Roger Whitley's Diary: April 1694

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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April 1694

April 1. Sonday, was not at church; Morgan dined with me; no company; Sidney supt with us; 2 Bostocks were with me.

2. Monday, Colonel Rod's quartermaster came about cariages, he went to Mr Booth & Adams for warrants; Saywell came about Cooper; promised tp write to the officer for his discharge; Broster went to Peele, Burges to Shotwick; Fletcher came about selling some land; I went to the funerall of Alderman Bennets son (about 3) Hardware came to see me as I went out; I went with them to the church doore; went into the Penthouse (with Streete) went thence to see Colonel Coote, he was abRood. I saw Captaine Bethuen; went then to the Feathers. there was Lloyd, Edwards, Deane, Radford, yong Loyd, Ned Morgan (Saywell & Price came but stayd not) I left them about 7. came home.

3. Tuesday, a Captaine came to me about carts; I went to the Penthouse about 12 (about Alderman Bennets wine) retorned past 1; Minshall, Key, Roger, Sidney dined with me, after diner came 2 officers to complaine of Alcock a smith for concealing a soldyer that run from his Colors; Alderman Lloyd & Edwards examined them they denyed it &c. all went before 4. at 5 I went (with Alderman Lloyd) to visit Colonel Rowe; there was his sister & her husband &c. I left them about 7. then visited Mrs Mainwaring. then home.

4. Wednesday, Treasurer Cratchley came about the woomen for the wheete money; Hatchet with slippers & about his lease; Morgan & Roger & Sidney dined with us; then came 2 men & 2 women to complaine of taxes, then Borows about his daughters wheete money, I sent for Brereton (about corne) he stayed but awhile.

5. Thursday, Morgan went early to London (I did not see him) Broster to Dyssert; Vicars & Comissary Francks dined with me, went before 3. Lightfoote was with me about taxes at Lock; stayd not. I went to the Penthouse; stayd there (with the comitte for building the Hall) till about 7. then went to the Ship with Wilson, Allen, Bennet, Hand & Cumberbach; parted before 9. went home.

6. Friday (Good Friday) I & my family went to our Parish church to the Sacrament; retorned past 12. past 1 Ince came to me & the Treasurer (also the Swordbearer) about charity money to be then distributed to the poore in severall wards. they stayd not; I dined about 4 Mr Wright with me (William Mainwaring & Lee came but stayd not interl). Colonel Coote came at the end of diner; afterwards came his Lieutenant Colonel Major & Streete, they parted about 9; Houseman & Gray went to Shotwick, retorned at night.

7. Satorday, Palin came about Lord Maxtrs's rent; an officer from Coote about his quarters; I went to the Penthouse at 12, retorned at 2. Streete, Williamson & Ward dined with me & William Mainwaring & Roger; parted before 4. Profit came from Dyssert Gill & Clare from Shotwick; Griffith & the brewer from Peele; about 6 came Holland to have his lease, 2 Lightfoots with him.

8. Sonday, I went to church; the Almes men dined with me; past 5 came Coote his Lieutenant Colonel & Major. stayd an houer.

9. Monday, I went to Sir William Williams; then to the Penthouse & Courts; 3 yong felons were burnt in hand; Sir William, his sonne, Minshall, Streete, Edwards, 2 Sheriffs, Cumberbach, Parry &c. dined with us; parted at 4. I went to wayte on the Judges; then on the Sheriffe; was at the Feathers, then home &c.

10. Tuesday, Streete was with me at 10. then Llee & Taylor & Harleston's clarke; then Johnson; I went to the Recorders; then to the Castle; then to the Penthouse (with Streete) Lloyd & Edwards came to us; Alderman Walton of Dublyn came hither to me, dined with me, parted about 3. Delves came at 4. Jackson the scrivener came to the Penthouse about writing faire our Petition to the King about the common land. about 5 Mainwaring & G.Mainwaring retorned from London; I went to the Penthouse & with the Aldermen, Recorder, Sheriff, Treasurer &c. wayted on the Judges (having sent them wine) called at Recorder's lodging in retorning to get them signe our Petition; then I & G.Mainwaring went home; past 7 Taylor & Lee came about Roger's businesse; Delves & William Mainwaring came but stayd not.

11. Wednesday, the Judges, Delves, Crew, 3 Williams, 3 Mainwarings, Streete, Lloyd (Warburton interl), Minshall,Pigot &c. dined with me, parted past3, some past 4, I went to the Penthouse at 6 to solemenise the Coronation; there was severall Aldermen, Crew,the Castle officers with them; I & Streete visited Lord Warington; then Hoster ? Crew, Warburton, Roger Mainwaring were there, then 2 Mainwarings, Hopkins & Minshall. parted at 11.

