America and West Indies: July 1682

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Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 11, 1681-1685. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1898.

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July 1682

July 4.
595. The King to the Governor and Court of Massachusetts. We have appointed Edward Cranfield Governor of New Hampshire, and have instructed him among other things to help the neighbouring Colonies, and in particular the Massachusetts, against any invading enemy. We now instruct you to render the like assistance to him in the like case. Memorandum.—The like letter was sent to Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Plymouth. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXI., pp. 139–140.]
July 4.
596. Warrant for the delivery of a public seal for New Hampshire to Edward Cranfield. [Col. Entry Bks., Vol. LXVII., pp. 99, 100, and Vol. XCIX., p. 164.]
July 6. 597. Journal of Lords of Trade and Plantations. Mr. Secretary Jenkins acquainted the Lords that they were summoned by the King's particular order, on the receipt of letters from Virginia, dated 25th May, addressed to the merchants of London respecting the insurrection. A letter from Maryland (see No. 507) to the same purport was read. Lord Conway informed the Lords that the King had directed a frigate to be prepared forthwith to carry Lord Culpeper to Virginia. Mr. Brisbane, Secretary of the Admiralty, was called in, and said that the Mermaid frigate would be ready in three weeks. The Lords not being satisfied, and thinking that a ship should be ready sooner, order Mr. Brisbane to acquaint the Admiralty that a ship is required with all expedition, and to report how soon it will be ready. Captain Tyrrell, of the ship designed for Virginia, is called in and asked how soon he can be ready to sail. He says on Saturday se'nnight (15th), if the necessary stores and guns are on board. Sir Richard Haddock, Surveyor of Stores, promises that the provisions shall be ready, and the Master of the Ordnance undertakes the like as to the guns. Lord Culpeper is called in, and promises to be ready to go on board at once. Asked what instructions he desires on such an emergency, he asks that the merchants and planters of Virginia now in London may be consulted, and proposes that he have special orders to act on the clause of Order in Council of 17th instant [sic, see 14th June, No. 561] as to measures for raising the price of tobacco. The Lords agree to recommend that he be empowered to pass an Act for the purpose. Lord Culpeper asks further that the ship which carries him to Virginia may stay there, and that the Norwich frigate may call at Virginia on her way home. The Lords then agreed on their final report.
Sir Richard Dutton's speech to the Assembly and an Act of 29th April fora levy read. The Lords are well satisfied with Sir Richard Dutton's good service.
Petition of the Hudson's Bay Company read, praying for a Royal declaration of their privileges against interlopers. Referred to the Attorney and Solicitor General for their opinion as to the legality thereof. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. CVII., pp. 35–40.]
July 6.
St. Jago
de la Vega.
598. Minutes of Council of Jamaica. Ordered, to sue several persons for arrears of quit rents; that the Lords of Trade and Plantations be advised that the Receiver-General's accounts now sent to them have inadvertently not been examined by the Deputy Auditor; that the Custodes Rotulorum of each precinct be required to give the best account they can of fines and forfeitures therein; that no grant pass the Great Seal except through the Patent Office, and other instructions be given to the Clerk of the Patent Office; that Captain Morgan's account for arrears, for which he produces the Auditor's certificate, be paid; that the Receiver-General be careful to return 75l. to Mr. William Blathwayt on account of salary; that the Attorney-General's fee for an ordinary grant be ten shillings. Copy of Receiver-General's balance sheet. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XXXVI., pp. 3a–4a.]
July 6.
