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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1675-6. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1907.

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Cable, Capt., bound for Tangier, packets entrusted to

Cadington minor, prebend of, in St. Paul's, dispensation for holding in commendam

Cadiz, extract from letter dated from
-, vessels from, or for
-, vessel from, wrecked
-, vessel of
-, passenger to
-, the Dutch men-of-war departed from
-, delays of, in their voyage to, from the Texel
-, daily communication between, and Tangier
-, See also London.
-, Bay, Algerine men-of-war in

Caistor, Lord Yarmouth met by bailiffs, &c., of Yarmouth at

Caithness, Bishop of. See Forbes, Patrick, Bishop of Caithness.

Calais, packet-boats to, or from
-, passengers to, or from
-, person shipped to
-, mails from
-, certificate for horses to pass custom free at
-, vessels carried into
-, Dutch and Spanish force reported near, and siege of, apprehended
-, vessels from Dover for, stopped by Ostenders
-, pass for, desired
-, Dutch ship taken by an English master to
-, the President and judges of, letter to, requested

Cale, Thomas, postmaster of Bristol, letters of

Calmady, Josias, letter on behalf of

Calvin, John, and John Knox, rebellious treatment of kings and monarchy by

Cambridge, letters dated from
-, person sentenced to death at the sessions at
-, the town and University of, the justices of, petition of
-, University of, the, reasons of, for not obeying a king's letter
-, letter to, requested
-, Esquire Bedellship at, petition for
-, letter recommending person for
-, the Vice-Chancellor of, letters to
-, See also Boldero, Dr. Edmund; Barrow, Dr. Isaac.
-, and the Senate of, letters to
-, colleges of:
-, Pembroke Hall, letters dated from
-, Caius, the Master and Fellows of, letter to
-, Queen's the Fellows of, letter to
-, fellowship at, caveat concerning
-, note about
-, King's, the Vice-Provost and Fellows of, letter to
-, nomination of Provost of
-, Jesus, letter dated from
-, a Fellow of, accident at Newmarket caused by
-, Christ's, letter dated from
-, the Master and Fellows of, letters to
-, St. John's, cause between, and John Platt and others
-, fellowship at
-, the Master and Seniors of, letter to
-, Emmanuel, the Master and Fellows of, letter to
-, Sidney Sussex, the Master and Fellows of, letters to

Cambridgeshire assizes, the, persons condemned at
-, the justices of, certificate of

Campbell, Archibald, of Pearsie, memorial of protection to

Campricht, M., envoy of the Emperor, memorial of, about his master's passports

Campveer, removal of the Scots staple from

Canada, fishing ships from St. Malo for
-, French prize from and bad fishing at

Canaries, the, vessels from, or for
-, vessels laden with corn for
-, vessel from, wrecked
-, corn exported to
-, good vintage at

Cann, Sir Robert, letter of
-, elected Mayor of Bristol
-, and four aldermen, certificate by

Canning, Capt. George, and his crew, gift to, of proceeds of privateer taken by

Cannington and Rodaway, Somersetshire, action for recovery of lands in

Cannon, Mr. innkeeper in Fetter Lane, informations against
-, refusal of, to quarter a soldier
-, to be secured and brought before Williamson
-, to be taken into custody

Cannon Pyon, Herefordshire, letter dated from

Cant, Andrew, late minister in Edinburgh. See Turner, Archibald.

Cant, the, and the Oaze Edge buoy, the king anchored between

Canterbury, letter dated from
-, prebend at, promise of
-, affronts against one of the burgesses for
-, warrant for the incorporation of the Walloon congregation at
-, a skimington at
-, the Mayor of, dispute about the choice of
-, passages between, and Mr. Barrett
-, Archbishop of. See Sheldon, Dr. Gilbert, Archbishop of Canterbury.

Cantwell, Katherine, alias Butler, declared innocent by the Commissioners of the Court of Claims
-, copies of the claim and judgment of innocency of, to be produced

Cape, Francis, of Bassenthwaite Hall, Cumberland, letter on behalf of

Capel, Arthur, Earl of Essex, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, letter of, mentioned
-, orders of, that no soldiers be transported to France
-, commands or orders of, mentioned
-, proposals of, as to the Nominees
-, reports by
-, mentioned, or recited
-, referred
-, letters to
-, mentioned
-, letter to, requested
-, note of letter to
-, warrant to, to repair to the king's presence
-, warrants to
-, instructions to, requested
-, orders to, requested
-, order to, suggested
-, references to
-, mentioned
-, recommendation to, requested
-, rules and instructions for
-, mentioned
-, aversion of, to discoveries of forfeited concealed lands
-, complaint of, against Lord Tyrone, for going to England without licence
-, going to England
-, chief favourites of
-, arrival of, at Chester
-, departure of, from Chester
-, alleged partiality of, to Lord Loftus
-, hearing before
-, at the Committee for Irish affairs
-, unsuccessful application of Sir T. Aleyn to
-, said to be preparing for Ireland
-, return of, to Dublin, expected
-, information given by, about the mills at Kilmainham
-, thoughts of, on Sir William Talbot's letter
-, the king's pleasure in favour of Francis Sarsfield to be signified to
-, person recommended to
-, note of desire of
-, observations of, on the defalcations to be allowed to the Irish farmers
-, appointment by, of deputy governor of Drogheda
-, departure of, from London
-, See also Annesley, Arthur, Earl of Annesley; Finch, Heneage, Lord Finch, Lord Keeper; Osborne, Sir Thomas, Earl of Danby.

Carbery, Earl of. See Vaughan, Richard, Earl of Carbery.

Cardonnel, Adam de, letters of
-, letter recommending
-, Peter, son of
-, letter recommending
-, specimens of penmanship by
-, at Leyden

Cardross, the house of, party of the king's forces deforced by tumultuous assembly near
-, Lord. See Erskine, Henry, Lord Cardross.

Cards, certain geographical, copyright in, requested
-, granted

Care, Mr., of Harwich. See Langley, Capt. Thomas.

Careby, letter dated from

Carew, Sir Thomas, approbation of, as deputy lieutenant for Devon requested (John)
-, granted

Carf. See Coldaires.

Carisbrook Castle, appointment of governor of, in reversion

Carleton, Christopher, of Tullymargy, Devenish, Fermanagh, petition of
-, pardon to
-, Dr. Guy, Bishop of Bristol, activity of, against the Nonconformists
-, story of, and Mr. Jaques
-, denial that Nonconformists were badly treated in prison by order of

Carlile, Lodowick, gentleman of the Bows, illness of
-, death of

Carlingford, Earl of. See Taaffe, Theobald, Earl of Carlingford.

