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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1675-6. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1907.

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Babel hill near Yeovil, assault and robbery at


Backer, Jacob, grant of denization to

Backwell, Alderman Edward, sum paid in Holland for release of prisoners of war by
-, discharge to, for the above sum
-, called the cashier of the royal regiment of Fops
-, and Jeremiah Snow, certificate by

Bacon, Sir Francis, Viscount St. Albans, saying of

Baddeley, Cheshire, letter dated from.
-, examination dated from
-, house of Sir T. Mainwaring at

Baes, Hubert Sanse, grant of denization to

Baggelley, John, Thomas Bartlet, and William Higford, grant of office of Usher and Crier in the King's Bench for lives of
-, Thomas, late Master Glazier of the Works, house built in Scotland Yard by
-, Hannah, widow of, petition of
-, son of, deceased

Baine, John, of Pitcairlie, warrant for gift to

Baines (Bans), Capt. Adam, arrested by Viscount Cullen

Bairbone, James, of Maiden Lane, notice to be given to

Baird, Robert, Dean of Guild of Edinburgh, to be discharged from officiating as member of the Town Council

Baker, John. to be a life in a grant requested
-, collections of proceedings in several Parliaments out of

Balcarres, Earl of. See Lindsay, Colin. Earl of Balcarres.

Baldwin, Sir Timothy, and others, petition for a commission of review of sentence of, in the Court of Delegates

Ball, Henry, Williamson's clerk, postscript to
-, notes to
-, favour done to.
-, John. surveyor of the works, See May, Hugh.

Ballantine, Sir John, approved as a deputy lieutenant for Cumberland
-, made a deputy lieutenant and one of the quorum

Ballaugh, Isle of Man, sum allotted to school at

Ballyamsarry. See Killnecurra.

Ballyclan, See Mothel.

Ballyclogh, co. Limerick, warrant for grant of lands of

Ballydargans, lands of the two towns of, and other lands, and the Lough called Innice Lough Cullen, co. Down, warrant for erection of, into a manor

Ballylangley. See Dromkeene.

Balmanie, lands and barony of, and half of the town and lands of Pitgarvie, warrant for charter of

Baltes, Henry, native of Saardam, certificate concerning
-, grant of denization to.

Bampfylde, Sir Coplestone. letter of
-, caveat on behalf of
-, approbation of, as deputy lieutenant for Devon requested
-, granted.

Banckes, John, letters of
-, intended petition of
-, Sir L. Jenkins unable to comply with desire of
-, William letter of

Bancks, Mr., passenger from Calais

Banff, Lord. See Ogilvy, George, Lord Banff.

Bangor, diocese of, custom in, that the Archbishop has the first sinecure in, after the instalment of a new bishop

Banister or Banistre, Anne, caveat on behalf of
-, Christopher, commission to
-, caveat against pardon to
-, Edward Ashton, and Joseph Worthington, warrant for reprieve of, if found guilty

Bankers, the, conduct of the King to

Banks, William, going to London
-, See also Cholmondeley, Thomas; and Stanley, William, Earl of Derby.

Bannerman, George. See Lockhart, Sir George.

Bantam, vessels from

Bantry, vessel of

Barbados, letters from, mentioned
-, vessels from
-, vessels for
-, vessel arrived at
-, vessel of
-, person from
-, good crop at
-, person killed in duel at
-, intention of H. Sandys to go to
-, ship for, expected
-, dearness of freight at
-, design of the slaves in, to rise and massacre their owners discovered
-, thriving condition of
-, Indian prisoners sold at
-, hurricane and ships lost at
-, dearness of commodities at
-, governor of, letter to, requested

Barbary, importation of produce of, to Spain prohibited, unless it paid customs at Ceuta

Barbore, B. di, servant of the king, letter of

Barbour, Capt.

Barcelona, Don John of Austria and the Dutch men-of-war expected at

Bard, Thomas, high sheriff of Buckinghamshire, dispensation to

Bardrochwood, lands of, in the parochine of Monygoff and stewardry of Kirkcudbright, warrant for gift of

Barge, Stephen. master and owner of the John and Elizabeth hoy, articles of agreement with

Barker, Christopher, petition of
-, letter recommending
-, letter concerning
-, C. See Bill, J.
-, Joseph, M.A., chaplain to the Speaker, letter recommending
-, Jo., and William Palmer, order of
-, Richard, of Nantwich, mercer, examination of
-, traitorous letter received by
-, Robert, Charles, and Matthew, grant of office of King's printer in reversion after

