Roger Whitley's Diary: June 1694

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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June 1694

June 1st. Friday, Mainwaring went towards Peover, about 7 Alderman Merick brought his accounts; were examined & cleared, Mrs Ridges servant Thomas came past 12 & Mr Holywels daughter with him; she dined with us; Thomas & Merick with the servants; after diner came Sheriffe Ward, Kinaston & Croughton; did eate in the buttry; then Mrs Huson & yong Grantham; all parted past 6. Griffith went for coales.

2. Satorday, Houseman & Bromley went to Chester about 11. Past 4 Crosby came to know if I would lease Shotwick. Stayd not; Griffith brought 2 load of malt from Chester. Houseman & Bromley retorned.

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June 3. Sonday, was not at church. daughters were in the morning.

4. Monday, Mrs Berry dined with us; no other company nor businesse.

5. Tuesday, no company nor businesse &c. onely Bowker & Carterton about Bromley's house.

6. Wednesday, about 11 I & daughters &c. left Peele; came to Chester past 12, dined at Angells; went to the Coffee House at 4; there was Ravenscroft, Johnson &c. Johnson & Deane came to my house at 6; then came Bingley, then Treasurer Murray (then Croxon interl), then Streete; then Morgan & past 5 came G.Mainwaring; he & Morgan stayd till past 10.

7. Thursday, Jones came to me about Glegs businesse; then Smith to avoyde being a common councellman; then Sparks, Robinson, Parry, Chard, Lloyd, Edwards & Jones to complaine of the unequall assessment of the poll; Mainwaring retorned past 12. he, Aeden, Morgan, Jones & Key dined with us; after diner came Deane, G.Mainwaring, his son, Cratchley &c. parted past 4. I went to the Coffee House, then with 2 Mainwarings to visit Treasurer Murray & his wife; Streete came there to us; then we went to visit Colonel Murrray at the Bull, he was abroad; we stayd there above an houer; Edwards came to us; we went to the Ship (Johnson with us) Parry came to us; we parted past 10, Robinson was with me (after diner) about barke & Gray about the poll.

8. Friday, Houseman went to Bechin; Hall & Croughton came about Bechin bark &c. Deane, Johnson, G.Mainwaring dined with us; after diner came Norbery (to Mainwaring), another to complaine of Mr Bathan?; Gerard, Mercer & a taylor that would be made free; all parted before 4 (about interl) 5 I went to the Penthouse about complaints of the poll; then (with Mainwaring) to the Bishop; he was abRood; then to the Ship; there was Streete, G.Mainwaring, Johnson (of the Beare) & Homethorne, we parted past 10.

9. Satorday, I went to the Penthouse past 11. retorned before 2. Colonel Murray, Treasurer Murray, Streete, G.Mainwaring, Johnson, Deane, Thomas Whitley, Morgan dined with us; Croxon & others came after diner, we parted about 4. Palin, Burgess, Flint, Griffith were with me &c. I went to the Penthouse about 6; there were the masons & Streete; we ordered them 10 li; Streete & I went to Jackson's; there was Mainwaring, Coker, Mercer, Jackson; then came G.Mainwaring; afterwards Warburton, we parted at 10.

10. Sonday. I was not at church; after diner came G.Mainwaring; parted at 2. past 8 came Mainwaring & Streete; then Jackson; parted past 10 11. Monday, Houseman went to Lach, Johnson came past 11. stayd not; Danal trimmed me; G.Mainwaring, Johnson, Deane, Cratchley dined with us; after diner came 4 officers of Lord Monjoy's regiment about quarters; Griffith went to Shotwick & Dyssart; I went past 7 to the Bishop, saw him & Antwisle, went then to Salisbury's; there was Mainwaring, Morgan, Cokayne, Llee, Warburton, Arderne, parted past 10.

12. Tuesday, Bromley & Madamoisselle went to Peele; dined at Salisbury's (with Mainwaring, Meredith, Bellot &c. then to the Cockpit; at 7 went home; then to the Feathers; there was Edwards, Deane, Williamson, Parker, Pugh, Hawthorne, Lloyd.

