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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1675-6. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1907.

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Faculties, the Master of the, caveat for notice to

Fagg, Sir John, message of the House of Commons concerning the privilege of
-, before the House of Lords
-, Shirley v., case of

Fairborne, Sir Palmes, letter of
-, commission to
-, commission in place of
-, knighthood of
-, departure of, for Tangier

Falmouth, letters dated from, or from vessel at
-, letter from, mentioned
-, vessel of, taken by the Turks
-, wrecked
-, vessels of
-, vessels arrived at
-, departed from
-, Dutch men-of-war and merchant ships at
-, Dutch caper at
-, French vessels from Newfoundland at
-, Mayor of, the
-, discourses at, about the prorogation
-, the Dutch fleet passed by
-, corn buying up about, for exportation
-, wrecks near
-, Irish officers sailed to Dublin from
-, Earl of. See Berkeley, Charles, Viscount Fitz-Hardinge, Earl of Falmouth.

Fane, Charles, Earl of Westmorland, v. Lord Holles, order in case of. mentioned
-, Sir Vere, letter of

Fanshaw, Sir Thomas, coroner and attorney in the King's Bench, appointed gamekeeper within 10 miles of London and Westminster
-, fines in the hands of
-, William, Gabriel Fox, and Rebecca Croxton, patent to

Fanshawe, Thomas, Viscount Fanshawe, deceased, grant to, mentioned
-, Evelyn, son of, Viscount Fanshawe, loss of life in patent to
-, relict of. See Saunderson, Sarah, Viscountess Castleton.

Fareham, river, the, postscript dated from

Farmer, Henry, of Knockin, Salop, murder of

Farr, Thomas, Mayor of Southampton, letters of
-, letter of, mentioned
-, letters to

Farre, , a Scot, master of a vessel for Barbados

Farthing, Amy, petition for reprieve of
-, warrant for pardon to

Farthings, state of the case about providing copper blanks for

Faseby, Capt. William, extract from journal of

Fauconberg, Lord. See Belasyse, Thomas, Viscount Fauconberg.

Fauconberge, Edward, deputy chamberlain of the Exchequer, petition of

Faulkner, John, the elder, a Cheshire carrier, examination of
-, John, the younger, son of, a Cheshire carrier, examination of
-, traitorous paper brought down by

Fautrat, John, of Jersey, petition of, mentioned
-, to be admitted tenant of the inheritances of Aron le Tubelin and his children
-, father of, land purchased from Aron le Tubelin by

Feathersby, George, soldier, information of

Fell, John, D.D., Dean of Christ Church, letters of
-, letters to
-, attendance of, on the Prince of Neuburg
-, intended by the King to succeed to the bishopric of Oxford
-, letter missive in favour of
-, certificate of election of, to the bishopric of Oxford
-, royal assent to election of, and dispensation to
-, warrant for restitution of temporalities to
-, homage of
-, and Dr. Thomas Yates, information exhibited in the Court of Exchequer by

Felo de ses, warrant for grant of goods of

Felton, Thomas, Groom of the Bedchamber, accident to, in a race
-, warrant for taking, into custody and sending, to the Tower
-, sent to the Tower
-, warrant for release of
-, See also Sackville, Charles, Earl of Middlesex.

Fenner, . See Hobson, .

Fenton, J., E. Warner, and H. Williams, certificate by

Fenwick, Col., letter recommending

Ferkevy in Norway, many Dutch ships wintered at

Fermanagh, person convicted at assizes for

Fern Island, lighthouse projected on
-, the governor of, to obey the commands of the governor of Berwick

Fernandes, Antonio Phelippe, merchant banker, letter to

Ferriers, Thomas, things stolen from

Fertre, Samuel, one of his Majesty's servants, work of making the Avon navigable undertaken by

Feurier, Monsieur, a French merchant, money paid to, by the King's command

Fevere, John de, grant of denization to

Fidge, Thomas, deposition of

Field, John, letters of

Fielding, Basil, commission to
-, Mr., letter in behalf of, mentioned

Fiennes, James and Nathaniel, and John Crew, lease to, mentioned

Fillingham, Bartholomew. See Webb, William.

