsford]