A History of the County of Essex: Volume 4, Ongar Hundred

Edited by W R Powell. Covers the 26 parishes of Ongar hundred, including Chipping and High Ongar, Chigwell, Stondon Massey and Theydon Bois.

Victoria County History - Essex. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1956.

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Table of contents

Title Page(s)
Norton Mandeville: Church 152-154
Norton Mandeville: Nonconformity 154
Norton Mandeville: Poor relief 154
Norton Mandeville: Schools 154
Norton Mandeville: Charities 155
Chipping Ongar: Introduction 155-158
Chipping Ongar: Public services and social life 158-159
Chipping Ongar: Worthies 159
Chipping Ongar: Manor 159-162
Chipping Ongar: Church 162-164
Chipping Ongar: Protestant nonconformity 164-165
Chipping Ongar: Roman catholicism 165-166
Chipping Ongar: Agriculture 166
Chipping Ongar: Occupations 166-167
Chipping Ongar: Parish government and poor relief 167-169
Chipping Ongar: Schools 169-171
Chipping Ongar: Charities 171
High Ongar: Introduction 171-175
High Ongar: Manors 175-182
High Ongar: Church 182-185
High Ongar: Nonconformity 185
High Ongar: Parish government and poor relief 185-186
High Ongar: Schools 186-187
High Ongar: Charities 187-188
Abbess Roding: Introduction 188-190
Abbess Roding: Manors 190-193
Abbess Roding: Church 193-195
Abbess Roding: Nonconformity 195-196
Abbess Roding: Parish government and poor relief 196
Abbess Roding: School 197
Abbess Roding: Charities 197
Beauchamp Roding: Introduction 197-198
Beauchamp Roding: Manors 198-200
Beauchamp Roding: Church 200-202
Beauchamp Roding: Parish government and poor relief 202
Beauchamp Roding: School 202-203
Beauchamp Roding: Charities 203
Shelley: Introduction 203-204
Shelley: Manor 204-206
Shelley: Church 206-208
Shelley: Poor relief 208
Shelley: School 208
Shelley: Charities 208
Stanford Rivers: Introduction 208-210
Stanford Rivers: Manors 210-216
Stanford Rivers: Church 216-218
Stanford Rivers: Roman catholicism 218
Stanford Rivers: Protestant nonconformity 218
Stanford Rivers: Parish government and poor relief 218-221
Stanford Rivers: Schools 221
Stanford Rivers: Charities 221-222
Stapleford Abbots: Introduction 222-223
Stapleford Abbots: Manors 223-228
Stapleford Abbots: Church 228-230
Stapleford Abbots: Roman catholicism 230
Stapleford Abbots: Protestant nonconformity 230
Stapleford Abbots: Parish government and poor relief 230-231
Stapleford Abbots: Schools 231-232
Stapleford Abbots: Charities 232
Stapleford Tawney: Introduction 233-234
Stapleford Tawney: Manors 234-236
Stapleford Tawney: Church 236-237
Stapleford Tawney: Parish government and poor relief 237-238
Stapleford Tawney: Schools 238-239
Stapleford Tawney: Charities 239
Stondon Massey: Introduction 240-242
Stondon Massey: Worthies 242
Stondon Massey: Manor 242-245
Stondon Massey: Church 245-247
Stondon Massey: Roman catholicism 247
Stondon Massey: Protestant nonconformity 247
Stondon Massey: Parish government and poor relief 247-248
Stondon Massey: Schools 248
Stondon Massey: Charities 248-249
Theydon Bois: Introduction 249-251
Theydon Bois: Manors 251-255
Theydon Bois: Church 255-257
Theydon Bois: Roman catholicism 257
Theydon Bois: Protestant nonconformity 257
Theydon Bois: Poor relief 257
Theydon Bois: Schools 257-258
Theydon Bois: Charities 258
Theydon Garnon: Introduction 258-262
Theydon Garnon: Manors 262-269
Theydon Garnon: Church 269-271
Theydon Garnon: Parish government and poor relief 271-273
Theydon Garnon: School 273-274
Theydon Garnon: Charities 274-275
Theydon Mount: Introduction 275-276
Theydon Mount: Manors 276-281
Theydon Mount: Churches 281-282
Theydon Mount: Parish government and poor relief 282-283
Theydon Mount: Schools 282-283
Theydon Mount: Charities 282-283
North Weald Bassett: Introduction 284-286
North Weald Bassett: Manors 286-290
North Weald Bassett: Church 290-292
North Weald Bassett: Nonconformity 292-293
North Weald Bassett: Parish government and poor relief 293-294
North Weald Bassett: Schools 294-295