Finch, Heneage, Earl of Winchilsea, letter of
-, appointed lord lieutenant of Somerset
-, (called Lord Finch), at Smyrna
-, complaints by, of being neglected
-, daughter of, death of, from the plague in Turkey
-, William, Lord Maidstone, eldest son of, killed in the king's service
-, and his lady and family, pass for
-, Sir Heneage, Lord Finch of Daventry, Lord Keeper, afterwards Lord Chancellor
-, note by
-, letter to, mentioned
-, references to
-, reference to, mentioned
-, warrants to
-, speeches of, to both Houses of Parliament
-, report by
-, attendance of Common Council men on, and Aldermen summoned by
-, endeavour of, to reconcile the Lord Mayor and Aldermen with the Common Council
-, approved of, by Secretary Coventry
-, to be moved for a prebend at Norwich
-, opinion of, as to the rights of the Nominees and the Adventurers in Ireland
-, the Lord Mayor and Sir J. Robinson scolded by
-, to be at Court
-, livings in the gilt of
-, day appointed by, for hearing the difference about the patent for Woodstock
-, warning about the king's safety given to
-, prorogation of Parliament declared by
-, observations of, on the mutual apologies of Lord Cavendish and Mr. Howard
-, hope that, will not commissionate Mr. Aglionby
-, to order a Council at which the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and representatives of the Common Council are to appear
-, list of members of the House of Commons under the influence of
-, addresses to, about the alteration in the commission of the peace for Cumberland
-, brief authorizing collections to be ordered by
-, opinion of, about licences to coffee-houses
-, person presented by, to Redriffe parish
-, Secretary Williamson at the house of
-, directions to, requested
-, decision of, concerning Henry Fryer's estate
-, the Lord Treasurer, and Secretary Williamson, letters of
-, metioned
-, letter to mentioned
-, to give order for the meeting of the Privy Council and the appearance at it of those of the City
-, the Lord Treasurer, and the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, references to
-, and the Lord Privy Seal, letter to be communicated to
-, the Lord Privy Seal and Secretary Williamson, the Lord Mayor to apply to, if necessary
-, Secretary Williamson going to Kensington to
-, and Secretary Coventry, reference to
-, and Sir Edward Turner, Lord Chief Baron, reference to
-, and the Lord Treasurer, note by, agreeing with the Lord Lieutenant's report

Findlater, Earl of. See Ogilvy, James, Earl of Findlater.

Fines and recoveries, bill for better assurance of claimants under, ancient

Firman, Henry, petition for pardon to
-, warrant for pardon to

Fish, Robert, M.A., warrant for dispensation to

Fisher, Sir Clement, illness of
-, Payne, letter of
-, new poems and other works of
-, statement of debt for which, was committed to the Fleet
-, Thomas, petition of, referred
-, Mr., Latin elegiacs and English verses on the death of
-, Mr., late justice of Westmorland, deceased
-, John, son of, suggested as justice for Westmorland

Fishing trade, the, scheme of a method to be employed for
-, objections of the King to
-, memorandum of advantages to be derived from

Fitz-Charles, Charles, Earl of Plymouth, natural son of the king, declaration of the arms, &c., of

Fitzgerald, George, of Tecroghan, manor devolved to the Crown by death of, without heirs
-, Gerald and Mary, his wife, heiress of George Fitzgerald, to be admitted as Nominees
-, Capt. Toby, pass for
-, Mr., of Ratroan, caveat concerning

Fitz-Hardinge, Viscount. See Berkeley, Charles, Charles and Sir Maurice, Viscounts Fitz-Hardinge.

Fitzharris, Mr., notice to be given to, at the Duchess of Portsmouth's

Fitzmaurice, , lieutenant to Capt. Butler, supposed death of

Fitzpatrick, Col. John, petitions against intended grant of quitrents to
-, report recommending stop of grant to
-, gone to Holyhead for Dublin
-, Richard, commission to

Fitzroy, Charles, Earl of Southampton, created Baron of Newbury, Earl of Chichester and Duke of Southampton
-, and Henry, Earl of Euston, and George, Earl of Northumberland, preceptor of
-, George, Earl of Northumberland
-, See also Palmer, Barbara, Duchess of Cleveland.
-, Henry, Earl of Euston, warrant for creating Duke of Grafton
-, creation of, mentioned
-, satisfaction of Lord Arlington at
-, See also Palmer, Barbara, Duchess of Cleveland.

Fitz-Walter, Lord. See Mildmay, Benjamin, Lord Fitz-Walter.

Flamborough Head, lighthouse projected on
-, shipwrecked crew off

Flamsted, John. M.A., the King's Astronomical Observator, warrant for payment of salary to

Flanders, motion of the Prince de Cond in
-, mails to, or from
-, French army in, reinforced
-, capers of, English ships plundered by
-, reports from
-, memory of Charles V. held sacred in, for establishing a land register
-, Deal pilots from
-, vessels lost on the coast of
-, pass from
-, the Council of, request that the King would certify to, the laws of England in a certain case
-, Governor of, the, letter to, requested
-, trade, the, notes by Williamson concerning

Flats, the, the King's squadron passed over

Flax. See Hemp

Fleetwood, Dr. James, Provost of King's College, and chaplain to the King, warrant for letter recommending election of, to the bishopric of Worcester
-, promotion of, mentioned
-, royal assent to election of
-, invitation to attend the consecration of
-, signature of

