Dictionary of English Furniture Makers 1660-1840. Originally published by W.S. Maney and Son Limited, Leeds, 1986.

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'Y', Dictionary of English Furniture Makers 1660-1840, (Leeds, 1986), pp. 1011-1015. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/no-series/dict-english-furniture-makers/y [accessed 24 June 2024].

. "Y", in Dictionary of English Furniture Makers 1660-1840, (Leeds, 1986) 1011-1015. British History Online, accessed June 24, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/no-series/dict-english-furniture-makers/y.

. "Y", Dictionary of English Furniture Makers 1660-1840, (Leeds, 1986). 1011-1015. British History Online. Web. 24 June 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/no-series/dict-english-furniture-makers/y.


Yabbicom, William H., Lower Castle St, Bristol, cm and u (1818–19). Trading at no. 10 in 1818 and no. 8 in 1819. [D]

Yale, Elihu, London, cm, broker and upholder (1784–99). Addresses given at 119 Newgate St in 1784 and 137 High Holborn, 1791–99. Took out Sun Insurance policies in 1784 for £600 of which £400 accounted for utensils, stock and goods; on 5 February 1791 with William Rayment for £1,400, £1,000 on utensils and stock; and alone on 27 June 1792 for £1,400, £800 on utensils, stock and goods. [D; GL, Sun MS vol. 319, p. 561; vol. 375, p. 415; vol. 384, p. 130]

Yale (or Yate), Elisha, 57 Little Britain, London, upholder (1789–93). [D]

Yallop, Jeremiah, Norwich and Ipswich, Suffolk, cm and chairmaker (1788–1818). Polled at St Mary's, Norwich, 1796–1806: of Ipswich in 1799, South Walsham in 1812, and St Stephen's, Norwich, in 1818. Recorded as Jeremiah Yallop jnr in 1796, and snr in 1818. Admitted freeman of Norwich, not by apprenticeship, on 16 June 1788. His son, Jeremiah Grindley Yallop, was admitted in 1810. [Norwich poll bks and freemen reg.]

Yallop, Jeremiah Grindley, Norwich, cm and chairmaker (1810–42). Recorded at Heigham in 1830 and Lower Westwick St in 1836. Son of Jeremiah Yallop, chairmaker; admitted freeman on 21 July 1810. [D; Norwich freemen reg. and poll bk]

Yallord, John, 111 Tottenham Ct Rd, London, u (1825). [D]

Yandell, Joseph, Cannon St, Bristol, cm (1799–1800). [D]

Yarde, Samuel, Exeter, Devon, u (1664). Fined £6 13s 4d in 1664, and ‘afterwards remitted because he married an Alderman's daughter and at the instance of Copston [sic] Bampfeild, Bart’. [Devon and Cornwall Record Soc., Exeter freemen rolls]

Yardley, George, Noble St, London, freeman merchant tailor, carver and gilder (1753). Employed four non-freemen for three months in both 1753 and 1754. [GL, City Licence bks, vol. 1] Rococo trade card states: ‘GEORGE YARDLEY, — Carver and Gilder. In Noble Street near Aldersgate, — LONDON. Makes & Sells all manner of Ornamental Frames, as Tables Frames. Slab Frames, Jarendoles, Branches, Trusses, Brackets, &c. wth. all sorts of Picture Frames, either Black or Carv'd & Gilt, Likewise Looking Glasses of all Sorts, from ye Smallest Size to ye Highest, in Carv'd & Painted, Carv'd & Gilt, Walnuttree & Gold. Mahogany & Gold. Jappan'd or in plain frames as Piers, Sconces, & Chimneys, wth. Hanging Glasses, or Dressing Boxes, & Dressing Glasses, also small Glasses in Painted Frames, Hollywood, or Varnish'd wth. all manner of work relating to Carving, Gilding, or Looking Glasses, ye above Articles are made at ye lowest Prices, & finished in ye Newest & Genteelest Taste. NB. Mapps & Prints Fram'd & Glaz'd in ye neatest manner’. [Heal]

Yardley, Samuel, St James's Sq., Wolverhampton, Staffs., cm and joiner (1833). [D]

