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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1675-6. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1907.

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Dacre, Lady. See Lennard, Dorothy Baroness Dacre

Dale, Henry, of the Brill letters of
-, arrival of, at Harwich
-, pressed for relief by poor English soldiers

Dallison, Lady, petition of, referred
-, husband of, services and sufferings of

Dallow, Richard, and Philip, grant to, of portership of the Mint in the Tower
-, note of

Dalmahoy, Crispe v., case of

Dalrymple, Sir James, of Stair, Lord President of the College of Justice in Scotland, letters to
-, and the remanent Senators, letter to, and letter of, mentioned
-, See also Leslie, John Earl of Rothes

Dalston, John, a justice in the Botham of Westmorland

Dalzell, James, Earl of Carnwath memorial of protection to

Dandy, Isaac, and other members of the rabble, sent for in custody

Danes, the, reported siege of Hamburg by

Daniell, John, Robert Broadwater, and William Windsor, warrant for pardon to
-, Sir Thomas, warrant for appointing a commissioner for licensing hackney coaches
-, proposed as commissioner

Danish, a letter in

Dantzic, vessel of
-, vessel of, supposed to have been carried out of Portland Road by a French man-of-war
-, complaints from, of exactions on letters passing by Berlin

Danvers, Dr. Daniel, letter of
-, Col., preaching in Staffordshire
-, warrant for committal of, to the Tower

Darby, John, printer

Dancy, Marmaduke, gentleman usher of the Privy Chamber, petition of, referred
-, Mr., claim of, on the profits of the Doubling Ordinance satisfied

Dare, John, of Yarmouth, order on petition of

Darell, Major Nathaniel, letters of

Dartmouth, letters dated from
-, vessels for
-, vessels for Newfoundland from
-, vessels arrived at
-, vessel of
-, vessel of, reported taken and carried into Algiers
-, French man-of-war formerly at

David, Jacob, grant of denization to

Davies, Dr. Francis, Bishop of Llandaff, deceased
-, James, sealer to the Great Seal, grant in reversion after

Davy, Sir John, approbation of, as deputy lieutenant for Devon, requested
-, granted

Davys, Sir Paul, principal Secretary of State in Ireland, deceased, letters and warrant for payment to, recited
-, executors of, payment ordered to

Dawkes, Thomas, citizen and stationer of London
-, appointed king's printer for the British language

Dawnay, Sir John
-, letters of

Dawson, Elizabeth, letters of administration to estate of
-, John, messenger, warrant to

Deadman, the, vessel wrecked on

Deal, letters dated from
-, lists of ships in the Downs dated from
-, vessel arrived at
-, meetings of the fanatic party at
-, Taffaletta the Moor at
-, prevalence of smallpox and measles at
-, storm at
-, damage by storm and high tide at
-, person arrived at
-, fast at, for the execution of Charles I.
-, refusal of the Quakers to close their shops during
-, Beach street at, the sea come into
-, men of, gone in damaged vessel to help her
-, letters from, on board Sir J. Narbrough
-, boats and men of, vessel got off by
-, boats gone from, to meet the king
-, boats gone from, to vessel on the Goodwin
-, and Gravesend, East Indiamen between
-, Beach, ship brought upon
-, Castle, a Frenchman and another confined as pirates in, released
-, complaints of ground enclosed to prejudice of

Deane, Capt. Sir Anthony, Commissioner of the Navy, letter of
-, ship built by
-, yachts built by, for the King of France
-, knighted
-, going to Havre
-, returned to Portsmouth
-, sworn Mayor of Harwich

Deane, Lancashire, vicarage of, former holder of

Debanto berry necklace, certificate of usefulness of, for children teething

Decasure, John, grant of denization to

Dedham, manor of, Essex, petition of the Countess of Northumberland concerning

Dee, , sub-searcher in the Custom House, deceased

Deerham, Mr., bill of, to be amended

Delaberbre, Mr., of Calais, box from

Delannay, the Mademoiselles

Delaval, E., letter of, and petition of, mentioned

Delft, mails from, stopped by the inundation

Denization, notes of grants of

Denmark, vessels of
-, taken by Ostenders
-, taken by French vessels
-, rupture of, with Sweden, apprehended
-, war proclaimed between, and Sweden
-, army of, the Hamburgers in fear of the
-, war broken out between, and Sweden
-, the minister of, to be warned of the capers
-, extracts from the treaties between, and England and France.
-, King of, (Christian V.), pressing all seamen for his men-of-war
-, reported intention of, to declare war against Sweden
-, doubtful attitude of
-, letter to, to be prepared
-, senators sent to, by Hamburg
-, war declared by, against Hamburg, Lbeck and other Hanse Towns
-, exception taken by, to the power asked by the Swedish ambassador
-, scruples of, about granting passports
-, passes from, arrived

