Roger Whitley's Diary: July 1694

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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July 1694

July 1st. Sonday, I was not at church, daughters were twice, Huson went towards Conway, Moses was with me about going to Frodesley; after supper came Minshall & Baskervile; parted before 10.

2. Monday, Adams was with me about putting off the Court; Holtmart about the prisoners in the Northgate, Parker & Lownes to complaine of some foreigners that still kept open shop though the faire was ended; I sent to Porter to admonish them to retire &c. no company but sister Lloyd at diner; past 3 a Captaine came for a warrant to presse horses; I told him we never gave such warrants but if he had occasion for a cart he might have one, he went t o the Penthouse to get one drawne; past 6 I went to the Rood Dee, then to the Coffee House, there was Henry, Holland, Parry, Johnson,(Baroby he went to Raydorne? with Morgan? interl) &c. called on me as he went home; after supper came Streete, G.Mainwaring, then Charles Griffith; all parted past 10.

3. Tuesday, Jones & the sexton came for the Parson's quarterage; Adams to shew me a letter from Comberbach, Danold trimmd me; Streete, his daughters, Minshall, his wife, Baskervile, Key, Bidolph &c. dined with us; after diner came G.Mainwaring, Cratchley, Adams; all went past 4; Mainwaring retorned from Gayton about 6; past 7 he & I went to the Ship; there were G.Mainwaring, Streete, & Minshall, then came Bidolph, Baskervile, Anderson, Llee, & a minister; parted past 10.

4. Wednesday, Bidolph & his daughters went towards Shenehurst. the Bishop & Deane came to visit me, past 11 I sent for the 2 lottery men, told them how the Citty was agreived at theire proceedings; they promise to shut up & remove by Satorday; Moses brought a buck from Frodsley; I went to the Penthouse at (to meete the masons about the Hall) then to Barrell Well; there was Mainwaring, Angell, daughters, sisters &c. retorned past 8. past 9 came G.Mainwaring, then Minshall parted past 10.

5. Thursday, Brereton came about Levesley's businesse; stayd not. Cratchley, Deane, Robinson, Pemberton, Smith, Key dined with me, parted before 4. in the evening I called at the Feathers; nobody was there; then I went to Anderton's; there was Deane, Harvey, Wright & Huet; I left them past 9. Mainwaring went to Holywell (with Minshall) in the morning, retorned at 11 at night.

6. Friday, Houseman went to Wroxam; about 12 Streete & the Drawers of Dee came with a complainte; Mrs Griffith (from London) about Roger's debt; the minister of Over came with her; they dined with us; also Minshall & sister & sister Lloyd; Taylor came after diner; then Sparks, Gosse & another about the Poll tax; I went past 5 with daughters &c. to Anderson's at Flookers Brook; then with daughter & Mainwaring to wayte on Sir Thomas Delves at Hunts, then home.

7. Satorday, I went to the Penthouse at 11. retorned at 12. Delves, his lady, son Bellots, Hunts, Lee, G.Mainwaring &c. dined with us; parted at 2. the lottery men came about the lottery; Streete about the money I owe him for drink; I went to the Ship past 7. there was Deane, 2 Mainwarings, Streete, Minshall, Johnson. I left them at 10 [fo. 176r] July 8. Sonday, was not at church; daughters &c were twice; in the evening I & daughters went to see Mrs Harvey? Williams; there was Mrs Anderton & severall other women going to supper; stayd not long; about 9 G.Mainwaring came to me; then Mainwaring; we parted past 10.

9. Monday, Partington brought me a bill for 100 li (money paid to S: Huson at London) which I could not accept but refered him to Huson; Hatchet came about the money he owes me; Lady Salisbury, cosen Ravenscroft. Lee, his wife & sister dined with us; the men stayd till neare 7. Bellot & Warburton came but stayd not.

10. Tuesday, Adams came with a copy of a letter from the Lords of the Treasury to Alderman Allen about the Poll; I told him I had often minded the alderman to have a meeting about that businesse because I was to goe out of towne; but it hath bin delayed & I am obliged to goe out of towne this afternoone; cannot retorne in a fortnight but the other Commissioners may proceed without me as they have formerly done &c. sister Lloyd & Key dined with us; after diner I went to G.Mainwarings; there was Angell, Minshall, Jack Johnson &c; Lloyd of Place Madock came with me; afterwards the Collector of the Custome came in with me; about 6 I, daughters, Sidney &c. took coach; called at the Bars; stayd not & came to Peele 1/2 houer past 7. Huson & Houseman went to Shotwick; Birkett & Touchet came about Roger's debt. I promised it in a fortnight &c. Mainwaring went early to Namptwich.

11. Wednesday, no company nor businesse; Mainwaring retorned from Namptwich, past 10. Huson & Houseman came to Peele about 12 12. Thursday, about 3 in the afternoone Mainwaring, daughters, Sidney &c. went towards Peover; we stayd 1/2 houer at Northwich (there Roger Whitley was with us) came to Peover before 8.

13. Friday, after diner Mainwaring & I went to visit Major Daniell retorned about 8.

14. Satorday, Major Daniell dined with us; he, Mainwaring & I went about 4 to visit Llee of Booth; we came thence past 7. Mainwaring went towards Lancashire to meete Lord Willoughby (upon letters and warrants interl) sent from the Secretaryes of State (by express messengers) to apprehend some dangerous persons; Major Danyell went home & I to Peover; Roger Barnes came that day to see me.

15. Sonday, I was twice at church; the smallpox appeared on Randle Mainwaring; Dr Angell came at 11. dined with us & Mainwaring; retorned about 8.

16. Monday, 2 Llees, Bradshaw, Harison, Angell dined with us; I, daughters, Mainwaring went thence at 4; called at Sandway Head, stayd not; came home past 8. there was one Wayte (an Attorney) came with a letter & instructions from Marshall of Manchester about the rough feild; stayd all night.

