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A History of the County of Oxford: Volume 11, Wootton Hundred (Northern Part). Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1983.

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Used In This Volume With Their Class Numbers


C 1 Early
C 2 Series I
C 3 Series II
C 5 Six Clerks Series, Bridges
C 6 Collins
C 8 Mitford
C 10 Whittington
C 33 Decrees and Orders, Entry Books
C 44 Proceedings (Common Law Side), Tower Series
C 47 Miscellanea
C 53 Charter Rolls
C 60 Fine Rolls
C 66 Patent Rolls
C 78 Decree Rolls
Proceedings of Commissioners for Charitable Uses
C 90 Confirmations and Exonerations of Decrees
C 91 Depositions
C 93 Inquisitions and Decrees
Judicial Proceedings (Equity Side)
C 104 Master's Exhibits, Tinney
C 109 Humphrey
C 131 Chancery Files, Extents for Debts
Inquisitions post mortem
C 132 Series I, Henry III
C 133 Edward I
C 134 Edward II
C 135 Edward III
C 136 Richard II
C 137 Henry IV
C 138 Henry V
C 139 Henry VI
C 140 Edward IV
C 142 Series II
C 143 Inquisitions ad quod damnum
C 145 Miscellaneous inquisitions
C 146 Ancient Deeds, Series C
C 260 Recorda
Court of Common Pleas
CP 25 (1) Feet of Fines, Series I
CP 25 (2) Series II
CP 26 (1) Notes of Fines, Series I
CP 26 (2) Series II
CP 40 Plea Rolls
CP 42 Posteas, Series II
CP 43 Recovery Rolls
Duchy of Lancaster
DL 1 Equity Proceedings, Pleadings
DL 29 Ministers' Accounts
DL 30 Court Rolls
DL 41 Miscellanea
DL 42 Miscellaneous Books
DL 43 Rentals and Surveys
Exchequer, Treasury of Receipt
E 32 Forest Proceedings
E 40 Ancient Deeds, Series A
Exchequer, King's Remembrancer
E 106 Extents of Alien Priories
E 126 Entry Books of Decrees and Orders, Series IV
E 133 Depositions taken before the Barons
E 134 Depositions taken by Commission
E 149 Inquisitions post mortem, Series I
E 150 Series II
E 159 Memoranda Rolls
E 164 Miscellaneous Books, Series I
E 178 Special Commissions of Inquiry
E 179 Subsidy Rolls &c.
E 210 Ancient Deeds, Series D
Exchequer, Augmentation Office
E 301 Certificates of Colleges and Chantries
E 307 Counterparts of Deeds of Sale of Fee-Farm Rents
E 308 Fee-Farm Rents, Particulars of Sale
E 315 Miscellaneous Books
E 317 Parliamentary Surveys
E 318 Particulars of Grants
E 326 Ancient Deeds, Series B
Ministry of Education
ED 7 Public Elementary Schools, Preliminary Statements
Home Office
HO 67 Agricultural Returns
HO 107 Population Returns
HO 129 Ecclesiastical Returns
Justices Itinerant &c.
JUST 1 Eyre Rolls
Court of King's Bench
KB 26 Curia Regis Rolls
KB 27 Coram Rege Rolls
KB 122 Plea or Judgement Rolls
Exchequer, Office of the Auditors of Land Revenue
LR 2 Miscellaneous Books
Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food
MAF 68 Agricultural Returns, Parish Summaries
PROB 11 Registered copies of P.C.C. wills
Court of Requests
REQ 2 Proceedings
General Register Office
RG 9–10 Census Returns 1861, 1871
Special Collections
SC 1 Ancient Correspondence
SC 2 Court Rolls
SC 5 Hundred Rolls
SC 6 Ministers' and Receivers' Accounts
SC 11 Rentals and Surveys (Rolls)
State Paper Office
State Papers Domestic
SP 10 Edward VI
SP 23 Interregnum, Committee for Compounding
Court of Star Chamber
STAC 8 James I
Court of Wards and Liveries
WARD 5 Feodaries' surveys
WARD 7 Inquisitions post mortem
War Office
WO 46 Ordnance Office, out-letters