Denny, William, rector of East Harling, Norfolk, petition of, referred
-, report on

Deodands, warrant for grant of

Deptford Strand, the Master, Wardens, &c., of the Trinity House at, letters of, and letters to
-, caveat entered by desire of
-, to report on the proficiency of the boys in the mathematical school, Christ's Hospital
-, the Trinity House at, letter dated from
-, petition for appointment as commissioner of

Derby, Earl of, See Stanley, William Earl of Derby.

Deremer, Mr. See Sayer, John.

Derwent, the river, reasons offered to Parliament in favour of, and objections against proposed Act for making, navigable from Derby to the Trent

Desborough, Col. See Berry, MajorGeneral.

Deschodt, Francis, grant of denization to

Devonshire, meeting for settling the militia of
-, commission to be Lord Lieutenant of, and former commission vacated
-, commissions in the militia of, to be confirmed
-, approbation of deputy lieutenants of, requested
-, granted
-, decay of the woollen trade in
-, Lord Lieutenant of. See Grenville, John, Earl of Bath; Moncke, Christopher, Duke of Albemarle.

Dewes, Sir Theodore, arrival of, at Dover

Deza, Diego, advocate fiscal of the Admiralty at Ostend, complaint against

Diamond, a race horse

Dick, Capt. Andrew, warrants for granting tack to, of the rents of Orkney and Zetland, and for appointing, steward of the stewardry of Orkney and Zetland
-, Sir Andrew, request of
-, Sir William, father of, deceased, loans of, for levying an army in Scotland against Ireland

Dickenson, Thomas, warden of the Fleet prison, statement by

Dickon, Thomas, and John Towneson, of Water Friston in the West Riding, warrant for pardon to

Dickson, George, of Hedderwick, memorial of protection to
-, John, town clerk of Pontefract
-, John, letter to Hamburg in favour of, mentioned

Dieppe, vessel of
-, vessels for, or from
-, passengers to
-, pass for

Diest, Louvain and Thienen, the Spanish and Dutch forces encamped between

Digby, George, Earl of Bristol, grants to, mentioned
-, John, Lord Digby, son of, letter of
-, favourable account of Mr. Hodges given by
-, candidate for Dorset
-, election of
-, arrival of, at Deal

Dillingham, Theophilus, signature of

Dillon, Serjeant-Major Arthur. See Boyle, Richard, Earl of Cork and Burlington.
-, Col. Cary, illegality of grant to
-, intended grant to, to be stopped
-, landed at Chester with the Lord Lieutenant
-, pension of, mentioned
-, grant of leases to the Duke of Monmouth obstructed by
-, requests that the clause of preference to, be made void
-, Thomas, Viscount Dillon, new quit-rent on estate of
-, death of
-, Thomas, Viscount Dillon, son of, death of
-, Lucas, Viscount Dillon, nephew of, business of, before the Committee of Irish affairs
-, notes by Williamson on case of
-, warrant for remittal of quit-rent to
-, gone to Dublin

Dinant, meeting of the States of Brittany intended at
-, held at

Dingle, vessel from

Dissenters, Protestant, leave given to bring in a bill for the ease of

Dixy, William. See Winter, Owen.

Dogger Sand or Bank, the, shipwrecked crew taken up off
-, Dutch privateer with prizes encountered near

Dogs for the King of Spain

Dolben, Dr. John, Bishop of Rochester, High Almoner, warrant for grant to, of goods of suicides and deodands

Doleman, Sir Thomas, M.P., memorandum of letter to

Dolton, Richard, warrant for payment to

Domville, Sir William, Attorney-General of Ireland, letter of
-, orders to be given to

Doncaster, letter sent to
-, the Mayor and Corporation of, certificate by, of election of recorder
-, election of recorder of, mentioned
-, approbation of recorder of

Donegal. See Wicklow.

Donegall Earl of. See Chichester, Arthur, Earl of Donegall.

