Border Papers volume 1: February 1580

Pages 13-14

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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43. Lord Scrope to the Privy Council. [Feb. 8.]

On receipt of your letter of 25 January last, I sent for the officers of all the baronies here, but can find no return of the horsemen serviceable, for her Majesty's first year, nor of any other year, except a book of the musters of anno primo Marie, by William lord Dacre then warden, which contains all the horsemen, as well as the bow and bill men, who have nags only to bring them to service. And till your lordships instruct me whether to return the whole of these, or the horsemen only, I shall delay the same, with my opinion how to remedy the decay. Carlisle. Signed: H. Scrope.

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44. Rowland Johnson to the Queen. [Feb. 22.]

I desire pardon for my boldness in presuming to write to your Majesty, regarding the "contriverse" between Mr Robert Bowes treasurer of Berwick and me your servant, late heard by the lords of your council, as to the excessive charges "consumed" by him on the pier at Berwick. For my mislike to put my hand to these, he refuses my pay under your Majesty's warrant, for which I beseech your Majesty's speedy order, and (if it so please your Majesty) to discharge me from office of this troublesome sort. Berwick. Signed: Rowland Johnson.

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45. Rowland Johnson to the Privy Council. [Feb. 22.]

On coming to my charge here from the Court, I showed Mr Bowes the treasurer the decayed places needing repair. He said he would do nothing without a warrant. He also threatens to detain 3s. 4d. a day of my wages "for much of this iij yeares"—whereas I was only 37 days absent—and keeps back from me in all 316l., besides discharging my clerk and another servant, to keep me in the dark, also procuring the lord governor's displeasure. I beg your lordships to order these things otherwise, that I may be paid my reckonings, and allowed to retire with her Majesty's favour from this office. Berwick. Signed: Rowland Johnson.

½ p. Addressed. Indorsed.

46. Controversy between Bowes and Johnson. [Feb.]

Articles contained in the several letters of Rowland Johnson, delivered to Her Majesty and the lords of the Privy Council, against Robert Bowes, with the answer of the latter.

Johnson accuses Bowes (1) of raising the cost of the pier from 16l. a rood of stone work to 96l. 5s. a rood. (2) Leaving it half done. (3) Suffering nuisances in the town. (4) Keeping up his pay. (5) Interfering with another man's office. (6) Turning the Governor against him, and (7) Keeping up other money due him. Bowes shows (1) the extra cost was incurred by Johnson's bad work; the other charges are denied or explained, and he begs to be allowed the benefit of her Majesty's laws against wrongful accusations.

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