Carlisle, letter dated from
-, need of Sir C. Musgrave's company at
-, attendance of Sir P. Musgrave at
-, intention of sending Sir C. Musgrave to
-, requests for place in the Custom house at
-, the king and the Duke of York moved about the condition of
-, intention of Sir P. Musgrave to go to
-, the Dean and Chapter of, intended meeting of
-, Archdeacon of. See Musgrave, Thomas.
-, Bishop of. See Rainbow, Dr. Edward, Bishop of Carlisle.
-, Earl of. See Howard, Charles, Earl of Carlisle.
-, Countess of. See Hay, Lucy, Countess of Carlisle.

Carnagie, James, minister of Rogertoune, warrant for charter to

Carnegie, Anne, Countess of Southesk, warrant for payment to
-, sailing for Ostend
-, called by mistake Countess of Glasscoth
-, David, Earl of Northesk, warrant for charter on resignation of
-, James, of Phinhaven, second son of, warrant for charter to
-, Anna Lundin, wife of, grant to

Carnow, castle of. See Shillelagh.

Carnwath, Earl of. See Dalzell, James, Earl of Carnwath.

Carol, Francis, commission to

Carolina business, interest of Lord Shaftesbury, in the

Caron, Jaques or James, recommended for the freedom of the City
-, grant of denization to

Carpenter, Joshua, Henry Wentworth and others, conveyance to, mentioned
-, Mr., memorandum in favour of
-, request for entering

Carr, George, and others, letters patent granted to, for the use of William, Earl of Strafford
-, Dr. John, deputy professor of medicine, Cambridge, fellowship lately held by
-, See also Boldero, Dr. Edmund.
-, Sir Robert, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, letters of
-, references to
-, draft reference to
-, reports by
-, caveat on behalf of
-, command to, mentioned
-, warrant to
-, list of members of the House of Commons under the influence of
-, at Lynn
-, mother of
-, and the Attorney-General of the Duchy, letter to
-, Thomas, letter of
-, W., letter of

Carslake, William, to be arrested and brought before the Council
-, letters on behalf of

Carstaires, William, cashiered lieutenant, to be restored

Carteret, Sir Edward, first gentleman usher daily waiter, warrant for grant to
-, and John Mitton, caveat on behalf of
-, Sir George, Vice-Chamberlain
-, petition of, referred
-, warrant for repairing a room at Whitehall near the room of
-, desire of the Lord Lieutenant that nothing pass concerning the accounts of
-, Sir Philip, notes about action in Jersey in which, was concerned

Cartwright, Thomas, D.D., chaplain to the king, presentation of, to the deanery of Ripon
-, William, approbation of, as deputy lieutenant for Nottinghamshire requested

Cary, Dr. Nicholas, desired by a friend to get something printed
-, John, Master of the Buckhounds

Cassells, Capt. John, slain at sea
-, Rose, widow of, warrant for grant of pension to

Castilian, Dr. John, promised the deanery of Rochester

Castlehaven, Earl of. See Tuchet, James, Earl of Castlehaven.

Castlehay Park. See Tutbury.

Castleton, Viscountess. See Saunderson, Sarah, Viscountess Castleton.

Castletown, Isle of Man, account dated from
-, sum allowed to school at

Catherine of Braganza Queen, petition to, and permission from
-, mentioned
-, rent payable to
-, warrant for appointment of Lord Chamberlain to
-, lands in jointure to, petitions for leases of
-, report concerning
-, leasing powers of
-, reported interview of the Duchess of Portsmouth with
-, attendants of, heads in the Bill for securing the Protestant religion about
-, the trustees of, draft warrant to
-, Lord Chamberlain to, See Mello, Cond Don Francisco de.
-, frigate of. See Soudades, the.

Catlin, Sir Knevett, the popular candidate for Norfolk
-, attending Lord Yarmouth on his visit to Yarmouth

Catterick, Yorkshire, petition for keeping markets and fairs at, referred
-, caveat concerning market at

Caudebecs, a sort of hat called

Cauwell, John, grant of denization to

Cavendish, William, Duke of Newcastle, approbation of a deputy lieutenant requested by
-, Henry, Earl of Ogle, afterwards Duke of Newcastle, son of
-, letters of
-, appointed governor of Berwick, and orders of, to be obeyed by governor of Holy Island and Ferne Island
-, William, Lord Cavendish, letter of, mentioned
-, reconciliation between, and Mr. Howard

Caviare, request that the new contract for, in Russia might be renewed to the English

Cayroze, Louis, merchant of London, statements concerning goods of, on neutral ship, seized by Ostenders

Cecil, James, Earl of Salisbury, at Lord Shaftesbury's

Ceely, John, M.A., prebendary of Exeter, letters recommending
-, letter in favour of, mentioned

Cente, John, grant of denization to

Cephalonia, vessel for

Cerda, Domingo de la, grant of denization to

Ceremonies, office of Master of the, warrant for grant of

Ceuta, importation of produce of Barbary into Spain forbidden that had not paid customs at

Chamberlaine, Elizabeth, prisoner in Newgate, warrant for pardon to

Chambry, former residence of the Duchess of Mazarin

Chambre, Calcot, purchase of the half barony of Shillelagh and castle of Carnow by
-, will and death of
-, Calcot, son of, contrivances to induce, to sell his estate at an under value
-, will and death of
-, Mary, widow of, subsequent marriages of, to Job Ward and William Eyre
-, death of
-, Calcot, infant son of
-, daughter of, marriage of, to Alexander, son of Col. James Temple
-, undutiful conduct of, to her mother
-, Mr. of Minmore, uncle of

Champ, Robert, potter in St. Giles', landlord of Catherine Knight
-, warrant for apprehending, and bringing before Williamson

Champion, Richard, keeper of the king's privy lodgings, petition of, referred

Chancery, warrant for grant of office of chafewax in
-, registrarship in, caccat concerning

Chandler, Lieut. Richard, men transported to Holland by

Channel, the English, English, French, and Algerine men-of-war in
-, Englishmen plundered by Spanish, French and Dutch capers in

Chantillien, Brittany, mutineers at

Chapel Izod, houses and lands near, warrant for grant of, and lease of, recited

Chaplin, Sir Francis, letter to

Chapman, Thomas, M.A., of Pembroke Hall, consent to application by, for dispensation
-, letter recommending