Fleming, Daniel, letters of
-, "the state of the business between, and Sir P. Musgrave,"
-, desire of, for the appointment of new justices for Westmorland
-, Barbara, wife of, death of

Fleshier, widow, a printer

Fletcher, Sir George, letters given to, by D. Fleming
-, and Sir P. Musgrave, disputes between
-, endeavour of Lord Carlisle to reconcile
-, Thomas, a justice in the Botham of Westmorland

Flimby, desire to land cattle from Ireland at

Flintshire, persons nominated for sheriff of, and notes concerning them

Flood, Thomas. See Hale, Michael

Florck, John, grant of denization to

Flower. Sir, William. See Boyle, Richard, Earl of Cork and Burlington

Flushing, letter from, mentioned
-, vessel of
-, vessels from
-, caper of, at Falmouth
-, privateers of, English ships plundered by
-, capers or men-of-war of, French ships taken by
-, capers of, with commissions from the Elector of Brandenburg
-, Swedish ships carried into
-, general peace expected at
-, steeple set on fire by lightning near

Flushing, near Falmouth, two strangers arrived at, and sailed from

Fogo, William, minister of Bothkenner, warrant for presentation of

Foley, Mr., suggested as M.P. for Hereford

Folkestone, insolence committed on French shallop by Ostend Privateer off

Fonseca, Alvaro de, grant of denization to
-, Don Emmanuel de, money and other presents distributed by

Forbes, Sir Arthur, letters of, mentioned
-, letter to, mentioned
-, to be appointed Lord Justice
-, kindness of, for Major Durham
-, created Baron Claneheugh and Viscount Granard
-, son, of company desired for
-, See also Boyle, Michael, Archbishop of Dublin, and Boyle, Richard, Earl of Cork and Burlington
-, Margaret, memorial of protection to
-, Patrick, Bishop of Caithness. See Sharp, James, Archbishop of St. Andrews

Forcade, M., chirurgeon to the King, sent to attend Matthew Robinson

Ford, Alderman Sir Richard
-, letter of
-, letter to

Fore, the half barony of, Westmeath, lands in, part of Col. Nugent's ancient estate

Foreign Committee, the, notes by Willliamson of proceedings in
-, notes by Williamson as to letters ordered in

Foreign manufactures, the king and parliament requested to discountenance the wearing of

Forgundeny, halves of the west end of, called Chartersland, warrant for charter of

Fork, Hugh, sheriff clerk of Renfrew, warrant for charter to

Formica, John Ordacio. See Lloyd, Sir Philip

Forrester, Andrew, bowyer in Edinburgh, appointed Master Bowyer and Armourer in Scotland

Forster, Sir Reginald, house of, Whitecross Street
-, suggested as a commis sioner for licensing hackney coaches

Fortescue, Robert, approbation of, as deputy lieutenant for Devon, requested
-, granted

Fosse Mariana, wish of the king that the neutral territory about Nimeguen should extend to

Foster, Peter, bailiff of Aldborough, indenture of election certified by

Fountain Head, the, vessels met with off

Fourdrinier, Guillaume, grant of denization to

Foutness (? Foulness), lighthouse projected on

Fowell, Sir John, letters of
-, letter of, mentioned
-, letter to
-, game warrant to
-, approbation of, as deputy lieutenant for Devon requested
-, granted

Fowellscombe, Devon, letters dated from
-, warrant to preserve the game within 6 miles of

Fowey, vessels of
-, lost

Fowler, Henry, alderman of Gloucester, malice of, against George Clarke

Fowles, the Kirk of, diocese of Dunblane, warrant for presentation to

Fox, Gabriel. See Fanshaw, William.
-, Samuel, a quaker at rochester, refusal of, to close his shop on 31 January
-, Somerset, M.P., memorandum of letter to
-, Sir Stephen, letter to
-, warrants to
-, paper of information by
-, caveat on behalf of
-, requested by
-, money remitted by
-, Mr., Dutch vessel run away with by

Fraggott, Francis, servant of Richard Hatton, carrier, examination of
-, treasonable paper brought down by