Dongan, William, Viscount Dongan of Clane, pension to, mentioned
-, lands delivered up to, by Lord Kingston
-, Mr., pass for

Dorchester, letters dated from
-, assizes at
-, Marquis of. See Pierrepont, Henry, Marquis of Dorchester.

Dorislaus, Isaac, letters to

Dorrell, Marmaduke, petition of, referred

Dorset, Earl of. See Sackville, Richard. Earl of Dorset.

Dorsetshire, the assizes for
-, the election for
-, See also Digby, John, Lord.
-, the Nonconformist party in, disappointed at Lord Digby's election
-, approbation of deputy lieutenants for, requested
-, granted

Dort, removal of the Scots staple to
-, arrival of several of the English company of, at Harwich
-, gentleman from

Douai, illegal legacy to the secular college at

Douglas, Lord George, created Earl of Dumbarton and Lord Douglas of Etrick
-, departure of, for Calais
-, regiment of, quarrel between, and a French party
-, soldiers of, come over to Harwich
-, Sir Joseph, of Pompherstowne, memorial of protection to
-, Capt. Robert, of Glenbervie, warrant for charter on resignation of

Douglas, Isle of Man, sum allowed to school at

Douwes, Jacob, grant of denization to

Dovenby, Cumberland, letter dated from
-, See also Papcastle.

Dover, letters dated from
-, vessels of
-, lost
-, packet-boats to, or from
-, vessel gone for
-, Zealander with Swedish prize at
-, Swedish prize sent into, by Zealander
-, Dutch vessels pretending to belong to
-, concealed privateer sailed out of
-, Ostend privateer to be detained at
-, privateers off
-, bonds taken of, and certificates granted to aliens inhabiting at
-, prevalence of smallpox at
-, persons arrived at
-, the king passed by
-, composition trade set up at, in
-, goods consigned to
-, person in custody at
-, harbour of, vessel gone to
-, entrance of, blocked
-, in great danger
-, the Trinity House at, letter of
-, St. James' Church at, a court of loadmanage held in
-, the mayor of, letters to
-, appearance of, before the king in Council
-, See also Bullacke, John.
-, and jurats of, letter of
-, letter to
-, order of, calling in all seabriefs
-, petition of, mentioned

Dover Castle, letters dated from
-, appointment of boader and serjeant-at-arms at
-, serjeant-at-arms of
-, marshal of, sent to London
-, Governor of. See Strode, Col. John.

Dowdall, Edward and Henry. See Taaff, Laurence and Katherine.

Downe, Viscount of. See Ducie, Sir William, Viscount of Downe.

Downing, Sir George, letters to
-, sense of, on the order about foreign points
-, and colleagues of, the late Commissioners for treating with those of Holland, opinion of, on the point of trade from enemy's port to enemy's port mentioned
-, opinion of, desired on the point of revisions
-, John, commission to
-, William, printer
-, Capt., company of, commission in

Downs, Mr., one of the commissioners for licensing taverns

Downs, the, letters dated from, or from ships in
-, lists of ships in
-, complaint of illkeeping of
-, vessels in
-, vessels arrived in
-, vessels for, or from
-, vessels coming to
-, departure of vessels from
-, vessels passing through
-, vessels sailing from, to Holland and Flanders ill treated by the capers
-, vessel gone to
-, practice of packet-boats landing smuggled goods in
-, the king sailed towards
-, the king forced back into
-, the king arrived in
-, no damage done by storm to vessels in
-, barrels of tar taken up in

Downton, Wiltshire, grant of fairs at, report in favour of
-, warrant for

D'Oyly, Sir William, letter of

Drake, Sir John, caveat concerning estate of

Draper, John, of Bristol, merchant, petition of, and affidavit by

Drapers, mercers, haberdashers, grocers, hosiers and other traders, reasons offered to Parliament by, of the decay of their trades from pedlars, hawkers, &c., and answer thereto

Drew, Francis, approbation of, as deputy lieutenant for Devon requested
-, granted
-, Matthew, printer

Drinkwater, John, deerstealer, to be arrested and brought before the Council
-, wounds received by

Drogheda, ship arrived at
-, petition for governorship of
-, Earl of. See Moore, Henry, Earl of Drogheda.