17. Tuesday, Mainwaring went early to Chester; Wayte not long after; Huson (about 11) after him; Widow Akerley & a man came about her house; Jordan about repyres at Bromley's. Crew came past 4. Wilson (& Hough interl) with him; went before 7; Houseman went to Kelsall, Tarperly to Done &c. retorned past 9. Croby came to discourse about taking of Shotwick.

18. Wednesday, Huson came about 8. John Palin came with him (about Lord Maxfelds money) but I saw him not. Huson & Houseman went (about 9) to meete Sam: Hussey, Mr Lloyd, Claxon &c at Bechin; Mainwaring retorned from Chester about 1. new Deputy Recorder, Kinaston, G.Mainwaring & Nat. Leigh with him; dined, parted neare 7.

19. Thursday, about 3 came Mrs Griffith (the London cook's wife) & Griffith of Over; I left with my daughter; Mainwaring & I went to Utkinton; there was Sir John Crew, Hough & another; we came thence past 7. I called on Finchet by the way; spoke with him; in Kelsall we met Holland, Ed[ward] Lightfoote & Ravenscroft; they gave us some ale at the doore (cosen Kate Mainwaring came to Peele that evening).

20 Friday, a man brought Betty Whitley a letter from her mother (& one before with a letter (a love letter) from Barret which he sayd her mother gave him & bade him deliver it in private) I told the fellow if he brought any more such letters I would lay him by the heele for endeavoring to seduce a yong girle; Finchet came about 12 to speake about the herriot, lease &c. (Bromley went to Namptwich interl); Crew & Angell dined with us; Crew stayd till past 7.

21. Satorday, Mainwaring went to Chester before 8. I went past 10. lighted at the Penthouse; gave Mr Williams the oathes of a freeman, Alderman & Recorder; dined with Streete together with 2 Mainwarings, 2 Sheriffs, Cumberbach, Mrs Streete &c. went hence (about 5) with Streete to Jacksons; there (was crossed out) were 2 Mainwarings with Captaine Baker; afterwards came Cumberbach, Wright, Parry &c. Mainwaring & I left them neare 9. came home past 10.

22. Sonday, I was not at church; Mainwaring & daughters went in the afternoone; past 4 Mainwaring went to meete the Sheriffe at Hurleston's, retorned past 10. Huson came past 8 & Fraiser's man with him. stayd all night.

23. Monday, Huson went to the Mold faire; Moses with Fraisers man to Frodesley; no company this day.

24. Tuesday, Mainwaring went about 10 to dine at Darnehall; Key dined with us; about 2 came Worthington & Cawfrey about Ayres tenement in Kelsall; after them came Grantham, Finchet, Ravenscroft, Widow Ayres & her daughter about the same tenement; it was left to consideration for a few days; Mainwaring retorned past 10 at night.

[fo. 176v]

July 25th. Wednesday, Dr Angell & my sister dined with us; retorned past 6.Shales came in the evening about lambs; 2 Bostocks & carter came about the masons work for the new Hall; dined, went about 3; Moses retorned with a buck from Frodesley about 8.

26. Thursday, the coachman went with venison to Alderman Streete; then to Lach &c. Gerard & Grantham dined with us.

27. Friday, Mainwaring went to Northwich about 8. I followed him before 10. there was the Sheriffe, Duckenfield, Cotton, Crew, 2 Lee's, 2 Wrights, Goldsmith, 2 Mainwarings, Ely Abersey, Bellot &c. about 4 severall of us went to the Coffee House; there was Roger Whitley; we parted past 6. Crew went with me & Mainwaring (in the coach) to the forest; there we parted.

28. Satorday, I, Charlotte & Sidney went to the funerall of cosen Dorothy Ravenscroft; we overtooke the corps beyond Tarvyn; went through Chester (there Sidney went out & Kate Whitley came into the coach; called at Evans in Hanbridge, went to the Backside; there was Evans, Browne, Wilbram & another; went thence to Hawarden; there was much company; after sermon I went to the Parsonage (where great provision was made) there was cosen Thomas Ravenscroft, cosen Whitley, Jack Mathers & many men & women; I left before 5. came to Chester before 6. lighted at Angells; stayd there till 7. then to Jacksons; there were 2 Mainwarings, Streete, Bradshaw, Parry. I left them presently, came home with sister & Charlotte past 9 29. Sonday, I was not at church; Mainwaring was with daughters.

30. Monday, Mainwaring & I went to Chester past 10. lighted at the Penthouse before 12. went then to the Court, retorned past 1 dined (with 2 Mainwarings) at Angells (where Basnet & others came to me about businesse interl) went to the Penthouse past 4 to meete the Comitte & masons about the new Hall; Bridge & other dyers came with a complainte against a foreigner that used the trade &c. about 6 I went to the Ship; there was 2 Mainwarings, Streete, Hand, Cratchley, Bridge, Parsons, Anderson, Deane, Wright; we parted at 8. Mainwaring & I went to Peele.

31. Tuesday, Mainwaring & daughter went before 7 towards Bouer; Shore came to treat for Tatenhall; he dined with me, went before 2. in the evening I went to Bromley's to talk to Bowker & Carterton about the repayres of the house; retorned past 8. Mainwaring & daughter retorned before 9 August 1. Wednesday, I sent for Row; he came past 10. we discoursed of leasing some lands to him at Molesworth. Deane, Pemberton & theire wifes also Hickson came (from Chester) past 11 dined with us; went about 6. Shales came after diner to buy calfes; then came Bruen, Colvert, theire wifes & another gentlewoman; then Mrs Booth, her 2 daughters & theire Aunt; they all went about 7.