A History of the County of York: the City of York

The volume takes both a chronological and a thematic approach to the history of the City of York from before the Norman Conquest to the twentieth century.

Victoria County History - Yorkshire. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1961.

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Table of Contents

Title Page(s)
List of illustrations, maps, plans and figures xi-xiii
Editorial Note xv-xvi
East Riding of Yorks VCH Committee xvii
Classes of documents used xviii
Note on abbreviations xix-xx
The City of York 1
Before the Norman Conquest 2-24
MEDIEVAL YORK: York in political history 25-29
The twelfth and thirteenth centuries: York as centre of administration 29-30
The twelfth and thirteenth centuries: York under the sheriffs of Yorkshire 30-31
The twelfth and thirteenth centuries: The achievement of civic liberties 31-34
The twelfth and thirteenth centuries: Government and customs 34-37
The twelfth and thirteenth centuries: The city and ecclesiastical franchises 38-40
The twelfth and thirteenth centuries: The population of the city 40-41
The twelfth and thirteenth centuries: Occupations and distribution of wealth 41-47
The twelfth and thirteenth centuries: The Jewish community 47-49
The twelfth and thirteenth centuries: Owners of city property 49-51
The twelfth and thirteenth centuries: The aspect of the city 51-54
The later middle ages: Scottish and French Wars 54-59
The later middle ages: The Wars of the Roses 59-61
The later middle ages: Richard of Gloucester and Henry VII 61-65
The later middle ages: The city and the King 65-68
The later middle ages: The city and the ecclesiastical franchises 68-69
The later middle ages: The city's franchise and officers 69-75
The later middle ages: Courts, jurisdiction, City Council and Parliament 75-79
The later middle ages: City government and the Commonalty 80-84
The later middle ages: Economy and industrial prosperity 84-91
The later middle ages: Craft organisation and the Guilds 91-97
The later middle ages: Communications, markets and merchants 97-106
The later middle ages: City and citizens 106-113
The later middle ages: Admissions to freedom 114-116
Tudor York: Topography and population 117-122
Tudor York: The Tudor economy and pauperism 122-135
Tudor York: City government 135-140
Tudor York: Military affairs 140-142
Tudor York: Religion and the Reformation 142-155
Tudor York: Cultural and social life 155-159
The seventeenth century: Topography and population 160-165
The seventeenth century: Economy and poor relief 166-173
The seventeenth century: Civic government 173-186
The seventeenth century: Politics and the Civil War 186-198
The seventeenth century: Social and religious life 198-206
The eighteenth century: Topography and population 207-215
The eighteenth century: Economy and poor relief 215-229
The eighteenth century: City government 229-240
The eighteenth century: Politics and military affairs 240-245
The eighteenth century: Social life 245-250
The eighteenth century: Religion and education 250-253
Modern York: Population 254-256
Modern York: Economy, 1800-38 256-262
Modern York: City Government, 1800-35 262-266
Modern York: Social life, 1800-39 266-268
Modern York: Politics in the 1830's 268-269
Modern York: Economy, 1839-1900 269-275
Modern York: Local government, 1835-1902 275-281
Modern York: Public health in the nineteenth century 281-286
Modern York: Social life, 1835-1900 286-289
Modern York: Politics, 1835-1901 289-293
Modern York: Economy and the Corporation, 1900-39 293-300
Modern York: Politics and social life, 1900-38 300-302
Modern York: Religious life in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries 302-308
Modern York: The City after 1939 308-310
The boundaries of the City 311-321
Romano-British antiquities 322-332
Anglo-Scandinavian antiquities 332-336
The Minster and its precincts 337-343
Worship in the Minster 343-357
The sites and remains of the religious houses 357-365
The parish churches 365-404
Protestant Nonconformity 404-418
Roman Catholicism 418-419
The Jews 419
Charities 420-440
Schools and colleges 440-460
Public services 460-472
Transport 472-481
Guilds, markets and fairs 481-491
Prisons and gallows 491-498
Common lands and strays 498-506
Mills and fishponds 506-510
City walls, bars, posterns and bridges 510-520
The Castle, Old Baile and King's Manor 521-531
Places of entertainment 531-535
Learned societies, museums, libraries and galleries 535-537
Newspapers 537-541
The barracks 541-542
The Guildhall, Council Chamber and Mansion House 542-544
Seals, Insignia, Plate, and Officers 544-546
Index: A - K 547-560
Index: L - Z 560-577