Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 3, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby. Originally published by J Throsby, Nottingham, 1796.

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'Laneham', in Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 3, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby, (Nottingham, 1796) pp. 238-239. British History Online [accessed 24 April 2024]

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In Lanum with its Berues, which were Ascam, Beckingham, Saundeby, Bolum, Burton, Wateleg and Legreton, the arch-bishop of York had a manor, which was charged to the publick geld as nine car. and two bovats. (fn. 1) The land was for twenty seven plows, or so many car. In the demesne of the hall were ten bovats of this land, the rest was Soc, when the Conquerours great survey was made. Arch-bishop Thomas had there four car. and an half, thirty five vill. 6 bord. having sixteen plows, carucats, or plow-lands. There was a church and a priest, and two piscaries (or fishings) 8s. one mill 16s. pasture wood three leu. long, one leu. ½ broad, one hundred acres of meadow. In the before named Berues belonging to this manor, were thirty eight sochm. seventeen vill. twenty bord. having fourteen car. ½. There were other thirty three sochm. six vill. fifteen bord. having fifteen car. these with their land two knights held of the arch-bishop.

(fn. 2) The jury, 7 E. 1. found that Walter (Giffard) arch-bishop of York, held of William de Belu in Lanum, one toft, and sixteen acres, and Godfr. (Giffard) bishop of Worcester, was then found his heir.

(fn. 3) William de Melton was prebendary of Southwell, 3 E. 2. and had free warren in Northwell Woodhouse, as in that place already is noted. In 17 E. 2. (fn. 4) William de Melton arch bishop of York, had free-warren in Southwell, Lanum, Scroby, Askham, Sutton, and Plumptree.

(fn. 5) There was a fine, 25 H. 6. between Robert Ayscough, doctor in decretis, Richard Sutton, esquire, Thomas Nevill, and Richard Chaterley, quer. and Henry Boson, otherwise called Henry Bosom, esquire, and Alice his wife, John Wasteney, esquire, William Nevill of South Leverton, and John of the Vicars, deforc. of the manors of Orston, and Lanum, with the appurtenances; and of six mess. two cottages, eight tofts, fourteen bovats, one hundred fourty six acres of land, fourty four of meadow, with the appurtenances in Orston, Lanum, and Newark, thereby acknowledged to be the right of the said Robert.

(fn. 6) Another fine was levied the day after All Souls at Westminster, 34 H. 6. between Richard earl of Salisbury, John earl of Shrowsbury, Raph Crumwell, knight, Richard Byngham, one of the justices of the kings bench, Hugh Hercy, esq; Thomas Moygne, John Thornhagh, Robert Braton, and Thomas Coke, chaplain, quer. and William Nevyll, and Johan his wife, deforc. of three mess. five tosts, one hundred and fifty acres of land, thirty of meadow, 5d. rent, and the moyety of a dovecote with the appurt. in Lanum, Rampton, and South Leverton, thereby passed to the said Thomas Moygne.

(fn. 7) William Whorwood 37 H. 8. claimed for the king against Robert arch-bishop of York, the manors of Scroby, Ravenskeld, Lanum, Askham, Sutton, & North Soke, &c.

(fn. 8) In Lancham town 1612, were many owners, Gervas Bellamy, gent. Gervas Booth, Gervas Gilby, Leonard Upsall, William Baynby, Robert Draper, Robert Farrowe, Greg, Sowby, Greg. Bellamy, Wil. Upsall, Originall Cottam, Rowland Hall, Augustin Draper, Thomas Scarborrow, Gervas Sibithorp, Widow Minnet, John Sowkyn, Gervas Markham of Dunham, esquire, Oliver Bowyer of Great Markham, Originall Bellamy of the same, and divers others.

(fn. 9) The vicarage of Lanum was 7l. value, and the chapter of York had the patronage. 'Tis now 5l. 3s. 4d in the kings books, and the dean and chapter of York patrons.

[Throsby] Laneham

Lordship is partly in the hands of Colonel Eyre of Grove, it is enclosed.

The village is of considerable size. The church is rather small, but ornamented with a decent tower. It is dedicated to St. Peter. In this place died, Thomas de Corbridge, arch-bishop of York, Sept. 2, 1303, and was buried at Southwell under a plain altar stone in the choir, on which was his effigies in brass, but now gone.

Patron, Dean and chapter of York. Incumbent, — —. King's book, 5l. 3s. 4d. Val. in mans. cum ter. gleb. per ann. 1l. os. 4d. in dec. lan. agn. lin. &c.


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