Map of Somerset

Ordnance Survey maps of Somerset from the nineteenth century

Ordnance Survey 1:10,560 Epoch 1. Originally published by Ordnance Survey, Southampton, 1884-1894.

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Table of contents

Title Place names/Postcodes
OS Map name 078/SE Sampford Arundel, Sampford Moor, Wrangway, TA21 9
OS Map name 079/NW Chelston Heath, Hockholler, Middle Stoford, West Buckland, TA21 9
OS Map name 079/NE Corfe, Dipford, Duddlestone, Orchard Portman, Pitminster, Staplehay, Sweethay, Trull, TA3 7
OS Map name 079/SW Blackmoor, Ford Street, Wiltown, TA21 9, EX15 3
OS Map name 079/SE Angersleigh, Blagdon Hill, Lowton, TA3 7
OS Map name 080/NW Slough Green, Thurlbear, West Hatch, TA3 5
OS Map name 080/NE Beercrocombe, Curry Mallet, Hatch Beauchamp, Hatch Green, Meare Green, TA3 6
OS Map name 080/SW Bickenhall, Curland, Staple Fitzpaine, TA3 6, TA3 5
OS Map name 080/SE Ashill, Hastings, Kenny, Rapps, Southtown, Stewley, Windmill Hill, TA19 9
OS Map name 081/NW Isle Abbotts, Isle Brewers, Walrond's Park, Westport, TA3 6, TA10 0
OS Map name 081/NE Burrow, East Lambrook, Hambridge, Kingsbury Episcopi, Lower Burrow, New Cross, Southay, Stembridge, TA12 6, TA13 5, TA10 0
OS Map name 081/SW Atherstone, Barrington, Ilford, Ilton, Puckington, Stocklinch, TA19 9, TA19 0
OS Map name 081/SE Compton Durville, Hurcott, Mid Lambrook, Shepton Beauchamp, South Petherton, Watergore, West Lambrook, TA13 5, TA19 0
OS Map name 082/NW Ash, Coat, Martock, Milton, Stapleton, Witcombe, TA12 6
OS Map name 082/NE Chilthorne Domer, Tintinhull, BA22 8
OS Map name 082/SW Bower Hinton, East Stoke, Norton-sub-Hamdon, Stoke sub Hamdon, Yeabridge, TA12 6, TA14 6, TA13 5
OS Map name 082/SE Lufton, Montacute, BA22 8, TA15 6
OS Map name 083/NW Ashington, Mudford, Mudford Sock, West Mudford, BA22 8, BA21 5
OS Map name 083/NE Adber, Hummer, Parkway, Rimpton, Sandford Orcas, DT9 4, BA22 8
OS Map name 083/SW Preston Plucknett, Up Mudford, Yeovil, Yeovil Marsh, BA21 3, BA21 5, BA20 1
OS Map name 083/SE Nether Compton, Over Compton, Trent, DT9 4
OS Map name 084/NW Milborne Wick, Poyntington, DT9 4
OS Map name 084/NE Henstridge, Henstridge Ash, Henstridge Bowden, Templecombe, Whitechurch, Yenston, BA8 0
OS Map name 084/SW Goathill, Milborne Port, Oborne, Sherborne, DT9 5, DT9 4, DT9 3
OS Map name 084/SE Purse Caundle, Stalbridge Weston, DT9 5, DT10 2
OS Map name 086/NE Birch Wood, Fyfett, TA20 3
OS Map name 086/SE Churchingford, Smeatharpe, TA3 7, EX14 9
OS Map name 087/NW Blackwater, Buckland St Mary, Newtown, TA20 3
OS Map name 087/NE Broadway, Crock Street, Donyatt, Ham, Horton, Horton Cross, TA19 9, TA19 0, TA20 3
OS Map name 087/SW Beetham, Bishopswood, Marsh, Northay, Whitestaunton, TA20 3, EX14 9