Yarnall, Richard, Barton St, Tewkesbury, Glos., chairmaker (1820–39). Listed at no. 76, 1820–22. [D]

Yarnall, William, Barton St, Tewkesbury, Glos., chairmaker and turner (1830–39). One directory lists both William and William jnr at Barton St in 1830. [D]

Yarrow, J., 1 Upper Ogle St, Fitzroy Sq., London, cm (1827– 29). [D]

Yarrow, Ridley, 68 Curtain Rd, Shoreditch, London, cm (1826–29). [D]

Yate, Richard, London, chairmaker (1820–21). Of 122 Wardour St took out a Sun Insurance policy on 24 February 1820 for £1,400 including £890 on stock, utensils and goods in trust in his house, workshops and open yard, and £400 on workshops and counting rooms. Of 26 Berwick St took out Sun policies on 30 November 1820 and 2 May 1821 for £1,000, £910 On stock, utensils and goods in trust in his house, workshop, on roof and in open yard. A further policy of 2 May 1821 was taken out with William Harris for £1,600, including £550 on Yate's house, £500 on workshops behind, and £550 on a house at 27 Berwick St in tenure of Bell, a chaser. [GL, Sun MS vol. 483, refs 964024 and 972999; vol. 488, refs 980130–31]

Yate, Simon, 3 Golden Lyons by Fleet Ditch, St Bride's, London, upholder (1713). Insured his goods on 24 February 1713. [GL, Sun MS vol. 2, p. 20]

Yateman, William, London, u, cm, undertaker, sworn appraiser and auctioneer (1779–1811). Addresses given at 94 Leadenhall St in 1786; no. 24, 1789–93; no. 94, 1793–95, and 12 St Paul's Churchyard, 1796–1811. Son of William Yateman, haberdasher of Bishopsgate St. App. to James Senols on 7 April 1779, and admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Co. by servitude on 3 May 1786. Took app. named Thomas Oakey, 1786–94. Named in Sheraton's list of master cabinet makers, 1803. Trade cards of 1795 and 1797 [Banks Coll., BM] give address at 12 St Paul's Churchyard, and show a canopied bed and two funeral attendants. Card is smiliar to that of Benjamin Winter. [D; GL, Upholders’ Co. records]

Yateman, William, High St, Daventry, Northants., cm and u (1830). [D]

Yates, Benjamin, 10 Norfolk St, Sheffield, Yorks., cm (1797). [D]

Yates, Charles, Lime St, Liverpool, carver, gilder and victualler (1816–27). Trading at no. 34 in 1816, no. 25 in 1818, and no. 32 in 1821. [D]

Yates, David & Son, South St, Sheffield, Yorks., furnishing u (1825). [D]

Yates, Edward, London Rd, Manchester, u and cm (1828–29). Trading at no. 107 in 1828–29 and also no. 67 in 1829. [D]

Yates, Henry, Liverpool, cm (1784). Admitted freeman on 2 April 1784. [Liverpool freemen reg.]

Yates, Henry, Liverpool, cm (1818–30). Recorded at 16 Pall Mall, 1818–21; and 8 Bixteth St and Pine Pl., Ford St some time between 1818–30. Admitted freeman on servitude to Thomas Gorton on 11 June 1818. Stated as ‘not dead 18 Oct. 1830’. [D; Liverpool freemen reg.]

Yates, Isaac, Nantwich, Cheshire, chairmaker (1768). Son Thomas bapt. on 2 April 1768. [Chester RO, PR (bapt.)]

Yates, James & Whitworth, John, Bordesley, parish of Aston, Warks., coffin furniture, picture and looking-glass frame makers (1779). Insured utensils and stock for £1,200 in 1779. [GL, Sun MS vol. 276, p. 225]

Yates, James, Otley, Yorks., joiner, cm and builder (1828–34). Recorded at Clapgate, 1828–29 and Bridegate in 1830. [D]

Yates, John, York, u (1733–48). Recorded as son of Joanna Yates, widow, app. to George Reynoldson, u, on 26 November 1733; and as son of John Yates, pinner and hosier, admitted freeman in 1739. Notice in York Courant, 12 July 1748, stated he was ‘Upholder nigh Ouse Bridge, Agent for John Devenport & Co.; printed paper available for room hanging’. [York app. reg. and freemen rolls]

Yates (or Yeat(e)s), John, St Martin's Lane, St Martin-in-theFields, London, cm and chairmaker (1749–55). Polled at Westminster in 1749. Listed as a ‘Prisoner for Debt in the Poultry Compter, London’ in London Gazette, 27 May 1755.