13. Wednesday, (fast day) went to church; G.Mainwaring & Kinaston came home with me, drank mumms. parted presently; past 1 I went to Jackson's; there was Lawton, Daniell, Minshall, Meredith, Hilton, 2 Mainwarings & Llee. I left them past 2; went to the Bars; lighted not, went home; at 5 went to the Bull, supt there with Daniell, Minshall, 2 Mainwarings, Streete, 2 Lees &c; left them past 9 called at the Ship with G.Mainwaring & Streete; Mainwaring & Parry came to us; parted past 10, Jones came to the Ship to us.

14. Thursday, went to Lewes at Jackson's; then to the Cockpit; dined at Salisbury's, went agen to the Cockpit; past 4 went home; about 7 came Johnson, Deane, G.Mainwaring to settle the method for the next days Assembly; went to Warburtons past 8 & home past 10.

15. Friday, (the Anniversary day for Election of the Common Councell) went to the Penthouse past 11; to the Common Hall past 12; betwixt 2 & 300 cittisens met; we chose the Common Councell & 2 vacant Aldermen (viz: Sir John Mainwaring & Mr Williams, our new Deputy Recorder) came back neare 3. severall aldermen, Mr Booth, Lewes &c. dined with me; parted past 5. Bellot, Norbery &c. came after diner; I went to the Rood Dee at 7. retorned, stayd home all night.

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June 16. Satorday, I went to the Penthouse past 11; Sir John Mainwaring was sworne Alderman & about 30 common councell men; I retorned before 2. Bellot, Daniell, Minshall, Johnson, Warburton, Lee, Streete, Williamson. Lloyd dined with me; went past 4 to G.Mainwarings; stayd not long; Mainwaring & Lewes came to me about Jon's businesse, stayed (not long interl) an houer; Sir Michael Bidolph & daughters came to us; supt, Mainwaring, Lewes, Minshall, Baroby, G.Mainwaring came; stayd till about 11.

17. Sonday. was not at church; Lewes. Thomas Whitley, Morgan, Angell &c. dined with us (Streete came interl) ; went to G.Mainwarings past 1. went thence past 2. Lewes went to Jacksons; thence towards Shropshire, about 4 Bidolph supt with us ; went to G.Mainwaring about 9; came home past 10. Houseman went in the afternoon about a sturgeon caught in my libertyes; he was informed that Sir Thomas Wilbraham had sometime sturgeons sent him; there was no Deputy or Agent for the Vice Admiral to demand it; it was brought to me & disposed of by me,18. Monday, Hall & severall woomen came about the money the soldyers owe them; then Pike & severall taylors came against making one Lownds a freeman; then 2 Collectors of the Poles, then Shard, Lloyd, Edwards & another to object against the payment &c. 2 men from Boughton came to complaine of yong Colgrave; after diner came G.Mainwaring; then yong Lloyd to speake with Bidolph; I went to the funerall of a neighbours wife at 5. went to the church; then to visit lady Salisbury; then to Cokers; there was 2 Mainwarings, Bidolph & Mercer; went home past 8. Bidolph, G.Mainwaring & I did eate some cold meate, parted past 1019. Tuesday, Salisbury came about the swordbearers place , then Sparks about the same matter; Brereton about getting the hall keepers place for Alderman Williamson; Murray, old Jackson, Parke & Gerard came with Lownes to get him made free; Angell came to Harry Mainwaring; Warmingham to let him blood; Brock & madamoiselle went to Peele; Angell, Key, Sidney & sister Lloyd dined with us; after diner came Streete & Allen about the Poll; Adams was with us then; also before in the morning; Houseman went to Shotwick; Deane & Johnson were with me at night, parted at 10 20. Wednesday, Johnson, Deane was with me & Mainwaring in the morning; & Charles Griffith; I went to the Penthouse past 11, retorned before 2. Streete, Minshall dined with us; then came Johnson, then Bellot & Warburton, then Deane, all parted about 5. about 8 I went to look for Bellot, Mainwaring &c. found them at the Golden Lyon with Bidolph & Warburton; parted past 11.