Charente, vessels from, or for
-, men-of-war fitting out at

Charleboyes road near Rochelle, Dutch ships in

Charlemont, reported surrender of, to the Prince of Orange

Charleroi, the Prince of Orange encamped near
-, reported intention of the Prince of Orange to besiege

Charles I., or the late king, services to, or sufferings for
-, testimony of, to Lord Aston's merits
-, grants by, mentioned
-, grant by, recited
-, person convicted and attainted for murder of
-, lease by, mentioned
-, promise of, mentioned
-, act of surrender by the abbots and lords of erection in favour of, in 1638
-, design of the Long Parliament to reduce, to straits
-, tack by, recited
-, debt due from
-, pension granted by
-, sum lent to, at Newcastle
-, alleged letters patent and privy seals from
-, direction of, about chapter leases
-, said to be illegitimate
-, and the Privy Council, matters of trade referred by, to the committee procured by Hugh Morrell

Charles II., or the King, or his Majesty letters of
-, note of letter of
-, letters of, mentioned
-, recited
-, letters from, requested
-, draft of proposed letter of
-, letters to be prepared for signature of
-, letters to be procured from
-, packet of
-, sign manual of
-, speeches of, to both Houses of Parliament
-, mentioned
-, copy of, requested
-, libel counterfeiting speech of
-, messages of, to the House of Commons during the session of
-, answers of, to addresses of the House of Commons
-, mentioned
-, address of the House of Lords to, mentioned
-, answer of, to
-, warrants from
-, warrants from, mentioned
-, warrant from, taken away by the Lord Mayor of York
-, warrants to be prepared for signature of
-, warrant from, payments to be made by
-, orders, or commands or directions of, mentioned
-, order or commands from, requested
-, order to be procured from
-, instructions of, to the Archbishop of St. Andrews
-, rules and instructions from, to the Lord Lieutenant
-, mentioned
-, message from, to Lord Shaftesbury
-, mentioned
-, paper signed by
-, paper delivered to Williamson by
-, ratification of tack by, recited
-, pleasure of, signified
-, pleasure of, mentioned
-, pleasure of, requested
-, promises of, mentioned
-, approbation by, of deputy lieutenants requested
-, granted
-, approbation of elections of town clerks by
-, approbation of election of recorder by
-, assent of, to elections to bishoprics
-, approbation by, of minister chosen by the French congregation in London
-, declaration by, of 30 Nov., 1660, concerning the settlement of Ireland
-, that he would not wear any foreign points or laces, and order of, forbidding the wearing of them
-, concerning the provision of coats of arms, &c., for the kings of arms, heralds and pursuivants
-, the late Indulgence granted by
-, recall of
-, pass from, mentioned
-, objections of, to a scheme for setting up the fishing trade
-, gift by, for the clergy and schools of the Isle of Man
-, gifts or grants by, mentioned
-, letters to
-, mentioned
-, letter to be presented to
-, letters or papers read by, or shown to, or delivered to
-, paper presented to, by M. St. Germain
-, petitions to
-, mentioned
-, memorials delivered to
-, reports to
-, memorandum or certificate of leave being taken of
-, services to, or sufferings for
-, Treaty Marine between, and the States General
-, copy of, to be transmitted to the East India Company
-, the opinions of Sir G. Downing and his colleagues desired concerning
-, and the Treaty of Navigation and Commerce between, and the States General
-, person who conducted from Worcester to Whiteladies
-, reported postponement of journey of, to Newmarket
-, commission to command during absence of
-, Sir G. Talbot's business referred by
-, accounts of doings of, at Newmarket
-, requested to return sooner on account of the disturbances in the Common Council
-, sensible of the mischief done by clippers
-, regulations made in Council by, for the Newfoundland ships, mentioned
-, person who preached before
-, livings in the gift of, requests for
-, debts due from
-, satisfaction of, with the Provost &c. of St. Andrews
-, conduct of, to the Bankers
-, horses sent by, to France as presents
-, satisfaction at good thoughts of, of the Parliament, and at his opinion of establishing the Protestant religion
-, said to have sent physicians to the Prince of Orange
-, saying of, that he could not do without bishops and common prayer
-, horses of, at Newmarket
-, preservation of, after the battle of Worcester
-, money advanced to, on the Acts for impositions on wines
-, article agreed between, and the States General for preventing differences between the English and Dutch East India Companies
-, right of presentation of, to the rectory of Orsett
-, said to be ruled by whores and ladies of pleasure
-, chirurgeon sent by, to attend Matthew Robinson
-, contract between, and the Duke of Ormonde
-, intending for Windsor
-, lands forfeited to
-, tavern near the palace of Greenwich conveyed to
-, sum advanced by, to the sutlers for the regiments at Blackheath
-, clothiers summoned to attend, about regulating English manufactures
-, intended visit of, to Deal
-, intention of, to call a Parliament in Ireland
-, embarcation of, at Gravesend
-, accounts of voyage of, to Portsmouth
-, forced back to the Downs by bad weather
-, report of intended visit of, to Pendennis
-, departure of, for Portsmouth
-, at anchor under Dunnose
-, arrival of, at the Isle of Wight
-, at Portsmouth
-, proceedings of, at Portsmouth
-, to dine with Mr. Noel at Titchfield
-, report that, is gone to see the King of France
-, dinner of, at Titchfield and embarcation of, for London
-, persons knighted by
-, arrival of, in the Downs
-, passed by Dover
-, licence from, to dig for money requested
-, gracious intentions of, to Sir C. Musgrave
-, desirous to have a perfect kindness and confidence between the Prince of Orange and himself
-, reported intention of, to allow meetings of his Protestant subjects
-, forfeitures due to, from the East India Company, grant of moiety of
-, opinions of, about the disturbances in London, the punishment of the rioters and Sir J. Robinson's conduct
-, intercession with, requested
