Map of Somerset

Ordnance Survey maps of Somerset from the nineteenth century

Ordnance Survey 1:10,560 Epoch 1. Originally published by Ordnance Survey, Southampton, 1884-1894.

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Table of contents

Title Place names/Postcodes
OS Map name 016/NE Uphill, BS23 4
OS Map name 016/SW Brean, TA8 2
OS Map name 016/SE Batch, Bleadon, Eastertown, BS24 0
OS Map name 017/NW Hutton, Locking, Lower Canada, Stonebridge, Upper Canada, BS24 9, BS24 8, BS29 6
OS Map name 017/NE Banwell, Churchill, Sandford, Star, BS29 6, BS25 5, BS25 1
OS Map name 017/SW Christon, Loxton, BS26 2
OS Map name 017/SE Compton Bishop, Cross, Sidcot, Winscombe, BS26 2, BS25 1
OS Map name 018/NW Burrington, Lower Langford, Rickford, Rowberrow, Upper Langford, BS40 7, BS40 5, BS25 1
OS Map name 018/NE Blagdon, Nempnett Thrubwell, Ubley, West Town, BS40 7, BS40 8, BS40 6
OS Map name 018/SW Shipham, BS25 1
OS Map name 018/SE Charterhouse, BS40 7
OS Map name 019/NW Bishop Sutton, North Widcombe, Stoke Villice, Sutton Wick, BS39 5, BS40 6, BS40 8
OS Map name 019/NE Cameley, Cholwell, Clutton, Stowey, Temple Cloud, BS39 5, BS39 4
OS Map name 019/SW Coley, Compton Martin, East Harptree, South Widcombe, West Harptree, BS40 6
OS Map name 019/SE Farrington Gurney, Hinton Blewett, Litton, BS39 6, BS39 5, BA3 4
OS Map name 020/NW High Littleton, Meadgate, Radford, Timsbury, BS39 6, BA2 0
OS Map name 020/NE Camerton, Carlingcott, Dunkerton, Peasedown St John, Tunley, White Ox Mead, BA2 0, BA2 8
OS Map name 020/SW Clandown, Hallatrow, Paulton, Welton, BA3 3, BS39 6, BS39 7, BA3 2
OS Map name 020/SE Foxcote, Radstock, Shoscombe, Writhlington, BA3 5, BA3 3, BA2 8
OS Map name 021/NW Combe Hay, Hinton Charterhouse, Midford, Twinhoe, Wellow, BA2 7, BA2 8
OS Map name 021/NE Avoncliff, Farleigh Hungerford, Freshford, Park Corner, Westwood, BA15 2, BA2 7
OS Map name 021/SW Faulkland, Norton St Philip, BA3 5, BA2 7
OS Map name 021/SE Tellisford, Wingfield, BA2 7, BA14 9
OS Map name 024/NE
OS Map name 025/NE Lympsham, BS24 0
OS Map name 026/NW Biddisham, East Brent, Rooks Bridge, Tarnock, BS26 2, TA9 4
OS Map name 026/NE Alston Sutton, Axbridge, Badgworth, Brinscombe, Lower Weare, Weare, BS26 2
OS Map name 027/NW Cheddar, BS27 3
OS Map name 027/NE Priddy, BA5 3
OS Map name 028/NW
OS Map name 029/NW Chilcompton, Clapton, Midsomer Norton, BA3 4, BA3 2