Barlow, Thomas, D.D., Provost of Queen's College and Margaret Professor of Divinity, Oxford, afterwards Bishop of Lincoln, letter of
-, to be elected Bishop of Lincoln
-, promotion of. mentioned
-, royal assent to election of
-, request by, to keep certain preferments
-, recommendation to, requested
-, warrants for restitution of temporalities to, and for making an instalment of first fruits to
-, as Visitor of King's College
-, promise of, mentioned
-, readiness of Secretary Coventry to serve

Barnardiston, Mr., at Lord Shaftesbury's house

Barneby, Sir John, letter of
-, not to be allowed to be M.P. for Weobly

Barnes, Benjamin, warrant on petition of
-, Thomas, letters of
-, Mr., chaplain to the Duke of York

Barnett, Thomas, butcher, robbery from

Barnstaple, letter dated from
-, vessels of
-, vessel of, lost
-, vessels arrived at

Baron, George, and other traders, and Abraham and Francis Jaggard, owners of the John and Sarah, order in Council on the petition of
-, John, commission to

Barratt, Thomas, porter at Blossom's Inn

Barrett, Mr., a lawyer, passages between, and the Mayor of Canterbury against Serjeant Hardres

Barrett-Lenard, Dacres, difference between, and Lord Loftus
-, Richard, father of, allegations of counsel of, at hearing before the Lord Lieutenant

Barringer, Lambert, junior, information of

Barron, Benjamin, petition of
-, caveat on behalf of
-, grant to
-, Thomas, junior, warrant for grant to

Barrow, Dr. Isaac, late Bishop of Sodor and Man, now Bishop of St. Asaph, letters to
-, persons convened by, to distribute the king's gift to the clergy and schools of the Isle, account by
-, Dr. Isaac, Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, letters to
-, chosen Vice-Chancellor
-, and the Senior Fellows of Trinity College, letter to

Barry, Richard, Earl of Barrymore, petition of, referred
-, note of letter in favour of
-, Dorothy, wife of Countess of Barrymore, marriage portion of
-, Richard, appointed registrar of the trustees for managing the security of the '49 officers

Bart, John and Cornelius, certificates concerning
-, grants of denization to
-, Peter, of St. Botolph's, Aldgate, certificate concerning
-, grant of denization to

Bartelson, Borrey and Ericke, grants of denization to

Bartlet, John, one of the king's coachmen, to be licensed to drive a hackney coach
-, Thomas. See Baggelley, John.

Barton, Owen, to be excused from being sheriff

Basely, Mr., deceased, receipt for bond of

Baskervile, Mr., of Eardisley, suggested as M.P. for Weobly

Basnet, Mr., order to

Basse, , servant of Sir P. Musgrave.

Basset and Chiswel, book of John Ogilby's pirated by

Bassett, John, approbation of, as deputy lieutenant for Devon, requested
-, granted

Bastinck, Francis, clerk of the passage, Dover, letters of
-, circular letters to

Bates. Capt. Thomas. See Maney, Sir John.

Bath, the Lord Treasurer going to
-, Earl of. See Grenville, John, Earl of Bath.

Bath and Wells, Bishop of. See Mews, Dr. Peter, Bishop of Bath and Wells.

Bathurst, Dr. Ralph, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford
-, letter to
-, Stirt the vintner questioned by
-, reception of the Prince of Neuburg by

Batty, John, manslaughter of

Bawdwins, Kent, letter dated from

Bayley, , former landlord of Catherine Knight

Bayly, Major Nicholas, claim of, on profits of the Doubling Ordinance satisfied

Baynton, Sir Edward, approbation of, as deputy lieutenant for Wiltshire, requested

Bayonne, vessel from
-, said to be revolted to the Spaniards

Beachy Head, men-of-war from Amsterdam off

Beaminster, verdict of inquisition holden at

Beamish, letter dated from

Beaudesert, letters dated from

Beaumaris, vessel from
-, vessel at
-, shipwrecked people landed at

Beaumont, Dr. George, prebendary residentiary at Winchester, dispensation to

Bebington, Mr.

Beck, Sergeant James, warrant to

Beckford, Major Thomas, a member of the Clothworkers' Company
-, committed to the Gatehouse for refusing to assist in suppressing the rabble

Bedbury, Roger, postmaster of Salisbury
-, letters of

Bedford, Thomas, secretary to the commissioners to treat with the Dutch commissioners about trade, sum to be paid to

Bedford, Earl of. See Russell, William, Earl of Bedford.

