A History of the County of Hertford: Volume 4

Table of Contents

Title Page(s)
RELIGIOUS HOUSES: Introduction 365-367
Houses of Benedictine monks: St Albans Abbey - Before the Conquest 367-372
Houses of Benedictine monks: St Albans Abbey - After the Conquest 372-416
Houses of Benedictine monks: Redbourn Priory 416-419
Houses of Benedictine monks: Hertford Priory 419-421
Houses of Benedictine monks: Salburn priory in Standon 421-422
Houses of Benedictine nuns: Sopwell Priory 422-426
Houses of Benedictine nuns: Cheshunt Priory 426-428
Houses of Benedictine nuns: St Mary de Pre priory, St Albans 428-432
Houses of Benedictine nuns: St Giles in the wood priory, Flamstead 432-434
Houses of Benedictine nuns: Rowney Priory, Great Munden 434-435
Houses of Austin canons: Royston priory 436-440
Houses of Austin canons: Wymondley priory 440-443
House of Gilbertine canons: New Bigging priory, Hitchin 443
House of Knights Hospitallers: Preceptory of Standon 444
House of Knights Templars: Preceptory of Temple Dinsley 445-446
Friaries: King's Langley priory 446-451
Friaries: Friars minors of Ware 451
Friaries: Carmelite friars of Hitchin 451-452
Friaries: Trinitarian friars of Hertford 452-453
Collegiate house: Thele or Stanstead St Margaret's 454-455
Alien house: Ware priory 455-457
Hospitals: St Mary Bigging, Anstey 457-458
Hospitals: St John Baptist, Berkhamstead 458-459
Hospitals: St John Evangelist, Berkhamstead 459-460
Hospitals: St Erasmus & St Mary Magdalene, Cheshunt 460
Hospitals: St Mary Magdalene, Clothall 460-461
Hospitals: St Laud & St Anthony, Hoddesdon 461-462
Hospitals: St John & St James, Royston 462-464
Hospitals: St Nicholas, Royston 464
Hospitals: St Julian by St Albans 464-467