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Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 3, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby. Originally published by J Throsby, Nottingham, 1796.

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In Bulcote Suenclit had a manor before the Normans became possessed of it, which answered the dane-geld as two car. and two bov. and there was soc of this manor, which answered to the geld for fifteen bov. and an half. (fn. 1) The land being esteemed five car. and an half. There, when it was become the fee of Walter de Aincurt, was in demesne one car. eight sochm. eleven vill. twelve bord. and two servants with three car. or plows. There was seventy six acres of meadow, pasture wood by places one leu. long, eight qu. broad, in the Confessours time, and then the value was 4l.

(fn. 2) In the former part of the reign of Henry the third, Adam de S. Maria paid two marks for a knights fee, which afterward Reginald de Annesley, Sibyl de S. Maria, and Adam de Ridewale, are certified to have held of Oliver Deincourt in Bulcote.

(fn. 3) Adam de S. Maria was son of Paganus de S. Maria, and was lord of Roumarsh in Yorkshire, and Bulecotes, and Knyveton, in this county: He gave one acre and three rodes of meadow in the meadows of Bulecotes to the abby of Welbek, for the souls of Alice his wife, and Barth: his son, to change their bodies from lay sepulture, which they had been interdicted, to ecclesiastical burial; to his latter wife he had Albreda the daughter of Jordan de Chevercourt, who before was the wife of Robert de St: Quintin. and made fine to king John, 27 Novemb: (fn. 4) in the fifteenth year of his reign, of three palfreys, that she might marry this Adam de S: Maria: He had three daughters, to whom his inheritance descended; his eldest was called Lucia, who was the wife of sir — de Annesley; his second Sibylla, of whom was born the wife of sir Thomas de Bella aqua; and his third Isolda, of whom was born the wife of Nigellus de Redewale.

(fn. 5) In an old copy which I have seen, Emma de Bellaphago granted to Lucia Sibylla, and Rosamund, (instead of Ysouda) daughters and heirs of Adam de S: Maria, common in the fields of Gunthorp and Ludham: But Richard, son of William de Birton, granted that Adam de Rydeware, and Ysoud his wife, should inclose the wood of Bulcot, which makes me suppose Isolda, mother of Nigellus de Rydeware, rather than of his wife, as before is noted out of the book of Welbek. (fn. 6)


(fn. 7) After this time I find there was some contention between sir Richard de Jorce, and Richard, son of William de Birton, on one side, and Nigellus de Rydeware of Bulcote, which was agreed by friends.

(fn. 8) By a fine, 10 E. 2. the manor of Bulcote was settled on Thomas de Ridewale, and Margaret his wife, and the heirs of their bodies; remainder to the right heirs of Thomas de Ridewale, who had a son called John; and he another of the same name, as in Bulwell is said, (fn. 9) who 27 E. 3. claimed some waste which his grandfather took of Richard de Oysell, in the time of king E. 1.

Annesleys part continued with that family, as in Annesley may be partly discovered.

(fn. 10) Arnald de Munteney cast Thomas the son of Margery de Munteney at Nott. the day after All Souls, 8 E. 1. concerning the third part of one mess. five bovats of land, forty six acres of land, six acres of meadow, twenty of wood, and 3s. rent in Bulecote.

(fn. 11) Joan Mounteney, the daughter and heir of Thomas Mounteney Chr. sometime wife of Thomas Fournivall Chr. 16 R. 2. confirmed to John Mounteney her son, the manor of Bulcotes in this county.

(fn. 12) There was a fine, 7 H: 6: whereby Robert Wednesley, and Elizabeth his wife, passed the third part of the manor of Bulcote to Thomas Curson, esquire, and Margaret his wife, and the heirs of Thomas quite from the heirs of Elizabeth. Tho mas Curson was a justice of peace, and resident at Bulcote, 14 H. 6. (fn. 13) By another fine, 26 H. 6. (fn. 14) between the said Thomas Curson and Margaret his wife, Quer. and John Montegomery, esquire, and Richard Watteson, Deforc. the manor of Bulcote was settled on the said Thomas and Margaret for life, without impeachment for waste; and after their decease on Alvered Berwyk, and Margaret his wife (fn. 15) (who was daughter and heir of the said Thomas Curson) and the heirs of the body of Margaret; for want of which on Hugh Sutton, son of Henry Sutton of Averham, esquire, and the heirs of his body; in default of which on the heirs of the body of the said Thomas Curson; and in default of such on the right heirs of Margaret, wife of the said Thomas. But they had a son called Thomas Berwyk, who was father of Avery, father of Gabriell Barwick, esq; who died the 5 Nov. 1569, (fn. 16) leaving his daughters Anne, the wife of John Odingsells of Eperston, esquire; and Briget, the wife of Robert Staunton of Staunton, esquire, his heirs. (fn. 17) On the seal of Berwyk, is, Three Bears heads erased and muzzled, hanging to his deed of manumission of villains, the latest I have seen.

(fn. 18) William Staunton, son of Robert, for the summ of 1500l. fold St. Mary Hall in Bulcote, 28 Eliz. to his cousin Gabriel Odingsells, as in Staunton is said.

The family of Odingsells still keep their own share, but sold that which they bought of Staunton to Simon Wood, a citizen of London, brother of John Wood of Woodborough, which Simon settled it on his grandchild Margaret Trafford, now the wife of Thomas Shipman of Scarrington, gent. who hath it in her right.

I think it is in Burton parish.

In the south east window of the church was,—A crosse slory ingrailed between four Crossecrosletts.

And in the east window of the Quire,—Arg. on a Bend.—three Popinjays Or, Curson, impaling Ermine, two Bars Gules.

In the same window,—Or, a Chevron, Gules, a Chief indented Vert.


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