Roger Whitley's Diary: August 1694

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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August 1694

2. Thursday, Mainwaring went past 9 to Chester; the coachman past 10 to Lach; Angell & sister dined with us; he retorned at 6, she stayd. Robinson, Croughton (& another) came with money for the Barks?;dined in the buttry; went about 4. Ramsbotome (a Burges) came about taking a lease at Shotwick; went at 6. Mainwaring retorned from Chester about 2. the coachman from Lach at 6.

3. Friday, Mainwaring went to Utkinton at 11. Jordan came about the work at Bramley's; Shore about Tatenhall; Gray to speake with me about wood at Syreham. they dined with us; past 4 I went to Utkinton; there was Crew, Mainwaring, Sherwood, Lancaster, Llee & his wife, another man & Hough; I & Mainwaring came thence past 7. called on Finchet, stayd not.

4. Satorday, William Minshall came past 11. dined, stayd till neare 7. Brock went to Chester about 2. retorned about 9.

5. Sonday, I went to church about 9 with daughters, Mainwaring &c. received the Sacrament (Bidoph dined with us; we heard from Peover that Harry Mainwaring was not well interl) Burgesse went to Shotwick.

6. Monday, Palin came about Lord Macclesfield's rent. dined with us. Bostock & Carter about the new Hall, dined in the buttry; about 2 came gardener & Minshall (a clock maker) to make him a freeman; all went before; also Kenrick & Cranck who called to see me. I sent my coach (about 12) to fetch Attorney Minshall & his wife to Peele; they came about 6, Burgesse brought venison & fish from Shotwick; Houseman retorned.

7. Tuesday, Bellot, Governor, Baker & G.Mainwaring dined with us; they bowled & went past 7. Angell went to Harry Mainwaring at Peover but did not call at Peele; the gardner brought word that Harry was better.

8. Wednesday, Mainwaring & Minshall went (about 7) towards Cumbermere. we heard from Peover that Harry was better. Houseman went to Chester, Lach &c. past 12. retorned at 9. Morgan dined with us; went with me to Bromley's at 4. went towards Chester at 5. Mrs Swinton, Crew, Hand, Crosby &c. came about 3. went past 6 in my coach because of the raine; Mainwaring & Minshall retorned past 10. Nixon went to Peover.

9. Thursday, past 3 Bolton came to speake about Tatenhall & Lightfoote about our grasse at Lack; past 4 I, Mainwaring, Minshall, daughters &c. went to Mr Bruen's, retorned at 8 10. Friday, Jordan, Hughes, Bowker were with me about building at Bromley's & Akerleys; Alderman Williamson & Macebearer dined with us; stayd till 6; Mainwaring, Minshall, his wife &c, went to Chester about 2. the women retorned at 8, the men past 11. Houseman was out all night,. Key came in the evening, supt, stayd all night. Angell ? .went to Chester.

[fo. 177r]

August 11. Satorday, Howsemn came to me about 10. after diner Key went to Chester; Mainwaring, Minshall......y & I went to visit Mrs Huson about 4. retorned at 8. Angel came at 6; stayd all night.

12, Sonday I was not at church, daughter &c. were.

13. Monday, J. Hussey brought Hatherton rent, Huson came about 10. before 11 I & Mainwaring went to Chester. lighted at the Penthouse, then to the Postmoote in the Hall; dined at Gerards with 2 Mainwarings. Brereton brought me account of toll corne; 2 Bostocks about the new Hall; Adams to appointe the Comitte on Satorday 6 at night; Gray about the beame in the row; Streete came about 4,alson Bellot & Governor; I went to Jacksons; Tindall came to us; we stayd till the post came; Mainwaring & I parted about 8. came home at 10; Huson & Houseman went to Shotwick & Angell went to Peover.

14. Tuesday Mainwaring went about 7 towards Knotsford & Bour; Griffith, Flint & Brock with goods & bottles to Chester & to bring wine & malt home. Mr Gerard & John Mosse came about 7 about the collection for the poore French protestants; I promised to send them in a day or 215. Wednesday, we began to reape the wheate; Hardware sent his servanr with a letter about my sonns debts, I wrote to him & Huson about it. Charrles Davyes came to talk about Manley stone 16. Thursday, Crosby came after diner about Shotwick; Anne Price went to Chester. Mainwaring retorned at 8.

17. Friday, after diner came Withen's to discourse about carying; Manley stone to Chester; John Mosse came for a collection for French protestants; we gave 14 shillings; past 3, I & daughters & sisters went to Chester; Mainwaring went on horseback; Kinaston came about 7 with a letter from Sir William Williams18. Satorday, Adams came to me; (then Brereton crossed out) Lord Rivers keeper brought a buck. Brereton came to get an an Almesman's Gowne for Porter; (old interl) Jackson & Gerard came in the behalfe of Nixon that came with with them. also Griffith came with Bedward about the same businesse. I went to visit G.Mainwaring & his wife, stayd not; G.Mainwaring dined with me ; afer diner he brought Harison of Holyywell, took a pipe &c. Jackson the scrivener came about Richard Warburton's estate in Derbyshire; Gray came abiut the beame in the Row &c. the Keeper of the House of correction came for my order for money due to him from the Citty; I went to the Penthouse at 5, to the Comitte about the new Hall; there was 2 Mainwarings; Streete, Allen & Hand; we agreed with the masons about the Manley pillars; then went to the ship (& cumberbach interl) all but Hand; parted before 10. cosen Kate Mainwaring & grandaughters came from Peele. after diner (Palin payd some ? ?.to Jones account account.? 19.Sonday, was not at church, Mainwaring & daughter were; after diner G.Mainwaring came & took a pipe, the like after supper, parted at 10.