Yates, John, Rotherham, Yorks., cm (1798). [D] A John Yates of Sheffield subscribed to Sheraton's Drawing Book, 1793.

Yates, Richard, Horse Mkt St, Warrington, Lancs., cm (1822). [D]

Yates, Richard, London, carver and gilder, cm and u (1826–39). Trading at 55 Judd St, Brunswick Sq., 1826–28, and 7 Charlotte St, Tottenham Ct, Rd, 1837–39. [D]

Yates, Robert, 55 Judd St, Brunswick Sq., London, carver and gilder (1825). [D]

Yates, Sarah, Mount St, Birmingham, u (1828–35). Listed at no. 42 in 1828–30 and no. 43 in 1835. [D]

Yates, Simon, Abingdon, Berks., u (1734). [Poll bk]

Yates, Thomas Smith, Essex, cm (1806–30). Polled at Colchester of ‘Weeleigh’ (Weeley, Essex?) in 1806, and of Colchester, 1812 and 1830.

Yates, Thomas, Manchester, u, cm, paper hanging warehouseman (1811–34). Addresses given at 21 Deansgate in 1811; 17 Piccadilly, 1813–22; and 3 Hanging Ditch, 1825–34. [D]

Yates, William, 17 Mill Lane, Liverpool, carver and gilder (1813–14). [D]

Yates, William, 20 Princess St, Manchester, cm and u (1832– 40). Recorded as William Yates & Co., 1836–40. [D]

Yates & Co., Bradford St, Deritend, Birmingham, ‘factors & manufacturers of cabinet brass foundary, coffin furniture, picture frames, looking glasses, composition ornaments, coach & coach harness furniture …’. (1800). [D]

Yates, Son & Harper, Bradford St, Deritend, Birmingham, coffin furniture, picture frames, looking-glasses, coach and coach harness furniture, composition ornaments (1803). [D]

Yealman, W., 48 Queen St, Leicester Sq., London, u and appraiser (1820). [D] Possibly William Yeatman of 18 Green St.

Yeamans, Edward, Kirkgate, Wakefield, Yorks., chairmaker, turner and carver (1830–37). [D]

Yearbury, George, 3 Redcliffe Hill, Bristol, carver and gilder (1828). [D]

Yeatman, Elizabeth, 18 Green St, Leicester Sq., London, cm (1807). Took out a Sun Insurance policy on 18 September 1807 for £1,100. [GL, Sun MS vol. 440, ref. 806638] See William Yeatman and Hannah Yeatman at this address.

Yeatman, Hannah & Lack, Thomas, 18 Green St, Leicester Sq., London, upholder (1821). Took out a Sun Insurance policy on 7 March 1821 for £2,000, including £1,250 on a private house called ‘Horny Cottage’, Teddington, Middlx, £600 on household goods, china and glass, and £150 on stable, coach house and offices. [GL, Sun MS vol. 488, ref. 976770] See Elizabeth Yeatman and William Yeatman at this address.

Yeatman, William, 290 Strand, London, cm and upholder (1782). Took out a Sun Insurance policy in 1782 for £700, £500 accounting for utensils, stock and goods. [GL, Sun MS vol. 300, p. 191]

Yeatman (or Yateman), William, 18 Green St, Leicester Sq., London, upholder, cm and appraiser (1784–1828). Recorded also at no. 19, 1805–28. Took out Sun Insurance policies in 1784 for £600, utensils and stock accounting for £300; on 11 January 1793 for £200 on stock and goods in trust in workshop behind his house; and on 14 May 1804 for £1,100 including £1,000 on the house of Daniel Woodward, and £100 on workshop. [D; GL, Sun MS vol. 322, p. 279; vol. 389, ref. 610806; vol. 431, ref. 762275] Possibly W. Yealman. See Elizabeth Yeatman and Hannah Yeatman at this address.