[fo. 172v]

April 12. Thursday, the schoolmaster of Tarperly came about a lease; Johnson with Venables & his wife to thank me for his Gowne; Profit went to Dyssert; G.Mainwaring came but stayd; then Adams, stayd not; Key dined with us; at 4 I went to visit Delves at the Feathers; there was with him Crew, 2 Mainwarings, Lloyd, Gleg, Deane &c. past 5 I went to the Penthouse to the committtee for building a new Hall, there were 4 masons about the modell & agreeing &c. past 7 I went thence (with Streete) to G.Mainwarings where was much company, a collation &c. I left them 1/2 houer past 10 13. Friday, Deane Fog came about his money; about 12 I went to Sir William Williams; discoursed him about out Citty concernes, took leave of him &c. dined at home with 2 Mainwarings, Hopkins, Streete, Treasurer, Deane & Roger; they parted about 4; past 6 I went to the Castle, wayted on the Judges on the Bench; then to Jacksons; there were Mainwaring. Gleg (Hopkins interl), Ro[ger] Mainwaring, Luke Lloyd, his 2 nephews, Roger, William[iam] Mainwaring &c. I went thence about 9 to the Ship; there was 2 Mainwarings, Hopkins, Streete, Juchin? & his brother, Minshall, the Sheriffe, Bradshaw &c. I went thence about 10.

14. Saturday, I went at 11 to take leave of the Judges; then to the Penthouse; went home 1/2 houer past 1. Minshall, Luke Lloyd, his 2 nephews, Kenyon, Alderman Lloyd, Williamson, Roger dined with us; went before 4. Lee & Ward came after diner; went with the rest; past 5 came the Stewards of the Bakers; p[ai]d for the toll Wheate they had; then Lee attorney for Downe's his 40 li. Griffith came from Peele & Mrs Grice & Burges from Shotwick; in the evening came Attorney Minshall; we went about 9 to G.Mainwaring. there was also Roger Mainwaring; we parted at 10.

15. Sonday, was not at church; some officers came about quarters for soldyers new landed; past 8 came Lieutenant Colonel Price, a Captaine & Allen; stayd till 12 past 4. I took the ayre on Rood Dee this evening.

16. Monday, Burges & Bowker called as they went to Shotwick; Danatt trimmed me; Gray, Parson & another came to complaine of pressing seamen; I went to the Penthouse past 11, then to the Court; a woman pleaded for pardon; Colonel Peirce, a Captaine Allen, Streete, Comberbach, Comissary Franks dined with me; they went past 3. Gray the Pressemaster & several seamen & others came with complaints (on all sides there having severall blows & broken heads amongst them) we took information on oath &c. at 6 I went to the Penthouse (about the new Hall). there was Wilson. Allen, Bennet, Hand, (Cumberback interl), & the Masons &c. about 8 we went to the Ship; Streete, Mainwaring, Colthrop came to us; parted at 11.

17. Tuesday, Johnson came about releife for a poore man; Isaac Thomas about Parish dutyes; Gray, Bolland & 2 more to speake to Mr Huett about fees demanded for the Coroner's inquest. Cumberbach to take leave, going to London; Adams about a fine & recovery; Flint came from Peele; stayd but awhile; Key, Roger & Sidney dined with us; Rogers wife came before & after diner; would have more allowance & money to carry her home; Moris came about paying towards the Plate for the Race. in the evening I went to G.Mainwarings; supt there, with him, his wife & Roger Mainwaring; Sir John came after, we parted at 11.

18. Wednesday, Kirk & Hall came about barke; the Treasurer about writing to Sir William Williams & Mr Griffith about money Griffith owes the Citty; Rogers wife dined with us; past 5 I went to visit Captaine Shales; there was Frith, & Burke with him, thence I went to the Bull to visit Colonel Peirce, he was abRood; then to the Rood Dee to take the ayre; then home at 8. Mainwaring, Lee & G.Mainwaring came to me, we parted past 10. Shales was with me after diner about the sheep.

19. Thursday, Houseman, Gray & (I think) Shales went to Shotwick past 7; Streete came past 11. Roger sent for him to talk of his concernes; he dined with me, also Mainwaring, G.Mainwaring, Vicars, Captaine Peirce & Humfreys; after diner came Lee of Booth; all parted past 3; Tondall (Collector of Customs) came to see me; stayd neare an houer; I went past 6 to the Recorders, retorned presently, Deane, G.Mainwaring & Johnson came; the last stayd awhile, the other 2 & Mainwaring supt with me & parted about 11.

20. Friday, Coker & Mercer came to get me & Mainwaring write to Trenchard in behalfe of a Master of a ship, prisoner at St Malo's; Richards about a boy that has stole a cock; the boy's unkle promised to restore the cock; Mainwaring, Roger, Sidney & Gray dined with us; Norbery came to Mainwaring after diner; in the evening after (past 8) came Colonel Peirce & Captaine Peirce, stayd an houer.

21. Satorday, I went to the Penthouse before 12. retorned neare 2. 2 Mainwarings , Lloyd, Williamson, Key, Roger dined with us; after diner came the Ensigne about quarters; all parted past 4. Ric[hard] Hughes came & brought money on my son's account; the Brewer & James came from Peele; I went to the Penthouse past 6. then to the Ship; there was Streete, 2 Mainwarings, Wilson, Allen, Bennet & Recorder; left them at 10.