Beeby, Dr. John, epitaph on

Beeching, John, note of commission to

Beehives, improvements of, patent for, requested
-, patents for, granted

Beere, Capt., and several of his company killed by Indians

Belasyse, John, Lord Belasyse, petition of, referred
-, sums due to, as Governor of Tangier and Captain of the Pensioners, and sum due from
-, Thomas, Viscount Fauconberg, Captain of the Band of Gentlemen Pensioners, letter to

Belding alias Baldwin. , of Gloucester, scandalous verses alleged to be by

Belfast, vessels of
-, increase of trade of

Belford West Hall, Northumberland, letter dated from

Beling, Richard, lands restored to, without reprizals

Bell, Capt. See Wolsley, Hellen.

Bellarmin, Cardinal. See Mariana.

Bellasis, William, supporter of Mr. Vane at the Durham election

Belle Isle, vessels off

Bellefonds, Marechal de, horses sent to France for
-, said to be appointed in place of Marchal de Crequi

Bellew, Sir J. pension of, mentioned

Bellingham, Henry, letter of
-, James, a justice in the barony of Kendal
-, Samuel, petition of, mentioned
-, to be allowed a rehearing of his cause
-, Richard, father of, late Governor of Massachusetts. deceased, alleged invalid will of

Belloon, James, and others, examined and discharged

Bellott, Francis, letters of

Benholme, parochine of, Kincardineshire, warrant for charter of lands in, and of the kirk of

Bennet, Henry, Earl of Arlington, Lord Chamberlain
-, letters of
-, letters of, mentioned.
-, letters to, mentioned.
-, letters delivered to
-, letter shown to
-, papers sent to
-, newsletter delivered or shown to
-, orders of
-, warrant from
-, warrants to
-, warrant for payment to, out of moneys to be levied in lieu of the lapsed moneys
-, game warrant to
-, caveat on behalf of
-, privy seal of
-, signature of
-, recommendation to
-, gone or going to Euston
-, gone to dine at Saxham.
-, at dinner with the Duke of York
-, coming to Whitehall
-, Lord Aston formerly introduced to
-, renewal of warrant granted in the time of
-, papers left in Williamson's hands by direction of
-, not to allow wearers of foreign points or laces to appear before the King
-, person employed by, for intelligence in Holland during the wars
-, servants of, formerly allowed their letters free
-, former servant of
-, office of, former clerk in
-, entry book of
-, and Ralph Montagu, report that, had caused the Duchess of Mazarin to come over
-, Isabella, wife of, Countess of Arlington, expected at Newmarket
-, Josias, printer

Bennett, Sir William, of Grubett, and William, his eldest son, warrant for charter to

Benning, William, Lord Provost of Edinburgh, and others, petition of, recited

Benson, Francis, Williamson's clerk, letter of, mentioned
-, Robert, case of, concerning the Aldborough election
-, Thomas, letter of

Bergen, vessel from

Bergen-op-Zoom, the Prince of Orange to meet his army near

Berkeley, Charles, Viscount Fitz-Hardinge, grant of lands in Ireland to, and grant of quit-rents in trust for, recited
-, Charles, Viscount FitzHardinge, and Earl of Falmouth, son of, grant of lands in Ireland to, recited
-, killed at sea fighting against the Dutch
-, payment ordered to be made by
-, Maurice, Viscount Fitz-Hardinge, son and heir of, grant and release of lands and quit-rents to
-, John, Lord Berkeley of Stratton, Ambassador to France, petition of
-, letter of the king to, mentioned
-, memorandum of date of, taking leave of the king
-, warrant for sealing commission of
-, design of, for reducing the army in the North to their allegiance at the beginning of the Long Parliament
-, the escape of the Princess Henrietta managed by when governor of Exeter
-, services of when the Dutch were at Chatham
-, no compensation to, for abolition of the Presidency of Connaught
-, at Dover, and sailed for Calais
-, the University of Heidelberg to be commended by, to the King of France
-, as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, report by, on Lord Kingston's claim mentioned
-, and others, the trustees of the Duke of York. lease by, mentioned
-, Captain John, company of, commission in
-, Sir William, Governor of Virginia. packet for
-, (Bauclay), Madame, letter for, mentioned

Berkshire assizes, the, persons sentenced at
-, the high sheriff of. licence to

Berlin, complaints of exactions on all letters by

Bermingham. Francis, Lord Bermingham. Baron of Athenry, petition of, recited and warrant for grant to

Bermuda, vessel for

Bernards, Francis, grant of denization to

Berry, Sir John, letter of
-, as governor of Deal Castle, permission by, to enclose ground
-, as commander of the Bristol
-, William, stationer, letter and verses addressed to
-, Major-General, Colonels Kelsey and Desborough and others. dangerous meetings held by

Berry farm, parish of Branscombe, Devon, renewal of lease of, recommended

Bertie, Charles
-, letters of
-, letter to
-, Robert, Earl of Lindsey, Lord Great Chamberlain, letter to
-, Robert, Secretary to the Customs, caveat on behalf of, and order for
-, Vere, Baron of the Exchequer, one of the lives in a patent to Viscount Fanshawe
-, consulted about coffeehouses
-, See also North, Sir Francis.