599. The Governor of New Providence to Sir Thomas Lynch. I write to congratulate you and to offer my services on your arrival at your former government; also to give you the following information. The Spaniards have committed several robberies upon the inhabitants of these Bahama Islands. First they took two vessels without any provocation. Next there came in April 1681 two barque-longoes [barcos luengos] sent out from Panama by the Governor and his accomplices the merchants, with orders to take all the vessels they could, to land soldiers on this and other English plantations, to plunder the inhabitants of goods and negroes and return to Havana. This was confessed to me by oath on the Holy Cross by an Alferes [Ensign] in their service who was taken prisoner, also that they had taken two of our vessels, and several of our inhabitants whom they had carried to Havana, where some are imprisoned and others put to hard labour in a starving and naked condition. They then pillaged a vessel of Carolina coming to trade with us, but some vessels on our coasts prevented their mischief for the present, and I have since procured assistance to defend our costs by making war against them and any other pirates that invade us. Piracy is always unjustifiable and this especially, since it is grounded on lawful authority given by the Sovereign, as you may see by the enclosed copies. But if any under my commission have acted with violence by sea or land towards any Spaniards except pirates and robbers within the limits of the Island, they may be prosecuted. I have often declared that if the Spaniards come to prosecute their rights, justice shall be done according to the King's laws, wherein I humbly ask for your advice and assistance. Some here have been contemptuous and mutinous, but by due process of law have been brought to submission; against others I have been obliged to use military force. I believe you are well acquainted with the Disposition and rude behaviour of those who call themselves privateers. Captain John Coxon being denied a commission to take St. Augustine, Florida, went hence in contempt of any orders and contrary to law and custom, carrying away some persons that are indebted to the inhabitants. All that he did in landing and plundering on Spanish territory was done by his own power. I thought fit to inform you of this since I hear he is now at Jamaica. Signed, Robert Clarke. 1½ pp. Endorsed. Recd. 20 Dec. 1682. Read at Committee, Jan. 1682–83. [Col. Papers, Vol. XLIX., No. 1.]
July 6. 600. Journal of the Assembly of Nevis. The offer of 160,000 pounds of sugar was disregarded by his Excellency (see ante, No. 523). Petition of the merchants of Charlestown, representing that they had for some time past paid one fourth of the levies raised, and requesting two members in the Assembly for their town and their old privileges in choosing them, rejected. [Col. Papers, Vol. XLVIII., No. 79.]
July 6.
601. The Governor and Council of Nevis to Lords of Trade and Plantations. We hope that you will take away your reproof from us for omitting to write to you quarterly. We do not meet, sometimes, once within six months, and not once in twelve months have we anything worth the writing. We now write to complain of the insolent behaviour of Captain Billop of H.M.S. Deptford, who in open Court, and often since to our faces, has accused us and the jury of being enemies to the King, though for no better reason than that he was called to account for plundering a captured interloper. We trust that this calumny will not be believed. It is something contrary to law to take away any man's goods without the verdict of twelve. men. We gave our vote for the condemnation of the ship unanimously according to the Royal charter and proclamation; but by the insolence of Captain Billop we were censured as little better than rebels. He is one of the worse men we ever saw in the King's service and the most unfit to continue in it. We beg that he may stand committed till he make good his accusations against the Government or make reparation for it. The report of the Commissioners and the depositions sent by Captain Jefferson will make him appear in his colours perjured. Signed, Wm. Stapleton, Danl. Lanhather, John Netheway, Jos. Jory, Ja. Russell, Wm. Burt, Charles Pym, Phill. Lee. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XLVII., pp. 53–54.]
July 6.
602. Report of the Commissioners appointed to inquire into the embezzlement of goods on board the ship Providence by Captain Billop and the crew of H.M.S. Deptford. In obedience to your Commission of 12th June we have inquired into this case and examined witnesses. All evidence shows that the ship when captured had on board of her 2,236 lbs. of elephants' teeth, 1,680 lbs. of copper, 1,544 lbs. of redwood, 107 lbs. of wax, and about 215 negroes, besides other cargo. All the goods and more than half the negroes are missing. Captain Billop admitted that he took some goods, but denies that he took negroes, but this denial is disproved by the oath of other witnesses, who swear to the disembarkation of slaves and goods, and to their sale for Captain Billop. We find that these slaves were shipped off, though Captain Billop's just share of them was 22 and no more. Signed, Jno. Natheway, Charles Pym, Jos. Jory, Joseph Martyn. 3½ pp. Endorsed. Recd. 20 Sept. 1682. Annexed,