Yeaxley, William, Clarance St, Staines, Middlx, carver and gilder (1838–39). [D]

Yeeds, Elizabeth, 14 Jervis St, Liverpool, u (1835). [D] Probably Elizabeth Youd(s), and Younds.

Yeoman, Adam, York, u (1777). Son of William Yeoman, u; admitted freeman in 1777. [York freemen reg.]

Yeoman, J., Verandah Terr., Canal Walk, Southampton, Hants., cm (1734–39). [D]

Yeoman, William, York, u (1731–41). Son of Robert Yeoman, tanner; admitted freeman in 1731. Polled of Coppergate in 1741. [York freemen rolls]

Yewd, William, at ‘The Golden Lyon’, three doors west from Somerset House in the Strand, London, cm and mahogany turner (1703–69). Directories of 1703 and 1763 and early 18th-century trade card give above address. Card states: ‘Makes and Sells all Sorts of Cabinet work Chaire work and Turnery ware. Serves Shopkeepers with all Sorts of Voiders, Tea Trays and boards made in the Best Manner at Reasonable Rates. NB. Funerals Furnished and Goods appraisd’. [Leverhulme Coll., MMA, NY] Named as Fellow of the Society of Arts and Manufacturers, 1761–66. William Yewd, cm of St Mary-le-Strand, had app. named George Gigg, c. 1769. [S of G, St John-in-the-Soke, Winchester settlement papers]

Yewdale, J., Wibsey, Bradford, Yorks., cm (1823). [D]

Yolland, Thomas, address unrecorded, cm (1803). Subscribed to Sheraton's Cabinet Dictionary, 1803.

York, John, address unrecorded. Bill dated 16 May 1738 to Lord Leigh of Stoneleigh, Warks., lists ‘A large Looking Glass in Gilt Frame’, costing £9 9s; ‘A large Sconce in a Gilt Frame’, £7 7s; and ‘A Mohogony dressing Table’, £1 1s. Receipted on 1 July 1738 by James York for his father, John. [Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Leigh receipts, DR 18/5; Christie's, Stoneleigh sale cat., 15–16 October 1981, lots 102 and 110]

York, Richard, address unrecorded, cm (1720). [GL, Sun MS vol. 481, ref. 964877]

York, Richard, 5 Brokers Row, London, cm and u (1822–23). [D]

York, Thomas, Gold St, Northampton, carver and gilder (1830). [D]

Yorke, Bridget Nash, Cambridge, see Edward Yorke.

Yorke, Edward and successors, Cambridge, cm, u and auctioneers (1748–1840). Edward Yorke ‘lately apprenticed to Thomas Graves, Alderman, Burgess and Joiner’ was made free of the Corporation of Cambridge on 17 January 1755. He appears to have finished his apprenticeship some years before this as he is recorded on 5 January 1753 as paying half a years rates on premises in Trumpington St (next door to William Roper, another cm and u). The firm's bill head dated 1848 also announced ‘Established 1748’. When Roper retired from business in 1773, Yorke took over his shop and paid the parish rates on both properties up to 1787, when he rebuilt Ropers old premises (what is now 14 King's Parade). Advertised as auctioneer in Cambridge Chronicle and Journal, 8 December 1764, 16 August and 11 October 1766 and 31 October 1767.

Yorke's recorded apps are: John Hazzard, 28 May 1765 for £31 10s, Thomas Burgoyne, 24 April 1776 for £42, James Tall, 5 January 1781 for £10, Thomas Chandler, 26 March 1796 for 10s, and Stephen Rawlinson, 26 March 1796 for £21. The last two are listed in the names of Edward Yorke and his son Thomas. Thomas, b. 1761 and bapt. in St Edward's parish, 28 October, was app. to his father ‘for natural love’ on 24 August 1778 and made free on 29 September 1785. His death aged 53 was reported in Cambridge Chronicle and Journal, 14 March 1814. Edward Yorke announced in Cambridge Chronicle and Journal, 2 April 1799 that he was resigning the business to his son Thomas. The death of Edward Yorke aged 77 was announced on 2 July 1803.

