East Drayton and Askham

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Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 3, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby. Originally published by J Throsby, Nottingham, 1796.

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Ascham was a Berue of Lanum, and involved with it. Drayton was a Berue of the kings manor of Dunham, and in it answered the geld for two car. and three bov. The land being five car. (fn. 1) There sixteen sochm. and seventeen vill. had thirteen car. and twenty acres of meadow. There was pasture wood one qu. long, half so much broad. These with Lanum belonged to the arch-bishops of York, who had the tythes also appropriated, yet 9 E. 2. (fn. 2) East Drayton answered for an intire villa, and the king, and Adomar of Valence were then lords. The king was also by the death of the arch-bishop of York, then lord of Lanum and Askham, wherein Adam de Everingham, and Stephen de Bro— were likewise lords.

(fn. 3) Thomas Reyner, and Robert Ripars, 9 H. 4. impleaded very many for eating, their grass in a place at Drayton, called Oldlands, in which the tenants pleaded they ought to have common every third year.

(fn. 4) In a recovery, 7 H. 8. Humfr. Hercy, esquire, Robert Nevill, the younger, esquire, and Robert Rayner, claimed against Nicolas Martyn one mess. and an half, two tosts, eighty acres of land, seventeen of meadow, twelve of pasture, and sixty of more, with the appurtenances in East Drayton.

The most considerable share of Drayton, I suppose was John Rayners, who was sheriff of this county, and proclaimed the king at his return, 1660.

(fn. 5) The owners of East Drayton 1612, are said to be sir Robert Swift, knight, Nicolas Reynor, gent. —Meverell, gent. Edward Ormerod, cler. the wife of— Fox, John Barthropp, Richard Marshall, senior, William Gabatus, junior, William Northefolke, Richard Gabatus, Robert Pharrow of Laneham, Henry Swift, George Sturgeous, William Hawksmore of Ragnell, John Ward, George Rayner, William Mynnett, Robert Mynnett, Edward Rayner, &c. and sir Nicolas Sanderson, knight.

(fn. 6) The vicarage of East Drayton was ten marks: 'Tis now 9l. 3s. 4d. value in the kings books, and the dean and chapter of York have the patronage, which the chapter had formerly.

In the South Ile of East Drayton church within a garter, Azure three Flowers de Liz Ermine quartering quarterly Or three Pallets Sab. and Or a Lion Ramp. Azure, Lord Burgh.

Arg. three Barres Azure.

[Throsby] East Drayton.

This lordship is in the hands of sir Francis Molyneux, bart. Open fields, very extensive. The village is pretty well built, and of considerable magnitude. The church, which is dedicated to St. Peter, seems of size corresponding with a populous village; but visiting this place towards the close of the evening, and being informed that there was nothing within it of ancient note, I passed on towards the place where I intended to sleep at, without going within it, which has been my practice, in that case, at other villages in the county.

Patron, the Dean and Chapter of York. Incumbent, — —, V. King's books, 9l. 3s. 4d. Yearly tenths, 18s. 4d. Val. per ann. in mans. & ter. per gleb. 1l. pens. rec. capet. Ebor. 10s. 2d. decim. garb. fœn. lin. &c.


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