-, thanks of, sent to Sir N. Herne
-, titles of the Dukes of Lenox descended to
-, the Exchequer shut up by
-, informed of the condition of Cumberland and Westmorland by Sir C. Musgrave
-, resolved that Parliament should meet 13 Oct.
-, wonderful fortune of, since his escape at Worcester
-, sum lent by, for empaling Windsor Great Park
-, power to, in contract with the new Farmers of the revenue in Ireland to remit 1,000l. per annum quit-rents without defalcation
-, request to be informed if, has appointed a time to speak with the ministers of the confederates
-, reasons against the exportation of unmanufactured leather offered to
-, requested to discountenance the wearing of foreign manufactures
-, suggestion that, should establish a register of land transfers
-, pumping engine tried before, in St. James' Park
-, statement that, was a Catholic at heart
-, money lent to, by Sir John Lethieullier
-, alleged threats against, if he favoured the Roman Church or was of that religion
-, works of M. Morel presented to
-, bounty refused by, on the ground that he was a poor man
-, cupbearer of, when Prince of Wales
-, libraries of, caveat concerning keepership of, requested
-, granted
-, persons touched by, for the evil
-, reports that, had sold Tangier and was going to sell all the English plantations and was going to live in France with Madam Carwell
-, report that, had shut up the Exchequer
-, need of, to secure the City of London before a dissolution
-, averse from a dissolution
-, horses presented by the King of Spain to
-, moved about the condition of Carlisle
-, reported intention of, to call a new Parliament
-, the late peace between, and Algiers
-, report that, had been murdered or wounded by the Duke of York
-, authors of
-, permission from the Queen to endeavour for, authorizing her trustees to grant a lease
-, intention of, to take away pensions
-, shot fired as, went by
-, intention of, to return to London 27 March
-, report that the Duchess of Mazarin had come over to be mistress to
-, weakness of, for women
-, list of members of the House of Commons under the influence of
-, arguments as to power of, to dispense with the Test Act
-, marriage contract attested by
-, demands of, from the new Farmers of the Irish revenue
-, 20,000l. reserved to, out of the Irish revenue
-, appropriated to the building of Windsor Castle
-, money lent by, to Lord Ranelagh
-, reported leave given by, to the French king to raise men in England, Ireland and Scotland
-, money advanced by new Farmers of the Irish revenue for use of
-, wish of, for an extension of the neutral territory about Nimeguen
-, report that, had publicly showed himself
-, hopes that, will call a new Parliament
-, sum to be allowed by, to Lord Ranelagh and his partners
-, suggestion that, should wear English woollen manufactures
-, orders concerning the serjeant chirurgeons, the chirurgeon to the person, and the chirurgeon to the Household at healings by
-, present at the arguments about the clothiers' complaints
-, promise of, to endeavour Prince William of Frstenberg's liberty
-, called Charles Barry and said to be illegitimate
-, matters entrusted by, to Thomas Hartopp
-, refusal of, to have a grant of lands in Ireland passed in England without the Lord Lieutenant's consent
-, good offices of, towards France desired by the Elector Palatine
-, request to, by the University of Heidelberg to be commended to the King of France
-, visit of, to Windsor
-, Sir T. Player and others sometimes drinking with, at W. Chiffinoh's
-, Holland inclined to make, arbitrator of the disputed points about the negotiations
-, called colonel of the royal regiment of fops
-, assisted before and after being in Scotland by Sir James and Sir John Maclier
-, yacht of, ashore but got off
-, Household of:
-, Lord Steward of. See Butler, James, Duke of Ormonde.
-, Green Cloth, the officers of, order to be given to
-, Lord Chamberlain's department:
-, Lord Chamberlain. See Bennet, Henry, Earl of Arlington.
-, Vice-Chamberlain. See Carteret, Sir George.
-, Treasurer of the Chamber. See Griffin, Sir Edward.
-, Bedchamber, Grooms of the. See Eliott, Thomas; Felton, Thomas; Grenville, Bernard; Guy, Henry; Killigrew, Thomas; Progers, Edward; Seymour, Henry; Skelton, Capt. Bevil; Titus, Col. Silius; Walter, David.
-, Cup bearers. See Lyttelton, Sir Charles; Pettus, Sir John.
-, Master of the Music. See Grabu, Lewis; Staggins, Nicholas.
-, Physician of. See Sherley, Dr. Thomas.
-, Surgeon of. See Forcade, Monsieur.
-, Chapel Royal, the, warrant for delivery of various articles for
-, Deans of. See Blandford, Dr. Walter, Bishop of Worcester; Compton, Dr. Henry, Bishop of Oxford.
-, Gentlemen of the, warrant for payment to, in lieu of deer
-, Closet, the, warrant for delivery of various articles for
-, Chaplains of. See Bradford, Dr. John; Brval, Dr. Francis Durand de; Cartwright, Dr. Thomas; Durell, Dr. John; Fleetwood, Dr. James; James, Henry, B.D.: Lloyd, Dr. William.
-, Master of the Horse. See Scott, James, Duke of Monmouth.
-, additions to be made to the establishment of the stables.
-, Master of the Buckhounds. See Cary, John.
-, grant of office of, in reversion
-, Mastership of the Hawks, grant of
-, Knight Harbinger, place of, caveat concerning
-, Knight Marshal and Marshal of the Marshalsea, warrant for new grant of offices of
-, Printers to. See Bill, J., and Barker, J.; Dawkes, Thomas; Norton, Roger; Roycroft, Thomas.
-, Yeoman of the Guard of, the grant of fees to the corporals of
-, warrant for delivery of liveries and partizans for
-, natural children of, conversion of, from Popery
-, See also Fitz-Charles, Charles, Earl of Plymouth; Fitzroy, Charles, Duke of Southampton; Fitzroy, George, Earl of Northumberland; Fitzroy, Henry, Duke of Grafton; Lenox, Charles, Duke of Richmond; Scott, James, Duke of Monmouth; Lee, Charlotte, Countess of Lichfield.
-, in Council, person to be brought before
-, and the Privy Council, information to be given to
-, petitions to, mentioned
-, intended petition to
-, appearances before
-, articles exhibited against James Houseman before
-, meeting of
-, and the Parliament, petition to
-, case presented to