602. I. Deposition of Richard Charles of the ship Providence, taken 8th June 1682. 1½ pp. Endorsed.
602. II. Deposition of John Berteene of the same, taken same day. 1½ pp. Endorsed.
602. III. Deposition of Samuel Mulgrave of the same, taken same day. 1½ pp. Endorsed.
602. IV. Deposition of William Owen of the same, taken same day. 1½ pp. Endorsed.
602. V. Deposition of Thomas Derrick of the same, taken same day. 1½ pp. Endorsed.
602. VI. Deposition of Hugh McDaniel of the same, taken same day. 2 pp. Endorsed.
602. VII. Deposition of William Jefferyes of the same, taken 9th June 1682. 1¼ pp. Endorsed.
602. VIII. Deposition of Henry Hughes of the same, taken 9th June. 1 p. Endorsed.
602. IX. Deposition of John Borgos of the same, taken 9th June. 1¼ pp.
602. X. Deposition of Peter Rowles of the same, taken 9th June. 1¼ pp.
602. XI. Deposition of Captain Christopher Billop of H.M.S. Deptford, taken before Sir William Stapleton, 10th June 1682. 2 pp. Endorsed.
602. XII. Deposition of Richard Sharpey, carpenter of H.M.S. Deptford, taken 10th June 1682. 2 pp. Endorsed.
602. XIII. Sir William Stapleton's Commission to John Netheway, Charles Pym, and Joseph Jory and Joseph Martyn to inquire into the embezzlement. Signed, Wm. Stapleton. 12th June 1682. 1 p.
602. XIV. Depositions of Richard Dodson and William Watkins of the ship Providence, taken 13th June 1682. 1 p. Endorsed.
602. XV. Deposition of George Nanton, Captain of the ship Providence, taken 13th June. 1 p. Endorsed.
602. XVI. Deposition of Howell Brine, carpenter of the Providence, taken 13th June. ½ p. Endorsed.
602. XVII. Deposition of William Cooke, chirurgeon of the Providence, taken 13th June. ½ p. Endorsed.
602. XVIII. Deposition of Peter de Graefs of St. Christophers and of James Leblond, taken 13th June. 1 p. Endorsed.
602. XIX. Deposition of Henry Dowdy of H.M.S. Deptford, taken 13th June. ½ p. Endorsed.
602. XX. Deposition of James Dudson, gunner of H.M.S. Deptford, taken 13th June. ½ p. Endorsed.
602. XXI. Deposition of Gabriel Clies of the Providence, taken 14th June. 2 pp. Endorsed.
602. XXII. Deposition of Robert Downing, cook of H.M.S. deptford, taken 14th June. ½ p. Endorsed.
602. XXIII. Deposition of Elias Thomas of H.M.S. Deptford, taken 14th June. 1 p. Endorsed.
602. XXIV. Depositions of Alexander Henderson and William Hollister, taken 14th June. 1 p. Endorsed.
602. XXV. Deposition of Joshua Bull of H.M.S. Deptford, taken 14th June. ½ p. Endorsed.
602. XXVI. Deposition of Emanuel Brooke of the same, taken 14th June. ½ p. Endorsed.
602. XXVII. Deposition of Edward Clark of the same, taken 14th June. ½ p. Endorsed.
602. XXVIII. Deposition of William Palmer of the same, taken 14th June. ½ p. Endorsed.
602. XXIX. Deposition of Jenkin Thomas of the Providence, taken 15th June. 1¼ pp. Endorsed.
602. XXX. Deposition of Daneil Johnson, master of the sloop Compliance, taken 15th June. ½ p. Endorsed.
602. XXXI. Deposition of David Cosens, taken 19th June. ½ p. Endorsed.
602. XXXII. Depositions of Captain Christopher Bradbury, John Howell, Thomas Charme, Edward Bateman, John Arthur, and John Penny, taken in St. Christophers by John Estridge on 20th June 1682. 4 pp. Endorsed. [Col. Papers, Vol. XLVIII., Nos. 2, 2 I.–XXXII.]
[July 6.] 603. Abstract of the Depositions abstracted in the previous number. 3 pp. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XLVII., pp. 55–57.]
July 7.