Dromkeene, Curraheen, Clashafree, and Ballylangley, plowlands in the cantride of Kilbrittain, and half plowland of Laherfineen in the barony of Kinalea, co. Cork, mortgages of, mentioned, and grant of, ordered

Drummond, John, of Lundie, signature in favour of, to be passed
-, Lieut.-General William, petition of, mentioned
-, to be set at liberty

Druyst, Michael, grant of denization to

Dryoot, Harman, grant of denization to

Dublin, letters dated from
-, vessels of
-, vessels from, or for
-, pass to
-, passengers to
-, custom of, that a freeman's widow should enjoy a moiety of her husband's personal estate
-, caveat against any grant relating to, requested
-, the Council Chamber at, proclamations dated from
-, the Custom House at, warrant assigning certain rooms in
-, the Green Chamber at, meetings of the trustees of the '49 officers appointed at
-, the hospital at, gift of the king to
-, the port of, warrant for gran of offices of craner, wharfinger and packer in
-, warrant for creation of clerkship of the Entries in, and for grant thereof
-, the mills of Kilmainham, situate in the king's deerpark near
-, the Phnix Park near, warrant for grant of rangership of, and of keepership of the Newtown Walk in
-, Archbishop of. See Boyle, Michael, Archbishop of Dublin.
-, bad member in post office at. See Knight, James.
-, and the Skerries, Malahide and Wicklow, office of searcher of the ports of, grant of, recited, and caveat concerning, desired
-, county of, Kildare and Meath. lands delivered up by Lord Kingston in

Ducie, Sir William, of Tortworth, Gloucestershire, warrant creating, Baron of Clones and Viscount of Downe in Ireland

Ducker, the Sieur, pass for
-, dispatch from
-, whether to stay at Vienna
-, what to be written to
-, notes of letters of

Ducket, Mr., of Grayrigg, justice of Westmorland, deceased

Duckett, Fabian, servant of William Paston, Viscount Yarmouth's son, deposition of
-, William, approved as deputy lieutenant for Wiltshire

Du Clos, Monsieur
-, letters to be prepared to

Dudley, Thomas, persons convicted for picking the pocket of

Duffell, the Prince of Orange at

Dukinfield, Sir Robert, high sheriff of Cheshire, dispensation to

Dull. See Coldaires.

Dumbarton, Earl of. See Douglas, Lord George, Earl of Dumbarton.

Dumerr, Capt., commander of a French privateer

Dunblane, Bishop of. See Ramsay, James, Bishop of Dunblane.
-, Viscount. See Osborne, Peregrine, Viscount Dunblane.

Duncan, An., letter of

Duncombe, Sir John, Chancellor of the Exchequer, letter to
-, letter of, mentioned
-, good offices with, requested
-, and Sir John Shaw, caveat entered at desire of

Dundalk, vessel for

Dungeness, vessel from
-, outrage on Rye fishing boat near
-, French ships met off
-, refusal of French privateer off, to strike
-, ships riding under
-, French privateer taken off

Dunkirk, vessels from, or for
-, caper of, taken
-, vessel of Limerick taken by
-, capers of, English ships plundered by
-, complaints of
-, Dutch busses and capers taken by
-, prizes taken by
-, forces drawn from garrison of, to the army in Flanders
-, person from
-, Admiral de Ruyter and his fleet off
-, war against Hamburg proclaimed at
-, the sale of

Dunmore. See Athenry.

Duns Tew, Oxfordshire, living of

Dunsany, Lord. See Plunkett, Christopher, Lord Dunsany.

Dunsmore, John, bookseller in London, book sold to, by Elzevir
-, request that books seized at the Custom House be delivered to

Dunworly Bay, vessel wrecked at

Duport, Dr. James, signature of

Duppa, Thomas, gentleman usher, petition of, referred

Durand, the Sieur, servant of the Duke of Hanover, passport for

Durant, William, resident at Burham, Buckinghamshire, to receive allowance as almsman of Ewelme

Duras, Louis de, Lord Duras, petition of, referred
-, about to conclude a marriage
-, reference of report on petition of
-, warrant for grant of annuities to

Durell, Dr. John, canon residentiary of Windsor and chaplain to the king, letter in favour of
-, Nicholas, governor of Lord Lansdown, pass for

Durham, Susanna, letters of
-, Major James, husband of, attempts to procure a company for
-, appointed to command the island of Innis Boffin
-, appointment of, to first vacant company requested

Durham, letters dated from
-, candidate for
-, Bishop of. See Cosin, John, D.D.; Crew, Nathaniel, D.D., Bishops of Durham.
-, County, bill enabling, to return members, quotations from law books concerning
-, accounts of the election for
-, suggestion that Sir James Clavering be declared member for
-, muster of trained bands of
-, great drought in