22. Sonday, I was not at church; past 4 came Edwards & Hemthorne about a fine & recovery; stayd not; at 6 I went to the Rood Dee; Mainwaring supt with us; after supper came G.Mainwaring; parted at 10.

23. Monday, Adams & Cratchley were with me; about 12 I & G.Mainwaring went to the Bishops , he was at diner; I saw him not; then to the Court; then home; Crew, Keniglly?,Llee. Mackworth (another officer interl) 2 Mainwarings &c. dined with us; after diner Percival [fo. 173r] April 23. Edwards, Lloyd &c. came; we went to the race at Rood Dee; 5 horses ran; Massey wond the Plate; then to the Penthouse with Crew, Knightley, Llee, Hocknell, 2 Mainwarings, Streete & severall others, Massey, Cooper, Booth &c. came to us; Massey presented us with Canary in the Plate; we parted at 9. Mainwaring & Lee came home with me; then to G.Mainwarings; Crew, Knightley & Jackson came to us; I left them past 10.

24. Tuesday, one Kee? came to me about a foote race; Taylor about my Law concernes; Brereton about lending Lewsley a part of Whites money; Llee & his lady dined with us; then came Crew, Knightly, 2 Mainwarings from Shotwick; after diner came Streete &c. we went to the Rood Dee to the foote race (about 4) then to G.Mainwarings (with Crew & Knightly) then I & G Mainwaring went to the Bishop; there was Antwistle. Wright & another with him. then we went to take leave of Crew & Knightley at Mr Richard Wright's; then I & Mainwaring called at Feathers; there was Edwards, Loyd, Deane, Leues, Parry, & Totty, Mainwaring; went after 8. I left them about 9. came home; about 10 came Morgan Whitley from London; stayd not.

25th Wednesday, my grandson's & Alport returned to Peover. Donat came about 10. promises to provide money spedily, will hold his 2 feilds at Lach this year (quit interl); Griffith & Cook came from Peele. I went to the Penthouse before 12. retorned past 1. Luke Lloyd, Francks, Morgan, Roger, Mainwaring, Streete, Williamson dined with us & sister Sidney; about 5 I went to Mr Denteith's funerall & stayd the sermon;then to the Penthouse to meete the masons; then to the Ship with G.Mainwaring & Streete; Mainwaring, Treasurer & Parry came to us; (Gray, Kirk, Croughton & Robinson came to me in another room about buying the barke at Shotwick) I went home past 10. Mainwaring with me &c. Houseman went to Bromborow retorned at night.

26. Thursday, the Aldermen & 2 other of the Smith's company came with some complaints; I apointed to come to the Penthouse on Satorday; Houseman & Gray went to Bechin about 7. Taylor, Parry & Key dined with us. Brereton & Fryer (Custome officer) came after diner to discourse about some frauds Massey is guilty of in his office. as I went to the Crosse (about 7?) there were many people got together on occasion of a scuffle that happend betwixt some townesmen & the soldyers; I got Loyd & Edwards to the Penthouse to me; also the Ensigne that commands that company & severall cittisens came thither complaining of the soldyers, striking some of them, drawing theire swords &c; but the businesse was composed; then I went to Finchet's; there was Loyd, Edwards, Deane, 2 Mainwarings, Warburton, Lee; in the next roome Cratchley, old Mr Kinaston, Wright &c. Streete came late, we parted past 10; Houseman retorned at night.

27. Friday, Captaine Pett, Lindall, Francks, Morgan & Price, Mainwaring, Roger, Deane dined with us; G.Mainwaring came after diner; all parted about 4. I & G.Mainwaring went to the funerall of Mr Selsby past 5. to the Penthouse past 6 (about the new hall) past 7 to the Ship; there was Streete, Recorder, 2 Mainwarings, Hand & Roger, we parted about 10.

28. Satorday, I went to the Penthouse at 12. retorned neare 2. cosen Whitley, Kelsall, Morgan, Lloyd, Williamson dined with me; Taylor & Parry came about 7. I sealed a bond for 50 li (Rogers debt) to Parry; I went to the (Pentice & then to the Ship, there was the Recorder, 2 Mainwarings crossed out) Rood Dee; then to Johnson's; then home & to G.Mainwarings; stayd past 10.

29. Sonday, was not at church; Morgan dined withus; in the evening the soldyers brought Demsey before us for seditious words & practices; Streete, & G.Mainwaring was with with me. they supt, also Nat Lee &c. Demsy was comitted &c.

30. Monday, Houseman & Norbery went to Brombrow; the coachman & Shales to Peele; I went to the Penthouse past 11 to agree with the masons; retorned about 3. Hand & Morgan dined with me, also Mainwaring & Roger. G.Mainwaring came after diner, also Edwards, stayd not; at 7 I went to my sonne; there was Lloyd, 2 Mainwarings, Llee, Bosnet, Murray, Cockayne ( Roger awhile) agen: we parted before 10; Heath retorned from bringing the distracted woman to he frinds.