Charles V., the Emperor, tax on imports to Flanders imposed by
-, memory of, revered in Flanders for establishing a land registry

Charleton, Sir Job, M.P., memorandum of letter to
-, election of, to recordership of Ludlow approved

Charleville, inclination of the French king to withdraw his ambassadors from

Charterhouse, the, or Sutton's Hospital, the Governors of, letter to
-, recommendation to, requested

Chase, Stephen, the father, and Stephen, his son, holders of the office of chafewax in Chancery

Chatham, the Dutch at, in

Chaulnes, the Duc de, Governor of Brittany, wounded by the insurgents
-, at Brest
-, forced to abscond
-, fled to Port Louis
-, great force collected by
-, at Morlaix
-, difference between officers of, and the Grand Provost of Morlaix
-, looking after the heads of the rebels
-, refusal of Rennes to admit forces of
-, with his army in and about Morlaix

Chaunston, Herefordshire, letters dated from

Cherbourg, vessel from
-, privateer of.
-, horses to be convoyed to

Chertsey, manor of, caveat concerning grant of
-, Weybridge, and Walton on Thames, manors of, petition for lease of lands in

Cheshire, approbation of deputy lieutenants of

Chester, letters dated from
-, vessels for, or from
-, travellers to, or from
-, case between Col. Robert Werden and William Williams concerning election at
-, arrival of the Lord Lieutenant and others at
-, Irish cattle commonly brought to
-, Bishop of. See Pearson, Dr. John; Wilkins, Dr. John, Bishops of Chester.
-, Castle, letter dated from

Chettwin, , commission to

Chetwynd, Walter, M.P. for Stafford
-, letter of, and illness of
-, William, letters of
-, house of, Williamson's health drunk at

Cheveley, grant of an old way to Newmarket from, requested
-, granted
-, park of Henry Jermyn at

Chicheley, Sir Thomas, Master-General of the Ordnance, letter to, requested
-, warrants to
-, reference to, mentioned
-, representation of, about Hurst Castle
-, caveat on behalf of
-, and the other officers of the Ordnance, warrant to

Chichester, Arthur, Earl of Donegall, gone to Holyhead
-, at Holyhead
-, John, approbation of, as deputy lieutenant for Devon requested
-, granted
-, Capt., gone to Holyhead
-, at Holyhead

Chichester, the Chapterhouse at, certificate dated from
-, royal assent to election of Bishop of
-, the bishopric of, restitution of the temporalities of
-, instalment of first fruits made of
-, the Dean and Chapter of, certificate by
-, Bishop of. See Brideoke, Dr. Ralph, Bishop of Chichester.

Chiffinch, Thomas, late Keeper of the Closet, deceased, money paid to
-, Dorothy, relict of, petition of, and discharge to, ordered
-, Thomas, chief searcher at Gravesend, grant in reversion after
-, Thomas, son of, grant to
-, William
-, letter to, mentioned
-, note by
-, money to be paid to
-, house of, Sir T. Player and others sometimes drinking with the king at
-, of opinion, it had been better not to have sent the message to Lord Shaftesbury
-, See also Wilmot, John, Earl of Rochester.
-, , seamstress and laundress to the king

Child, Robert, death of
-, and Thomas Turner, grant to, recited
-, Dr.

Childerley, Cambridgeshire. appointment of keeper of the game within ten miles of

Chili, the Governor of, information communicated by, to the ViceKing of Lima

Chiloe, the islands of, description of
-, some English reported to be on one of

Chilton, Thomas, commission to

Chippenham, Wiltshire. inquisition holden at, report of
-, mentioned

Chiswel, Mr. See Basset, Mr.

Chiswick, letters dated from

Choke, Major, certificate concerning necklace invented by

Cholmeley, Sir Hugh, the committee for the accounts of

Cholmondeley, Thomas, M.P., memorandum of letter to
-, going to London from Chester
-, and Mr. Bankes, trustees of his Majesty's bounty to the Isle of Man
-, See also Stanley, William, Earl of Derby.

Christchurch, Hampshire, work of making the Avon navigable from, to Salisbury

Christian, Edward, petition of, referred
-, father-in-law of, debt due to
-, William, letter of
-, chosen sheriff of Newcastle, and hoping to be elected for Durham
-, son of, illness of
-, See also Anderson, Sir Francis.

Chudleigh, Thomas, secretary of the extraordinary embassy to Nimeguen, privy seal for equipage and entertainment of, mentioned
-, certificate of date of, taking leave of the king

Church, Percy, deceased, grant of illegal legacies of, to monasteries and nunneries abroad
-, executors of. See Brent. William.

Churchill, Sir Winston, caveat on behalf of
-, Charles, son of, commission to, and warrant for passing, in musters
-, George, son of, commission to
-, warrant for mustering, while at sea
-, Col. John, son of, passenger to Dieppe
-, companies of regiment of, incorporated into the Royal English regiment
-, certificate and declaration of the Duke of Monmouth concerning
-, company of, commissions in
-, ensign of
-, Capt., to be in Capt. Tuite's place

Clais, Seger, grant of denization to

Clancarty, Earl of. See McCarty, Callaghan and Donough, Earls of Clancarty.

Clapmues, Adrian, grant of denization to

Clappertoun, George, of Wylliecleugh, warrant for charter to
-, John, minister at Zara, warrant for charter on resignation of

Clare, Mayo and Galway, warrant for grant of lands in
-, See also Connaught and Wicklow.

Clare, Lord. See Holles, Gilbert, Earl of Clare, and O'Brien, Daniel, Viscount Clare.

Clarendon, Earl of. See Hyde, Edward, Earl of Clarendon.

Clark, John, M.P. for Cockermouth, death of

Clarke, Adrian, grant of denization to
-, Andrew, printer
-, Sir Francis, petition of, referred
-, George, of Gloucester, letter of
-, accused of writing scandalous verses
-, Henry, M.P., memorandum of letter to
-, Dr. Henry, President of Magdalen College, person recommended to, for demyship
-, Robert, letter of
-, Robert, late Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, death of
-, Sir Samuel, application of, on behalf of his lieutenant
-, commission to

Clashafree. See Dromkeene.

Clavering, Sir James, candidate for Durham county
-, suggestion that on Mr. Vane's death, might be declared returned

Clayne, John Johnson, grant of denization to

Clayton, Sir John, opinions of the different Trinity Houses on the lighthouses projected by
-, Col. Randolph, to be sworn a privy counsellor in Ireland
-, See also Boyle, Richard, Earl of Cork and Burlington.
-, Sir Robert, at Lord Shaftes bury's house
-, Sir Thomas, Warden of Merton College, to be moved on behalf of a candidate for a fellowship

Cleater, Robert. See Royston, Richard.

Cledowne, Manuel, of Candia, pass for
-, taken with his wife and children and carried into Tripoli

Clements, Capt.
-, gold chain and medal given to

Cleonger, letter dated from

Clergy, the tenths of the, request for grant of arrears of
-, Act for levying (I Eliz. c. 4)

Clerk, James, petition of, referred

Clerke, Edward, son of Henry, overtures of marriage between, and Mistress Olfield

Cleveland, Duchess of. See Palmer, Barbara, Duchess of Cleveland.
-, Earl of. See Wentworth, Thomas, Earl of Cleveland.