Frampton, Mr., heavy bets of, on horse races

France, vessels from
-, vessels for
-, passengers to, or from
-, horses for
-, mails for, or from
-, passes for, or from
-, new heavy taxes in
-, murmurings and commotions in
-, embargo in, on English ships apprehended
-, insurrections in, reported
-, coast of, the, no Dutch fleet on
-, Dutchmen murdered off
-, numerous privateers on
-, ship lost off
-, hopes of separate peace between, and the Dutch
-, adverse balance of trade to
-, report of intended invasion of
-, the escape of the Princess Henrietta to, managed by Lord Berkeley
-, report that the king was going to live in, with Madam Carwell
-, money reported to be sent to, by the Duchess of Portsmouth
-, extracts from the treaties between, and England, Spain, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Protugal, and the Hanse towns
-, expectations in, of peace with the Dutch
-, prohibition of exportation of iron work for sugar mills to, requested
-, 1,000,000l. worth of linen imported from, yearly
-, more of the Spanish fleet money comes to, than elsewhere
-, the King of (Louis XIV.), letter of, mentioned
-, orders of, mentioned
-, horses for
-, pretended commission from
-, approval of. to plan for recruiting the Duke of Monmouth's regiment, requested
-, will be satisfied if Prince William of Frstenberg be put into a third hand
-, intention of, to join his army in the Netherlands
-, acceptance by, of Nimeguen as the place of treaty
-, Sweden, declared by, his open ally in the war
-, tax imposed by, on vessels for Canada or Newfoundland
-, ships of, at Kinsale to take in soldiers
-, permission from, to send back Major Staniers to his regiment requested
-, reported intention of, to make peace with Holland
-, drawing men against Bordeaux
-, money of, to be paid to the duck of Monmouth's order
-, imposition on tobacco by
-, forces raising for army of
-, near the Prince of Orange
-, drawing out forces from all garrisons to reinforce the army in Flanders
-, yachts built for, at Portsmouth
-, report of the King going to see
-, reported concessions of, to Brittany
-, ship with timber for use of taken
-, returned to Paris
-, intention of, to attend the meeting of the States of Brittany
-, reported to be sending an army against the rebels in Brittany
-, intention of, to recall liberty of fishing granted to the Dutch
-, reported illness of
-, intolerable impositions of, on English manufactures.
-, walls of Bordeaux demolished and inhabitants fined by
-, reported sale of all the English plantations to
-, said to have sent soldiers to reduce Bayonne
-, Irish officers returned from service of
-, gabelle established by
-, deputation to, from Bordeaux
-, desirous it should be believed that Sweden had passed the bounds of neutrality
-, reported to have sent over the duchess of Mazarin to be mistress to the king
-, Brittany under the displeasure of
-, reported leave to, to raise men in England, Scotland, and Ireland
-, absolute refusal of, to give the Duke of Lorraine the title of Duke
-, threat of, to recall his ambassadors
-, M. de Ruvigny pressed to write to
-, difficulties made by, about passports and couriers
-, notes of attitude of, about Prince William of Frstenberg and the treaty
-, memorial of, braving the Emperor
-, request of the University of Heidelberg to be commended to

Francia, Domingo, grant of denization to
-, Simon, of London, order on petition of

Francisca, Gaspar, grant of denization to

Francklin, Sir R., letter of
-, Samuel, M.A., the king's procurator general. See Lloyd, Dr. Richard

Fraser, Sir Alexander, of Durris, the King's first physician in ordinary, warrant for charter on resignation of
-, Piedro, alias Peter, eldest son of, warrant for charter to

Frazer, Alexander, promise of the King signified by
-, Elizabeth, Lady Dowager, elder of Towie, memorial of protection to

Frederick, Alderman Sir John, letter of
-, certificates by

Frederickstadt, Holstein, vessel of plundered

Freeman, Ralph, lease to, in trust mentioned

Freke, Squire, of Shroughton, refusal of, to be candidate for Dorset

French, the, attack on Nieuport by, expected
-, Rheinberg taken by
-, slender preparations in Holland against
-, report that, were within 6 miles of Middelburg
-, contradicted
-, forwardness of, in Holland
-, apprehensions of, of a war with England
-, reported intention of the City to petition against the excessive profits of, by English commerce
-, and the Germans, reported battle between
-, Limburg taken by
-, engagement declined by
-, Messina revictualled by
-, captures from, by Biscayers and Ostenders
-, reported victory of the Confederate army or the Imperialists over
-, rejoicings at Ostend at
-, account of what had hap pened between the Imperialist and
-, reported engagement between, and the Germans
-, said to have quitted Maestricht
-, village near Ostend fired by
-, the English much honoured by, for their services against the Imperialists
-, towns taken by, from the Spaniards, reported to be delivered to the Prince of Orange
-, inhabitants of Treves hanged by
-, battle offered by the Prince of Orange declined by
-, no longer to be feared
-, Hamburger stopped at Nantes by
-, Augusta in Sicily retaken from
-, bridges made over the Mehaignal by
-, proposals that, should restore Limburg and Maestricht, pay an indemnity to the Prince Palatine, and give a sovereignty to Lorraine
-, feared by the Dutch for the winter
-, powder, &c., supplied to the Indians by
-, reported sale of Tangier to
-, reported engagement between, and de Ruyter
-, request that, should be made to leave the Empire
-, reported defeat of a strong party of, near Maestricht