OS Map name 087/SE Chardleigh Green, Clayhanger, Combe St Nicholas, Furnham, Hornsbury, Peasmarsh, Sticklepath, Wadeford, TA20 3, TA20 1, TA19 0
OS Map name 088/NW Dowlish Ford, Dowlish Wake, Ilminster, Kingstone, Sea, Whitelackington, TA19 0, TA19 9
OS Map name 088/NE Allowenshay, Dinnington, Hinton St George, Lopen, Over Stratton, Seavington St Mary, Seavington St Michael, TA17 8, TA13 5, TA19 0
OS Map name 088/SW Chaffcombe, Cricket Malherbie, Cudworth, Knowle St Giles, TA20 4, TA19 0
OS Map name 088/SE Chillington, Coombe, Roundham, TA19 0, TA18 8
OS Map name 089/NW Chiselborough, Merriott, Middle Chinnock, West Chinnock, Wigborough, TA14 6, TA16 5, TA18 7, TA13 5
OS Map name 089/NE Brympton, East Chinnock, Odcombe, West Coker, BA22 8, BA22 9
OS Map name 089/SW Crewkerne, Haselbury Plucknett, North Perrott, TA18 8, TA18 7
OS Map name 089/SE Hardington Mandeville, Hardington Marsh, Hardington Moor, Pendomer, BA22 9
OS Map name 090/NW Barwick, Clifton Maybank, North Coker, Stoford, BA22 9
OS Map name 090/SW Closworth, East Coker, Sutton Bingham, BA22 9
OS Map name 091/NW Crawley, Higher Wambrook, Howley, Wambrook, EX14 9, TA20 3
OS Map name 091/NE Burridge, Chard, Crimchard, EX13 7, TA20 2, TA20 1
OS Map name 091/SE Chardstock, Chilson, South Chard, Tatworth, Tytherleigh, EX13 7, TA20 2
OS Map name 092/NW Cricket St Thomas, Forton, Street, Winsham, TA20 4
OS Map name 092/NE Clapton, Hewish, Purtington, Wayford, TA18 8, TA20 4
OS Map name 092/SW Chard Junction, Hewood, Thorncombe, TA20 4
OS Map name 092/SE Blackdown, Burstock, Drimpton, Laymore, Netherhay, Seaborough, DT8 3, TA20 4
OS Map name 093/NW Henley, Misterton, South Perrott, TA18 8, DT8 3
OS Map name 093/NE Higher Halstock Leigh, Lower Halstock Leigh, BA22 9
OS Map name 093/SW Littlewindsor, Mosterton, Whetley Cross, DT8 3
OS Map name 094/NW Halstock, Lewcombe, Melbury Osmond, Melbury Sampford, BA22 9, DT2 0
OS Map name 095/NE Alston, Churchill, Hawkchurch, Smallridge, Weycroft, EX13 7, EX13 5
OS Map name 256/NE North Heasley, North Radworthy, South Radworthy, EX36 3
OS Map name 002/SE Easton-in-Gordano, Ham Green, Pill, Portbury, Sheepway, Shirehampton, BS20 0, BS20 7, BS11 9
OS Map name 003/SW Abbots Leigh, Bishopston, Clifton, Redland, Sea Mills, Sneyd Park, Stoke Bishop, BS8 3, BS6 7, BS8 2, BS9 2, BS9 1
OS Map name 004/NW
OS Map name 004/NE Clevedon, Walton Park, Walton-in-Gordano, BS21 7
OS Map name 004/SW
OS Map name 004/SE Kenn, BS21 6
OS Map name 005/NW Nailsea, Tickenham, BS48 1, BS21 6
OS Map name 005/NE Failand, Lower Failand, Tyntesfield, Wraxall, BS8 3, BS48 1
OS Map name 005/SW Chelvey, East End, St Mary's Grove, West End, West Town, BS48 4, BS48 2, BS48 3
OS Map name 005/SE Backwell, Barrow Gurney, Farleigh, Flax Bourton, BS48 3
OS Map name 006/NW Bedminster, Leigh Woods, Long Ashton, BS3 3, BS8 3, BS41 9
