Close Rolls, Henry V: April 1413

Pages 14-17

Calendar of Close Rolls, Henry V: Volume 1, 1413-1419. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1929.

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April 1413

April 5.
To the chief butler or his representative in the port of London for the time being. Order of the king's wines in that port to deliver to John de Wakerynge the king's clerk, late one of the clerks of chancery, during his life two pipes of red wine of Gascony a year which, by letters patent confirmed by the king, the late king granted him for long service to himself and his father.
Et erat patens.
Membrane 30.
April 7.
To William Walderne mayor of the city of London and escheator therein. Order, for particular causes now moving the king and council, to arrest all wine and other goods of Richard Garner, late master of the mint within the Tower of London, in whose hands soever they may be found, and deliver them from time to time to the custody of the treasurer by indenture witnessing the quantity thereof, with other wine and goods of his under arrest in the mayor's custody; but it is the king's intent that any who will claim such wine or goods or parcel thereof shall sue with the king and council for remedy, and by advice of the council the king shall do them justice. By K.
April 14.
To the escheator in Gloucestershire and the march of Wales adjacent. Order to take of Margaret who was wife of Robert Ferrers of Chartley knight an oath that she shall not marry without licence of the king, and in presence of Edmund son and heir of her husband or of his attorneys, if upon warning they will be present, to assign her dower, sending the assignment under seal to be enrolled in chancery as the manner is.
To the escheator in Staffordshire. Order to assign dower to the said Margaret, of whom the king has commanded the escheator in Gloucestershire to take an oath etc.
Like writs to the escheators in the following counties:
Oxford and Berkshire.
Also to William Walderne mayor of the city of London and escheator therein.
April 7.
To John Kyngeston monk. Order at his peril, upon petition of Henry Harburgh clerk, to suffer him by himself and his men to have and occupy the lands etc. hereinafter mentioned, delivering to him the issues, rents and profits taken and levied by the said monk, and the goods and chattels hereinafter mentioned, and meddling no further therein or in aught which concerns the same; as in the parliament holden at Westminster in 4 Henry IV order was made by advice and assent of the lords spiritual and temporal and the commons, that all alien priories and the possessions thereof, conventual priories excepted, should be taken again into the king's hand, and by letters patent of 28 January following the late king committed by a mainprise to Stephen de Barra monk now deceased it is said, by name of Stephen de Barra prior of the alien priory of Warham, and to Henry Harburgh for a set yearly rent the keeping of all lands and possessions to the priory belonging, then in the king's hand by reason of the war with France, from Michaelmas then last so long as the war should endure; and now the complaint of the petitioner, who has overlived Stephen de Barra it is said, has shewn that, although it is not a conventual priory, John Kyngeston scheming of malice to aggrieve him, and submitting that by death of Stephen de Barra the keeping of those lands etc. pertained to Queen Joan, which it does not, by colour of an institution of the said John to the priory made by Robert bishop of Salisbury upon a presentation at his procurement made by the queen it is said, has levied and taken great number of issues, rents and profits thereof arising, hindering and purposing to hinder the petitioner from taking the same or occupying the said lands etc. as he ought to do, and has unlawfully taken and is withholding divers goods, chattels and muniments thereto belonging and to the petitioner pertaining by reason of his farm; and the king's will is to save himself and the petitioner harmless, as he is bound to do.
April 21.
To the king's lieutenant in Ireland and his deputy, the justices of either Bench, the treasurer and the barons of the exchequer, and to all other the officers and ministers of the king in Ireland. Order, in consideration of the good and willing service of Janico Dartasso the king's esquire to the king, the late king and heretofore to former kings, and willing of his particular knowledge to make provision for the peace of the said esquire, to suffer him until further order to have and enjoy all lands, rents, services and other possessions and all annuities to him granted in Ireland by the said kings, not troubling him contrary to their grants and the king's confirmation, and writ of aid in favour of the said Janico, his attorneys or deputies, against all who shall disturb him therein contrary to this writ. By K.
April 26.
To the keeper of the forest this side Trent, or to his representative. Order, for particular causes specially moving the king, upon sight of these presents to command all foresters within his bailiwick until further order to execute no warrant for oaks, lopping of boughs or underwoods, which belong to the crown, and to suffer none to be executed, safe keeping any oaks cut down for timber, and not delivering them up until the king be otherwise advised. By K.
Like writ to the keeper of the forest beyond Trent, or to his representative. By K.
April 26.
To the mayor and sheriffs of London. Order until the king shall have full information of the truth and until further order to [keep] James Doupie of France [in custody], delivering him not; as on behalf of John Davennes of Henaude it is shewn the king that now of late he took James Doupie at London as his prisoner, for that he was an enemy of the king not under safe conduct, and that he is in the city prison in custody of the mayor and sheriffs. By K.
April 26.
To the constable of Dovorre castle and warden of the Cinque Ports, or to his lieutenant. Order, upon petition of Arnald Clayssone, for himself and three and twenty persons of Holande his fellows, and of William Lynne of London, to take of them all security that they shall answer for the vessels and wheat, if hereafter found to be enemies' goods of France, and to deliver up to them four and twenty vessels of theirs and the wheat therein; as their petition shews that those vessels were in the river Somme laded with wheat of theirs, and that on the voyage of the vessels of Holande towards Holande, and of the said William's vessel towards London, they were taken at sea by Peter Brant, master of a balinger called 'la Margarete' of Calais whereof Thomas Pikworth knight and John Multon are owners, were brought to Sandewich and are yet there, the friendship between the king and them of Holande notwithstanding. By K.
May 1.
To the treasurer and the barons of the exchequer. Order to view all writs and warrants of Kings Edward III, Richard II and Henry IV pending during their reigns in the exchequer and not yet executed, as well of allowances as of quittances upon pardons of debts and other processes, and to cause such allowances, quittances and processes to be made; as the king's will is that all be put in execution.