French ambassadors to Nimeguen, the, what to be done for security of houses, &c., of
-, to see whether, will be recalled
-, agree to make no solemn entries
-, army, the, quarrel in between some French and Lord Douglas's regiment
-, request to serve in
-, the Prince of Orange said to be seeking out
-, retreat of, over the Rhine
-, about sombref
-, in better condition than reported, and resolved to see the Spanish and Prince of Orange's armies in garrison before themselves
-, colours, English ship plundered by caper under
-, commission, English vessel with a
-, English hoy with a
-, to be seized
-, sent into Harwich
-, fleet for the Bank of Newfoundland gone to sea
-, threatening the Dutch fleet off Deal.
-, engagement between, and the Dutch and Spanish fleets off Messina
-, forces in Holland, reported retreat of
-, said to give ground in most places
-, goods, request that should be prohibited in the Empire
-, lady or duchess come to Rochelle to embark for Lisbon
-, man-of-war, a. Dutch ship with French goods allowed to pass by
-, Dutch ship seized by, in a cove near Start Point
-, supposed fight between, and an Ostend or Dutch man-ofwar
-, vessel of Belfast taken by
-, vessels for Pendennis fired on by
-, off Falmouth
-, Dutch ship taken by
-, off Guernsey
-, Ostend caper chased by
-, abandoned ship sent in by
-, from Guinea at Falmouth
-, French prize re-taken by
-, Dantzic ship supposed to be carried out of Portland Road by
-, English ship carried out of Torbay by
-, French prize carried out of Salcombe Road by
-, arrived at Plymouth
-, at Falmouth for the West Indies
-, in Portland Road
-, men-of-war, reported capture of Ostenders by
-, Dutch ship carried off from Torbay pier by
-, Dutch ship chased ashore in Torbay by
-, off the Lizard
-, off Brest
-, refusal of, to strike
-, English ships plundered by
-, Dutch man-of-war and hoys attacked by, off Yarmouth
-, in the Channel
-, information given by, to Algerines of a Dutch East Indiaman
-, at Cowes
-, Dutch herring busses and convoy attacked by
-, off Rochelle
-, merchantmen from Martinico
-, nobleman from Hamburg for Calais at Yarmouth
-, plantations in the East Indies, all the, taken by the Dutch
-, privateer or caper, a, at Harwich
-, Dutch privateer with Dutch and Brandenburg commissions taken by
-, English ship seized by
-, refusal of, to strike
-, detained for not striking
-, taken
-, come into Falmouth
-, vessel seized by
-, Norway men plundered by
-, herring busses plundered by
-, taken by Dutch men-ofwar
-, men from, landed at Deal.
-, Danish ship captured by, in Plymouth Harbour
-, Dutch ship carried into Hull by
-, privateers or capers, Dutch ships chased by
-, Dutch fishing-boats attacked by
-, on the coast of Norway
-, complaints against
-, Englishman plundered by
-, French ship re-taken by
-, at Plymouth
-, service, the, English soldiers who had left
-, address of the Parliament re-calling soldiers from, mentioned
-, proclamation recalling soldiers from
-, ordered
-, mentioned
-, Irish soldiers in, returning home
-, hoy for transporting men for, stopped
-, Rear-Admiral and men-of-war seen off the Fountain Head
-, shallop, insolence committed on a, by an Ostend privateer
-, a, and Dutch longboats, scuffle between, in Rye harbour
-, seized for disorder in Rye harbour
-, release of, requested
-, ship at Falmouth for the Bank of Newfoundland
-, case of a re-taken, claimed by a Scotch privateer
-, carried off from St. Helens
-, taken again and re-taken
-, ships taken
-, coasting, taken by privateers
-, refusal of, to strike
-, the Spanish ambassador congratulated on fight between, and an English man-of-war for not striking
-, commanded by M. Vivonne in the Mediterranean
-, from the Bank of Newfoundland
-, sloop with pretended commission from the French King
-, Danish vessel taken by
-, broken from her anchor
-, tonnage, the farmers of the
-, treaty of commerce, the
-, woollen manufactures, query as to the vent of, in England

Frenchmen, arrived at Dover
-, Dutch ships laden with
-, put ashore at Plymouth and re-embarked by Dutch caper
-, landed at Deal from captured privateer
-, at Falmouth landed from captured ship

Freshford, co. Kilkenny, grant of market and fairs at, directed

Frimley, manor of, stone to be dug in, for buildings at Windsor Castle

Frost, George, appointment of, as gamekeeper
-, Jonathan, prisoner in the Marshalsea, warrant for reprieve of
-, estate of, caveat concerning
-, warrant for grant of