604. Sir William Stapleton to Lords of Trade and Plantations. With this will arrive the Commissioner's Report on the proceedings of Captain Christopher Billop, with letters from myself and from the Council. We met yesterday to hear what he had to say, but he feigned to be unable to come ashore and kept us all night in town though he was as well as any of us, as can be proved on oath if required. I sent him a military order to come, since a civil one in the King's name would not do, and by the advice of the Council sent the Provost Marshal aboard to arrest him in case he refused to come. I also sent Lieutenant-Colonel William Burt to see James Dudson, the gunner of the ketch and a good artist, to take charge of her. The Marshal, at Colonel Burt's request, took Billop's word to appear next day, but in the night he got out of command, though the ship is still in sight. What the meaning of this affront and disobedience is I know not. I judge that he will go hence without a letter to you or to the Admiralty. I beg that you will do me justice against this man. His ill-behaviour cannot be paralleled. I never saw such contempt of a subaltern officer to his superior. Signed,. Wm. Stapleton. 1 p. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XLVII., pp. 57–58.]
July 7. 605. Governor Cranfield's receipt for certain papers, &c., delivered to him. List of the papers, and a public seal in silver for New Hampshire. Signed, Edw. Cranfield. 1 p. Endorsed. [Col. Papers, Vol. XLIX., No. 3.]
July 8. 606. Duke of Albemarle to Lords Proprietors of Carolina. Requesting them to seal the deeds for Mr. John Monk, and authorising them to deduct his debt on account of the said John Monk. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XX., p. 209.]
July 10.
607. Sir William Stapleton to Lords of Trade and Plantations. I send additional evidence of Captain Billop's misbehaviour. I beg your particular attention to the evidence of one Martyn, master of a ship which came direct from Rochelle to Antigua and which Captain Billop seized and relinquished in consideration of the things that he took from her. I knowing nothing of it, and Martyn submitting no complaint, I could not right him nor observe the execution of the laws of trade. Since he came out here Billop has acted more like a merchant, and sometimes more like a piratical one, than a man-of-war or one that holds the King's commission. I could overwhelm you with depositions, but I ask for justice only for his disobedience. The first is proved under his own hand, the second by the oaths of all of us, if required. The sense of his affronts leads me to ask you to give us the satisfaction of sending him back to the scene of his crime from whence he ran away, even though you order us to forbear severity towards him. I was foolish enough not to bring him on shore though I had plenty of vessels of twice his strength in the roads. Signed, Wm. Stapleton, [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XLVII., pp. 58–59.]
July 10.
608. Sir William Stapleton to Sir Leoline Jenkins. If I have not written to you separately about Captain Billop's business it is because I know that you see the other letters that I write. Pray stand our friend and have him remanded to this place where he has acted more like a rebel than one of the King's captains. Holograph. l p. Endorsed. [Col. Papers, Vol. XLIX., No. 4.]
July 11.
609. [Sir Leoline Jenkins?] to Sir Thomas Lynch. You will have received orders respecting the arrest of Captain Pain, late of the ship Trompeuse. The French Ambassador now represents that his accomplices are still in Jamaica, and though through the King's absence I cannot give you the royal order, yet you will doubtless comply with the Ambassador's wishes respecting these accomplices. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XCIX., p. 168.]
July 11. 610. Minutes of Council of Barbados. Bill to encourage importation of Christian servants read a second time and amended. Bill for subjecting rents and profits of land and negrces to taxation thrown out. Warrant for payment of money to Jane Baynes, and to the gunners and matrosses of St. Michael's parish and Oistin's fort. John Witham, Richard Howell, Edwyn Stede and Francis Bond appointed to report on the case between Colonel Thomas Colleton and the attorney of Sir John Roberts.
July 12. The Assembly brought up the expiring Acts which they had passed, and the Bill for the importation of Christian servants with a paper saying how far they agreed with the Council's amendments. The Governor thereupon ordered a conference. The Assembly addressed the Governor as to the four-and-a-half per cent. duty. Warrant for payment of six months' salary to gunner Samuel Norris. Act for destruction of monkeys agreed to by the Assembly and passed.