Clifford, Sir Thomas, Lord Clifford of Chudleigh, Lord Treasurer, deceased, assessment remitted to London in time of
-, money paid by direction of
-, lease in trust for, mentioned
-, Elizabeth, Lady Clifford, relict of, petitions of
-, report on
-, petition of, mentioned, and proceedings in ejectment against lessee of
-, Capt., commission to

Clontarf, town and island of, and lands of Hollybrook, grant of, recited
-, to be erected into the manor of Clontarf

Clothiers, the, to attend his Majesty about clothing and English manufactures
-, complaints of, against the Guinea Company

Clutterbuck, Sir Thomas, letter of
-, note as how, has been paid

Clutton, letter dated from

Clynton, Robert, petition of

Coaches, petitions for patents for inventions about

Coals. Act for levying imposition on (18 and 19 Car. II. c. 8)
-, expedients proposed for lessening price of

Coast, William. See Winter, Owen.

Coast [of Coromandel], the, East Indiaman from

Cobb, Thomas, letter recommending

Cobett, Robert, to be committed to the Tower

Cockermouth, letter dated from
-, death of member for
-, candidate for

Coe, William, pardon for killing

Coffee-house conversation, a

Coffee-houses, proclamation for the suppression of
-, notes of debate in the Council about licences to
-, note of the judges' opinion about
-, proclamation extending time for suppression of, and form of recognizance to be taken by keepers of

Cokaine, Andrew, yeoman rider to the King, warrant for payment to

Cokayne, Brian, Viscount Cullen, letter of, and account of extraordinary expenses of, for his Majesty

Coke, Robert, of Holkham, candidate for Lynn
-, visit of, to Lynn
-, elected for Lynn

Coker, Sir Henry, approved as deputy lieutenant for Wiltshire

Colchester, letter dated from
-, post to
-, person bred near
-, to be included in Mr. Deerham's bill
-, riot of the weavers at
-, St. Mary's churchyard and St. John's fields at, assemblies of the weavers in
-, the Bay Hall at, person to be set in the pillory at

Coldaires, Tynnaffs and Auchairne, and half the kirk lands of the Kirk of Dull, comprehending the lands of Carf and other lands, warrant for charter of

Cole, Ann, letter of
-, Anthony, master of the Hopeful of London, vessel of, lost
-, Sir John, to be sworn and admitted a Privy Councillor in Ireland
-, See also Boyle, Richard, Earl of Cork and Burlington.
-, Thomas, ensign to Capt. Walters' company, certificate concerning
-, Capt., commission in place of
-, Lieut., to have the first vacant lieutenancy in the Duke of Monmouth's regiment
-, Mr., merchant in Bartholomew Lane, letter of, mentioned

Coleraine, Lord. See Hare, John, Lord Coleraine.

Coleshill Hall, letter dated from

Coling, Richard, note by
-, Charles, son of. See Griffith, John.

Collie Weston, Northamptonshire, living of

Collingwood, Daniel, commander of Holy and Ferne Islands, to obey the commands of the governor of Berwick
-, warrant for delivery of ordnance &c. to

Collins, Peter, committed to Newgate
-, , Master of Magdalen School, Oxford
-, , a receiver, arrear due from

Collyer, John. See Ivery, Anne.

Cologne, the late intended treaty at
-, Mr. Skelton to be at

Coloony, Lord. See Coote, Richard, Lord Coote of Colony.

Colster, Sir William, commission to

Colston, Edward, and Richard Stanley, allegations of, touching a ship's freedom
-, ship bought by, from the commissioners for prizes at Tangier
-, See also Coulson.

Combes, John, mercer, of London, petition of
-, pardon granted at request of

Combley, George, commission to

Common Pleas, the Court of, office of custos brevium of

Commons, the House of, copies of the King's messages to
-, accounts of proceedings in
-, rolls of Parliament tendered to, about their continuing to meet, while any petitions were depending
-, appointment of committee of, to review bills depending, quotations from law books concerning
-, bill to prevent members of, from taking any public office
-, address of, against the Duke of Lauderdale
-, proposed petition of the Papists to
-, requests to
-, account of proceedings in, relative to the difference with the House of Lords
-, message from, mentioned
-, sermon said to have been preached before
-, report that members of, put their hands on their swords in the House
-, address to, attacking the King and the Prince of Orange, and setting forth the danger of the Protestant interest
-, wish of the Dutch and Spanish ambassadors that, would outlaw all going into foreign service against the proclamation
-, desire that, would make an address for calling home the forces before the late peace
-, heads of bills brought into
-, conference about, attaching Crispe's counsel
-, counsel in an appeal to the House of Lords arrested by
-, caveat concerning the office of serjeant at arms to
-, lists of members of
-, extracts from Journals of
-, test proposed for purging members of
-, petitions or complaints to
-, reasons against or in favour of the exportation of English or Irish wool offered to
-, votes of, on Dr. Shirley's case
-, notice by, of Lord Lauderdale's carrying the sword at the prorogation
-, estimate of stores for ships presented to

Composition Trade, the, to be discussed before the Committee of Trade
-, notes by Williamson concerning
-, effects of, set up in Dover in

Compton, Sir Francis, M.P., memorandum of letter to
-, Dr. Henry, Bishop of Oxford, letter of
-, warrant for appointment of, as Dean of the Chapel Royal
-, the king's pleasure signified by
-, to be translated to London
-, canonry void by translation of
-, coming to Oxford
-, dispensation to
-, certificate of election of
-, royal assent to, and confirmation of election of
-, warrant for restitution of temporalities to
-, money sent by Williamson through
-, removal of, to London
-, homage of
-, James, Earl of Northampton, warrants for grant to, of office of Constable of the Tower
-, order to
-, warrant for pension to
-, a leader at the meeting about rebuilding Northampton

Conant, Dr. John
-, escape of house of, at Northampton
-, son of

Cond, the Prince de, motion of, in Brabant and Flanders
-, reported intention of, to seize Brittany
-, reported to be slain
-, retreat of army of, to Brisach
-, all his horse placed in fresh quarters by
-, son of, Duc d'Enghien, reported to be slain

Confederates, the, reported invasion of France by
-, request to be informed if the king has appointed a time to speak to the ministers of

Coningsby, Robert. See Byam, Francis.

Coningsmarck, Count, expected at Harwich
-, departure of, for Hamburg

Connaught, lands in, person constrained to take
-, enjoyed by transplanted persons
-, abolition of the Presidency of
-, and Clare, commissioners to be appointed to determine the claims of all transplanted persons in
-, See also Wicklow.

