Roger Whitley's Diary: May 1694

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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May 1694

May 1st. Tuesday, G.Mainwaring, carter & Adams were with me to discourse about building the Hall; Shales came about the sheepe, (Key interl) Burrows dined with us; (after diner crossed out) at 4 he came againe with Taylor. I gave him a bond for Roger's debt to Darwell; I went about 7 to Salisbury's; there was Streete, Bingley, Bell. Salisbury, Bradshaw; Mainwaring came past 8. we parted before 10.

2. Wednesday, Jones came to get leave to arrest the 2 yongs; Woodfyn & (Yates interl), another slater about the concernes of that company; Hough about his son in law Demsy (in prison). Flint came from Peele; Charles Griffith came (about interl) the toll Barley &c. past 3 I went to the Penthouse about the Poll; then to the Coffee house , then to Angells, then to Rood Dee, then home; Yong spoke to me at Roodee about his sons; Brigton met me at my doore, came in with me but stayd not. the 2 Mainwaings went in the morning to Flint retorned before 9.

(173v May 1694].

May 3rd. Thursday, Nixon went to Peele; I dined at Treasurer Cratchley's (with the Aldermen, Sheriffs, Mainwaring, Shales & severall others) parted past 4. about 7 Warburton (from Ireland) came to me; stayd till 10. Johnson & Deane were also with me; Johnson went betimes; Deane stayd till past 10.

4. Friday, the church wardens of St Mary's came to me to signe the Assessments for the poore; G.Mainwaring signed with me; Taylor came about the money to be paid to Hurleston for Roger; G.Mainwaring, wife & daughter, James & his wife, Wright & Gardiner with theire wifes & Mrs Cockayne dined with us; Bellot & Warburton came after diner; then Penington (to speake with Mainwaring) all went before 4. past 6 I went to the Roodee; then to Flooker's Brook (there was G.Mainwaring, Treasurer Cratchley, Brereton &c. then came Mainwaring. we stayd not long; I left Mainwaring at the Bowling greene doore; I went to Sam: Gerards; there was Deane, Hand, Cratchley, G.Mainwaring, Streete; thence I went to the Ship; there was Bellot, Mainwaring, Warburton, G.Mainwaring, Streete, Deane, Cratchley &c I left them about 12 5. Satorday, James Mainwaring took leave of me before he went to Ireland; I went to the Penthouse before 12; retorned before 2; Bellot, Morgan, Williamson dined with us; after diner came Streete; then Murray and a man from Dublyn, & Shales about a horsehyer, saddle &c. all went soone after 4. Eaton & his son came about money Jones received at London; Griffith with 2 carts from Peele; Bowker to give account of his work at Shotwick; I went to the Ship at 7. there was G.Mainwaring, Streete, Wilson, Bennet & Allen; the masons were there & agreed for theire work Adams had order to draw the articles; Borows of the Red Lyon came to complaine of Hankey &c. this night we heard of our Recorder's death; we parted at 10.

6. Sonday, I was not at church; Sir John; G.Mainwaring, & Morgan dined with us; Morgan came again after supper; & G.Mainwaring stayd till 10.

7. Monday, Johnson came to me; after he went G.Mainwaing & Jackson (who was very high in pressing) for money Roger owes him; I went to the Penthouse before 12, we visit to Sir William Williams about the death of Mr Griffith Williams; desiring to hast another fit Deputy to us; G.Mainwaring, Sir John & Morgan dined with us; Hough came about 3 to know if bayle might be taken for Demsy; but offered none; went away to consider of it; about 6 the Bishop came to visit us; stayd 1/2 houer; then I went to the 3 Legs; there was 2 Mainwarings, Johnson & Deane; all but Johnson went with me home & parted past 10 8. Tuesday, G.Mainwaring borrowed off me 100 guineys; horses & carts came from Peele to bring us home; after diner came Bellot, Warburton, G.Mainwaring, Cratchley (Jackson interl), Gray &c. I went to the Penthouse at 4. there I took coach (with daughters &c.) called at Lady Bellots (there was Mrs Offley &c.) then at the Bars, then to Peele about 7. Mainwaring & Roger came about 9.

9. Wednesday, John Hough dined with us; no company all day; a messenger came in the evening from G.Mainwaring to let us know Brigadier Steward would dine with us tomorow; Nixon went to Chester for provision.

10. Thursday, Nixon came from Chester with provision &c. Brigadier Stewart, G.Mainwaring, Streete. Allen, Jackson dined with us; parted past 7 11. Friday, Houseman went to the funerall of Mr Griffith Williams; Mainwaring went to Utkinton; intended to goe to Dodington at night to retorne tomorrow; a miller came to be hyred, is to come agen on Tuesday; Pickering came about the money he owes me; the plaisterer about the work he did at Moldsworth.

12 Satorday, no company nor businesse; Flint went to Bechin; retorned at night with Gill, Clare &c. Houseman from Chester; also Anne Price & the little boy.