Dunris and Midbelty, lands of, and lands and baronies of Strachan and Culpersache, warrant for charter of

Dutch, the, or Hollanders, the late wars against
-, all the French plantations in the East Indies taken by
-, sending seamen to man their ships
-, declaration of war against, by the King of Sweden
-, complaint of, that their army spends all in the Spanish dominions
-, prefer Denmark continuing neutral and supplying them with corn
-, war proclaimed between, and the Swedes
-, good agreement between, and the English at Surinam
-, fitting out a fleet for the Sound
-, report that a great force of, and Spaniards was near Calais
-, hopes of separate peace between, and France
-, the Marine Treaty with, questions as to two points in
-, reported attack on Brouage by
-, fleet of, at Chatham, and forces landed by in Suffolk in 1667
-, afraid of the French for the winter
-, said to desire peace from Algiers
-, all effects of, at Riga seized by the Swedes
-, endeavouring to make peace with Algiers, and to induce them to break with England
-, expectation in France of peace with
-, ships destroyed by, in the Elbe

Dutch Ambassador to England, the, draft article approved by
-, memorials presented by
-, interview of, with the Spanish Ambassador
-, case to be recommended to
-, to be requested to provide for his countrymen at Harwich
-, Williamson to speak with
-, the surrender of Englishmen on Dutch ships desired to be postponed, till, had consulted his Majesty
-, See also Van Beuningen, Mynheer.
-, army in the Spanish territories, the, rudeness of
-, diminished by sicknes and want
-, encamped between Diest, Louvain and Thienen
-, clothing trade, originated by composition trade set up at Dover
-, East India deputies, the, the king's pleasure sent concerning
-, document signed by Williamson with, mentioned
-, fishery at Greenland
-, fishing boat, shipwrecked crew taken up by
-, fishing boats attacked by French privateers
-, fleet, arrived in Norway
-, no, on the French coast
-, in St. Helens Road
-, passed by Portland and Pendennis
-, of herring busses and convoy attacked and taken by French men-of-war
-, in Portland Road gone to Cowes
-, engagement between, and the French fleet off Messina
-, frigates and merchantmen at Falmouth
-, galliot hoy, taken by pirate, recaptured and brought into Kinsale
-, Gazette, the
-, accounts of Scuffle between, longboats and a French shallop in Rye harbour
-, mail, the, delayed at the Brill by the inundation
-, man-of-war, a Dunkirk caper taken by
-, supposed fight between, and a French man-of-war
-, and hoys attacked by French men-of-war off Yarmouth
-, in the Thames, English, Scotch and Irish seamen taken on, letter concerning
-, in Portland Road
-, convoying French prize from Falmouth
-, riding at Gravesend, design against
-, men-of-war, gone to cruise in the Bay of Biscay
-, savageness of men of, to Deal boatmen, who assisted a stranded ship
-, fleet of, in mid Channel
-, and East Indiamen in the Downs
-, and fireships off the Start
-, reported off Belle Isle
-, departed from Cadiz and expected at Barcelona
-, delays of, between the Texel and Cadiz
-, French privateer taken by, off Dungeness
-, at Falmouth with French prize
-, yacht with Sir L. Jenkins on board saluted by
-, arrived in the Downs
-, merchantman, a, carried off from Torbay by French men-ofwar
-, report on the case of
-, condemned as prize in France
-, lost on the Goodwin
-, merchantmen, from the Straits
-, in the Downs
-, on the back of the Goodwin
-, privateer or caper, a taken
-, with Dutch and Brandenburg commissions, taken by a French caper
-, at Falmouth
-, vessel of Whitby forced to strike by
-, French and English ships taken by, and retaken
-, privateers or capers, French ships taken by
-, English ships plundered by
-, many, on the French coast
-, at Spithead
-, regiments, eleven, sent to strengthen the Spanish forces
-, service, dissension between English officers in
-, English soldiers in, condemned to death but reprieved
-, report of desertion of English regiment in
-, English seamen rescued from
-, ship with French goods.
-, at Harwich
-, chased ashore at Torbay
-, from St. Ubes, to go round Ireland and Scotland
-, taken
-, retaken by a Spanish man-of-war
-, attacked by Cherbourg privateer
-, carried into Hull by French privateer
-, ships, many, wintered in Norway
-, taken
-, pretending to belong to Dover
-, at Falmouth
-, expecting convoy
-, taken by English ship at Guinea
-, for the East Indies
-, laden with Frenchmen from the East Indies
-, increase of, with English sea-briefs
-, taken by Algerines
-, chased by French privateers
-, at St. Helens
-, departure of
-, at Cowes
-, driven under Lundy Island
-, lost
-, for the West Indies and the Straits
-, Smyrna fleet, the, in the Downs, threatened by a French fleet
-, loss of two of, reported
-, said to be the St. Ubes, not the Smyrna fleet
-, Straits fleet, the, Ostend saluted by
-, and East Indiamen
-, West India and Straits fleets, the, in the Downs
-, guns fired by, on their New Year's Day
-, Indiamen. See East Indiamen, Dutch.