Connecticut, the patentees of, caveat against anything passing in favour of, to the prejudice of the Duke of York's interest in New York
-, request for entering

Conny, John, Mayor of Rochester, letter of

Conquett, Britanny, vessel from
-, Road, vessel in

Conscience, reasons against the Act for erecting a court of

Contales, Bartholomew, grant of denization to

Conventicles, the Act against (22 Car. II. c. 1)
-, field, in Scotland, gift of escheated goods of persons frequenting

Conway, Edward, Viscount Conway, letters of, mentioned
-, letter to
-, Edward, Viscount Conway, grandfather of, statement of, about the penal laws

Conyers, Capt., dinner of the Bishop of Durham at the house of

Conyngham, Sir Albert, warrant for grant of fairs and market to.

Cook, Mr. See Nicholas, Mr.

Cooke, Capt. Edmund, petition of, recited
-, ship and cargo of, taken by the Spaniards
-, James, chosen Mayor of Stockton
-, John, clerk in Secretary Coventry's office, letter of
-, Richard, deceased, alleged will of
-, Thomas, Master of the Tennis Courts
-, William, letter of
-, Papcastle and Dovenby in Cumberland purchased by
-, William, and John, and John Hoskins or Heskins, petition of, referred
-, petition of
-, warrant for pardon to
-, Capt., attending Lord Yarmouth in his visit to Yarmouth
-, Col.

Cookham and Bray, claim of Maidenhead to take oaks in the king's manors or the seven hundreds of

Cooksey, Edward. See Jennings, Edward.

Coombe, vessel from

Cooper, Anthony Ashley, Earl of Shaftesbury, letter attributed to
-, a supporter of Mr. Moore at the Dorset election
-, as treasurer of the proceeds of sale of prizes, money paid by
-, notes of speech of
-, address for a dissolution seconded by
-, speeches of, mentioned
-, narratives by Williamson of his interview with
-, message to, from the King by Williamson to retire into the country
-, mentioned
-, reply of
-, business of, concerning Exeter House and interests of, in the African Company and the Carolina business
-, house of, persons at
-, meeting at
-, talking at his usual rate
-, John's coffee-house frequented by
-, making merry at the message to him
-, condemned by his friends for what he had reported he had said to Williamson
-, Anthony Ashley, Lord Ashley, son of, visit of, to Weymouth
-, interest of, exerted in Mr. Moore's favour

Coote, Charles, Earl of Mountrath, by his guardian, Alice, Countess Dowager of Mountrath, petition of, referred
-, report on
-, referred
-, petition of
-, Richard, Lord Coote of Coloony. See Boyle, Richard, Earl of Cork and Burlington.

Copenhagen, Englishman unjustly imprisoned at

Coplestone, Sir John, trustee of Lady Clifford, proceedings in ejectment against, by James Percy's lessee

Copper blanks for farthings, state of the case touching the providing of

Coppow, Capt., commander of the Mary Rose, order for, mentioned

Corbin, Capt. Thomas, surveyor general of the king's woods beyond Trent, petition of, referred

Cork, vessels of
-, vessels for, or from
-, the Earl of Inchiquin to take in his lady at
-, seamen hanged at
-, ship formerly carried into, by pirates, wrecked
-, corporation of, the, all the income of, derived from fines, &c.
-, Bishop of. See Synge, Edward, Bishop of Cork.
-, Earl of. See Boyle, Richard, Earl of Cork and Burlington.
-, county of, lands belonging to Sir P. Percival in

Corn, Act encouraging the exportation of (22 Car. II., c. 13)
-, being bought up, for exportation

Cornelis, Jacob, grant of denization to
-, John, grant of denization to

Cornelison, Leonard, grant of denization to

Cornelisse, Dirick, grant of denization to

Cornelisson, Jacob, grant of denization to

Cornewall, Edward

Cornouaille in Brittany, mutineers in
-, soldiers quartered in

Cornwall, petition for arrears of hearthmoney in

Cornwallis, Charles, Lord Cornwallis, missing in the Katherine yacht
-, privy seal for payment to

Corunna (the Groyne), vessels for, or from
-, caper of, English ship plundered by

Coryton, William, petition of, referred

Cosby, Alexander, petition of, mentioned, and licence to, to grant leases
-, Richard, ancestor of, grant to, recited

Cotes Magna, Lincolnshire, rectory of, warrant for dispensation for holding

Cotter, Garrett, of St. Martin's in the Fields, grant of offices of secretary and marshal of Nevis and other islands to
-, Capt. James, James, his nephew, and George Burgesse, grant for lives of, and the life of the survivor of

Cotterell, Sir Charles, Master of the Ceremonies, influence of, requested
-, Charles, son of, warrant for grant to, of office of Master of the Ceremonies
-, James, printer

Cotton, Sir John, M.P., memorandum of letter to

Couch, John, of the parish of St. Mary, Savoy, informations of

Coulson (Colston), Mr., of Lisbon, murder of

Council of State, the, Lord Loftus said to have been put in possession of disputed estate by
-, Acts of, lost

Council, the Privy
-, letter of
-, orders in
-, mentioned
-, minutes of proceedings in
-, mentioned
-, letter to be communicated to
-, narrative of proceedings of, for suppressing the tumult of the weavers
-, order of, about Sir J. Robinson sent to the King
-, persons to be brought before
-, proclamation read and approved in
-, question whether business for the Committee for Trade be referred to them by
-, notes by Williamson of the debate in, about licences to coffee-houses
-, of arguments in, on the complaints of the clothiers
-, bond for appearance before
-, seditious words spoken at Sittingbourne to be considered by
-, the Committee of, for the affairs of Hamburg
-, See also Charles II

Courcy, John de, Lord Kingsale, death of
-, Patrick de, son of, Lord Kingsale, deceased, pension of
-, Ellen de, Lady Kingsale, mother and administratrix of, petition of, referred

Court martial, sentence of a

Courtenay, Capt. Francis, frigate of
-, William, M.P., gone to London

Coventry, Henry, Secretary of State
-, letters of
-, mentioned
-, circular letter to members of Parliament from
-, letters to
-, mentioned
-, list of ships in the Downs addressed to
-, report by
-, commands of, mentioned
-, servants of, allowed their letters free
-, caveats on behalf of
-, requested by
-, warrant stopped in hands of
-, account of outrage on Rye fishing boat sent to
-, person in trouble by
-, change of, from the Northern Province
-, relation of, a candidate for a fellowship of Magdalen
-, account of proceedings in London sent to the King through
-, petition against Lord Culpeper delivered by
-, persons to be brought before
-, indisposition of
-, reasons of, for signing the accounts of Sir W. Lockhart's equipage
-, list of members of Parliament under the influence of
-, claims of, on the profits of the Doubling Ordinance satisfied
-, the University of Heidel burg to be commended to the French King through
-, and Sir J. Williamson, letter of
-, See also Finch, Sir Heneage, Lord Finch, Lord Keeper; Osborne, Sir Thomas, Earl of Danby.
-, Sir John, K.B., approbation of, as a deputy lieutenant requested
-, Thomas, M.P., memorandum of letter to

Coverham, caveat concerning lead mine in lands anciently belonging to monastry of, in Swineside in Coverdale, Yorkshire

Cowhairdie, town and lands of, warrant for charter of

Cowes, vessels at

Crage, Micheal serjeant at arms, deceased

Craigcaffie, lands and barony of, Wigtownshire, and lands of Smyrtoun in the Earldom of Carrick, Ayrshire, warrant for charter of

Craigie, Lord, See Wallace, Sir Thomas, Lord Craigie.