13. Sonday, was not at church. daughter Mainwaring, Roger &c, went thither; cosen Morgan came at night.

14. Monday, G.Mainwaring, Johnson, Cratchley, (Key interl) & Deane dined with us; Mainwaring came after diner, also Jackson & Minshall (of Munchester) they parted past 6. Done was with me to get some timber for his building at Lach; Houseman is to goe with him (to Shotwick) on Friday about it; Key stayd all night; Griffith came with 2 load of coles.

15. Tuesday, Houseman went early to Utkington; Key went back (at 11) to Chester; Hand, Gleg, Barton, Morgan dined with us; after diner came Partington (they went to bowles) then came Wright & Mercer; all parted about 7 Morgan with them.

16. Wednesday, Griffith & carts went for coales; Houseman to Utkinton; Mainwaring went towards Peover at 3. Gerard came at 4 with his wife; stayd till past 6 [fo. 174r] May 17. Thursday, daughter Mainwaring, Roger &c. went to Utkinton (to diner) no company or businesse this day.

18. Friday, Houseman & Done went to Shotwick (about 10) Houseman stayd out all night; Griffith went for coales, retorned about 5.

19. Satorday, about 9 my daughter & Roger went to visit Mrs Gerard & Mrs Huson; Crew & Knightley came about 5; stayd till 7; Mrs Roger & daughters retorned &c. Houseman came back about 9.

20. Sonday, was not at church; daughter Mainwaring & Roger were; Grantham & yong Gerard (from Chester) dined with us; Gerard also supt with us; cosen Whitley came after supper, I stayd with him till 11, left Roger with him.

21. Monday, Flint & Neile went to Bechin to bloody the cattle; Houseman went after them (to meete with Burton on the way) soe to Tatenhall &c. Jackson dined with us, went at 3. cosen Whitley went in the morning, retorned at night, soe did Mainwaring from Peover & Tarperly; & Houseman & Flint from Bechin.

22, Tuesday, cosen Whitley went about 10. Walforne dined with us; about 5 James Mainwaring & Watforne went to Tarvyn; there was Mr Bruen & his brother; then came Wright, the Vicar; Mr Bruen spake much about retrenching the church layes; at last he began to reflect on our proceedings at the Pentife in Chester; there was some little heate; to avoyde I called for a reckoning; & I & Mainwaring left them & went home 23. Wednesday, Crew, Knightley, Mrs Offley, Mrs Knightly, Sherard, Walforne, Angell dined with us; after diner came Lady Crew & Mrs Turner; they went agen (& Angell interl) about 6. Jackson was also here; they supt, went past 8.

24. Thursday, Mainwaring went about 8 to Chester; Johnson. Adams & Cratchley found us at diner; stayd till past 3. went then to Kents with Roger; I sent Bromley to Utkinton & Nixon to Chester (after diner), past 6 came Alban Gray, I saw him not till after supper; he was not well; drank some ale, nutmeg & sugar; went past 8; then (Main crossed out) came Morgan; then Mainwaring from Utkinton; Sir James Bradshaw & Roger Mainwaring & theire son's with him; they eate some cold meate. I left them past 11.

25. Friday. Mainwaring went (about 7) to Knotsford; Bradshaw, Mainwaring, theire sons, Morgan at the same time; Eaton dined with us; about 5 came the carts with coales; 2 Lightfoots, Holland, Ravenscroft, Aker?,Grantham, yong Finchet &c. they had meate, ale & wine &c. parted past 7. after 10 came Mainwaring, Morgan, Jones & Partington; stayd all night.

26. Satorday, came 2 Dods, they had bin fishing in the pooles &c. they & the rest went towards Chester past 11 & Roger at the same time towards Flanders; Mainwaring went with them part of the way & Houseman to Chester 27. Sonday, I went to Tarvyn church with daughters & Mainwaring; received the Sacrament;.

28. Monday, Gill went to Tatnall for reeds; Flint & Griffith to Chester about barley & Malt & for glasses to Gray; about 6 Mainwaring & I went to Akerley's; retorned before 8 29. Tuesday, Mainwaring & Flint went to Colebrooke; Trindall, Allen & Bolland dined with me; about 4 came Croxon & another, all parted about 6, at 7 I went to visit Eaton & his wife; then to Kents; my daughters children were there; then I went to the lower? House where was Smith, Widdens, Pugh, Mosse, Richardson & another; I stayd ½ houer, then came home; Mainwaring retorned past 9.

30. Wednesday, Eaton & Whitley came to me about 10 li which was refered to me (being part of his fine). Holland brought 20 li in part of his fine; after diner Mainwaring & daughter went to Utkinton, retorned in the evening; about 6 Bell & Jackson (the scrivener) came; we went to Bromleys, stayd not; retorned, supt, they stayd all night.

31. Thursday, Mainwaring went before 9 to Chester & to dine at Hurlestons; Bell & Jackson went about 10, about 1 came a man from Alderman Streete to offer his services to arrest Mr Manley; daughter Mainwaring went to visit Mrs Bruen; Mainwaring retorned about 9.