Dutchmen, Harwich oppressed by begging
-, wool illegally sold to
-, murder of, on the coast of France, seamen hanged for
-, taken out of an English ship by Algerines

Duts, Martin, grant of denization to

Dyer, George, servant of Capt. Philip Lanyon, letters of

Dykes, William, sometime of Johnstoun, memorial of protection to

Dysert, Mickle, in the barony of Dysert, Forfarshire, lands and mains of, warrant for charter of

Dyos, Thomas. See Sayer, John.


E., P., Esq.

E., T., pamphlet by

Eager, Margaret, warrant for pardon to

Earle, Nicholas, the younger, deposition of
-, Sir Richard, high sheriff of Lincolnshire, licence to
-, Thomas. See Yate, Robert.
-, , of Kingston on Thames. caveat against pardon to

East Harling, Norfolk, parsonage of, unhealthiness of

East India Company, the
-, letter to
-, grant of moiety of forfeitures due from
-, to entertain boys from the mathematical school of Christ's Hospital
-, intolerable impositions laid on English manufacturers by
-, suggestion that the joint stocks of, be dissolved
-, governor of, the, letter to
-, and the Dutch East India Company, draft article for decision of future disputes between
-, warrant for affixing the Great Seal to article for prevention of differences between

East India fleet, the, convoyed by Sir Robert Robinson

East Indiamen between Gravesend and Deal
-, in the Downs
-, ship sent to meet
-, arrived at Deal
-, in Margate Road
-, supposed to be in the Gunfleet
-, arrived in the Downs from the Thames

East Indiaman, Dutch, fitting near Helvoetsluys
-, taken by Algerine menof-war

East Indiamen, Dutch, in Holland
-, at Plymouth
-, homeward-bound, ships sent to secure
-, in the Downs
-, council of war on board Admiral of
-, French men-of-war off the Lizard looking out for
-, departure of
-, off the South Foreland

East Indies, the, the affair of, nearly settled
-, Dutch ships for
-, all the French plantations in, taken by the Dutch
-, ships from

East Lothian, disorderly communions kept by indulged ministers in

East Malling, Kent, parish of, warrant for enclosing highway in

Eastchurch, Kent, living of, presentation to

Eastland, the, vessels for
-, Company, the, letter to
-, to entertain boys from the mathematical school of Christ's Hospital

Eaton, Capt., company of, soldier in

Echard, John, M.A., Master of St. Catharine Hall, degree of D.D. to be conferred on

Eddowes, Jo., letter of, and services and sufferings of
-, (Robert), petition for grant of place of, in reversion

Eddystone, the, ship lost on

Eden, Sir Robert, supporter of Mr. Vane at the Durham election

Eden Hall, Cumberland, letters dated from

Edgcombe, Sir Richard, approbation of, as deputy lieutenant for Devon requested
-, granted

Edinburgh, restraint on certain outed advocates going to removed
-, discharge of duty on lead imported for waterworks of
-, synod at, factious proceedings of ministers at
-, stop on elections of magistrates at, to be removed and new ones to be elected
-, elections at, duly carried on according to the rules of the Act
-, the Lord Provost, bailies and town council of, letters to
-, mentioned
-, letter of, mentioned
-, the Town Council of, persons to be discharged from officiating as members of
-, letter concerning the filling up of vacancies in
-, deanery of, warrant for presentation to
-, Bishop of. See Young, Alexander, Bishop of Edinburgh.
-, Castle, arms of regiment disbanded to be laid up in
-, arms of the disbanded troop of Horse Guards to be laid up in