OS Map name 006/NE Arno's Vale, Brislington, Bristol, Bristol Temple Meads Station, Crew's Hole, Knowle, Windmill Hill, BS4 3, BS4 5, BS1 3, BS2 0, BS5 8, BS4 2, BS3 4
OS Map name 006/SW Bishopsworth, Yanley, BS13 7, BS41 9
OS Map name 006/SE Queen Charlton, Stockwood, Whitchurch, BS31 2, BS14 8, BS14 0
OS Map name 007/NW Bridgeyate, Cadbury Heath, Hanham, Longwell Green, North Common, Oldland, Willsbridge, BS30 5, BS30 8, BS15 8, BS30 9, BS30 6
OS Map name 007/NE Beach, Wick, BS30 6, BS30 5
OS Map name 007/SW Bitton, Keynsham, Saltford, BS30 6, BS31 2, BS31 3
OS Map name 007/SE Lansdown, North Stoke, Swineford, Upton Cheyney, BA1 9, BS30 6
OS Map name 008/NW Cold Ashton, Nimlet, Pennsylvania, SN14 8
OS Map name 008/SW Charlcombe, Langridge, St Catherine, Swainswick, Woolley, BA1 8
OS Map name 008/SE Ashley, Batheaston, Box, Ditteridge, Kingsdown, Northend, SN13 8, BA1 7, BA1 8
OS Map name 009/NE
OS Map name 009/SW
OS Map name 009/SE Ashcombe, Kewstoke, Milton, Norton, Weston-super-Mare, BS22 8, BS22 9, BS23 1
OS Map name 010/NW Bourton, Ebdon, Icelton, Wick St Lawrence, BS22 7
OS Map name 010/NE East Hewish, Hewish, Horsecastle, Kingston Seymour, North End, Yatton, BS24 6, BS49 4, BS21 6
OS Map name 010/SW Rolstone, St Georges, Way Wick, West Hewish, West Wick, Worle, BS24 6, BS22 7, BS24 7, BS22 6
OS Map name 010/SE Brinsea, Congresbury, East Rolstone, May's Green, Puxton, BS49 5, BS24 6
OS Map name 011/NW Brockley, Claverham, Cleeve, BS48 3, BS49 4
OS Map name 011/NE Downside, Felton, Lulsgate Bottom, Potters Hill, Upper Town, BS48 3, BS40 9
OS Map name 011/SW Udley, Wrington, BS40 5
OS Map name 011/SE Butcombe, Lye Cross, Redhill, Regil, BS40 7, BS40 5, BS40 8
OS Map name 012/NW Dundry, East Dundry, Maiden Head, North Wick, Winford, BS41 8, BS40 8
OS Map name 012/NE Belluton, Norton Hawkfield, Norton Malreward, Publow, Woollard, BS39 4, BS40 8
OS Map name 012/SW Chew Magna, Chew Stoke, BS40 8
OS Map name 012/SE Chelwood, Pensford, Stanton Drew, Stanton Wick, BS39 4
OS Map name 013/NW Burnett, Chewton Keynsham, Compton Dando, BS31 2, BS39 4
OS Map name 013/NE Corston, Kelston, Newton St Loe, Twerton, Upper Weston, Weston, BA2 9, BA1 9, BA2 1, BA1 4
OS Map name 013/SW Farmborough, Hunstrete, Marksbury, Stanton Prior, BA2 0, BS39 4, BA2 9
OS Map name 013/SE Englishcombe, Inglesbatch, Priston, Wilmington, BA2 9
OS Map name 014/NW Bath, Bathampton, BA2 4, BA2 6
OS Map name 014/NE Bathford, Monkton Farleigh, BA1 7, BA15 2
OS Map name 014/SW Claverton Down, Combe Down, Monkton Combe, Odd Down, Perrymead, Southstoke, The Oval, Widcombe, BA2 7, BA2 2, BA2 5
OS Map name 014/SE Bradford-on-Avon, Claverton, Limpley Stoke, Little Ashley, Turleigh, Winsley, BA15 1, BA2 7, BA15 2
OS Map name 015/NE
OS Map name 016/NW