Map of Gloucestershire

Ordnance Survey maps of Gloucestershire from the nineteenth century

Ordnance Survey 1:10,560 Epoch 1. Originally published by Ordnance Survey, Southampton, 1884-1894.

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Table of contents

Title Place names/Postcodes
OS Map name 063/NW Littleton-on-Severn, Thornbury, BS35 1, BS35 2
OS Map name 063/NE Grovesend, Lower Morton, Milbury Heath, Morton, Upper Morton, Whitfield, BS35 3, BS35 1, GL12 8
OS Map name 063/SW Alveston, Elberton, Old Down, Olveston, Rudgeway, Tockington, BS35 3, BS35 4, BS32 4
OS Map name 063/SE Itchington, Tytherington, BS35 3, GL12 8
OS Map name 064/NW Charfield, Churchend, Cromhall, Cromhall Common, Heath End, GL12 8
OS Map name 064/NE Alderley, Hillesley, Kingswood, Wortley, GL12 7, GL12 8
OS Map name 064/SW Bagstone, Rangeworthy, West End, Wickwar, BS37 7, GL12 8
OS Map name 064/SE Hawkesbury, Hawkesbury Upton, GL9 1
Sheet 065 Didmarton, Doughton, Easton Grey, Knockdown, Leighterton, Lower Kilcott, Oldbury on the Hill, Sherston, Sopworth, Tresham, Westonbirt, Willesley, GL9 1, GL8 8, SN16 0, GL12 7, SN14 6
Sheet 066 Brokenborough, Charlton, Eastcourt, Foxley, Garsdon, Hankerton, Lea, Long Newnton, Malmesbury, Milbourne, Murcott, Perry Green, Shipton Moyne, SN16 0, SN16 9, GL8 8
OS Map name 067/NW Severn Beach, BS35 4
OS Map name 067/NE Pilning, BS35 4
OS Map name 067/SW
OS Map name 067/SE Catbrain, Cribbs Causeway, Easter Compton, Hallen, Over, BS10 7, BS35 5, BS32 4
OS Map name 068/NW Almondsbury, Gaunt's Earthcott, Woodhouse Down, BS32 4
OS Map name 068/NE Earthcott Green, Frogland Cross, Iron Acton, Latteridge, BS35 3, BS32 4, BS37 9
OS Map name 068/SW Bradley Stoke, Patchway, Stoke Gifford, BS32 8, BS34 6, BS34 8
OS Map name 068/SE Coalpit Heath, Frampton Cotterell, Henfield, Kendleshire, North Corner, Watley's End, Winterbourne, BS36 2, BS36 1
OS Map name 069/NW Engine Common, BS37 7
OS Map name 069/NE Horton, Little Sodbury, Little Sodbury End, BS37 6
OS Map name 069/SW Chipping Sodbury, Nibley, Westerleigh, Yate, BS37 6, BS37 5, BS37 8, BS37 4
OS Map name 069/SE Dodington, Old Sodbury, BS37 6
OS Map name 071/NW Avonmouth, Lawrence Weston, Shirehampton, BS11 9, BS11 0
OS Map name 071/NE Eastfield, Henbury, Sea Mills, Westbury on Trym, BS9 4, BS10 7, BS9 2, BS9 3
OS Map name 071/SW Easton-in-Gordano, Ham Green, Lower Failand, Pill, Portbury, BS20 0, BS8 3, BS20 7
OS Map name 071/SE Abbots Leigh, Bishopston, Clifton, Redland, Sneyd Park, Stoke Bishop, BS8 3, BS6 7, BS8 2, BS9 1
OS Map name 072/NW Broomhill, Filton, Frenchay, Hambrook, Harry Stoke, Horfield, Lockleaze, BS16 1, BS34 7, BS34 8, BS7 0, BS7 9
OS Map name 072/NE Downend, Lyde Green, Mangotsfield, BS16 6, BS16 7, BS16 5
OS Map name 072/SW Ashley Down, Bristol, Clay Hill, Crew's Hole, Eastville, Fishponds, Speedwell, St George, BS7 9, BS1 3, BS16 3, BS5 8, BS16 1, BS16 5, BS5 7
OS Map name 072/SE Bridgeyate, Goose Green, Kingswood, Rodway Hill, Soundwell, Staple Hill, Warmley, Warmley Hill, Webb's Heath, BS30 5, BS15 4, BS16 9, BS16 5
OS Map name 073/NW Codrington, Hinton, Parkfield, Pucklechurch, Wapley, BS37 6, SN14 8, BS16 9, BS37 8
OS Map name 073/NE Dodington Ash, Tormarton, BS37 6, GL9 1
OS Map name 073/SW Abson, Doynton, Dyrham, Siston, BS30 5, SN14 8, BS16 9
OS Map name 073/SE Marshfield, Pennsylvania, West Littleton, Westend Town, SN14 8
OS Map name 075/NE Bedminster, Leigh Woods, Long Ashton, Yanley, BS3 3, BS8 3, BS41 9
OS Map name 076/NW Arno's Vale, Brislington, Bristol Temple Meads Station, Knowle, Windmill Hill, BS4 3, BS4 5, BS2 0, BS4 2, BS3 4
OS Map name 076/NE Cadbury Heath, Hanham, Longwell Green, North Common, Oldland, Willsbridge, BS30 8, BS15 8, BS30 9, BS30 5, BS30 6
OS Map name 076/SE Bitton, Keynsham, Saltford, BS30 6, BS31 2, BS31 3
OS Map name 077/NW Beach, Upton Cheyney, Wick, BS30 6, BS30 5
OS Map name 077/NE Cold Ashton, Nimlet, St Catherine, SN14 8, BA1 8
OS Map name 077/SW Kelston, Lansdown, North Stoke, Swineford, Upper Weston, BA1 9, BS30 6, BA1 4
OS Map name 077/SE Charlcombe, Langridge, Northend, Swainswick, Woolley, BA1 8