Frowde, Corney, appointed weigher and teller of the Mint in reversion
-, grant to be passed to

Fryer, Henry, estate of, petition and decision concerning
-, Mr., postwarrant to

Fuenterrabia, capers of, English ship taken by

Fulford, Mr., said to be candidate for Dorset

Fuller, Thomas, junior Fellow of Cains College, Cambridge, letter in favour of
-, Dr. William Bishop of Lincoln, deceased

Fullerstowne, William, of Fullerstowne, memorial of protection to

Furley, Mr., threatened by the rioters at Colchester

Frstenberg, Prince William of, copy of letter of, mentioned
-, letter to, mentioned
-, the Emperor to be persuaded about
-, declaration of M. de Ruvigny concerning
-, affairs of
-, refusal by the States General and the Prince of Orange of their good offices for
-, letter of the king in favour of
-, paper of the States General about
-, promise of the king to endeavour the liberty of

Fustians formerly worn in Spain and Portugal superseded by Exeter goods


G., P., letter of

Gaches, Mr., living promised to, by the king

Galard, Bernard, M.A., request and recommendation for gift of the first internal dignity in Exeter cathedral to

Gale, Peter, petition of, mentioned

Gallard, Mr., of Edmonton, caveat against grant of estate of

Gallen, barony of Mayo, transplanted lands in possession of Edmond Nugent in

Galleons, arrival of the, in Spain delayed

Galloway, Bishop of. See Paterson, John, Bishop of Galloway.

Gallwey, Andrew. See Gohory, Jeremy.

Galte, William. See Gedde, John.

Galway, vessel of
-, county, and Mayo, lands formerly assigned to Sir T. Esmond and his wife and son in
-, See also Clare and Louth.

Game, , of Yeovil, sentenced to death for assault and robbery

Gammon, Richard, messenger, warrant for payment to
-, warrant to

Gardiner, , innkeeper at Salisbury, affidavits against, mentioned

Gardner, Thomas, wife of, to be taken into custody and brought before Williamson

Garmers, Vincent, Syndic to the Senate of Hamburg, letter obtained by, from the king by surprise
-, sent to a congress at Mulhausen

Garnon Hall, near Epping Forest, letters dated from

Garraway, Mr., statement by, about the licence of his coffee house
-, See also Lowther, Sir William.

Gascon, Sir Bernard, at Dover waiting for a passage

Gauden, Sir Dennis

Gaudy, Charles, letter of
-, Thomas, of Claxton, Norfolk, examination of

Gawdy, Anthony, to be omitted in commission appointing commissioners for licensing hackney coaches
-, Mr.

Gazette, the London. See London Gazette, the.

Gedde, John, William Galte and Samuel Nowell, petition of
-, patent to
-, warrant for patent to, in Ireland

Gee, Edward, deposition of
-, Mr., candidate for Cockermouth, letter recommending

Gellibrand, Samuel, stationer, letter recommending

Genoa, vessels from, or for

Gerard, Charles, Lord Gerard of Brandon, letters of
-, draft warrant for grant of keepership of Whitehall to
-, caveat against, requested
-, Cuthbert, note by
-, Sir Gilbert, high sheriff of Durham, letter of
-, declaration of the poll by
-, and his wife, disputes between, and the late Bishop of Durham's executors

Germans, the, reported battles between, and the French
-, Treves taken by
-, civilities of, to men of Lord Douglas's regiment

Germany, unsuccessful attempt to stop sale of book of Elzevir in

Gery, Sir Thomas, suggested as a commissioner for licensing hackney coaches
-, (Geere), death of

Gethin, Sir Richard, to be sworn of the Irish Privy Council
-, See also Boyle, Richard, Earl of Cork and Burlington.

Ghent, letters from

Gifford, Andrew, a Nonconformist, imprisonment of, at Bristol

Gilbert, Sir George, alderman of Dublin, petition of, recited, and grant of patent to

Gillham, Capt., returned from the North West passage

Gillim, Mr., manslaughter of

Gilliot John, a bailiff, manslaughter of

Gilsborough, Northamptonshire, person appointed master of the school at

Glasgow, vessel of
-, the late convention of the burghs at
-, Archbishop of. See Burnett, Alexander, Archbishop of Glasgow.

Glass, patent for invention of making, crystalline

Gleadow, Richard, letters of

Glen Ilay and Glenshie. See Athole.

