Almton, Ampton

Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 3, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby. Originally published by J Throsby, Nottingham, 1796.

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Robert Thoroton, 'Almton, Ampton', Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 3, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby, (Nottingham, 1796), pp. 203-205. British History Online [accessed 25 June 2024].

Robert Thoroton. "Almton, Ampton", in Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 3, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby, (Nottingham, 1796) 203-205. British History Online, accessed June 25, 2024,

Thoroton, Robert. "Almton, Ampton", Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 3, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby, (Nottingham, 1796). 203-205. British History Online. Web. 25 June 2024,

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This township in the book of doomsday is represented to be Soc to several other manors of differing places and lordships. (fn. 1) Here was Sok to the kings great manor of Maunsfeld one bov. ½ for the geld; to Lexington of the fee of Goisfrid de Alselin, two bov. ad Geldam, that was then waste; to Oschinton, of Raph de Burons fee, as much as answered the geld for three bov. The land was one car. There two bord had one car. and to Chenesale, and Cheversale, of the fee of Gislebert de Gand, one bov. ad Geldam. The land two bov, There two sochm. one bord. had two car.

(fn. 2) This last parcel with Knesale, belonged to the constables of Chester, and Anneyssa the daughter of William, constable of Chester, gave to the church of St. Mary of Ruchford, and the brethren there living, all the land she had in Helmetun, viz. two bov. and an half in perpetual alms for the health (or safety) of her soul, her fathers and mothers, and children, and also for the soul of Eustace (son of or) Fitz-John her lord, who in his life time promised it; in recognition (or acknowledgment) of this gift, she received of the brethren ten and eight marks.

(fn. 3) John the constable of Chester, for the health of his soul, and of his wife and chil dren, and of his father, and of his grand-father Eustace, and all his ancestors, gave and confirmed to God, St. Mary, and the monks of Ruford, all the land which he had in Elmetun. reserving to himself and his heirs xs. per annum, and foreign service, except the enemy of the king, (and in time of war) which he and his heirs would acquit, and the land defended itself against foreign service, for two bovats and an half, and if it should happen that he could not warrant it to them, they should have all the cattel and whatever was builded upon it safe, and over and above fourty marks of silver for the exchange of that land, within half a year before they should be disseized of the land, for which concession they gave him twenty marks of silver, in the beginning of that agreement.

(fn. 4) Adelecia his wife confirmed it as in Kneesale is said, so did Roger the constable. son of John, constable of Chester, and John de Laci earl of Lincolne, and constable, of Chester, son of Roger, who also released to the monks suit of court for ten bovats, which they held of him in Almeton, and for the lands which Robert de Lexington gave them in Buketon.

(fn. 5) Henry de Lasci earl of Lincolne, and constable of Chester, confirmed the gift of John, the constable, his ancestor, reserving the 10s. per ann. and the small foreign service, viz. aid of the sheriff and the like, yet to be free from scutage, and all services and exactions, that by reason of scutage might be exacted of those tenements, by him or his heirs for ever.

There was a fine levied at Nottingham, the day after St. John Baptist, 16 H. 3. between Galfr. de Almeton, and Alice his wife, Richard Friday, and Letice his wife, and Hugh Freman, and Joane his wife, petents, and Simon, abbat of Rufford, tenent of ten bovats of land in Almeton, which they released to him and his successors. Alice daughter of Walter Freman of Kneshale, confirmed to the monks of Rufford, all her right and claim which she had or should have in ten bovats of land, with the appurtenances in Almeton, which she claimed by a writ of right against the abbat and monks in the court of John constable of Chester. In whose court at Bukton the Saturday after the Ascension, 41 H. 3. she (as all the other fore-named parties likewise did) swore upon the holy (Gospels,) and bound their lands, and goods, in the sum of 100l. apiece, to submit to the jurisdiction of the arch-deacon of Nottingham, without any appeal or priviledge of court, to be compelled by ecclesiastical censures to make the security greater.

(fn. 6) Hugh de Almeton, son of Alexander de Muscam, gave and confirmed to Hugh, his nephew, son of Thomas de Muscham, six bovats of land which he had and held in fee in Almeton as his inheritance, paying yearly to sir Thomas de Muscham, his nephew also, and his heirs, 3s. per annum.

(fn. 7) Richard, son of Hugh de Muscamp, in Almeton exchanged common of pasture, with the monks, in a certain close which they had on the north part of the grange of Almeton, and gave certain parcels, which Robert, son of Richard Muscham, and after him Margery his wife confirmed. This Richard de Muschamp in the year 1263, agreed with the abbat of Rufford concerning felling oaks in Almton wood, viz. he the said Richard to have twenty, and the abbat for twenty four bo vats which he had, a hundred fourty and ten, and neither party at that time to have any more, nor afterwards without mutual consent, for the performance of which agreement, both parties submitted to the coercion of the arch deacon of Nottingham.

William, son of Robert de Almton, about 10 E. 2- begun to parcel it: at length most or all of it came to the monastery, as did also that of Raph de Burons fee.

(fn. 8) Hugh de Buron considering out of the reason given him of God, the life of this sliding age to be short and troublesome, and that he that giveth to the poor of Christ lendeth to God, that day when the lady Albreda his wife was buried, for her soul, his own, his sons and daughters, and all his ancestors, by the consent of his sons, Hugh and Roger, gave to the church of the holy Trinity at Lenton, his land of Almeton, which gift he and his beloved sons laid on the greater altar, in the presence of Humfr. the prior and the covent of brethren. Hugh Rosell gave to the brethren of Ruford, (fn. 9) all the land which he held in Elmeton, in fee and inheritance, by the consent of his lord, Hugh de Burun, and Roger his son, reserving 10s. at the feast of Saint John Baptist. Raph Rosell, son of Hugh Rosell, confirmed to the monks of Ruford, his whole land of Halmeton, viz. twelve bovats, reserving 6s. to himself, and his heirs, at Midsummer, and 6s. to the prior of Lenton, at the feast of Saint Martin, in winter: but there was a fine levied in the kings court at Doncaster, the Wednesday after the feast of Saint Margaret, 4 Joh. between Peter prior of Lenton, and Ernis abbat of Rufford, who called Raph Rosell to warrant the twelve bovats in Elmeton, for which he and his heirs were to have but 4s. per annum, and the prior of Lenton 6s. who had also thirty-five marks of silver of the abbat for the bargain. Raph released also afterwards the 4s. rent, and so most of this township became the possession of the monastery of Rufford, and with it is become the inheritance of the lord vis. Hallyfax.

[Throsby] Almpton.

An hamlet. Mr. Savile chief proprietor here.


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