July 13. Warrant for payment of 401l. 10s. 8d. to Symon Cooper for building the bridge in Bridgetown. The Governor sent back to the Assembly the Bill to continue the former Militia Act and refused to pass it, as it was continued for but six months. The Assembly brought back the Act, continued for two years. Bill for an imposition on negroes sold to foreigners rejected. Bill concerning tickets in the Secretary's office passed and sent to the Assembly. The Governor's answer respecting the four-and-a-half per cent. duty.
July 14. Warrant for payment of six months' salary to the matrosses of St. Michael's town agreed to. Order for the Treasurer to pay all moneys received for arms to a special account for the same. Bill concerning tickets in the Secretary's office brought up by the Assembly, passed and assented to. The Governor bade the Assembly forthwith return to their house and make provision for the safety of the Island. Address of the Assembly in reply. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XI., pp. 537–546.]
July 11. 611. Journal of Assembly of Barbados. William Sharpe being absent through sickness, Edward Littleton was chosen Speaker. Supplementary Act to the Act for a levy read. Bill for encouraging the importation of Christian servants returned by the Council with amendments, also the Act appointing sale in open markets, which latter was passed as amended. Bill for an imposition on negroes sold here to foreigners read and reserved. Address to the Governor, asking to be informed how matters stand respecting the proposal to commute the four-and-a-half per cent. for some equivalent duty.
July 12. Bill for imposition on negroes sold to foreigners. Conference with a Committee of Council on the Bill for encouraging importation of Christian servants.
July 13. Bill for encouraging importation of Christian servants passed. Bill for an imposition on negroes sold here passed. The old Militia Act returned from the Council, voted that it be revived for two years. Act as amended read and passed. The Governor answered respecting the four-and-a-half per cent. duty, that there had been a conference between Committees of the Council and Assembly on the subject last year, but that nothing had come of it. Bill for ascertaining parish boundaries read twice.
July 14. Bill respecting tickets in the Secretaries' office with amendments read and passed. Richard Guy appointed to confer with the Council on the Act for importing Christian servants. Bill for an impost on imported liquors read and referred to a Committee of Richard Guy, Richard Seawell, Edward Littleton, Samuel Husbands, William Foster, and John Davies. Supplemental Acts for better governing of negroes, and for the levy on lands and negroes read and passed. His Excellency having signified something of displeasure to the House, an address was sent to him, pointing out that the House had passed more measures than any other Assembly, and was ready to proceed with the Bill of Excise whenever he appointed. Adjourned to 8th August. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XIII., pp. 491–497.]
July 13.
612. Order of the King in Council. The Lords reported that they had warned Lord Culpeper to be ready to embark on Saturday the 15th instant for Virginia. Ordered accordingly that he do not fail to embark on that day. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXXII., p. 84.]
July 13.
613. Order of the King in Council. That the Captain of the frigate which is designed to carry Lord Culpeper to Virginia remain there with his ship in case of actual rebellion; also that the Norwich frigate be ordered to call at Virginia on its passage home from Jamaica, and in case of actual rebellion then place itself under Lord Culpeper's orders. On its departure the Norwich is to bring away such warlike stores as Lord Culpeper shall send. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXXII., p. 85.]
July 13.
614. Order of the King in Council. Ordered that the warlike stores that are needed in Virginia for the King's service be kept in some secure place; that such as are necessary for the inhabitants be sold at reasonable rates, and the remainder sent home in the Norwich. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXXII., p. 86.]
July 13.
615. Order of the King in Council. Respecting the petition of Thomas Henshaw and Lord Carlisle's creditors, ordered that the Lords of the Treasury meet the Lords of Trade and Plantations on Friday next to finish their report thereon (see ante, No. 28). Endorsed. Recd. 15 July. Read 21 July 1682. [Col. Papers, Vol. XLIX., No. 5, and Col. Entry Bk., Vol. VII., p. 130.]
July 13. 616. Draft of the foregoing, with draft of report of 21st July on the other side. Endorsed. [Col. Papers, Vol. XLIX., No. 6.]