Payments to the Yorkes are recorded in the account books of the Cotton family of Madingley Hall, Cambridge between 1800–01. The Cambridge Chronicle and Journal reported on 14 (and/or 18) March 1814 the death of Thomas Yorke; this was followed in the next issue with an announcement by ‘B. N. [Bridget Nash] Yorke widow of Thomas Yorke’ that ‘having engaged proper assistants, till she receive the aid of the Son who is prepairing himself for the purpose’ she would carry on the business. The son, Samuel Yorke, announced on 20 March 1818 that he had ‘taken the business carried on by his late mother’, and he traded at King's Parade (previously Trumpington St), 1832–41. His apprenticeship had been in Norwich, then the main furniture making town in East Anglia, as in an advertisement of 21 October 1831 announcing that he had engaged one of Elliot Smith's best paper hangers, he states ‘that he is enabled to Furnish Houses and Rooms with dispatch and taste combined with economy, having had considerable experience during his seven years servitude in the Upholstery connected with the Cabinet Business in one of the first houses in Norwich, besides the general knowledge he has since gained from many of the firstrate Houses in London’. Samuel Yorke was admitted freeman on 7 October 1818 for a fee of £10 10s.

All the directories and poll bks list the Yorkes in the shop in Trumpington St later to be called King's Parade but from c. 1843 the business moved to 6 Benett St. This is the address on a bill head dated 1848 in the names of ‘C. & T. Yorke, Auctioneers, Upholderers, Appriasers, Cabinet Makers, Undertakers, House Agents’ and receipted by Samuel Yorke for monies ‘Received for Sons’. The bill head also includes an illustration of ‘Yorke's Registered Revolving Easy Chair’. The last entry to the firm is in Slater's directory of 1850. [Cambs. RO, Cambridge Corp. day bks and app. lists; rate bk of St Edward's parish; poll bks; City of Cambridge, Royal Commission on Historial Monuments 1959; Cambs. RO, account book of the Cotton family, 588/A45; bill head, Cambridgeshire Coll., City Lib; Furn. Hist., 1978. R.W.

Yorke, Samuel, Cambridge, see Edward Yorke.

Yorke, Thomas, Cambridge, see Edward Yorke.

Youd, George, Mill Lane, Potton, Beds., u (1823). [D]

Youd(s) (or Younds), Elizabeth, Jervis St, Liverpool, u (1835– 39). Trading at no. 15 in 1834; no. 14 in 1835; no. 15 in 1837; and no. 31 in 1839. [D] Probably Elizabeth Yeeds.

Youen, Richard, High Wycombe, Bucks., chairmaker (b.c. 1826–41). Aged 15 at the time of the 1841 Census.

Youens, James, High Wycombe, Bucks., carver, chair-caner (b.c. 1816–41). Daughters bapt. in 1836 and 1837; son in 1839. Aged 25 at the time of the 1841 Census. [D; PR (bapt.)]

Youens, John, High Wycombe, Bucks., chairmaker (b.c. 1805–41). Aged 36 at the time of the 1841 Census.

Youens, Robert, High Wycombe, Bucks., carver, chair and sofa maker (b.c. 1814–48). Son bapt. in 1838. Aged 27 at the time of the 1841 Census. [PR (bapt.)]

Youle, George, St Giles-in-the-Fields, London, cm (d. 1692) [PCC Wills, 1686–93; Index Lib., vol. 11, 1958, p. 293] Possibly brother of:

Youle, John, London, cm (d. 1694). Recorded in newspapers of 1694 as ‘leaving off trade’ at ‘The Cabinet’, Drury Lane. [Heal] Will dated 1694 gives address at St Giles-in-the-Fields. [PCC Wills, 1694–1700, Index Lib., vol. 12, 1959–60, p. 465, f. 180]

Young, —, Ironmonger Lane, Cheapside, London, u (1747). Heal records him in contemporary newspapers. See Young & Fall, Hickman Young and Young & Brooks at this address.