21. Thursday, I sent for Brereton about Williamson's businesse; Adams came about affaires at the Assembly; I went to the Assembly (at the Penthouse) past 11, retorned past 2,. the Aldermen, Common Councell &c. dined with me, parted past 5. I supt at home (with Bidolph, daughters &c.) Morgam came (stayd interl) not.

22. Friday, Mainwaring & Bidolph went to Worrall; Crosse came about Brerewood's rent & Adams about a meeting of the Poll Commissioners & left word with Brock that Allen was of opinion that it would be to no purpose to meete; soe put it off; Kenyon. Lloyd, theire wifes & Parry with us; after diner came Captaine Massey, one with him & another Captaine about raising voluntiers. Bidolph, Mainwaring & Minshall came neare 10. parted about 11 23. Satorday, was not at the Penthouse; Adams was with me; Danal trimmd me. Griffith & Brewer came from Peele; Mainwaring went early to Peover; sister Sidney & Key dined with us; past 4 I went to (see interl) cosen Ravenscroft; then Lady Bellot, then sister Whitley, then Baroby; Bidolph & I went to see Minshall at the Bull; thence I went to the Rood Dee; Bidolph, & Minshall came to me about 9; parted at 10; Mainwaring retorned at 11 from Peover.

24. Sonday, I went to church in the morning; Baroby, Mitton, Adams. Minshall, dined with us; parted about 2. after supper G.Mainwaring & Herle came, stayd till past 10.

25. Monday, Shore, his 2 sons came about taking of Tatenhall; Griffith & Profit in theire way to Dyssert; Pack to show a warrant about post horses & complaine of quartering soldyers &c. Bostock & carter about masons work; Jordan about bricks & to receive some money; Sister & Sidney Lloyd dined with us; after diner came Lleigh, stayd till 3; Flint came from Peele (& the smith in the morning) Merry came to treate about Tatenhall; I went to the Coffee House. there was Harvey, Deane, Jones &c. then to the Rood Dee; then to G.Mainwaring; there were 2 pickpockets under examination; they brought to me another (one of theire comrades). I comitted them to the Northgate. Adams & some of my servants went with the constable; they saw theire pockets searched, the money sealed up & left with the keeper of the prison &c. Alderman Allen brought me a bill from Warburton, payable to Alderman Rorlton?, which I did..

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June 26. Thursday, 2 men were with me about Warburtons business, Lleigh & Marall dined with us; after diner came Wright; all parted past 4. after supper came Delves, stayd till 10. Mainwaring went to the next house.

27. Wednesday, Adams was with me, Lownds to be made free, Danold trimmd me; I went to Hunts to visit Sir Thomas Delves, Lady &c. then to visit Minshall, he was abRood; then to the Penthouse to make Lownds free; then home to diner; after diner I went to G.Mainwarings; about 4 I daughters, Mainwaring & Sidney went towards Ruabon; called on cosen Powell at Wrexam, stayd not, came to Ruabon past 8. saw Thomas Hughes & Mr Jones that night.

28. Thursday, cosen Lloyd, his wife & cosen Leigh dined with us; stayd till evening, 29. Friday, Houseman went to Hope; we dined at Ruabon, Hughes with us, past 2 we went to Sir John Wynns; about 4 we went to Wrexam (brother Robinson in the coach with us); stayd awhile at cosen Powell; went past 6. called at Kerisons; then home; past 9 I went G.Mainwarings; there was his cosen Mainwaring, his wife, daughter's &c. I came home past 10.

30. Satorday, Huson came past 10. Deane past 11; I went to the Penthouse, retorned past 1; Streete, G.Mainwaring, cosen Whitley, Williamson, Key, Adams &c. dined with us (Mainwaring went to Gayton? interl); after diner a Captaine came to complaine of Golborne about taking away a soldyers clothes; Golborne, Murray & Kirk came to justify the thing; I could not compose it betwixt them. I went to the Penthouse past 6; there was Allen. Hand & Johnson (& the 4 masons) thence I went to the Coffee House; then home.