Glenbervie, lands and barony of, and patronage of kirk of, warrant for charter of

Gloucester, letter dated from
-, the Mayor of, letter to
-, and several aldermen of, letter of, mentioned
-, the city and county of, to be inserted in Mr. Deerham's bill
-, the county and diocese of, notes as to whether a parish in, is a peculiar

Gluckstadt, senators sent by Hamburg to the King of Denmark at

Godbid, William, printer
-, pamphlet printed by

Goddard, Dr., professor at Gresham College, deceased

Godfrey, Capt. company of, commission in

Godolphin, Sir William, ambassador to Spain, paper for
-, letter of, mentioned
-, declaration of the States General given to
-, and Sidney Godolphin, grant of quit-rents to, in trust, recited
-, Mr., recommended for fellowship of Eton

Gohory, Jeremy, and Andrew Gallwey, petitions of

Gold. See Gould.

Goldsmiths, the creditors of the, concerned in the Exchequer, petition of

Gomme, Sir Bernard de, engineer to the king, at Plymouth

Gooden, James, master of the Swan Inn, Sittingbourne, false reports spread by
-, examination of, taken
-, sent to Dover

Goodwin, Burton, letter of

Goodwin Sands, the, vessels wrecked on
-, the Back of, Dutch fleets and other ships off

Goodyeare, A., letters of

Gordon, Charles, Earl of Aboyne, warrant for admission of, to the Scotch Privy Council and warrant for pension to
-, George, eldest son of Patrick, of Boigs of Darley and his brothers James and John, warrant for charter to
-, James, elder, and John, younger, both of Rothiemay, protections to
-, , of Geicht, memorial of protection to

Gore, Sir William, to be sworn a privy councillor in Ireland

Gore, the, vessels in

Gorges, Richard, Lord Gorges of Dundalk, memorandum of letter to
-, Robert. See Shaen, Sir James.

Goring, Lady, of Burton, gone to France
-, and her son-in-law, Richard Biddulph, and Anne his wife, pass for
-, Pierce, memorandum of letter to

Gosselin, George, warrant for grant to
-, James, brother of, deceased, warrant for grant of the king's title to estate of

Gottenburg, vessel for
-, increase of English shipping from
-, Scotch ships carried into

Gottorp, the Duke of, letter of, mentioned

Goudt, Adam, grant of denization to

Gould, Arthur, of Dorchester
-, James, of Gray's Inn, son of
-, James, ribbon weaver of Holloway street, Shoreditch
-, James, late of Dorchester, clerk to Sir Thomas Bide
-, James, M.P. for Dorchester, illness of
-, John, letter of
-, notice to be given to
-, and his partners, ship of, lost on the Goodwin
-, (Gold), and John Jolliffe, petition of
-, Walter, letter of

Grabu, Lewis, late Master of the Music

Grace, Richard, of Courtstown, Kilkenny, and Robert, his son, warrant for pension to
-, pension of

Graffenthal, Eberhard van, employed by the King in Sweden, passes for

Grafton, Duke of. See Fitzroy, Henry, Duke of Grafton.

Graham, George, minister at Orwell, appointed minister at Lochmaben
-, George, of Pitcairnes, deceased, lands formerly pertaining to
-, James, Marquis of Montrose, warrant for grant to
-, Capt. James, commission in place of
-, commission to
-, company of, commission in
-, Sir James, petition of, and services and sufferings of
-, James, of Orchell, warrant for gift to
-, Reginald. See Packington, Sir John.
-, Richard, letter about claim of, to lands in Ireland
-, business of, left to care of Williamson and Lord Aungier
-, Capt., company of, in the Duke of Monmouth's regiment to be broken up

Grain Sand, the, yacht run ashore on

Grammont, Comte de, passenger to France

Granard, Lord. See Forbes, Sir Arthur, Viscount Granard.

Grandison, Viscount. See Villiers, George, Viscount Grandison.

Grange Pans, vessel of

Gravelines, illegal legacy to the nuns at

Gravesend, letters dated from
-, vessel from
-, ships expected from
-, ships to sail from
-, hoy supposed to belong to a pirate seized near
-, embarkation of the King and the Dukes of York and Monmouth at
-, Lady Lockhart to embark at
-, design against a Dutch man-ofwar at
-, grant of chief searchership of, in reversion
-, postmaster at, the, box to be left with
-, Mayor of, the examinations to be taken before
-, searcher at, the, circular letter to
-, and Deal East Indiamen between

Gray, Capt. John, warrant for pension to
-, William, of Haystowne, warrant for charter on resignation of
-, and his sons, William, Michael and George, memorials of protection to
-, Col., person brought before
-, Lady, landed at Dover from Calais

Green, Thomas, Mayor of Lynn, death of
-, , clerk to Mr. Petit of the Inner Temple, to be apprehended
-, a prisoner in Newgate

Green Island, the, on the French coast

Greene, Sir Edward, late of Soupford, Essex, deceased, creation money of, petition for grant of
-, privy seal for grant of