Berwick, appointment of governor of
-, garrison at commission in company in
-, person mustered in

Bethell, Sir Hugh. M.P., libellous paper addressed to

Beverley school, fellowship at St. John's College Cambridge, limited to

Biddulph, Richard, and Anne, his wife. See Goring Lady.

Bide, Sir Thomas, brewhouse of, in Shoreditch

Bideford, vessels of

Bilbao, vessels from, or for
-, pass to
-, English vessel seized on voyage from to Hamburg by French privateer

Biles, Richard, letter of

Bill, J., and C. Barker, his Majesty's printers in English

Billing or Billing Magna, letters dated from
-, Lord O'Brien going to

Billingsley. John. See Sayer, John.

Binch, reported surrender of

Bingham, Col., high sheriff of Dorset. reported death of

Birch, Col. John, M.P., memorandum of letter to
-, suggested as member for Weobly

Biscay, the, Bay of, Dutch men-of-war in
-, Englishmen plundered in, by Spanish, French and Dutch capers
-, master and men of English vessel seized in
-, capers of, vessels ill-used by
-, many captures by, from the French
-, on the French coast

Bishop, Col. Humphrey, member for Bridport, memorandum of letter to
-, death of
-, Richard, former serjeant-atarms, deceased
-, Theo., letter of
-, husband of
-, William, order for swearing, as serjeant-at-arms attending the Speaker

Blackheath, sum advanced by the King to the sutlers for the regiments at

Blackwell, John, an adventurer, lands purchased from, by Lord Kingston

Blagrave, Thomas. See Sayer, John.

Blair, Sir Adam, late a receiver of the revenue in Scotland, accounts of, to be audited

Blake, Peter, high sheriff of Hampshire, licence to
-, Sir Valentine, dispossessed of lands in Ireland by the late usurped powers
-, Dame Ellinor, wife of, lands decreed to
-, adjudged an innocent Papist
-, Sir Thomas, son of, warrant for grant to

Bland, Giles, fine imposed on, in Virginia, caveat concerning
-, Mr., at Tangier, packets for

Blandford, Walter, D.D., Bishop of Worcester, death of, expected
-, account of death and will of
-, death of
-, appointment of Dean of the Chapel Royal in place of

Blechingdon, Theophilus, commission to

Blessington, Viscount. See Boyle, Murrogh, Viscount Blessington.

Blood, Col. Thomas, letter of
-, pension to, mentioned

Blome, Richard, petition of
-, licence to, for importing paper custom free granted

Blott, Giles, grant of denization to

Blount, John, of the Middle Temple, examination of

Bluecap, a racehorse

Blundell, John, warrant to

Bobbing Court, Kent, letters dated from

Bocton Malherbe, Kent, rectory of, warrant for dispensation for holding

Bodham, Edward, letters of
-, Henry, brother of, debt due to

Bodurda, Griffith, letter of

Boeve, James, Sir W. Temple to be solicited on behalf of

Boffin, vessel cast away near
-, See also Innis Boffin.

Boig, Patrick, of Barnehouses, commissar of Peebles, warrant for charter to

Boigs of Darley, town and lands of, and other lands in the parochine of Auchterless, Aberdeenshire, warrant for charter of

Boldero, Dr. Edmund, Master of Jesus College, and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, letter of
-, John Carr, deputy professor of medicine, and Henry Paman, certificate by

Bolt, John, the elder, of Winchfield, and Thomas Terry, of Cleworth, appointed agistors in Windsor Forest

Bolton, Carroll, payment to, ordered out of the fund to be levied in lieu of the lapsed money

Bon, Cape, captive Bristol seamen landed at

Bond, George, approbation of, as deputy lieutenant for Wiltshire
-, John, petition of, referred
-, discoveries of, about the longitude
-, Lady, wife of Sir Thomas, arrived at Dover

Bone, William, tailor, of Bridges Street, Covent Garden, warrant for apprehending and bringing before Williamson