July 16. 617. Sir Thomas Lynch's instructions to Reginald Wilson, Naval Officer of Jamaica. To execute his office according to the Acts of Trade and orders from the Treasury; to supervise the Collectors, and show them all entries, bonds, &c.; to transmit copies of all entries, &c., to the Commissioners of Customs every six months; to keep entries of goods imported, and send an account to the Auditor of the Treasury every year; to give copies to the Governor; to supervise the collection of wine duties; to seize ships trading against the law, especially interlopers, and give notice to the Commissioners of Customs of such as have escaped. 1 p. Endorsed. Recd. 2 June 1684. [Col. Papers, Vol. XLIX., No. 7.]
July 16.
618. Table of shipping arrived in the harbours of Montserrat from 15th October 1681 to 16th July 1682. Fifty-five ships. 2 pp. Inscribed. Recd. 30 Sept. 1682. [Col. Papers, Vol. XLIX., No. 8.]
July 18.
619. Governor Sir William Stapleton to the Lords of Trade and Plantations. This is merely to beg you that one Mr. John Stone may have the transportation of the three hundred malefactors to St. Christophers. He will give good security for the same, the prison fees being discharged by the King's order or yours. I doubt not but that it will be effected to your content, for his correspondent here has promised the same, Captain Jefferson, whom I mentioned to your Lordships, being unwilling to advance any money towards their transportation. Holograph. Signed. 1 p. Endorsed. Recd. 15 September. Read 25 September 1682. [Col. Papers, Vol. XLIX., No. 9, and Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XLVII., pp. 52–53.]
July 19.
620. Order of the King in Council. Referring the petition of Sarah Bland, praying for relief from divers sentences given against her in the Courts of Virginia, to the Lords of Trade and Plantations for their Report. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXXII., p. 87.]
July 19. 621. The Lords Proprietors of Carolina to the Duke of Albemarle. We hear that you have granted to Mr. John Monk of Knightsbere a thousand acres of land in Carolina, together with help to transport his family and servants. Shall the money (150l.) be deducted from your proportion as it comes due, for Mr. Monk is anxious to send some before him to prepare for him, and we wish to oblige him and you? Signed, Shaftesbury, J. Archdale. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XX., p. 205.]
July 20.
St Jago de la
622. Minutes of Council of Jamaica. Robert Felgate, Surveyor-General, called in, declared himself unable to find the four thousand pounds security required by the Act. Ordered that Surveyors be appointed for every precinct. Adjourned sine die. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XXXVI., p. 4.]
July 21. 623. Journal of Lords of Trade and Plantations. Petition of Thomas Henshaw and Lord Carlisle's creditors read (see No. 28). The Lords agree on their report (see next abstract).
The Lords agreed to recommend the King, in view of the state of affairs in Virginia, to send out some fit person forthwith with the necessary powers and instructions. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXXII., p. 84.]
Petition of Captain William Dyre read (see No. 591). The Lords agreed on their report (see No. 642).
Petition of Sarah Bland read, setting forth the injury that she had received from Colonel St. Leger Codd. The Lords agreed on their report (see No. 625). [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. CVII., pp. 40–42.]
July 21.
624. Report of Lords of Trade and Plantations to the King. We have considered the petition of Thomas Henshaw and Lord Carlisle's creditors, together with the case of many other persons who claim a debt from the four-and-a-half per cent. duty in the Carribbee Islands. Besides their private claims we find this duty already charged with the arrears of two foot companies and public officers in your employ in these islands, so that for years to come there will be nothing to spare beyond the yearly expense and necessary support of the Government. 1 p. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. VII., p. 131, and Col. Papers, Vol. XLIX., No. 6.]
July 21.
625. Report of Lords of Trade and Plantations to the King. On the petition of Sarah Bland we beg that you will admit her appeal before your Majesty in Council. Signed, Arlington, Bath, Craven, Radnor. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXXII., p. 88.]
July 25. 626. List of Acts passed by the Assembly of Barbados from 25th April to 25th July 1682:—
Act to continue an Act for the Militia.
Act for securing possession of negroes and slaves.
Act for a levy on lands and negroes to pay debts and provide for the security of the Island.
Act to destroy wild monkeys and racoons.
Act appointing those who have rents and profits from lands and negroes to bear a proportion of taxes.
Act concerning replevins.