Greenland, vessels for
-, fleet fitting at Rotterdam for
-, proclamation in Holland forbidding the fishing, &c., for
-, Dutch fishery at, very considerable

Greenwich, letter dated from vessel at
-, rioters gone to
-, Observatory, warrant for building
-, East, petition for a further allowance for the Rose and Crown tavern at, conveyed to the King

Gregory, Francis, of Everdon, Northamptonshire, receipt for security of, for money advanced
-, James, Professor of Mathematics in the College of Edinburgh, deceased, children of, warrant for pension to
-, Mr., suggested as member for Hereford.
-, at Holme Lacy

Grenville, Bernard, Groom of the Bedchamber
-, caveat on behalf of
-, as envoy extraordinary to the Duchess of Savoy, warrant for payment to
-, passenger to France
-, See also Talbot, Sir Gilbert.
-, and Denys, sons of Sir Bevil Grenville, warrant for grant of precedence to
-, Sir Bevil, father of, slain at the battle of Lansdown
-, younger sons and daughters of, warrant for grant of precedence to
-, John, Earl of Bath, brother of, as Lord Lieutenant of Devon, directions of, mentioned
-, warrant for gift to
-, commission to, as Lord Lieutenant of Devon vacated
-, appointed Lord Lieutenant of Plymouth
-, officers of the militia appointed by, to receive commissions from the Duke of Albemarle
-, good correspondence to be kept between the militia of the Stannaries commanded by, and those of Devon
-, vessel wrecked near the house of
-, Charles, Lord Lansdown, eldest son of, pass for

Greville, Robert, Lord Brooke, letter of
-, letter to

Grew, Dr., recommended for professorship at Gresham College
-, services of, to the Royal Society

Grey, Audley, death of
-, appointment of deputy lieutenant in place of, requested
-, Edward, warrant for appointing, a commissioner for licensing hackney coaches
-, suggested as commissioner
-, Lieut.-Col., deceased, commissions in place of

Grey de Rolleston, Lord. See North, Charles, Lord Grey de Rolleston

Griffin, Sir Edward, Treasurer of the Chamber, letter to
-, warrants to
-, privy seal for payment to
-, office of, petition for payment of debt transferred out of
-, Mr., minister of the Hamburg Company at Hamburg, letter to
-, claim of, to have the secretary's house at Hamburg
-, widow, a printer

Griffith, John, and Charles, son of Richard Coling, grant to, of office in the Court of the Marches of Wales
-, William, letter of

Grigg, Alexander, executed for horse stealing
-, Francis, Fellow of Pembroke Hall, letters of

Grimstadt in Norway, vessel from

Grimston, Sir Harbottle, Master of the Rolls, letters to

Grindon, Northamptonshire, person mortally wounded at

Gringand, Charles, memorandum by

Grittleton, letter dated from

Grocers. See Drapers.

Groenwald, John, grant of denization to

Groom Porter, the, the Master of the Revels, and the loyal indigent officers, dispute between, about lotteries

Grove, John. See Park, James.

Groyne, the. See Corunna.

Grubett, lands and barony of, warrant for charter of

Guabryan, the Marquis de, gone to Brest to see the Due de Chaulnes

Guepin, Jean, declaration concerning words of
-, examination concerning

Guernsey, vessels from
-, person born in
-, good condition of
-, foot company in, commission in
-, magistrates of, affidavits sworn before

Guinea, vessels from, or for
-, vessel from, lost
-, passengers from
-, Dutch ships taken by an English ship at
-, vessel that cruised off coast of
-, Company, the. See African, the Royal, Company.

Gull Rock near Falmouth, the, vessel wrecked on

Gunfleet, the, the English East Indiamen supposed to be in

Gunman, Capt. Christopher, president of the court martial on Capt. Harris

Gunning, Dr. Peter, Bishop of Chichester, afterwards Bishop of Ely, restitution of temporalities to
-, translation of, to Ely
-, to be moved for something in his gift
-, promise to mentioned
-, warrant for privy seal for making an instalment to

Gunpowder, warrant for disposal of proceeds of sale of

Gurteen, town and lands of, and other lands in the barony of Lower Ormonde, Tipperary, warrant for grant of, and lease of, recited

Gurteen, lands of, co. Cork. See Lackinshonnie.

Guthery, Robert, late of Dundee, now of London, mariner, certificate concerning
-, grant of denization to

Guy, Henry, warrant for swearing and admitting as Groom of the Bedchamber

Gwynn, Mistress, caveat on behalf of

Gylby, Col. Anthony, deputy governor of Hull, letter of
-, memorandum of letter to
-, petition of, referred

Gyles, Sonnybanke, letter of