Young, —, London, u and silk mercer (1768). Supplied ‘Blue Genoa Damask’ costing £88 19s to Shelburne House, Berkeley Sq., between 13 September and 17 October 1768. [Bowood MS]

Young, —, 81 Wells St, Oxford St, London, u (1805–07). [D]

Young, Abraham, Epsom, Surrey, upholder etc. (1794). [D]

Young, Abraham, 6 High St, Newington, London, auctioneer, house agent, undertaker, u and cm (1809–11). [D]

Young, Adam, 3 Chapel St, Lamb's Conduit, London, cm and upholder (1835–39). [D]

Young, Benjamin, 29 Deal St, Salford, Lancs., cm (1836–40). [D]

Young, Edward, address unrecorded, upholder (1708). Admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Co. on 13 April 1708. [GL, Upholders’ Co. records]

Young, George, 52 Goodge St, London, carver (1808). Took out a Sun Insurance policy on 4 April 1808 for £500 on a house at 261 Oxford St in tenure of a corn chandler, and £350 on a house at 34 Edgeware St in tenure of a turner. [GL, Sun MS vol. 445, ref. 814937]

Young, George, 7 Gay St, Liverpool, cm (1813–14). [D]

Young, George, Hull, Yorks., cm (1831–39). Trading at 6 Dock Office Row in 1831 also as a furniture broker; and at the corner of Christopher St and Francis St, also as a beer house keeper, 1835–39. [D]

Young, George, 10 Westgate St, Newcastle, carver and gilder (1833–34). [D]

Young, George, Southgate, Market Weighton, Yorks., cm (1840). [D]

Young, Godfrey, 6 High St, Newington Butts, London, u (1826–30). Recorded as Young & Godfrey, cm and u, 1827– 28. Declared bankrupt, London Gazette, 1 June 1830. [D]

Young, Henry, Stone-Cutter St, Fleet Mkt, London, chairmaker (1796–1807). Trading at no. 28, 1805–07. Served as Constable at St Bride's in 1796. [D; GL, MS 6561, p. 123]

Young, Henry, King's Lynn, Norfolk, cm (1813–14). App. to James Oldmeadow, cm, and admitted freeman, 1813–14. [King's Lynn freemen calendar]

Young, Henry, Union St, Maidstone, Kent, cm and u (1832–39). [D]

Young, Hickman, London, u (1753–87). Recorded at 4 Ironmonger Lane, Cheapside, 1753–68; and 51 Hatton Gdn (or St), 1771–87. [D] Heal records Young & Hickman, u, at 51 Hatton Gdn in 1777, possibly wrongly. See Young & Brooks and Young & Fall at these addresses.

Young, I., address unrecorded. Good quality rosewood sofa table, c. 1810–20, recorded stamped ‘I. YOUNG’.

Young, James, Piccadilly, London, cm (1749). [Poll bk]

Young, James Mates, Bristol, cm (1782). Declared bankrupt, Leicester Journal, 4 May 1782.

Young, James, 2 Queen St, by Marlborough St, London, u (1805–39). Recorded at no. 4 as cm and u in 1839. Took out Sun Insurance policies on 30 June 1806 for household goods and clothes; on 18 June 1807 for £300 including £60 on utensils and stock in trust; and on 23 June 1812 for £500 on his house. [D; GL, Sun MS vol. 437, ref. 790735; vol. 440, ref. 804213; vol. 459, ref. 871463]

Young, James, London, chair manufacturer (1820–23). Recorded at 18 Duke St, Westminster in 1820 and 20 Norfolk St, Southwark, 1821–23. [D]

Young, James, Halifax, Yorks., cm and u (1828–37). Recorded at Crown St, 1828–29; Hall End in 1830; and 46 Swine Mkt in 1837. [D]

Young, James, 2 Francis St, Newington, London, cm and undertaker (1839). [D]