Bonner, William, prisoner in Newgate, warrant for reprieve of

Bonnietowne, lands and barony of, Forfarshire, warrant for charter of

Book maintaining the lawfulness of polygamy

Books, copyright in
-, and pamphlets, seditious, treasonable and unlicensed, bill for amending Act for preventing printing of
-, appointment of licenser of
-, titles of:
-, Abridgement of English Military Discipline, an
-, Atlas Maritimus, by John Seller
-, Bristol Narrative, the, or a Just Account of the imprisonment and death of John Thompson, a conventicling preacher there
-, Britannia, by Richard Blome
-, Book of Common Prayer, the
-, Cry for Justice, Continued Cry and England's True Interest, by William Penn
-, De Veritate Religionis Christian, by Grotius
-, Geography of Abulpheda, Prince of Hamath, the, proposed translation of
-, Hafiz, the First Ode of, with a Latin translation
-, History of Oxford University
-, History of Timour, or Tamberlain in Arabic, the, proposed translation of
-, specimen page of
-, Letter from a Parliament man to his friend, a
-, Letter from a Person of Quality to his friend in the country, a
-, Liberty of Prophesying, the, by Jeremy Taylor
-, Practice of Piety, the (Welsh)
-, Quintus Curtius, published by Elzevir
-, The Debate for dissolving the present Parliament in the House of Lords
-, The Exciseman's Journal or Stock Book
-, The King's Cabinet opened
-, The Quaker and his Maid

Booth, Sir John (? George), attempt of
-, Nathaniel, approbation of, as deputy lieutenant for Cheshire requested and granted
-, William, letter of

Bordeaux, vessels from
-, lost
-, vessels for
-, vessels of, taken or lost
-, pass to
-, rising in, against the new taxes and men drawn against, by the King of France
-, discontent at, about the new taxes
-, goods consigned to
-, good vintage at
-, occupied by soldiers and walls of, pulled down
-, hardships at, from quartering of soldiers
-, the Parliament removed from
-, walls of, demolished and inhabitants of, fined
-, deputation from, to the King of France
-, parhelia and haloes seen at
-, diagrams of
-, coast near, the, full of Ostenders and Biscayers

Border Counties of England and Scotland, the, warrant for appointment of commissioners for the arrest and trial of offenders in

Borders, the, wool seized by a Custom House officer for

Boreman, Sir William, order sent to
-, Dr., prebendary of Westminster, death of

Borough, J., request by

Boscavell, John, petition of, and pass to

Bostock, Robert, B.D., warrant for the presentation of

Bothkenner, kirk of, warrant for presentations to

Bouckel, John, petition of

Bourchier, Dr., Professor of Civil Law at Oxford, the Prince of Neuburg presented by, for the degree of D.C.L.

Bourke's estate in Connaught, the Earl of Strafford said on the scaffold to have commanded his son not to claim any right to

Bourne, Dr., given as authority for reports about the sale of Tangier and about the Duchess of Portsmouth
-, Eleanor, wife of, examination of
-, given as authority for report about the Duchess of Portsmouth
-, denial by, of having said anything about the Duchess

Bourne fens, Lincolnshire, petition of the Countess of Northumberland concerning lands in

Bower, Richard, letters of
-, ship of

Bowles, Sir William, petition of, recommended
-, proposed as a commissioner for licensing hackney coaches
-, sons of, grant to, of mastership of the tents and toils in reversion ordered
-, Mr., candidate for a fellowship at Magdalen College, letters concerning

Bowtell, , a printer

Bowyer, Sir John, of Knipersley, appointment of, as deputy lieutenant for Staffordshire requested
-, granted
-, sent to the Lord Lieutenant of Staffordshire

Boyle, Michael, Archbishop of Dublin, Lord Chancellor of Ireland
-, letters of
-, letter to
-, warrant to
-, to be appointed Lord Justice
-, and Viscount Granard, warrant for payment to, as Lords Justices
-, See also Boyle, Richard, Earl of Cork and Burlington.
-, Morrogh, son of, Viscount Blessington, to be sworn a Privy Councillor in Ireland
-, Richard, Earl of Cork and Burlington, the Earls of Drogheda and Anglesey, Lord Coloony, the Archbishops of Dublin and Tuam, the Bishop of Cork, Sir Arthur Forbes, Sir William Stewart, Sir Charles and Sir Hans Hamilton, Sir John Cole, Sir Theophilus Jones, Sir Oliver St. George, Sir Richard Gething. Sir George Rawdon, Sir William Flower, Sir Robert Ward, Sir George Lane, Col. Vere Essex Cromwell, Col. Francis Willoughby, Col. Randolph Clayton. Col. John Mayart, Col. Hayward St. Leger, Lieut.-Col. Francis Little, Lieut.-Col. Alexander Pigott, Serjeant-Major Arthur Dillon, Capt. John St. Leger and Laurence Parsons commission appointing, to be the persons entrusted according to the intents and purposes of the king's declaration of 30 Nov., 1660, touching the security for the arrears of the '49 officers