Used In This Volume

MS. Ashmole 1763 Pedigrees and miscellaneous papers, mainly 16th and 17th centuries
MS. Ch. Oseney Charters of Oseney abbey
MS. Ch. Oxon. Oxfordshire charters
MSS. Dep. 71–82 John Dunkin's collections for Oxfordshire, formerly Dunkin MSS.
MS. d.d. Dashwood Papers of the Dashwood family
MS. d.d. Dew Deeds collected by G. J. Dew
MS. d.d. Par. Records from parish chests
MS. d.d. Risley Papers of the Barber, Cotton, and Risley families
MS. d.d. Shrewsbury Papers relating to properties of the earl of Shrewsbury
MS. d.d. Tyrwhitt-Drake Papers of F. Tyrwhitt-Drake relating to Oxfordshire estates
MS. Dodsworth 76 Original charters and documents collected by Roger Dodsworth (d. 1654)
MS. Don. c 90 Oxfordshire church notes compiled by Henry Hinton, 1802–15
MS. Dugdale 12 Extracts made 1636–54 by Sir William Dugdale from cartularies of Warwickshire religious houses
MS. Gough drawings a 4 Original plans and surveys, 17th and 18th centuries
MSS. Oxf. Archd. Oxon Oxfordshire Archdeaconry Papers, indexed by J. W. Oldfield, in 'Parochial Index to some MSS. in the Bodleian Library' (2 MS. vols. in Duke Humfrey's Library)
MSS. Oxf. Dioc. Oxford Diocesan Papers, indexed by J. W. Oldfield, as above (MSS. Oxf. Archd. Oxon.), and also in 'Index to the Muniments at Cuddesdon Palace' (2 MS. vols. in Duke Humfrey's Library)
MS. Rawl.
B 400 Parochial collections for Oxfordshire by Richard Rawlinson (1690–1755)
D 1054 Epitaphs collected by Rawlinson, 1713–28
MS. Rolls Oseney Account and court rolls of Oseney abbey
MS. Top. Eccles. e 1 Visitation returns 1796
MS. Top. Oxon.
a 37 Oxfordshire prints and drawings by various hands, 18th and 19th centuries
a 61 Topographical drawings by Joseph Wilkins of Deddington, mid 19th century
a 64–69 Drawings by J. C. and J. Buckler
b 91 Drawings of Oxfordshire 1750–1915
c 6 'Oxfordshire gleanings' by F. G. Lee 1850–84
c 42–68 Historical collections relating to Oxfordshire by W. H. Turner
c 91 Account of money spent on building or restoring churches and parsonages 1840–75
c 103–4 Papers relating to church restorations, mainly 1860–70
c 114 Original documents relating to Oxfordshire
c 165 Monumental inscriptions and extracts from parish registers made c. 1880
c 228 Rental book of the estates of the Draper family, 1693–1747
c 307 Collections made by Sir John Peshall
c 326 Miscellaneous papers
c 373 Lists of Oxfordshire incumbents
c 486–502 Photographs of listed buildings
c 579 J. Caley, 'Feudal History of Oxfordshire', compiled c. 1800
c 622 Transcript of Heythrop parish register
d 60 F. E. Cottrell-Dormer, 'Account of Rousham'
d 91 Notes on church restorations
d 172 Topographical collections of Charles Richardson (d. 1827)
d 255 H. E. Salter's transcripts of some Glympton deeds
d 391 Survey of the Shrewsbury estate at Heythrop, 1759
d 460 List of medieval incumbents and patrons from the Lincoln registers and other sources, prepared by the Oxfordshire V.C.H. staff
d 511 Miscellaneous papers
d 514 Drawings by Alfred Cobb, c. 1868
d 602 A. Davidson, 'Roman Catholicism in Oxfordshire' (Bristol Ph. D. thesis, 1970)
d 687–94, d 761 Modern transcripts of parish registers
MS. Wills Oxon. Oxfordshire wills, 16th–19th centuries.
MS. Wood
C 11 Church notes by Ralph Sheldon, 1658–74
E 1 Oxfordshire heraldic, genealogical, and topographical collections by Anthony Wood, mainly 1668–81