Young(e), John, address unrecorded, u (1660–61). Recorded in the Royal Household accounts, 1660–61 supplying luxurious upholstered furniture. Listed are: ‘Turned frames for a couch and a great chair. 9 high stools and a low stool with crimson velvet to line the wings of the couch and back of the chair. Holland quilt, pillows & carpets. 200 fourscore and £3.10.4.’. [PRO, LC5/39] Younge's account from Michaelmas 1660–61 lists: ‘a Couch Frame turned & with the best Ironworke to it’, costing £1 13s 4d; ‘3 ells ½ of Crimson taffatae to lyne ye winge of the Couch and backes of all the Chaires att XV’, £2 12s 6d; ‘for 2500 of large nailes double gilt’, £6 5s; ‘for 650 gilt Burnishe nailes for the backe of the Chaires, & the wings of ye couch’, 9s 9d; ‘for double gilding the Iron worke for ye Couch’, £2 10s; ‘for making the large couch wth baggs of Downe, & borders of Crimson vellvett’, £2 6s 8d. [Conn., January 1934, pp. 15–22]

Young, John, Worcester, later London, u (1768–86). Described as ‘late of the City of Worcester’ on 6 July 1768 when admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Co. by redemption. Recorded at High Holborn in 1772, and Kentish Town, 1781–86. [GL, Upholders’ Co. records]

Young, John, Peter St, London, cm (1774). [Poll bk]

Young, John Mates, Bristol and London, cm (1781–97). Polled at Bristol of there in 1781, and of St Martin's Lane, London in 1784. Declared bankrupt, Exeter Flying Post, 14 December 1797.

Young, John, Broughton, Lancs., u (1784). [D]

Young, John, Morpeth, Northumb., u (1784). [D]

Young, John, 26 Pitfield St, Hoxton, London, carver and gilder (1805–25). [D]

Young, John jnr, High St, Gateshead, Co. Durham, cm and furniture broker (1827). [D]

Young, John, Middle St, Newcastle, cm and furniture broker (1833–38). Recorded at no. 32 in 1834 and no. 33 in 1838 as cm and joiner. [D]

Young, John, 34 Miller St, Long Millgate, Manchester, chairmaker (1840). [D]

Young, Joseph, Carlisle Lane, Castle St, Carlisle, Cumb., joiner and/or cm (1829). [D]

Young, Lake, London, coach and looking-glass manufacturer, glass cutter (1768–1802). Rococo trade card, 1769, gives addresses at ‘The Coach and LOOKING GLASS MANUFACTORY … in James Street, Covent Garden: or at his Warehouse near the Pump in WATLING STREET’. Listed in directories, 1774–1802, at 54 Watling St. Trade card states: ‘Merchants, Captains of Ships, country chapmen &c. may be supply'd on reasonable Terms with all Sorts of Looking Glasses, Vizt. Sconces, Pier & Chimney Glasses, Dressing Boxes & Swingers, in Mahogany, Walnut-tree, & Painted, or in rich Carv'd & Gilt Frames in the neatest Taste & newest fashion. All Sorts of Window Glass, Wholesale and Retail, or for Exportation’. [Heal] Young was a member of the Court of Common Council of the City of London, one of the eight men representing Cordwainer Ward, and was elected in 1768 one of the Commissioners of Sewers, Lamps and Pavements. He is listed in 1769 as one of the twenty-four Directors of the Laudable Society for the Benefit of Widows. [Wills, LookingGlasses; C. Life, vol. cxxx, no. 3358, p. 91] Succeeded by Brown, Young & Son, glass cutters.

