Petitions to the Westminster Quarter Sessions: 1730

Petitions to the Westminster Quarter Sessions, 1620-1799.

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'Petitions to the Westminster Quarter Sessions: 1730', in Petitions to the Westminster Quarter Sessions, 1620-1799, (, ) pp. . British History Online [accessed 24 April 2024]

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James Stedman, carpenter, William Tufnell, bricklayer, and Thomas Burt, smith. WJ/SP/1730/01/003 (1730). LondonLives reference: LMWJPS653890004

To the worshipfull his majesties justices of the peace for the
city and liberty of Westminster in quarter sessions

The humble petition of James Stedman carpenter
William Tufnell bricklayer and Thomas Burt

that the petitioners have performed the several works at
the house of correction in Tothill Feilds Westminster
according to an order of this worshipfull court dated the
eighth of October 1729. amounting to the summe
of thirty two pounds and tenn shillings.

Therefore your petitioners most
humbly prays your worships to
give directions for the payment
of the same.

And your petitioners shall ever pray etc.

Carpenters work 15 pounds . 0 shillings . 0 pence
Bricklayers work 13.0.0
Smiths work 4.10.0

The prisoners detained for the rescue of the Gatehouse. WJ/SP/1730/10/001 (1730). LondonLives reference: LMWJPS653900004

To the right honourable Sir Samuell Penant
knight, lord mayor

To Sir Richard Adams knight recorder
and to the honourable bench of

The humble pettition of those prisoners detained for the
rescue of the Gatehouse

Most humbly sheweth

that your lordships pettitioners are now at
the lowest ebb, by means of our long
confinement having tired all our friends
being four months under confinement
void of any succour, or relief

We therefore most humbly pettition this honourable
court for a hearing in order to obtain our
enlargement as our confinement is only
depending on the single oath of an
infamous person who has proved himself a
villain in this honourable court the last sessions
imploring your worthy compassion,
and your lordships most humble pettitioners as
in duty bound will
ever pray

  • William Norden
  • Thomas Quinn
  • Joshua Dowdall
  • Robert Carmichael
  • Garrett Lawler
  • Joshua [Uptebake?]
  • Edward Mullens