Boyle, Roger, Earl of Orrery, letter of
-, petition of, referred
-, petition of, recited, and warrant for grant to
-, payment to, out of the fund in lieu of the lapsed moneys mentioned
-, letter for better securing
-, compensated for the abolition of the Presidency of Munster

Boynton, John, of Rawcliffe, Yorkshire, election of, as recorder of Doncaster, certificate of
-, mentioned
-, approbation of

Brabant, motion of the Prince of Cond in
-, the Prince of Orange setting out for

Brabazon, Edward, Earl of Meath, drowned in a shipwreck
-, as Lord Brabazon, proposed lease to
-, Elizabeth, wife of, Countess of Meath, passenger to Dublin
-, William, son of, Lord Ardee, shipwrecked
-, as Earl of Meath, departure of, for Holyhead
-, Edward, warrant for grant to, of rangership of all the King's parks in Ireland, and of rangership of the Phnix Park and keepership of the Newtown Walk therein

Brace's, Mrs., next to the Crown Inn, Holborn, address of Robert Brady

Brackell, Admiral

Bradey, Nicholas, person convicted for stealing goods of

Bradford, Dr. John, chaplain to the King, warrant for corroboration of title of
-, Thomas, bailiff of Yarmouth. See Thaxter, Edmund.

Bradley, John, messenger, warrants to

Bradshaigh, Sir Roger, M.P., letter of
-, memorandum of letter to
-, petition of, referred
-, going to London

Bradshaw, Cornwall, late receiver of the hearth-money in London and Westminster, petition of, referred
-, mentioned
-, proposed as, and warrant for appointing, a commissioner for licensing hackney coaches

Brady, Robert, letter of, and projected history by

Bragg, Thomas, gunner, and the carpenter and boatswain of the Quaker ketch, letter of

Braithwait, Sir Strafford, petition of, referred
-, Mr., of Burneshead, justice for Westmorland, deceased
-, Mr., of Ambleside, justice for Westmorland, deceased
-, Robert, brother of, suggested as justice for Westmorland

Braithwaite, Thomas, living of Oakley conferred on

Brake Head, the, vessel aground on

Brampston, Sir John, M.P., memorandum of letter to

Brandenburg, the Elector of (Frederick William), commissions granted by, to Zealand privateers
-, war declared by, against Sweden
-, vessel of, Swedish prize brought to Holland by
-, in the Downs
-, privateer with commission from, taken by a French caper
-, Zealand caper with commission from, Swedish vessel with English goods carried into Terveer by
-, request for his Majesty's interposition with
-, at the Hague
-, departure of, from the Hague
-, packet-boat plundered by caper with pretended commission from
-, men-of-war of, at or near the Brill
-, demand by, that French goods should be prohibited in, and the French made to leave the Empire
-, passports from, expected

Brandenburgers, the, reported defeat of the Swedes by

Bray, Edward, and Edward his son and heir apparent, petition of
-, Edward, son of, grant to
-, Lodovick, petition of, referred

Brazil, tobacco from

Brechin, Bishop of. See Lawrie, Robert, Bishop of Brechin.

Breda, the treaty of

Bregel, the Sieur, pass for

Bremen, vessel of, plundered near Albrouh (Aldeburgh)

Brent, Peter, serjeant plumber
-, William and Matthew Johnson, executors of Percy Church's will, grant to, of forfeited legacies given thereby

Brest, vessels from, or for
-, Ostenders carried into
-, no fleet fitting at
-, French men-of-war off
-, men-of-war fitting at
-, vessel met off
-, the Due de Chaulnes at
-, reported capture of, by the rebels
-, French men-of-war from

Breton, Robert, of London, merchant, petition of

Brett, A., verses addressed to Williamson by
-, Edward, commission to

Brval, Francis Durand de, D.D., letter of
-, degree of D.D. conferred on at Cambridge
-, first vacant prebend at Westminster promised to
-, prebend at Westminster granted to

Brewer, John, grant of denization to

Briant, Mary, letter of

Brideoke, Dr. Ralph, Bishop of Chichester, dispensation to
-, election of, certificate of
-, royal assent to
-, restitution of temporalities to
-, appointment of, said to have been due to the Duchess of Portsmouth
-, instalment of first fruits made to
-, as Canon of Windsor
-, living in the gift of

Bridgeman, James, warrant for payment to
-, William, clerk or secretary to Williamson, letters to
-, warrant for grant to
-, enclosure for
-, paper received from
-, letter left with

Bridges, Capt. George, company of, commission in
-, Henry, commission to
-, Henry, a printer

Bridgetown, Staffordshire, letter dated from

Bridgetown, alias Coronea, town and lands of, in the barony of Carbery, co. Cork, petition for erection of, into manor of
-, warrant for erection of manor of

Bridgwater, vessels from, lost
-, Earl of. See Egerton, John, Earl of Bridgwater.