Edlington, near Doncaster, letter dated from

Edmeinston, David, of Cardin, memorial of protection to

Edward III., King, extract from the Parliament Roll of

Edward VI., King, grant by, mentioned

Eelles, or Eles, Henry, messenger, warrants to

Egerton, John, Earl of Bridgwater, letter of

Egham, information dated from

Egleston, letter dated from

Eglish, barony of, King's County, grant of lands in, ordered

Ehrensteen, Monsieur, memorials of, mentioned

Eighteen months' assessment, the. Act for (25 Car. II. c. 1)

Elbe, the, ships destroyed by the Dutch in

Elborough, Mr., former minister of the Hamburg Company

Eliot, James, in Jedburgh Forest, warrant for letter of remission to

Eliott, Thomas, Groom of the Bedchamber and Master of the Buckhounds in reversion
-, and John Nevill, grant to, of Mastership of the Buckhounds in reversion

Elizabeth, Queen, refusal of, to declare King James her heir
-, grant by, mentioned
-, presentation by, mentioned
-, said to have had a daughter called Jane
-, law of, against foreign manufactures to be commended

Ella, Yorkshire, rectory of

Elletson, Mr., commission to
-, request on behalf of

Ellis, John. See Lockhart, Sir George.
-, Sir William, Justice of the Common Pleas
-, person reprieved by

Elphingstoune, John, Lord Elphingstoune, to be admitted a member of the Privy Council of Scotland

Elsius or Helsius, Monsieur, secretary to the Spanish Embassy, gone to bribe a Parliament man
-, gone to Brussels

Ely, George, grant of denization to

Ely, translation of Dr. Gunning to
-, mentioned
-, Bishop of. See Gunning, Dr. Peter. Bishop of Ely.
-, the Isle of, suspected persons in

Elzevir, Daniel, letter of
-, business of, about his book Grotius' De Veritate Religionis Christian
-, order for delivering to, the copies of his book seized at the Custom House

Emden, vessel of, lost

Emperor, the (Leopold), letter of, mentioned
-, notes of letter to
-, to be persuaded to adjust matters with Prince William of Frstenberg
-, privilege of copyright obtained by piratical bookseller from
-, condition intended by, in the Bishop of Strassburg's pass
-, request for interposition with, in favour of Hamburg
-, memorial of the French king braving
-, answer of, to

Empire, the, decision of the Court of, in Elzevir's favour
-, request that French goods be prohibited in, and the French made to leave

Empson, William, weaver in St. Anne's Lane, Westminster, examined and discharged

Enfield Chace, the Ranger of, warrant to

England, the West of, homewardbound vessels forced to, by bad weather
-, statement that, had reason to be sorry for Cromwell
-, apprehensions of the French of war with
-, the Lord Lieutenant going to.
-, report that Col. Ludlow heads rebels in
-, laws against planting tobacco in
-, passes to
-, statement that, were liberty of conscience established, would in two years recognize the Pope
-, extracts from treaties between, and France, Spain, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, and Portugal
-, breach of the Algerines with, apprehended
-, reported leave to the French king to raise men in
-, 100,000 pieces of calico sent yearly to Holland from
-, query as to the vent of French woollen manufactures in
-, the Church of, no caveats to be entered in future for preferments in

English, the. statement that if, were wise they would free themselves from the Stuarts
-, and the Dutch at Surinam, good agreement between
-, banished from Moscow and confined to Archangel
-, much honoured by the French for their service against the Imperialists
-, said to have all the trade in the Straits
-, alleged endeavour of the Dutch to make the Algerines break with
-, reported declaration of war with, by Algiers

English gentlemen from Calais
-, hoy, with a French commission
-, to be seized.
-, sent into Harwich
-, man-of-war, Spanish ambassador congratulated on fight between, and French ships for not striking
-, manufactures, clothiers summoned to attend the king with reference to
-, intolerable impositions laid on by the French King and the East India Company
-, men-of-war, article 36 of the instructions to the commanders of
-, merchantmen, from Scilly
-, from Croisic
-, made to strike by Dutch captain
-, merchants, goods carried by, down the Morlaix river for safety
-, navigation, increase of
-, officers in the Dutch service, dissensions between
-, regiments in the Dutch service, reported desertion of
-, seamen rescued from the Dutch service
-, ship, taken
-, seized by French privateer and condemned
-, ships, plundered by Ostenders
-, by Dunkirkers
-, by French privateer
-, complaints of masters of, that so many alien ships were made free
-, embargo on, in France apprehended
-, Sallee blocked up by
-, taken and retaken
-, lost on the coast of Flanders
-, great numbers of, at Rotterdam
-, soldiers, from the French service
-, in the Dutch service condemned to death, but reprieved
-, trade, decay of, in Russia
-, wool, all stuffs made only of

Englishmen on privateers of Ostend or Dunkirk
-, report of, on one of the islands of Chiloe

Englishwomen shipwrecked

English, Irish and Scotch seamen taken on a Dutch man-of-war in the Thames, letter concerning

Ernley, Sir John, approved as a deputy lieutenant for Wiltshire

Erroll, Earl of. See Hay, John, Earl of Erroll.