20. Monday, I went to the Penthouse at 11. then to the Hall where we had the Quarter Sessions; Crownemoote & Portmoote; we sate till about 9; then Sir William Williamson, his sonne, the lawyers, Justices of Peace (& the Sheriff, Treasurer &c interl), Lawyers, Grand Jury, Kenrick, Fowks, Parry, Taylor &c. dined with me; they went about 7. then came Salmon to Mainwaring. stayd awhile; G. Mainwaring with us. then parted !2 houer past 7. Gill brought 2 bucks from Frodesly.

21. Tuesday, went before 11 to Sir William Williams; then to the Penthouse; then to the Hall; dispatched the businesse in the sessions, Crownemoote & Portmoote; ajourned &c. then to an Assembly in the Penthouse; about 4 they all went with me to diner; parted about 6 & 7. 2 Mainwarings & Streete stay awhile longer; the Lichfield man came about the money he was robd of. I & Mainwaring went to Sir William Williams; there was G.Mainwaring, Streete, 2 Sheriffs, Mr Williams, Foulks &c. we parted past 11.

22. Wednesday, there came a gentlewoman (sayd she was cosen to Mr Warburton) to complaine of the exaction of Paine, the carryer; I sent for him, composed the businesse Perereton was with me; then Adams; then Basnet & Massey about Massey's old bond; Mr Johnson of Longhall, yong & widow Heylin about the heriots; Dr Angell came from Bouer; I sent the coachman to Shotwick; Nixon with venison to Bellot & Bunbery; Burrows & cosen Ravenscroft's servant came for a warrant for a buck at Frodesley; about 8 came 2 Mainwarings, Streete, Baker (his friend with him) at last came Jackson, stayd till 12.

23. Thursday, Baker, Faynell, Morall, Norbery, Key &c. dined with me; parted at 4. Touchet & Birket came about Rogers debt; I offered an assignment; on ten(nts) or order to S: Huson to pay him; but he went away in a huffe; I went (at 7) to visit Lady Gerard in the Castle; she came to me in the Hall; there was [fo. 177v] August 23. her husband & Sir Thomas Clifton walking; I stayd not 1/4 of an houer; went then to Angell, supt with daughters &c. Mainwaring came past 9. we went home past 10. Coxon was with me today to discourse about Shotwick Park &c. Wyborne came about an encroachment in the Row.

24. Friday, Johnson came to guide me to Shotwick; I went thither (with 2 Mainwarings) past 3. retorned about 7. went to the Ship; there was 2 Mainwarings, Cratchley & I, parted at 10.

25. Satorday, about 11 came Colonel Atkins & Streete; stayd not; before 12 I went to the Penthouse; Atkins & severall of his officers were there, also severall townspeople about quartering his soldyers; the Colonel dined with me; also Streete & G.Mainwaring; he parted about 4. Bolland came, stayd awhile; past 5 I went into G.Mainwarings; dranck a glasse with (Lady interl) Bellot &c. took coach before 6 with daughter, went to bed.

26. Sonday, I was not at church; after diner the 2 Madoxe's & 2 or 3 more Chester men called; did eate & drink & went before 3.

27. Monday, Huxley & Smith of Tatenhall came about taking a lease; dined with me, went past 3. Hughes & Bowker came about repayring the mill; Jordan to receive money for his work at Bromley's; Huson came in the morning; my carts went to Shotwick, Houseman to visit Sir Francis Winnington at Mr Bruens; Griffith to Bechin; Gill to Tatenhall; Mainwaring about 8 to Namptwich; retorned at 10.

28. Tuesday, Sir Francis Winnington sent to visit us; Griffith went to Shotwick, Cookson's son came with a buck; I sent the coachman with 1/2 of it to Mr Bruen, (Shales crossed out) Hall, Lewesley & another came from Chester; Bolton from Tatenhall; they dined with me; Shales in the hall; they went about 4. about 5 came Sir Francis Winnington, his son & son in law; parted neare 7. Mainwaring went to Chester.

29. Wednesday, Huson went to Chester at 11. Nixon before him; the Chester Plummer dined with us; went past 1. Nixon retorned past 3. past 4 I went to visit Sir Francis Winnington at Stableford; there was he, Bruen, Egerton, Banks & another together, they presently parted; there was also yong Winnington, old & yong Benen; I left them past 6. came home past 7. Mainwaring retorned about 8.

30 Thursday, Alderman Mainwaring, Edwards, Hand & Treasurers, Deane, Parry, Bolland, Griffith, Morall, Parington, Dod, Johnson, Colston (Streete interl) dined with me; bowled before & after diner, retorned before 6 31. Friday, Bostock & carter came to me about Manley stones; Bowker about Ackerley's house; a man from Eltony about taking Shotwick; they dined in the hall; Donell Barber dined with us; they went past 3.