Bridlington, letters dated from
-, vessels of
-, lost
-, vessels arrived at
-, farm of the customs at
-, conventiclers at
-, storm at
-, wheat exported from
-, Bay, colliers from
-, vessels in

Bridport, election at

Brien, Timothy, commission to

Bright, Philip, outhouse at Royston in possession of

Brighton (Brighthempstead), vessel of

Brill, the, letter dated from
-, abstract of letter from
-, packet-boats to, or from
-, vessel from
-, Dunkirk caper carried into
-, soldiers marched from, to Antwerp
-, no news at
-, news from
-, war against Sweden proclaimed at
-, Brandenburg men-of-war at, or near
-, distress of poor English soldiers at
-, officers and soldiers at, expecting to go back to the frontier
-, suggestion that the packet-boats should sail from Helvoetsluys instead of
-, Dutch men-of-war at, English yacht saluted by

Brimicane, Capt. George, pardon to

Brisach, reported retreat of the Prince de Coud's army to

Brisbane, Mr., one of Williamson's secretaries

Briscoe, Edward, case of

Bristol, letters dated from
-, certificate dated from
-, vessels from, or for
-, vessels of
-, vessels of, burnt
-, taken by Sallee man-ofwar
-, proceedings of the Bishop against the Nonconformists at
-, principals of the Independents, Presbyterians and Anabapists at, put in prison
-, narrative of the imprisonment and death of John Thompson, a conventicling preacher at
-, muster of the trained bands at
-, election of mayor and sheriffs of
-, wreck near
-, seamen of, list of, captives in Tripoli
-, letter on behalf of wives and children of
-, person landed at
-, notes concerning the jurisdiction of the Admiralty Court at
-, the Mayor of, letter to
-, house of, libel found in
-, Bishop of. See Carleton, Dr. Guy, Bishop of Bristol.
-, Earl of. See Digby, George, Earl of Bristol.
-, and Newport, vessel lost between

Brittany, risings in
-, forces raising in
-, rebels in, forces drawing out at Rochelle against
-, reported leaders of
-, report that, had laid down their arms
-, known as the Blue Caps
-, reported intention of De Ruyter's fleet to land men and ammunition for
-, report of the French king sending an army against
-, dispersing
-, report that the Prince de Cond would seize
-, 6,000 men marching to
-, forces in, reported to be ordered towards Brouage
-, taxes voted by Parliament of, at Dinant
-, many soldiers quartered in
-, governor of. See Chaulnes, Duc de.

Broad, Tom., examination of, mentioned

Broadwater, Robert. See Daniell, John.

Brome, Henry, broadsheet printed for

Bromley, Jeremiah, collector of customs, Scarborough, information of

Brompton, Yorkshire, information dated at

Bromstone, John, deputy searcher, certificate by

Brooke, Edward, to be omitted from the commissioners for licensing hackney coaches
-, William, apprentice in chirurgery, information of
-, Lord. See Greville, Robert, Lord Brooke.

Broomfields, East and West, Kent, petition of the Countess of Northumberland concerning

Brouage, near Rochelle, report of attack of the Dutch on, and of forces ordered to

Brougham, Mr., request that, might not be removed from the commission of the peace
-, endeavour of Lord Carlisle for removal of

Broughton, Sir Brian, letters of
-, son of, candidate for fellowship at All Souls' College

Brouncker, Henry, petition of, referred

Brown, Gideon, minister at Leigerwood, warrant for presentation of

Browne, Gabriel Symon, grant of denization to
-, Gilbert, sometime of Bagby, warrant for pension to
-, Sir Richard, clerk of the Privy Council, petition for arrears of, as Resident at Paris, referred
-, Squire, of Frampton, refusal of, to be candidate for Dorset

Brownstowne and Kelloge, lands of, barony of Duleek, Meath, warrant for grant of

Broyle Park, Sussex, warrant for grant of

Bruce, Alexander, of Broomhall, deputy to the Vice-Admiral, the Earl of Kincardine, seals and locks ordered by, to be put on the hatches of the alleged prize of a Scotch privateer
-, sale of goods on the prize prejudiced by
-, Dr. Andrew, Archdeacon of St. Andrews, appointed chaplain to the king in Scotland
-, Sir Henry
-, Robert, Earl of Ailesbury, address for the dissolution of Parliament lost by vote of

Bruer, Martin, certificate of, having taken the oaths of allegiance and supremacy
-, grant of denization to

Bruges, letter from, mentioned

Brussels, the king's minister at, weavers, &c., with passes from

Brunskell, Peter, letter of

Brydall, Mr.