Young, Mathew, Burgate, Barton-upon-Humber, Lincs., joiner and cm (1835). [D]

Young, Neal, address unrecorded, upholder (1764–76). Son of Donall Young, farmer of Atholl, Scotland. App. to Benjamin Dell on 6 September 1764, and admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Co. by servitude on 4 December 1776. [GL, Upholders’ Co. records]

Young, Peter, Great Lumley, Co. Durham, joiner and cm (1827–28). [D]

Young, Richard, St Mary Magdalene, Oxford, cm (1768). [Poll bk]

Young, Richard, Holywell, Oxford, cm (1802). [Poll bk]

Young, Richard, St Peter-le-Bailey, Oxford, bedmaker (1802). [Poll bk]

Young, Robert, Church Way, North Shields, Northumb., furniture broker and cm (1827). [D]

Young, Robert, 6 Hamilton Terr., Birkenhead, Cheshire, joiner and cm (1839). [D]

Young, Thomas, London, joiner and carver. In the late 17th century worked at Chatsworth, Derbs, with Davis, Lobb and Watson, acting as master carver until 1692. Young was also employed by Thomas Osborne, 1st Duke of Leeds, at Kiveton, rebuilt 1694–1704. Young also worked at Burghley House, Lincs. [V & A archives; Beard, Georgian Craftsmen; F. Thompson, A History of Chatsworth, pp. 149–50]

Young, Thomas, Hetling Ct, Bath, Som., cm (1793). [D]

Young, Thomas, Liverpool, chairmaker (1830). Marriage at St Nicholas's Church to Miss Ann Sloan reported in Liverpool Mercury, 1 October 1830.

Young, W., address unrecorded, cm. Stamp found on early 19th-century chair with tapering, fluted front legs, sabre back legs, scroll arms, upholstered seat, and simple curved back. [V&A archives]

Young, W., 10 Green St, Bath., Som., cm (1819). [D]

Young, William, address unrecorded, carver (1691–92). Mentioned in the accounts for Sudbury Hall, Derbs., 1691–92, and he may have carved the doorcase at the foot of the stairs leading to the Parlour. He later worked at Chatsworth. [O. Hill & J. Cornforth, English Country Houses: Caroline, p. 173; V&A archives]

Young, William, York, cm (1745–58). Polled of Micklegate in 1758. Son of William Young; app. to Francis Ryther, cm, on 1 May 1745. Admitted freeman in 1752. [York app. reg. and freemen rolls]

Young, William, London, cm (1784–85). Polled at York of London in 1784. Described of Queen's Ct, Holborn, when his son, William was admitted freeman of York as cm in 1785. [York freemen rolls]

Young, William, Park St, London, u (1769). Declared bankrupt, Gents Mag., April 1769.

Young, William, King St, Little Sanctuary, London, cm (1774). [Poll bk]

Young, William, 160 Ratcliffe Highway, London, u, broker and cm (1789–93). [D]

Young, Will., 3 Caroline Pl., City Rd, London, upholder and undertaker (1817). [D]

Young, William, Roper St, Whitehaven, Cumb., joiner and/or cm (1829–34). Trading at no. 55 in 1834. [D]

Young, William, Guildhall Passage, Hull, Yorks., joiner and cm (1838–39). [D]

Young & Brooke (or Brooks), 4 Ironmonger Lane, Cheapside, London, u (1769–73). Recorded also at Hatton Gdn in 1770, and no. 51 in 1772. [D] See Young, —, Hickman Young and Young & Fall.

Young & Fall, Ironmonger Lane, Cheapside, London, u (1759– 60). Recorded at no. 4 in 1760. [D]

Young & Hobson, Gateshead, Co. Durham, joiner and cm (1824–33). Trading at Front St in 1824 and West St in 1833. [D]

Young & Howard, 14 Oxford St, London, upholders, cm, appraisers and undertakers (1790–93). [D]

Young & Trotter, Frith St, Soho, London. Recorded as the makers of a fine Jamaican mahogany tea table, c. 1760, with scalloped corners, supported on pillar and claw feet with castors. [G. Bernard Hughes, ‘Mahogany Claw Tables’, C. Life, 17 March 1955]

Younger, Edward, 14 Old St Rd, London, cm (1829–35). [D]

Younger, Sarah, 14 Old St Rd, London, cm (1839). [D]

Younghusband, John, Church Lane, Workington, Cumb., joiner and/or cm (1798–1811). [D]

Youse, William, Grove St, Wantage, Berks., wood turner (1840). [D]

Youxfield, Robert, St Mary's parish, Chelmsford, Essex, chairmaker (1669). Child bapt. on 21 August 1669. [Essex RO, PR (bapt.)]