Cranborne, Dorset, inquisition held at

Cranfield, Edward, letters of

Cranstoun, James, Master of Cranstoun, and William, his son, warrant for charter to
-, Anna, spouse of, warrant for charter granting an annual rent to

Craven, William, Earl of Craven letter from, mentioned
-, assistance to be given by, to the Lord Mayor
-, orders to
-, commands of, mentioned
-, regiment of. See Army, the

Crawford, Capt. James, right of a Scotch privateer to a prize asserted by

Crawford, Earl of. See Lindsay, John, Earl of Crawford.

Crawley, Mr. Justice, caveats on behalf of
-, promised the office of Cursitor Baron

Creed, John, letters of

Crqui, Marshal de, said to be made general in Turenne's place
-, said to be defeated and slain
-, loss of army of
-, said to have capitulated at Treves

Cressett, Mr., petition of, mentioned

Creswick, Humphrey, commission to

Crew, John, afterwards Lord Crew, See Fiennes, James and Nathaniel.
-, Dr. Nathaniel, Bishop of Durham, appointment of, said to have been due to the Duchess of Portsmouth
-, thanks of Dr. Tully to
-, as Clerk of the Closet, warrant for delivery to, of various articles
-, as Lord Lieutenant of Durham, muster of the train bands by
-, said to be a supporter of Mr. Vane
-, visit of, to Sunderland

Crispe, , conference about the House of Commons attaching counsel of
-, v. Dalmahoy, case of

Critchley, Sheriff refusal of, to sign indenture of return at Chester election

Croft, Dr. Robert, Bishop of Hereford, attempt of a cabal for arranging the members for Herefordshire and its boroughs to secure
-, Sir Herbert, suggested as member for Leominster
-, at Hereford and Holme Lacy
-, John, arrear due to

Crofts, William, Lord Crofts, letter of, and proxy of
-, house of, Suffolk

Croisic, vessels from, or for

Cromer, lighthouse projected at

Cromwell, Oliver, statement that England had reason to be sorry for
-, advowson of Redriffe parish purchased from
-, army of, year's rent payable by officers and soldiers of, a branch of the '49 officers' security
-, Thomas, Earl of Ardglass, shipwrecked
-, Col. Vere Essex. See Boyle, Richard, Earl of Cork and Burlington.

Cronstrome, Abraham, contract with, about copper blanks for farthings

Cros, Monsr, du, letters of

Crosland, Sir Jordan, deceased
-, Lady, widow of, letter recommending

Cross, Joseph Augustine du, petition of

Crosthwaite, Thomas, letters of

Crouch, Edward, printer
-, William, house of, broken down by the rabble

Crowe, John, coachman to Mr. Savile, letter recommending

Croxton, John, caveat against pardon to
-, request for removal of
-, warrant for pardon to
-, wife of, debts contracted by, before her marriage
-, Rebecca. See Fanshaw, William.
-, Robert, town clerk of Newcastle under Lyme, deceased

Crumbie, William, of Sharplaw, and Barbara Rutherfoord, his spouse, warrant for charter on resignation of

Crumpe, Thomas, royal approbation of, as town clerk of Ludlow

Crundall, manor of, petition concerning lease of

Crutch, Mr., minister of Hinton Martell, death of

Cucumber, the (? a racehorse)

Cudworth, Dr. Ralph, letter of

Culford, Suffolk, the Duke of York gone to

Cullen, Viscount. See Cokayne, Brian, Viscount Cullen

Cullenagh, barony of, Queen's County, grant of lands in, recited

Cullymoard, erection of lands into the barony of

Cullynnorts, Easter and Wester, town and lands of, and other lands in the parochine and sheriffdom of Banff, warrant for charter of

Culpeper, Thomas, Lord Culpeper, letter of
-, letter to
-, intended journey of, to Lincolnshire, Wales, &c.
-, petition presented by relations of, and bill filed by brother of, against
-, debts due to, from the king
-, and the other commissioners to treat with the Dutch for a marine treaty, &c., article to be signed by
-, Thomas, warrant appointing, engineer to the Ordnance Office

Culpersache, See Durris.

Cumberland, the justices of, reference to
-, proposed alterations of
-, interests and relations of Williamson in
-, petition concerning fee farm rents in
-, approbation of deputy lieutenant of
-, and Westmorland, the king informed of the condition of, by Sir C. Musgrave
-, approbation of deputy lieutenant of

Cunningham, Sir John. See Lockhart, Sir George.

Curraheen. See Dromkeene.

Curryheen. See Killknockane.

Curson, Mistress

Curtis, John, soldier, examined and committed
-, William, and three other seamen, request of, to be rescued from the Dutch service

Cusake, , precedent of, mentioned

Cusdell, Capt., of Hogsden, sent to the Gatehouse for neglect of his duty

Custis, Edmund, letter of

Custom House, the, subsearchership in

Customs, the, petition for abatement of, mentioned
-, office of clerk of the bills of, petition concerning
-, place of secretary of, caveat concerning
-, officer of, sent over in every Dover packet to prevent smuggling
-, officers of, accused of taking bribes to admit Scotch cattle
-, reported appointment of new commissioners of
-, officers of, to be set in New England
-, the Commissioners of
-, letter to
-, requested
-, warrant to
-, request to
-, report by, recited
-, to attend the Committee for Trade
-, See also Lowther, Sir William

Cutler, Thomas, commission to
-, company of, commissions in

Cuttance, Henry, son of Sir Roger, commander of the Breton
-, Williamson's packets sent by

Cutts, Richard, appointed gamekeeper within 10 miles of Childerley