Petitions to the Westminster Quarter Sessions, 1620-1799

Edited by Brodie Waddell. This volume includes transcriptions of petitions submitted to the Justices of the Peace at the Quarter Sessions for Westminster from 1620 to 1799.

English Petitions.

This free content was born digital and sponsored by the Economic History Society and the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the cost of transcribing eighteenth-century items was funded by a later Economic History Society Carnevali Small Research Grant: ‘Poverty, Taxation and Regulation: Petitions to Local magistrates in Eighteenth-Century England’ and the other costs, including photography and transcription of seventeenth-century items and editorial work, were funded by an Arts and Humanities Research Council Research Grant: ‘The Power of Petitioning in Seventeenth-Century England’ (AH/S001654/1). CC-NC-BY.


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