A History of the County of Stafford: Volume 17, Offlow Hundred (Part)

By A P Baggs, G C Baugh, C R J Currie and Johnson D A/ Edited by M W Greenslade. West Bromwich, Smethwick, and Walsall are all close neighbours and all former county boroughs.

Victoria County History - Staffordshire. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1976.

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Table of contents

Title Page(s)
List of illustrations, maps and plans x-xiii
Editorial note xv
Staffordshire VCH committee xvii
Classes of documents used: National and local repositories xix-xx
Note on abbreviations xxi-xxii
Analysis of sources in 'Collections for a History of Staffordshire' xxiii-xxiv
Offlow hundred: West Bromwich - Introduction 1-4
West Bromwich: The growth of the town 4-11
West Bromwich: Communications 11-14
West Bromwich: Manors 14-20
West Bromwich: Other estates 20-27
West Bromwich: Economic history 27-43
West Bromwich: Local government 43-46
West Bromwich: Public services 46-50
West Bromwich: Parliamentary history 50
West Bromwich: Churches 50-60
West Bromwich: Roman Catholicism 60-61
West Bromwich: Protestant Nonconformity 61-70
West Bromwich: Hindus 70
West Bromwich: Social life 70-74
West Bromwich: Education 74-83
West Bromwich: Charities for the poor 83-86
Smethwick: Introduction 87-88
Smethwick: The growth of the town 88-96
Smethwick: Communications 96-98
Smethwick: Manor 98-99
Smethwick: Other estates 99-107
Smethwick: Economic history 107-118
Smethwick: Local government 118-120
Smethwick: Public services 120-123
Smethwick: Parliamentary history 123
Smethwick: Churches 123-129
Smethwick: Roman Catholicism 129
Smethwick: Protestant Nonconformity 129-134
Smethwick: Sikhs 134
Smethwick: Social life 134-136
Smethwick: Education 136-141
Smethwick: Charities for the poor 141-142
Walsall: Introduction 143-146
Walsall: The growth of the town 146-165
Walsall: Communications 165-169
Walsall: Manors 169-175
Walsall: Other estates 175-180
Walsall: Economic history 180-208
Walsall: Local government 208-220
Walsall: Public services 220-225
Walsall: Parliamentary history 225-226
Walsall: Churches 226-239
Walsall: Roman Catholicism 239-241
Walsall: Protestant Nonconformity 241-249
Walsall: Non-Christian religions 249
Walsall: Social life 249-254
Walsall: Education 254-266
Walsall: Charities for the poor 266-275
Walsall Wood: Introduction 275-279
Walsall Wood: Manor and other estates 279
Walsall Wood: Economic history 279-281
Walsall Wood: Local government and public services 281
Walsall Wood: Religious life 281-283
Walsall Wood: Education 283-284
Index: A - K 285-296
Index: L - Z 296-310