Buccleugh, Duke and Duchess of. See Scott, James and Anne, Duke and Duchess of Buccleugh and Monmouth.

Buckingham, Duke of. See Villiers, George, Duke of Buckingham.

Buckinghamshire, reasons why person should be excused for being sheriff of

Buckland Brewer, Devon, grant of fairs at

Buckler, William, warrant for payment to
-, and his son, warrant for grant of office of powder maker to

Buckmaster, Joseph, master carman to the Ordnance Office, request for payment out of money due to

Buckworth, Peter, New River share in possession of

Bude Bay, ship wrecked in

Bulkeley, Henry, gentleman of the Privy Chamber, warrant for swearing, as Master of the Household in reversion
-, warrant for taking, into custody and sending to the Tower
-, warrant for release of
-, Richard, son of Robert, Lord Bulkeley, pass to

Bull, John, bill for mourning bought from

Bullacke, John, mayor of Dover, letter of
-, and three jurats of Dover, letter of

Buller, Capt. Anthony, company of, commission in
-, Mr., commission in place of

Bulstrode, Henry, gentleman of the Privy Chamber, warrant for appointing, a commissioner for licensing hackney coaches
-, grant to
-, Philip, warrant for appointing, a commissioner for licensing hackney coaches
-, omitted in the warrant
-, Richard, agent to the Court at Brussels, intelligence from
-, privy seal for payment to

Burford, Mary, petition of, referred
-, husband of, keeper of New Park, killed by deerstealers
-, late surveyor-general of Jamaica

Burgesse, George, of the Inner Temple. See Cotter, Capt. James.

Burke, Lieut. Edmond, commission to
-, Capt., company of, commission in

Burkhead, Capt., commander of the Osterweeke

Burkin, Mr., member of the Clothworkers' Company

Burles, John, sent from Rye to receive moneys from Williamson

Burlington, Earl of. See Boyle, Richard, Earl of Cork and Burlington.

Burneffe (? Bourgeneuf), vessels from

Burnett, Alexander, Archbishop of Glasgow, warrant for payment of balance of allowance to
-, and the other Scottish bishops, instructions to be communicated to
-, See also Sharp, James, Archbishop of St. Andrews.
-, Alexander, a Romish priest, shipped from Dover to Calais
-, Robert, brother of Sir Alexander of Leyes, warrant for charter to
-, Thomas, Fellow of Christ's College, governor of the Earl of Wiltshire, dispensation to, for non-residence

Burnham, Barling and elsewhere in Essex, the fishermen and seamen of, petition of

Burren, barony of, Clare, transplanted lands in possession of Edmond Nugent in

Burrowes, Thomas, letters of

Burrowstowneness, vessel of

Burstow, Capt., of the Mary yacht, drowned

Burton, Philip, warrant for appointing, a commissioner for licensing hackney coaches

Bury St. Edmunds, appointment of keeper of the game within 20 miles of

Busby, Dr., headmaster of Westminster, Williamson's interest with, requested
-, known to be a morose person

Butler, James, Duke of Ormonde, caveats on behalf of
-, reference of petition of, recited
-, promise of, mentioned.
-, going from England to Ireland
-, sum disputed between, and the Treasury Commissioners in Ireland, and contract between, and the king
-, person who served under, in the wars in Ireland
-, person recommended by
-, former coachman of
-, to dine with Sir N. Herne
-, promise of the king to
-, sum payable to, out of the Irish revenue
-, as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, warrant from, mentioned
-, as Lord Steward of the Household, warrants to
-, and the officers of the Board of Greencloth, warrant to
-, as Chancellor of the University of Oxford, promise of the Lord Treasurer to
-, recommendation of, for leave to patentees of the Royal Oak lottery to exercise it at Oxford
-, See also Moncke, George, Duke of Albemarle.
-, John, third son of, warrant for creating Baron of Agherin, Viscount of Clonmore and Earl of Gowran in the peerage of Ireland
-, Thomas, Earl of Ossory, eldest son of, letter to, mentioned
-, remark of, on the quarrel between Lord Cavendish and Mr. Howard
-, William, horse taken out of Trumpington pound by
-, Capt., company of, commission in
-, Mr., passenger from Calais

Byam, Francis, Robert Coningsby and Richard Kingston, affidavits by, mentioned

Bytham Parva, Lincolnshire, rectory of, warrant for dispensation for holding another living with