Act appointing the sale in open market of effects seized for arrears of Excise, &c.
Act for an imposition on negroes in Barbados sold to foreigners.
Act to encourage the bringing in of Christian servants.
Act to continue an Act for the better settlement of the Militia.
Act for the better regulation of the issue of tickets from the Secretary's Office.
Act to supplement the Act for Ordering of Negroes.
Act for ascertaining the bounds of every parish, and of every man's ground.
Act for settlement of the Militia.
[Col. Entry Bk., Vol. VII., pp. 145–146.]
July 29. 627. Instructions to Robert Lilburne, Governor of the Bahamas, to arrest Robert Clarke and keep him in custody till he have given security to answer accusations before the King and Council. ½ p. Endorsed. Recd. 15 Sept. 1682. [Col. Papers, Vol. XLIX., No. 10.]
July 29.
628. John Jones to Sir Leoline Jenkins. You remember your early goodness to me, and how my ill-conduct rendered me unworthy of your further cognisance of me. Thence my destiny drove me to Virginia, where, in great slavery, I have served out my time according to the custom of the country, and am now married, with four small children. These latter have obstructed my most longing desires to visit and pay my duties and respects to my parents and relations, and in a word, without some encouragement and help from them, I cannot do so. I have long been sensible of my former faults, and I beg for your pardon. I entreat you to favour me with a line in answer. "Your most humble kinsman, John Jones." 1 p. Endorsed. [Col. Papers, Vol. XLIX., No. 11.]
July 29. 629. Commission to John Archdale to receive the rents due to the Lords Proprietors in the Northern Province of Carolina. Signed. Crave, Shaftesbury, P. Colleton, Bath (for Lord Carteret). [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XX., p. 196.]
July 29.
630. [Sir Leoline Jenkins?] to Sir Henry Chieheley. I am ordered by the King to acknowledge your letter of 8th May, and to tell you that he approves of your diligence in suppressing the plant-cutting riots. He hopes you will soon have restored the peace. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XCIX., p. 169.]
July 29. 631. The same to Colonel Nicholas Spencer. The King takes well your efforts in suppressing the riots in Virginia. [Col. Entry Rk., Vol. XCIX., p. 169.]
July 29. 632. The same to Sir Thomas Lynch. Sir Henry Morgan has reported that four pirates have been condemned to death, of whom one only appeared to be deserving of execution. You will cause that one to be executed, and keep the other three in prison till further order. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XCIX., p. 170.]
July 30.
The Downs.
633. Governor Cranfield to Sir Leoline Jenkins. We put to sea on Wednesday last, but were forced back by westerly winds. I thought it my duty to inform you. Holograph. ½ p. Endorsed. [Col. Papers, Vol. XLIX., No. 12.]
July 31.
634. William Ross to Sir Leoline Jenkins. Though unknown to you, I have undertaken to recommend the enclosed to you, hoping that this act of charity to one of your kinsmen will pardon me. A line or two in answer will be a great encouragement to the honest man and his family who really deserve it (see ante, No. 628).½ p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XLIX., No. 13.]
July 31. 635. Journal of Lords of Trade and Plantations. The Lords met to consider concerning the quo warranto against the Bermuds Company. Petition of William Righton read (see No. 638). Petitioners called in and asked why their prosecution has been so long delayed. They reply that the delays are due to the Company, and engage that the Attorney-General shall be fully instructed before Michaelmas next. They complained also of illegal warrants issued by the Company of which they produced one. Mem.—The Lord President reported hereof to the King in Council on 3rd August. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. CVII., pp. 43–44.]
[July ?] 636. Report of Lords of Trade and Plantations to the King. The title of a large tract of land called the King's Province being in dispute between Rhode Island, Connecticut, and serveral persons in New England, we recommend the issue of a Commission to Edward Cranfield, William Houghton, Joseph Dudley, Edward Randolph, Samuel Shrimpton, John Fitzwinthrop, Edward Palmes, John Pyncheon, jun., and Nathaniel Saltonstall, jun., to examine the titles thereto and report. Edward Cranfield or Edward Randolph to be always of the Quorum. Commission given in full. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXI., pp. 140–142.]