Erskin, William, suggested as a commissioner for licensing hackney coaches
-, warrant appointing, a commissioner for licensing hackney coaches

Erskine, Henry, Lord Cardross, letter to, and letter and petition of, mentioned
-, petition of, mentioned
-, warrants for payment out of fine imposed on
-, full payment of the fine to be exacted from, and security to be taken from, and then to be set at liberty
-, servant of, rescued from soldiers
-, John, Earl of Mar, deceased, tack of lands and lordship of Stirling to, recited
-, John, son of, Earl of Mar, deceased, ratification of the said tack to, and new tack to, of the premises recited
-, Charles, son of, Earl of Mar, warrant for new tack of the premises to
-, discharge of crown debt which had been paid to be required from

Eskirk, kirk of, person transported to

Esmond, Sir Thomas, deceased, and Dame Jane, his wife, and Sir Laurence, their son, lands assigned to, in Galway and Mayo
-, Sir Laurence, son of, lease to, mentioned

Essex, to be included in Mr. Deerham's bill
-, proclamation against the riotous weavers to be published in
-, commission appointing lord lieutenants of, and former like commission vacated

Etherington, Richard, Recorder of Doncaster, death of

Eton College, letter dated from
-, place in the chapel at
-, persons recommended to Fellowships at
-, the Provost and Fellows of, letter to

Eustace, Sir Maurice, late Lord Chancellor of Ireland, injunction granted by
-, Dame Charity, relict of, letter on petition of
-, claim of, to a moiety of her husband's personal estate
-, Sir Maurice, letter of
-, sum due from, to the Duchess of Cleveland
-, to be restored to the possession of the manor of Portlester
-, Maurice, a minor, injunction in favour of, to be set aside

Euston or Euston Hall, letters dated from
-, Lord Arlington gone to
-, warrant to preserve the game within 10 miles of
-, Earl of. See Fitzroy, Henry, Earl of Euston.

Everard, Aldrovand, Latin elegiacs and English verses by
-, Mr.
-, letters of, mentioned

Ewelme, Oxfordshire, warrant to the governor or treasurer of the almshouse of

Ewin, John, of London, merchant, warrant for payment to

Exchequer, the, office of Cursitor Baron of, caveats concerning
-, the Remembrancership of, grant of, mentioned
-, the creditors of the goldsmiths concerned in, petition of
-, report of shutting up of
-, extracts from grants by Chamberlains of, of the office of deputy chamberlain of
-, arrears of Williamson in
-, the Court of, information exhibited in

Exeter, letters dated from
-, assizes at
-, meeting at, for settling the militia
-, departure of the judges for
-, weaving instruments for Ireland destroyed by weavers from about
-, request and recommendation for dignity in cathedral of
-, approbation of deputy lieutenants for, requested
-, granted
-, the Mayor of pro tempore, approbation of, as deputy lieutenant requested
-, granted
-, canonry at, memorandum of letters concerning
-, letters concerning
-, the Dean and Chapter of, letters to
-, mentioned
-, the collector of, death of
-, gaol, prisoners sent to
-, stuffs, fustians superseded by, in Spain and Portugal
-, Bishop of. See Sparrow, Dr. Anthony, Bishop of Exeter.

Expense, the annual estimate of

Exton, Thomas, LL.D., appointed Advocate General
-, and Dr. Trumbull, dissentients from a judgment of the Court of Delegates

Eyre, Giles, appointed recorder of Newport
-, report in favour of grant of fairs to
-, warrant for grant of fairs to
-, (Eyer), Thomas, of Gray's Inn, petition of, referred
-, William, a particular deduction of the case of, concerning his right to the half barony of Shillelagh and castle of Carnow, co. Wicklow, presented to the king and Parliament
-, case of, concerning his estate in Ireland presented to the king and Parliament
-, brief of the case of